Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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Imprisoned Incubus x F. Ration Reader

“Give her back!” a deafening roar echoed, banging echoing through the stone halls, “You fuckers! Get your queen bitch here now!”

The male threw himself against the metal bars that kept him from taking back his chosen female. He had been at it for hours, his screaming never subsiding, only escalating in rage and fury. Nothing seemed to deter him, not even receiving a lack of victims. Being starved had the opposite effect and while it weakened him, it only made his thirst increase. He practically foamed at the mouth while he resisted, refusing to give up.

However, it was more than likely that no one except the lackluster guards could hear him, and even then, they probably didn’t care. They had been trained to block out his kind’s nonsensical screaming, especially when they were hungry and weak. It wasn’t as if they would have died from a lack of intercourse. They just would have been far more prone to violence, their lustful nature driving them to the point of insanity.

He was underground with many others like him, all of the male variety. They were treated like animals, namely because they were. Unlike succubi, they could barely control their desires and often lashed out for blood, harming either themselves or others in the process. For the safety and protection of the succubi species, they were relentlessly hunted and imprisoned. To ensure they couldn’t escape from the fortified defenses, they were starved from sex. After all, that was how they received their strength and other powers.

That being said, if the succubi had taken away all forms of sex, the incubi would have been driven insane, and any chance of repopulating their species would cease to exist. Even if they preyed on humans due to their need for sex, they were unable to reproduce with them. As such, they were given what could have been called rations. Human women were abducted and held in their own separate prison. Once a month, the incubi were given one to sate their needs. That should have prevented any complications.

However, the succubi were presented with one of the most troublesome features of their species. It was relatively uncommon in either gender, though males were typically far more resistant to it. Still, some could form deep attachments to humans to the point where they refused to reproduce with their own kind or use any other human for gratification. While it typically wouldn’t have been a problem, there was one individual that was incredibly concerning, threatening the succubi’s lives.

“I’ll kill you all!” he growled, attempting to yank against the collar fastened onto his neck despite the fact it choked him, “She’s mine! Mine! Bastards!”

The male’s eyes were wide, his breathing ragged, and he only became more animalistic the more he was kept away from his chosen female. He had already killed his cellmate, the male smelling the rotting odor of putrid blood. It infuriated him to think that the damned succubi hadn’t come to get rid of him. That had been the whole reason he had killed him. Well, besides the bloodlust he had from the absence of the (h/c) haired girl. In any case, should they have come to remove the corpse, they would have heard his protests and he would have made sure they wouldn’t ignore him.

It was only lucky for him that the guards made their way to his cell. He smirked, his sharp teeth prominent and threatening to the females. Even if his power was significantly depleted, his frightening state of mind made them hesitant to approach him. It may have also been that it was near ration day for him as well. Even if it was only one round, he would have had much more power than a succubus, and it was greatly intimidating.

The male’s smirk was wiped off his face the moment he saw the supposed warden of the prison he was held in. She was just a normal succubus, but she was harsh and cruel, not that he cared. However, she was the one in charge of rations, and he had made it abundantly clear he wanted a specific individual. Being cocky likely wouldn’t have done him any good, but he could hardly help it. She had it coming. The woman was a mega-bitch.

“You’re throwing a temper tantrum? Really?”

“Easy for you to say,” the male growled, attempting to grip onto her and land a solid hit on her, being held back by the chains, “You’ve got your fucking buddy in your room ready for you any time you want. I get once a damn month! So you better get me my beloved or I’ll rip him to shreds and shove him up your flat ass!”

The woman gave an unimpressed look, her hands on her hips as she rolled her eyes. She simply motioned to the female guards behind her to open the locked door. They made their way inside, the woman choking the male against the wall to prevent him from harming anyone else. Due to the fact he was overwhelmingly weak, it was fairly easy, especially since she had a much bigger supply of sex than he had.

