Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Mage x Assistant F. Reader

There was one thing that was true of every era in which humans resided. The powerful usurped the right of the world from the weak. Thus, when mages were revealed to the more populated normal people, chaos ensued. With pathetic weapons used against their magical superiors, the mages emerged victorious with little effort on their part. The humans were then subjected to the whims of infuriated sorcerers.

Humans were delegated to specialized living, working, and eating zones. The mages took all food that was grown. Most gave it to mage cooks or subjected humans working under them to bake, cook, and serve the others. Of course, human servants were fed, but only the rations of what the mages didn’t want. Treated like pigs, it was difficult for them to survive underneath the powerful and undefeatable conquerors. Many died of starvation or neglect of sustainable living needs while others died under the cruel treatment of the mages.

It was not unusual for humans to lead simple and yet submissive lives under the eyes of mage patrols meant to keep them under control. They were handed out jobs to do based on their natural abilities at the age of eighteen. Most were delegated to farming once they reached the age, but some were given the opportunities to have jobs working directly for the mages. Of course, it was dangerous, but it allowed for much better living circumstances not just for the individual, but their family as well.

Among these opportunities, most aimed to work at the illustrious Tower of Mages. A spiraled and marble building touching the very heavens, it was a sigh for the human’s eyes. Magic radiated from it, the sight of some mages flying around or providing breathtaking spells to look at. There, mages were trained from ages five to their dying breath. The more promising a mage was, the higher up in the tower they resided, and as long as they craved the knowledge stored there, they would be taught there continually.

Nonetheless, on one of the bi-annual job choosings for the newly made eighteen-year-olds, a (h/c) haired girl was pushed in front of her assessor. A mage, it appeared, he scribbled down the girl’s appearance in her chart, leading her to the testing chambers and sitting her down. As he placed his palm on her forehead, a faint symbol was engraved onto her skin. It was a mark of her non-mage status, and a way to peer into her mind for any future mage that wanted to.

The male scribbled down the girl’s talents, abilities, and limitations by using a special spell. It was a simple enough process, and soon enough, the male was done, sending the younger girl away as he had the spell float away to the processing division. She then was subject to waiting until receiving her results. As she was handed them, she didn’t open the envelope, wanting to reveal the conclusions with her family.

It was only her younger sister at that point and her aunt who was away working on a collection plant for potion and salve materials. It was safe to say that they were starved on food and water, unable to live without disease plaguing them. Still, as her aunt returned home, the (h/c) haired girl gave a nervous smile, hoping that she would be able to help her family. The three huddled up on the dusty floor, staring at the writing on the paper. Her siblings were elated.

“You’re going to the mage tower!” they shouted, crying tears of joy, “We’ll be saved!”

The younger girl gave a nervous smile, hoping and begging that she wouldn’t die in the process of being an assistant. The next day, she made her journey to the Tower of Mages, subjected to numerous searches and told demeaning things as a second-class citizen. However, when she finally arrived, she was loaded onto a strange device that teleported her to the floor she was expected on.

A woman stood there, elderly and maltempered. She held her head up high, pointing her chin down at the (h/c) haired girl, demeaning her in some way or another. The younger girl stared at the ground ahead of her and curtsied respectfully, holding up the tattered dress she wore. The woman clicked her tongue and dragged the younger girl to be bathed and placed in a human assistant’s uniform, consisting of a black dress and short white coat, the edges covered in gold embroidery. The symbol of the Tower of Mages was on the back of her coat and on her upper right breast.

“Come now and meet your master,” the elderly woman spoke disapprovingly, “You’ve already kept him waiting and he likes to keep to a strict schedule.”

“Yes, m-m’am.”

As the younger girl ushered through the halls of the studious mages, she kept her eyes on the older woman before her. Her pace was almost rhythmic, the clicking of her heels inspiring some kind of melody to ring in (Y/n)’s ears. She tilted her head in peace as she connected it to a new song she seemed to make up. Music was rarely ever prevailed, especially not to humans, but she had managed to whittle her own flute long ago. It had long since been a source of inspiration to her.

