Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Noble Demon x F. Maid Reader

“No, no, no, no, no!”

The shouts of the small child’s temper tantrum echoed throughout his room. He kicked his feet in the air, refusing to be dressed by his maids. A scowl was on his face as he shook his head violently, screaming loudly. His maids panicked, attempting to satiate the male before one of the guards heard. If they did, they would have been punished for not tending to the young lord, and that typically meant torture or death.

Yes, the little brat was a noble demon, his father being one of the major generals of the Demon Lord’s army. As such, he was given only the finest of things and he took full advantage of it. He threw constant fits, tearing up anything he didn’t like. More of a perfectionist himself, he required much the same from his human attendants. His standards were high and he refused to give them the benefit of the doubt when they failed.

“I told you I wanted my good shirt!”

“Young master, this is your good shirt,” one of the maids explained, “See? Your father had this made for when you first met the Demon Lord.”

“No! I want the (f/c) one with the black fluffy shawl! That’s my good shirt! Where’s (Y/n)?!”

The attendants looked at one another nervously, not knowing whether or not it was best to tell the truth. That being said, they were well aware the demon child could read their thoughts, and he wouldn’t be pleased if they lied to him. Even then, he was scowling at them, taking a break from his temper tantrum to scare them half to death. As such, they bowed to him and gave a sigh, knowing there was little choice in the matter.

“She’s doing laundry right now, young master.”

“I told you idiots I wanted her to be here when I woke up! Now my whole day is ruined because you’re terrible insignificant humans! I’m telling my father!”

The light blue-haired male gave a huff as he opened the door harshly, letting it slam against the wall. It left a large dent. Even if he was a child, he was still a demon and possessed a large amount of power both physically and magically. The maids trembled at the thought of him instructing his father his servants were unfit to live. As such, they began talking amongst themselves to solve the issue before rushing after the child.

“Young master, we’ll get her right away! Please remain in your room until then!”

“Hmph,” he pouted, “It’ll take too long. I’m going myself!”

“A-Ah, but wouldn’t you like to wear your good shirt?!” one of the attendants hurriedly spoke, prompting the demon child to stop in his tracks and give a contemplative look, “Yes, that’s right! It’s her favorite color, isn’t it? And I remember her complimenting it. Wouldn’t you like to get dressed while we fetch her for you?”

“Well...I guess it wouldn’t look good if I found her with pajamas on...Very well! Go get her!”

The maids gave a sigh of relief, ushering the young male back into his room while one rushed to bring the (h/c) haired girl back. He was hardly satisfied with the pace they worked at, but it was better than nothing. The bluenette couldn’t calm his excitement. He kept pacing back and forth in his room as he waited for the younger girl to arrive, a stupid smile on his face. She was his playmate, and he was bursting with joy at the day ahead of them.

When the doors to his room opened, his smile widened and his eyes shimmered. Taking another look in the mirror, he nodded his head and slapped his cheeks, attempting to keep himself under control. That being said, when he saw the (h/c) haired girl, he couldn’t help but leap on her and hug her tightly, nuzzling his cheek against hers. He giggled uncontrollably, the joy in him bubbling like a fizzing drink.

“Good morning, Sotaro,” she blushed, a small shy grin on her features.

The male jumped away, realizing he had been smothering her with affection. He gave a bashful look, his eyes occasionally darting to see her reaction before focusing on the ground again. The male kicked at the ground, appearing as if he felt guilty. However, when he noticed the younger girl looked at him as if she was lonely, he jumped back on her, happy to give her his attention. He even held her hands, pulling her forward further into the room.

The male glared at one of the maids, holding out his hands in a demanding manner. She gave a panicked gasp before rummaging in his bedside table, placing a small present in his hands. The bluenette then turned to the younger girl and held it out to her, a large grin on his features. She hesitantly took it with an awed expression, unwrapping it slowly to see a box. Opening it, she saw a necklace inside made of rose gold and diamonds. Shaped like a heart, it made the bluenette blush when she thanked him enthusiastically.

“U-Uhm,” he stuttered, his eyes darting around the room, “W-Well, just...j-j-just wear it, okay? Don’t take it off!”

The (h/c) haired girl nodded quickly, placing the jewelry around her neck and turning around in a circle to show it off to him. He blushed bashfully, appearing almost drunk with the affection he felt for her. With a quick movement of his hand, he began to run down the hallway with her, ignoring any of the guards they passed. She giggled as she followed him, turning it into a quick game of tag.

They ran around the Demon Lord’s castle with bright grins on their faces. Some demons and monsters huffed at the little human’s relationship with the noble boy, but they didn’t say anything. Angering the bratty child of a major general was not the way to survive in the castle. Thus, they let it slide, ignoring her presence. At the very least she served her purpose as a playmate for the demon child.

Sometime along the line, the two had ended up outside in the garden. Exhausted from their running, they began to walk alongside one another. The bluenette clung onto the younger girl’s arm with a stupid grin on his little face. His chubby cheeks were blushing a bright pink, perfectly content to spend his day with (Y/n). As if to show his joy, he hummed a tune, looking down at the necklace he gave her with a squiggly smile.