The guards soon dragged the perished incubus out of the cell, likely throwing him in the garbage chute. It wouldn’t have been surprising. Nonetheless, the male continued to throw his protests, demanding to have the girl he wanted immediately. His growls were left as they were, the woman completely immune to his threatening words or actions. Truth be told, she found him to act much the same as a child that wanted a toy.

Nonetheless, she quickly dropped him to the ground. While he went to attack her, she slammed the prison door on him, leaving him to be yanked back by the steel chain attached to his neck. He growled in frustration, continuing to rant about his need for the (h/c) haired girl, panting with lust for her. His body writhed in agony without being able to touch her, and the woman clearly took notice of his utter desire.

“Shun!” the woman called, attempting to snap out the male from his trance, “Who are you blabbering on about?”

“You’re a bitch, you know that? The moment I get out of here, I’ll make you fuck a pig!”

The moment the woman gave him a disapproving glare, he chuckled, biting down on his lip. Looking over into the mirror, he took note of his silvery hair and light brown eyes, his built figure attractive. He hummed at the note of his appearance. While he would have typically been very handsome, the wear and tear of imprisonment took a toll on his desirable form. He growled at the idea of being less than perfect.

“She’s fucking beautiful,” he purred with a smirk, “Such a demure fucking thing. I want to corrupt her so bad, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. She squeaks, you know, so shy. She wouldn’t last a minute without me in the real world. So! Give her back.”

The woman gave a chuckle before completely leaving the silvery-haired male on his lonesome. He became soaked in rage as she ignored him, tugging against the chains on him intensely. The male screamed at the top of his lungs, using all of his strength in an effort to break free, he rendered himself unconscious, passing out on the floor to recover barely enough energy to function. Sleeping didn’t give him enough to recover significant amounts of power, but it at least gave his throat a break.

. . .

It was ration day. The entire cell block would be receiving a woman for one round to allow them moments of sanity, and the silvery-haired male was simply tossing a sharpened blade in the air, catching it to relieve his boredom. He had made it from the corpse of his former cellmate, even started quite the collection of each one he killed. The male didn’t know why they continued to shove someone in there with him. It was a death sentence. Then again, if it relieved his boredom, he didn’t care.

“Your rations,” a succubus hummed, pushing in a terrified and utterly confused girl into the cell.

She tried to escape, attempting to leave through the door, but it was shut before she had the chance. Tears pricked at her (e/c) eyes and she attempted to stay as far away from the male as possible. He enjoyed the fear, chuckling quietly. It wasn’t often he had received one that hadn’t already been broken by another. It was going to be a feast for him, he would make sure of that. After all, he only had one chance to grab as much power as he could.

“Why are they doing this?” she sobbed, burying her face in her knees defensively, “What did we do?”

“We, huh? You think we’re on the same level here, sweetheart?”

The younger girl looked up just slightly, her eyes sparkling from the tears she shed, the water making light bounce off of it. It was a pure sight, one that told the male all he needed to know about her. He whistled, noting he had a full meal before him. That being said, he had no idea what he had done to warrant such a treat. Maybe the so-called bitch of a warden appreciated his slaughtering useless incubi for her.

“They’ve locked you up,” she cried, placing her hand on his collar, flinching when he gripped predatorily onto her wrist, “That’s not right. Don’t you want to be free?”

“How precious ~”

“I-I’m serious! What makes them any better than you? Why do you need to be confined while they walk freely?”

In some strange twist of fate, the silvery-haired male found a ridiculous truth in her words. It was astonishing and almost offensive the way she so obviously pitied him, but since they were in the same boat, he might as well have played a bit nice. Conversation was scarce to come by what with his cellmates being killed and his rations terrified of him. Thus, he continued to play her little game, making small talk about their situation.

That being said, far from what he was used to, the cute thing was overly concerned with him. It was a nice change of pace, especially when she attached to him so quickly. She even hugged him tightly and cried on his shoulder, an action he was completely unused to, especially after he had used someone for energy. He was pleasantly surprised by her forgiveness of him, touched by it, even.

