Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Gymnast x F. Prodigy

Soma washed his face, looking up in the mirror with determined eyes, sparkling from hope and nervousness. In order to start the day off with utter focus, the male took his hands and clapped them on his cheeks. When he put them back down again, there were visible - but light - marks on his otherwise healthy skin. He shook his head and exhaled with a twinge of fear, his heart beating from the excitement of the occasion.

“Just wait, (Y/n)! I’m coming!”

With joyful and somewhat small and rushed steps, the male rushed out of the washroom, resisting the urge to jump in the air. He grabbed his bag, throwing it over his shoulders, and took shaky breaths, a wide smile on his face. That was the day he would finally meet his idol, and he couldn’t stop moving around with glee. Squirming, fidgeting, and tossing around, he attempted to relax, only to work himself up even further.

He had been watching the (h/c) haired girl ever since he learned to speak. She was astonishing, and never let anyone take their eyes off of her. When his parents put her performances on the television, he couldn’t help but sit right in front of the screen and glisten. A prodigy, she was always the epitome of talent and skill, beautifully performing the highest levels of difficulty at such a young age.

Even if he hadn’t been interested in gymnastics before seeing her, it felt like something set off in his heart. He finally knew the route his life was supposed to take. To meet her and be able to stand in front of her, he needed to dedicate everything he was to his skill. Years had been spent training and enhancing his ability to perform in competitions, and the time had finally arrived to see the result of it all.

The blonde rushed into the competition hall, dressing himself quickly. He then began to stretch with the other participants, watching closely to see what flexibility they had. While most didn’t bother him, there were obviously some talented individuals. After all, the competition was the largest one in the nation. Everyone wanted their shot for the popularity and respect it came with, but not everyone would be able to claim it as theirs. After all, the one winning would be the one going to the Olympics to represent their country.

“I’m damn nervous,” one of the participants shook, their voice getting caught in their throat, “(Y/n)’s going to be judging, and we know how harsh she can be.”

“It’s not like it’s impossible,” another hummed, “If you impress her, you’ll be a shoo-in for the Olympics. You’ll probably even win it. Imagine it!”

The blonde took in a deep breath, his heart pounding in his chest. Throughout his last few competitions, he had been moving his way through local, district, regional, and even larger fights. He had come out on top the entire way there as everyone else had done to get there with him. They were the best in their country, but he wanted to stand on top. The (h/c) haired girl was competing for the girls. That much was given. She won everything she was ever in, after all.

Still, the thought he could be the one performing with her, wearing the same jacket, even getting the same opportunity to be number one in the world with her...he wanted it so badly. He would sit next to her, eat with her, be in the same hotel room. He wanted it more than anything else! In fact, he had been training his entire life for the opportunity to have it. No way was he going to let someone else rip it away from him.

“You know, these days, people are getting enormous amounts of money for winning medals. I’ve heard they give so much to the people qualifying for their nation.”

“Obviously. The best deserve the best.”

“Well, yeah, but this year, there’s something else, too. I heard (Y/n)’s giving out lessons to the winner. Probably doesn’t want to look bad that her male gymnastics might lose in the Olympics.”

“Fuck yeah!”

The blonde narrowed his eyes at the fact others were trying to get close to her. While he was certain he wasn’t the only one in the world that admired the younger girl, he knew he loved her the most. After all, every day before he practiced or went to bed, he watched one of her performances. He didn’t know which ones he liked best. When she was younger, she was much cuter, but her older ones were masterfully crafted.

The male’s instructor stood behind him, pepping him up for the skill he was going to face off against. While the blonde didn’t particularly listen, he did smile at his ridiculous request for his floor routine. He asked to do the same one that the (h/c) haired prodigy did on her first year of the Olympics. She had won gold, as she did every year she competed, but it was almost magical to the blonde to watch it.

He had even worked as hard as possible to save up enough money so he could see her perform in person. It was incredible. Every movement was fluid and perfectly precise as if she was born just to dazzle him and the rest of the audience. Her face was beautiful in person, more so than on a screen. He craved seeing her again like that with natural light shining on her features. Blush spread across his cheeks.

“Soma?” his instructor asked with concern, “Do you think you’re ready?”

“N-Nervous,” the blonde blushed, pressing his hands against his burning cheeks, his eyes shivering, “I-I’m so...excited. She’s going to watch me.”

Upon realization that, as a judge, his idol would be watching him and only him, the male almost had a heart attack. His beating organ squeezed painfully and with strange pleasure, his breathing escalated. It was like a dream coming true. He was going to have the sole and undivided attention of the one person he loved and admired most. Feeling a sudden burst of overwhelming energy, the male stood up and peeked through the door of the dressing room.

There, right in the center of the judges, was (Y/n), and his body shook so violently, he almost drooled. Clutching his arms around himself, he choked on his air, feeling it taken away by the burning passion of fire lighted within him. It was as if being in her presence pressed the on switch in him. He had more everything. Desire to win, energy, utter affection; it all flowed to him suddenly and euphorically.