“I want to play in the sandpit!” Sotaro announced, “We’ll make a fortress!”

The maids trailing behind them carried some toys for their enjoyment, including buckets, shovels, and whatever else the male wanted. He was bound to demand something they weren’t carrying, but with two of them, they would be able to adhere to his wishes. One would run off while the other watched over the two and attempted to calm the blunette until the other came back. It was certainly a stressful job.

“Whatever you want,” the younger girl agreed.

The demon child blushed, giving a love-stricken sigh. His little crush on her had been going on for quite some time. It was obvious to anyone who so much as looked at him. He was always looking at her, playing with her, giving her gifts, etc. No one was more suited to serving his needs than her. Unlike his other attendants, she took special care to give him what he needed even if he never asked. It was one of the reasons he was the best playmate.

Although she was the daughter of another maid and had been born into his servitude, he hardly required anything from her. Perhaps if he was in a sulky mood, he would ask her to bring him a drink or a snack of some sort. That being said, most of the time, he hated having her work like a common servant. He preferred her by his side instead of doing laundry. Then again, some jobs were more suited to her.

He was largely picky about which maid could do what tasks. Mainly due to his perfectionist nature, he despised having things out of place in his room or being dressed the wrong way. That was why the (h/c) haired girl was assigned to do his room. It also helped that as she cleaned and organized his room, he could talk to her and look at her whenever he wanted. The bluenette gave a happy sigh at the younger girl’s usefulness.

“You know, I’m gonna marry you when we grow up,” he declared, nuzzling her more and making her cheeks pink.

“You’re silly.”

“No, I mean it,” he pouted, ceasing to walk in favor of hugging her tightly, “Cuz if I marry you, then no one else can and we’ll never be apart! I-I would be so upset if you married another human! You have to promise you’ll marry me!”

The younger girl blushed, turning her head away. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that she had a crush on the bluenette. Having known him her entire life, it was hard to be away from him without feeling overwhelmed with loneliness. So the thought that he wanted to marry her prompted her to become flustered, especially with the determined expression he had. He looked like he would have done anything to convince her to marry him.

“I-I-I promise!” she squealed, her eyes closed with her red cheeks.

“Ah, you mean it?! Okay, then we’ll get married! I’ll get you the best jewelry and dresses and - ”

The bluenette cut off his words when he noticed another male wandering near the sandpit. He gave a jealous frown, hugging the younger girl possessively. The newly arrived demon child was the youngest son of another major general for the Demon Lord. He was gifted in magical ability, but Sotaro didn’t care about that. What he cared about was that he had been getting friendly with the (h/c) haired girl. It made him mad to see them together, especially when the younger girl was supposed to be his maid.

“Ah, it’s Mister Kizo!” she smiled, waving at the demon child.

The other male gave a surprised look before he awkwardly raised his hand to wave to her as well. At the action, Sotaro clung to the younger girl and did everything he could to have her attention to himself. At the same time, he glared at the other male, sneering at him, even, for making contact with his maid. It didn’t seem fair. He had his own maids, didn’t he? Couldn’t he make do with that?

“(Y/n),” the bluenette huffed, shaking her gently with a determined look on his face, “Promise me that you won’t talk to him!”

At the younger girl’s confused look, he only frowned further. The bluenette didn’t enjoy competition, especially not when the younger girl was already acquainted with them. However, she didn’t seem to understand his issue with her interaction with the rival boy, and it only made him more frustrated. Fearing that he may storm off or take it out on them, one of the maids leaned down to talk the male back to being calm and joyful.

“Young master, you are far superior to him. You needn’t worry in the slightest. In fact, (Y/n) is more content at your side than anyone else’s.”

The male regained his cheerful state of mind, knowing that he had a deep connection with the younger girl. Relieved, he nuzzled her in celebration, overjoyed at her giggles. She even held his hand with a bright smile, prompting pride to swell in his chest. Yes, he must have been better than anyone else. That was why she always was with him. Chuckling as if he was high, the male swayed back and forth, appearing as though he had a fever.

Even if there was temporary fear in the bluenette, the rival demon child soon enough left, waving farewell to the two and heading wherever he saw fit. At this, Sotaro let out a confident chuckle and focused wholly on spending time with the younger girl. The two of them built sandcastles, played house, and the blunette even tried to teach her magic. Of course, she was human so her abilities were rather weak when compared to his. That being said, he complimented her enthusiastically for every little thing she did.

“Your magic is so cool,” she gasped, being lifted in the air by one of the massive golems he had created.

“Mhm, I made this spell extra strong so I can always protect you! I-I’m...really glad you like it.”

The male’s cheeks never ceased to be pink around her, his love for her as strong as stone. He loved spending time with her, especially when he could impress her. It was the highlight of his day, truly. Between studies and training, she was always there for him with a refreshing treat. He just wanted to do the same for her, but due to his lacking ability to hospitality, he made up for it in the ability to protect her.