The male found quite easily that the (h/c) haired girl was a delicate thing. She was unable to process what she was involved in, almost begging for help. He found a need to protect her as well and whether it was because she was vulnerable or had formed a rare connection with him, he quickly gripped onto her, refusing to let go. His eyes shivered at the touch of her, and it wasn’t until after the succubi came to take her away did he realize he only ever wanted her again. She was meant for him, the pure thing.

. . .

When he woke up, it was due to a sword banging against a shield. His light brown eyes fluttered open slowly to see guards chuckling at him. The women snickered playfully as he drew himself up, noting that his clothes had been stripped, leaving his bare body on display. He didn’t think anything of it, his species more used to being without clothes than with. However, it did mean that the long-awaited ration day had arrived.

Licking his lips, the male eagerly anticipated a certain (h/c) haired girl to come in for him to ravish. The energy she provided was always top-notch, a delicacy for him. That being said, he did adore her more than what she could give him. Still, it wasn’t a bad addition, especially when he was trying to break out of his prison. If he did that, he wouldn’t need to have permission to have her in his bed.

“You gonna give me my (Y/n)?” he purred, feeling his heartbeat elevate significantly at her name, “Or do I have to take her from you?!”

The women didn’t answer him, opening the bolted door to throw in a random girl. His right eye twitched at the build-up of rage he experienced, and near immediately, to exhibit his frustration, he tore the human in two, glaring harshly. He let out a bone-chilling growl, the low vibration of his voice prompting the guards to move on as quickly as possible. They knew as well as he did that he was at his breaking point.

Throwing himself forward, he pounding his fist against the door, demanding one last time to have what he so desired. However, the moment they noticeably ignored him and turned a corner, he burst out into deranged laughter with his frustration. At that point, he was at his weakest, having been starved for a month. That didn’t necessarily mean he was as pathetic as a human, but it did significantly lower his capability to escape.

Still, he had been working on ways around the issue, gnawing through the steel shackles on him. It was painfully slow, but he was finally going to be freed. Using what strength he had left, the male tore apart the chains, and while it left the collar on him, it allowed him free range. He then began to throw himself at the door, watching as he dented it more and more each time until it finally fell.

The silvery-haired male was well aware nearby guards would come to investigate the noise, and though his typical style would have been to fight them head-on, he didn’t have the strength. The most he could do was take anywhere from one to three guards down and that was if they didn’t have any weapons or backup. He gritted his teeth at the way he had the lower hand. The moment he had more power, he would come back to slaughter every last bitch in that prison. No one locked him up. No one.

He was careful to move through the corridors and sprinted as quickly as he could with the rapidly draining energy he had. The male felt himself on the verge of collapsing into a sleep, but he persisted. As long as he found (Y/n), everything would be fine. He wholeheartedly believed that. Her touch was stronger than anyone else’s by a hundredfold. If she kissed him, he could regain enough strength to take her away to safety.

The silvery-haired male then found his breath caught in his throat as he ran into the cell block with the human girls. With a needy gaze, he scanned over each and every girl until his eyes opened wide at the (h/c) haired girl’s form. Immediately, he fumbled to open the cell door, tackling her down with a tight hug. His arms shook from exhaustion, his body demanding he get energy quickly or perish from a lack of it.

“Just one,” the male groaned, his voice strained.

He crashed his lips onto hers, grabbing at her head to push her deeper into the sudden embrace. Letting out a lustful moan riddled with desire, he pulled away, feeling everything come back to him. By no means was he at his most powerful, but no longer was he lacking strength from being confined and starved. He cracked his neck, moving his limbs around with great energy. Chuckling, he pulled the younger girl into another kiss, licking his lips at her taste.

“Sorry for that, beloved,” he hummed, nuzzling her affectionately and taking her hand in his, “but I needed it. Now it’s time we escape, hm?”

Tugging the younger girl out of the cell, he tested out his new strength, kicking down the steel doors as easily as if he were squishing an ant. He chuckled, smirking at the (h/c) haired girl for her help. It felt so freeing to have more power than he’d ever had in his life. That being said, he didn’t like the younger girl’s fearful expression. It didn’t suit her. He wanted to see her smiling in security, but she looked as if she was on the brink of tears.