“Caie?” the older woman called, stopping in front of a large door and knocking on it three times, “I have the assistant you requested.”

The doors flung open almost violently without anyone behind it. It wasn’t an odd thing to see magic being performed, more or less encouraged by the elder mages, especially with practicing students. The older woman hummed and stepped into what appeared to be a living room. There was ample seating, comfortable and lavish, things the younger girl had never gotten the chance to see.

Her eyes shimmered at the thought then widening when she felt herself pushed by some unknown force into one of the chairs. A teacup then flew into her hands, surprising her greatly. She almost dropped the teacup in surprise when a kettle began to pour some warm water into it, a mixture of herbs and strange blue powder sprinkled into it. Eventually, a spoon came floating along to stir the cup, disappearing once its work was done. The liquid appeared to be a potion of some sort, glistening and shifting colors from a light green to a teal.

“Welcome, dear,” a voice expressed, “Please, enjoy. It’s meant to energize you and provide relief from nerves. I assume you must have a lot.”

The younger girl’s (e/c) pupils traveled to a young man around her age standing in the entranceway of what she assumed to be his study. The mage was composed and confident, a sly smile on his lips with tossed and tousled dark brown hair and glowing yellow eyes. He wore a dark robe with small gold accents and brown hunting boots while a quill and book floating alongside him, scribbling furiously despite there being no conversation to record.

“It’s lovely to officially meet you, little assistant,” he chuckled lowly, his voice sending pleasant shivers up the girl’s spine, “You don’t have to worry about much today. Just relax and ease your nerves.”

“Are you certain she needn’t do any training?” the older woman asked, a curious and yet hopeful expression on her face, “I was intending on drilling her on the basics. It would be more helpful for you if she knows the placement of everything. I would love to be of service, sir.”

“No need,” the male sighed, speaking distantly to her.

The (h/c) haired girl once again directed her gaze to the floor, prompting the brunette’s eyebrow to twitch in irritation. He then shooed away the older woman, slamming the doors with a simple gaze. With a sigh, he then sat down in the chair across from the younger girl, nevermind the fact that he only floated, hovering just slightly above it. He stretched his arms behind his back with relaxed features before a smile coated his lips again.

“Anyway,” he stretched out, speaking maturely and refined in an almost slow manner, “I’ve been in the market for a lovely little assistant for quite some time now. Ah, how is the elixir?”

The younger girl gave a surprised look, realizing she hadn’t even tried something she had been offered. She tilted up the cup to her lips, letting the refreshing beverage almost cleanse her spirit and bestow upon her great vitality. A surprised gasp left her lips, the male giving a pleased grin to her. He then hovered around the room, observing her carefully with an ever-building smile on his features.

“I-It’s wonderful,” she hummed, “Thank you.”

The male gave a nod to his new assistant, satisfied with her response. He then set his feet on the ground and took his quill and book in his hands, beginning to scribble something down before throwing it behind him to hover again. However, as he attempted to look at the younger girl, he noticed she was gone. Panicking albeit subtly, the male looked around, finding that she was nearing the balcony.

Without the slightest fear of what she would incur from the mage for leaving without being told, the younger girl curiously drew to the opening. She wanted to know what kind of a mage the male was and how talented he was. If she saw how high up she was, she would be able to find out, but before she could view lower than the balcony’s floor, hands were placed around her eyes.

“I don’t think so, hun,” the male sighed in her ear, “Why don’t you help me clean up my study like a good girl?”

. . .

It had been a month since the younger girl had been employed as the assistant for the young mage. He was not a strict person, only requesting one thing from her. She didn’t even have to clean or clean well nor did she have to organize his studies. All he asked was that she never look down from the tower’s balcony. When she even got close, he would scold her immensely and punish her even if he was never able to make it harsh enough to deter her from her curiosity.

Nonetheless, he viewed her as a perfect assistant and delicious eye candy all the same not that he admitted the second fact. Even when he told her it wasn’t necessary, she cleaned his study spotlessly and put her all into making his life always comfortable. His room always had perfectly fluffed pillows and tucked-in blankets, a small encouraging note on his ceiling. The brunette saw it every time he went to go to bed. He simply adored them. The brunette especially took interest in her stunning flute playing that put him at ease when he was stressed.