Soma touched his chest where his heart was and felt it beating quickly, the need for air causing him to hyperventilate. Dearly wanting to cling onto her and grovel at her feet, he restrained himself, but could only do so by gripping the doorway so tight it broke just slightly. Cracks were left in his wake, but the feelings surging in him didn’t escape his form. It only built up within him and gripped deeper, sinking its fangs into his arteries and veins and leaking poison throughout him.

“She’s so...r-radiant!” he shivered, sprinting in place to try to release his excess energy, “I-I swear I’m going to faint!”

Throwing himself against the wall, Soma bit down on his lip and hugged himself, letting his fantasies go wild. He had been waiting so long to show off what he had. Ever since he started gymnastics, he thought of her. In every routine, she was on his mind. Investing all of himself into impressing her, he wanted so dearly to sweep her off of her feet. After all, she had already taken his heart, soul, and life. It only felt the same to reward her for her guiding him to where he was destined to be. That being said, it wasn’t so selfless.

He wanted to be her counterpart for every competition, waiting there for her when she finished and hugging her. He wanted to be the one hyping her up before every routine. He wanted to be the one that drew her eyes as she did his when he performed. He just wanted her because she already had him. In a heartbeat, he would give up everything for her. The male blushed at the thought.

“You need to focus,” the blonde’s instructor sighed, placing his hands tightly onto the male’s shoulders, “If you want to win and go to the Olympics - like I know you want to - clear your mind. All these nerves need to leave, so take a deep breath, won’t you?”

While the male attempted to listen, he simply couldn’t not be overwhelmed by his idol’s presence. She was just half a stadium away. If he truly couldn’t hold himself back, he could run up to her and hug her. He found it difficult to believe he could be anything but shaky in her presence. Still, he wanted to impress her, and he couldn’t perform at his full potential if he was flustered over seeing her.

Pacing around and taking deep breaths, Soma calmed himself down. The competition began, bright and talented young men performing at the greatest level of talent in the nation. It was awing, but he didn’t let himself be intimidated. He was well aware of his own skill, and from what he knew of it, the others performing didn’t stand a chance. There were only two people he was certain could be on his level. That being said, Soma had something to prove to (Y/n). He wouldn’t let someone else steal away his chance to be by her side for the rest of his life, going over his routine over and over again.

In the meantime, the (h/c) haired prodigy hummed at what she was shown. The first few performances in the competition were dreadfully boring. In fact, she yawned at a few of them, rolling her eyes at what passed for talent in men’s gymnastics. She was only glad for the lunch break she was given. Abruptly rising from her chair, she left without a word, not sparing another glance at the other judges who were far too generous to the participants.

Sitting down in an area she had believed to be private, she was instead greeted by a blonde male with verdant eyes. He stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face as if he were unable to process what he was seeing. And then, with the utmost of surprise, he lost his grip on his lunch, shattering the glass bowl on the ground. His cheeks then flared red and he dropped to the ground, gathering as many fragments as he could.

“Idiot,” he scolded himself, mortified by his first run-in with the prodigy, “Of all times to be a clumsy fool!”

The (h/c) haired girl gave a snicker at his frantic state. It wasn’t often that she smiled, but he was oddly comforting to be around. She felt as if he wouldn’t take any offense to it either. In fact, his already pink cheeks only escalated, beginning to turn red. He must have been incredibly embarrassed. That being said, there was a shy smile on his face, his eyes glued on her smile. Even as he finished up picking up the glass, he still returned to her oddly guilty about doing such a thing.

“Can I help you, bumbling boy?” she grinned, tilting her head in an almost condescending manner, not that he minded.

“I-I’m Soma! I love you!”

The blonde’s face turned pure red as the words slipped through - ironically - without him having a say in the matter. He covered his face with shame, sliding down the wall and using his legs as a shield. Even if he was burning from embarrassment, he was still reluctant to leave the girl, especially since she was so much kinder than he thought she’d be. It wasn’t to say he thought any less of her for her brutally honest statements to others about their skill. In fact, he regarded her ability to tell the truth as a blessing.

“It’s just t-that just watch all of your performances a-a-and I have since I was a kid! You were the reason I pursued gymnastics. I absolutely idolize you!”

The (h/c) haired girl nodded, but her face fell gently at the mention of gymnastics. Of course, she loved the sport, competing in whatever she could and claiming victory. However, it seemed that was all people wanted to talk to her about. Frankly, it was a bit irritating to have everyone snuggling up to her to further themselves in the industry. She turned to the male with the intention of ignoring his cries for help. However, it became abundantly clear to her he was more interested in her as a person than gymnastics.

“Why did you enter this competition? Or, rather, why do you want to go to the Olympics?”

“To be with you!” the blonde enthused, his eyes sparkling with joy, “I want to give you company and watch you perform. T-That might sound weird...You’ve never seen before either...but it’s true.”

For some reason, (Y/n) found herself unable to stop blushing. She had never truly had any thought of romance, her mind solely on gymnastics, but when confronted with a male that adored her, she didn’t know how to react. Noticeably tensing up, she didn’t look at the blonde’s verdant eyes, especially because they looked at her as if there were hearts there. Clearly, he was dedicated to her.