It wasn’t long before they were surrounded by succubi. They were very clearly panicked upon seeing the silvery-haired male was free, most of them hesitant to make the first attack. After all, by nature, incubi were stronger than succubi though the latter was better apt in manipulation. That being said, it wouldn’t help them in a fight, especially considering the male desired to see their blood on the floor.

As they wouldn’t start the fight, the male made the first move. Testing out his new power, he beat them to a pulp. He did all he could imagine, breaking their knees and stomping their heads onto the stone below them. By the time he had finished off the first round of guards, the corridor was painted in blood, and corpses were littered everywhere. The male laughed with delight, celebrating his victory by pressing up the younger girl against the wall.

“So delicious,” he hummed, nibbling on her neck, “Just think, we’ll be out of here and free to kiss any time we want.”

(Y/n) didn’t reply, more or less terrified at what she had seen. Her body shivered, but the male mistook it for pleasure, groaning in approval. When she looked up into his eyes, she saw them dilated in both lust and the desire for violence. Coating in blood, the male licked it off of himself seductively, chuckling with great amusement. Nothing about the sight before him seemed to perturb him. In fact, if anything, it only made him calmer, relieved to get at least a taste of the true vengeance he wanted.

Of course, if he wanted to be a match for the boss of that cursed prison, he’d need more than a kiss. After being starved for so long, the male took more than just pleasure from the intimate exchange he shared with the younger girl, his shivering moans of ecstasy echoing through the halls. To his delight, the girl was completely under his control, easily able to manipulate with many of the abilities he had at his disposal. She couldn’t refuse him, even asking for more.

The pure thing was completely subject to his every will, but he wouldn’t keep her that way forever. It was like cheating. Her mind wasn’t her own, and she couldn’t give all of her until she did so willingly and with a clear head. That being said, for the time being, it was necessary to give him more and more power until he couldn’t take any more. Being able to indulge in both her body and such incredible strength overwhelmed him. He could easily get used to it.

When she was completely drained, he watched as her eyes closed gently, taking her away from the wall and holding her protectively. She couldn’t watch the male tear apart anyone any longer, falling into a temporary sleep, but the moment she woke up, she was surrounded by more blood than she’d ever seen. In the center of it all, the white-haired male hummed to himself slowly, a dreadfully wide grin on his face as he whittled away at what looked like a human arm.

Each slice he made - creating incisions in the raw flesh - prompted more crimson liquid to travel down his arm, and on occasion, it launched at the pressure, landing on his blood-soaked cheek. His lips tugged up at the corner as it happened, becoming more eager to tear the muscles apart with extreme violence. The crunching the last piece of human remnants made when his fist squeezed around it was bone-chilling, the steel-like material breaking as if it were but a twig or toothpick.

The male then dropped the lump of remaining flesh below him, chuckling as it landed in the pried-out jaw of the would-be warden. She choked violently as he shoved it down her throat with his foot. The gurgling sounds of blood attempting to be forced out of her throat and trachea were piercing, and screams of protest were made when the male moved to rip off the remaining limb of what used to be a human. It was far too easy like he was plucking a petal from a flower, the skin turning translucent as small bits of muscle fibers attempted to hold the corpse together.

“Fucking bitch,” he spat with small bits of laughter, “Now (Y/n)’s all mine and you’ve got nothing. Don’t you ever think I’ll lay down like a damn dog. I’m always the one on top.”

The white-haired male continued to whittle away at the flesh until he heard a pathetic whimper. His eyes became much softer as he recognized the pitch of the voice, and he immediately threw the arm away for a later use. The male then stood over the (h/c) haired girl, watching as she cowered. He cooed to her, sitting beside her and tucking her into himself only to find she struggled. His brow twitched. At least until he realized it was because he was covered in blood anyway.

“Too messy, beloved?” he hummed, running his bloody hand through his silvery hair, “Mm, I’ll clean up before tonight, you have my word. After all, I am famished.”

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