Even though the younger girl hadn’t gone to the balcony’s edge, she had a decent idea of what kind of status he possessed. Due to her family’s new housing in the lower house of the tower, she knew he must have been respected. In a medium-class mage’s employment or lower, the assistant’s family would be resigned to living in the housing surrounding the tower. She was also granted a room all to herself near the male’s. Normally, human assistants would be reserved for one co-ed room. It really said something about the brunette’s status.

“Dear girl,” the male sighed heavily, throwing his head back in his chair, “I am far too tired right now. I hate to ask you to do a favor for me, but could you please deliver this to Kazas’ assistant?”

“Of course, Caie,” the girl bowed, taking the package in her arms, “I’ll make you some tea when I come back.”

The brunette blushed as he watched the younger girl do as he asked of her and more as usual. She had come to greatly care for him, regarding his kindness and falling for him. He was generous to her, treating her family kindly and giving her far more than he was ever required to do. Mages, in particular, were cruel to their assistants or any human period. That much was obvious as the younger girl walked around the tower.

She saw some assistants with chains, treated like slaves, and used as outlets for anger or frustrations when experiments or spells went wrong. Most were starved and beaten regularly while others were forced to walk around naked like animals. (Y/n) was very grateful for the treatment that Caie had given her. She was spoiled on the luxury treats he acquired especially for her and given numerous rewards for doing nothing in particular.

As she arrived at the teleporter, she appeared on a floor she didn’t recognize, asking assistants for help in tracking down the mage. Sooner or later, she ran into the sorcerer’s assistant, being led to the door. The younger girl was treated to the sight of a male with black hair brewing potions with a focused gaze. When he found that there was a female waiting for him, he gave a scoff. Frustrated that he’d been interrupted, he rolled his eyes, but he then assessed the beauty of the young girl and had a smile on his face.

“My, what a stunning human,” he chuckled, “Come here, won’t you?”

(Y/n) shyly reacted, stepping forward and handing the package she was requested to deliver. However, the mage was not interested in it. He moved it to the table and placed his hands on her hips, admiring her youthful form. It was a sight for sore eyes. Most assistants were men, making women scarce unless mages or assistant trainers. It only made sense she would be stared at and admired. Even her master had adored her.

“I can’t believe someone has an assistant like you,” he purred, tilting her chin up before huffing, “I requested one, but I only got this foolish imbecile. Tell me, do you do favors for your master? Do you relieve his stress? Tend to all of his desires?”

“Please, I must get back to my master,” (Y/n) cowered, “I promised to make him tea.”

“Tea?” the mage scoffed, giving a purr, “What’s that mean? If you’ll give it to him, give it to me, too. You’re as good as a slave, so just do it before I have to get violent, hm?”

There was a strange noise that echoed around the room, any semblance of physical objects turned to white light as if they’d been evaporated. Then the (h/c) haired girl felt herself being ripped away from the mage and being thrown on the floor. The male that had been harassing her was nothing more than a bloodstain. No flesh remained, just scarlet dripping down the white walls of nothingness. (Y/n) quivered violently in fear, only to hear a familiar voice speak to her.

“Don’t worry, dear,” Caie mumbled, throwing his arms around the younger girl.

As she opened her eyes, she saw she was back in his room, the white light gone. However, the male was glowing unnaturally. Sure, he was a mage, but they never showed signs of using magic that strongly. His eyes, hair, everything glowed a strong blue color, hints of green and purple surging through him as if it were his blood. Nonetheless, the younger girl stared in awe and fascination.

“I truly didn’t expect that,” he sighed, picking up the girl in his arms, “I expected you to hit on him, not the other way around. What a shame. I miscalculated, but...I feel glad for it.”

The male found some strange emotion lurking in him, the affection for the younger girl and relief he had for her loyalty to him combining to create an obsessive desire. He leaned forward and pushed her to the wall, his hand slamming against the wall just to the side of her, taking her lips in his. He gave a hum, releasing her while panting with utter satisfaction, his smile wide and proud.