“You’re so graceful, it’s incredible,” he blushed, “Please watch me closely when I perform. I want you to see how much I’ve put into standing by you.”

“Y-You’re a fool to throw away your life for someone else!”

“People in love are fools, aren’t they? I don’t mind being that if I feel as if I have a purpose. Dedicating my life to you has given me joy.”

(Y/n)’s cheeks further heated up, and unable to take it, she stood up abruptly. Of course, the blonde knew it was not an insult to him. In fact, her flustered state was more of a compliment than anything. If she didn’t like him at all, she wouldn’t have reacted in such a manner. It only made him more resigned to impress her with his gymnastics skill. If he did that, surely he would be together with him without any altercations.

Pumping himself up during the lunch break, he continued to practice, practice, practice. He needed his routine perfect. After all, he was doing her first competition’s entry, and if it was anything less than perfect, he wouldn’t forgive himself. It was an homage to her, and while he wasn’t planning on telling her of his affection for her, now that she knew, any mistakes would be more mortifying than dropping his lunch in front of her.

His instructor told him he had been doing great, but he wasn’t satisfied with praise and compliments. On the contrary, unless it was (Y/n) that said such words, he couldn’t have cared less. Numbers and competitors passed and his chance to shine was coming quicker and quicker. His heartbeat became rapid, his cheeks turning pink as he watched the younger girl judge the others. It was tense and nerve-wracking, but he wouldn’t let the pressure get to him. He would stand at the top of the gymnastics world with the (h/c) haired girl.

Soma’s heart practically stopped when the number before him finished. Grasping at his chest, he took in a shaky breath and readied himself properly to do his best. Reaching perfection in such a packed routine would be difficult, near impossible, even, but he was determined. Steadying his breathing, the male heard his name and number called out, and though his heart trembled like crazy, he nonetheless was elated beyond belief.

Walking out on the floor, he waited for his cue. When it began, he put everything he had into his routine, retaining his energy and using as much of his technique as he could. It made him nervous and still, when he made eye contact with the (h/c) haired prodigy, it all faded away. He simply couldn’t perform any less than his best when her eyes were glued on him. His cheeks were pink, his heart beating, all while he performed with near perfection.

The blonde might have drawn the eye of the audience and the other competitors, but he only cared about (Y/n)’s eyes. They were his favorite color. Every time she performed, they made the grace of her routine all the more awe-inspiring. Now that he was performing, her eyes imbued him with the strength he needed to finish with a strong Moors II. When he landed, he was breathing heavily, all of his energy and strength put into performing for her. Using 110%, he was certain he would have his dreams become fulfilled.

Bowing with the end of his routine, he received great applause, but staring only at the (h/c) haired girl, he smiled wide. She seemed thoroughly impressed by not only his performance but by his homage to her. He adored the feeling of her eyes on his form and greatly looked forward to more moments such as that. Walking off the floor, he returned to the dressing room, waiting for his opportunity to be her partner at the Olympics.

Everyone was called out to the awards, and eventually, the only two remaining places were Soma and another. His nerves were set aflame, and he was unable to resist a smile. In fact, he only smiled, grabbing onto his hands tightly. It cut off circulation, but he couldn’t feel the uncomfortable restriction of his arteries over the sheer anticipation of hearing he had won. Everything was right at his fingertips. The Olympics, private lessons from (Y/n), the chance to be by her side; he wanted it all.

“The winner of the national gymnastics competition for floor is Yoshihara Tadiyuki with a score of 15.533. Congratulations! Represent our country well!”

All of the joy bundling inside of Soma completely disappeared. He was no longer smiling, the grin on his features disappearing. His complexity was pale and cold as ice exactly like his gaze. It was empty as if all of the hope in his life had disappeared. Attempting to suppress it, he took a look at the individual scores of all of the judges, but it only worsened his mood.

Their scores from the other judges were virtually the same, separated by barely any difference in points. What tore a giant rip in the blonde’s heart was that he had been scored less by (Y/n). Tears fell from his eyes. She thought he was second to someone else, and he couldn’t bear it. He would have been there with her if that male hadn’t been there. He had torn apart his hopes and dreams.

Crushing the paper, the blonde stormed away. He had lost, and as such, he didn’t deserve to face the younger girl until he won. Even so, he refused to let that male off the hook. He had come between everything, and there was no way that he would let someone else be with the (h/c) haired prodigy alone. It was risky following him, and he almost gave away the fact he had murderous intent.

However, he discovered where his home was, and discreetly snuck into it. With rage pestering his mind and bouncing off of his skull violently, he didn’t care if he would take a life. The question had come up in his mind more often than not. He’s always come to the conclusion that he would do anything to be by (Y/n)’s side. Letting someone else take his place would be more of a crime than murder. Thus, raising the knife over his head with the winning male sleeping in his bed, Soma sneered.

“I will never be second to her!”

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