“I remember watching you from that balcony,” he mumbled almost drunkenly, pulling the younger girl into himself as he held her up, “It must have been ages ago, I swear. I was so bored up here with nothing to do, no idea on what to study or set my life to. Then there, a little girl played the flute with such stunning beauty. It heightened every sense in me. The years passed by, you grew up gorgeous, still playing that flute, and with every fiber in my being, I loved you.”

Caie stole another kiss, his eyes shimmering as much as the rest of him. He glowed as if he were a spell himself. Still, he used his abilities to summon a vial of something that emitted a pleasant fragrance. It pressed itself to her lips, forcing her to drink it. Her eyes closed and a blush spread across her features as the male encouraged her to drink every drop. Its taste was pleasant like the feeling of warm affection, prompting her to almost whine when there was none left.

“What a good girl,” he cooed, tucking her head into his neck and petting her reassuringly, “You were always so perfect, (Y/n). Not even a mage and you are the most beautiful living thing that ever existed. Entrancing, aren’t you?”

The younger girl mindlessly nodded her head, her mouth just slightly agape. It only made the brunette press his thumb against her lips, blushing hectically red. She was a precious little thing, resting in his arms and accepting his protection. He chuckled at her needy state, grabbing at his robe and whining at him to look at her. Of course, he would provide it to her, amused by the affection she showed him. Without his assistance, she would have never revealed her feelings for him.

“It feels better now, doesn’t it?” Another nod. “Mm, well done. Love is such a tantalizing feeling, isn’t it? You should feel proud. You’ve made me fall for you, pure being; allowed me to recognize that life can be precious.”

The younger girl gave a confused look, prompting the male to chuckle and kiss her forehead. He was certain she must have been confused. After all, young mages weren’t even taught the secrets of the tower. It was no surprise a young human had no idea of his status, and he made sure to keep it that way until he was ready. At last, it had arrived, and he finally tasted her seductive lips of romance.

“Shall I show you what you’ve wanted for so long?” he teased, carrying the younger girl to the balcony, “How high up are we, dear?”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened in surprise. She had expected that he was a high-class mage and might have guessed he was in the highest tiers of the tower. However, they were not in the tower. They were above it. It was a specialized room formed completely of magic and invisible to the outside world, towering over the world as a whole. It was as if they were in the heavens, looking down at every mortal. Instantly, she clung to the male tighter, tucking her head into his chest. He sucked in his breath in surprise, blushing continually.

“What a cute girl you are.”

“What are you? You can’t just be a mage,” she quivered, closing her eyes tightly.

“I’m still your Caie, dear,” he commented, hurtful of her accusing tone, “but it is true that I am not simply a mage. I am referred to as the arcanum; the secret source of power of mages across the world. I bestow it upon them and they use magic as they will. But I assumed you would prefer this human form I’ve taken.”

The younger girl blushed. Truly she did adore the male. He might have been handsome, but he loved him for his generous nature and affectionate nature. Being trusted with a secret that not even some mages knew about was stunning to her and flattered her greatly. And when he kissed her to see her reaction, she blushed and began squirming around. He held her tightly, preventing her from falling, but even if she did, he would be able to levitate her back to his arms as if nothing happened at all.

“Then...what have you been studying if you’re all magic?” the girl asked curiously, staring at the male’s lips, prompting him to smile uncontrollably.

“It’s always been impossible to force magic to interfere with a person’s mind permanently without damaging it. I wanted to fix that. Keep people away from you, keep you away from other people. But it wasn’t necessary was it?”

Truth be told, it wasn’t. The female already loved the male more than she ought to have, content with being with him in the tower or above it. He treated her with luxury and provided the same to her family when she requested it. And yet, in all of the girl’s curiosities about his research and study, she had never once questioned what it was that he had her drink.

It was a favorite of his to provide to her. Without him, she would have never loved him, never even looked him in the eyes again, or smiled in his presence. So, then, what was it? It wasn’t anything having to do with her feelings for her. No, it was a memory to make her forget every single person he killed, erasing her thoughts of his violent tendencies and filling them with only sweet affection and desire.

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