“Young Master, you’ve gotten quite dirty. I should think your father would want you clean for dinner.”

“I hate baths…Ah! (Y/n) will take one with me, won’t you?”

As the male wished, a bath was arranged for the both of them. The water was bubbly and smelled of roses; a very pleasant scent. There were numerous bath toys for them to enjoy, but the maids ensured that they thoroughly cleaned the younger boy before he enjoyed his time with (Y/n). Lathering his hair with shampoo and conditioner, he groaned, disliking when they touched his horns. He jerked around in a vain attempt to stop them from touching him, but, ultimately, he gave up with a sigh.

While he was being cleaned, he watched (Y/n) jumping up and down in her swimsuit, playing with a rubber ducky. Jealous that she was able to be off the hook from the scrub-down, he pouted. Still, he couldn’t resist blushing when she gave him a bright smile and handed him the ducky. She encouraged him to play with it but all he wanted to do was hug it as if it were her. With such an act of kindness, he didn’t mind being cleaned quite so much.

Sotaro didn’t have to wait too long before he was able to join the younger girl in playtime. He all but jumped on her when his attendants released him, nuzzling her and splashing her with tons of water. She squealed, doing the same thing back to him, soaking him in waves. He grinned wide, shaking his head free from water. The male then offered back the rubber ducky to the younger girl and fetched a bucket for himself.

Determined to clean her himself, the male began to lather her hair in rose-scented shampoo. (Y/n) squeaked at first but his fingers soon relaxed her and she gave a dazed expression, enjoying the care he treated her with. He giggled to himself, proud for being able to tend to her needs like a man, continuing to lift the bucket filled with warm water and carefully washing out the shampoo. His cheeks became pink when she thanked him, smiling brightly, and he only became more excited for what their future had in store.

The blunette proceeded to massage in the conditioner while she played with the rubber ducky contentedly. By the time they were finished, he had washed her hair for her and enjoyed many games with her. They were then changed by the maids into warm clothing. The male was supposed to eat dinner with his parents, meaning that he had to split away from the (h/c) haired girl for just a bit. She would still be there, just as a servant. As she helped around the kitchen, he sat in his seat, smiling at his father.

“Someone’s in a good mood,” the older man teased, “What antics did you and little (Y/n) get up to today?”

“I made her promise to marry me!” Sotaro giggled proudly.

“What an odd human tradition.”

The male’s father chuckled to himself while enjoying a nice glass of wine. He saw his son begin to rock back and forth as he reminisced about the events of the day. In response, he only continued showing signs of amusement, smiling at the (h/c) haired girl as she brought the boy’s dinner. Setting it down in front of him, the bluenette gave a giggle, watching as she began to pour him some juice.

“You are a perfect little playmate, aren’t you?” the male’s father commented, “I must thank you. Without you, I imagine he would be tearing up the castle. My, the Demon Lord would have my head.”

The younger girl bowed respectfully, rushing off to help the chefs clean the dishes, waving playfully to the bluenette. He blushed, beginning to enthuse about her to his parents who only smiled at him. It was quite commonplace for him to do such a thing but it seemed like they never grew tired of it, always on the edge of their seats for his little stories.

After dinner had ended, Sotaro went back to his room. He knew that the (h/c) haired girl would be gone until the dishes were all done, so until then, he wanted to read. As he skipped through the halls with a full stomach, he entered his room. However, he was surprised to find someone else there. The maids were typically helping with the dishes or eating their own dinner at that time so he had little idea of why one would need to stay behind.

Peeking his head to the side of the maid, he was able to achieve a better angle of sight, but he didn’t like what he saw. He balled his fists in anger and gritted his teeth. The maid was wearing the necklace that he had given specifically to (Y/n). Stomping his foot, the attendant suddenly turned around with a horrified expression, especially when he began screaming at the top of his lungs.

“You stole it! You thief! I gave that to (Y/n)! No one else can have it! No one, no one, no one!”

“Ah, young master,” the maid panicked, bowing quickly, “please forgive me! I had only asked her to take it off so I could clean it from all the dirt...but it was so pretty...I-I couldn’t resist trying it on…P-Please spare me! I’ll return it right away!”

“You selfish, terrible, puny…,” the male paused, unable to come up with another demeaning word, “stupid human! That was for (Y/n)! I gave it to (Y/n)! Now it’s tainted! You’ve tainted it!”

The bluenette reached for the necklace, snatching it from the maid’s neck and throwing it to the ground. The diamond dislodged from it, flying off to a dark corner of the room. He began to stomp on it with an infuriated growl, soon turning his attention to the maid, herself. Extending his arm out, he used his magic to pummel her with stone, beating her to a bloody pulp. His eyes were as sharp as a cat’s, his rage enough to melt the golden necklace and set the room on fire.

In the end, nothing was left of the maid, and the male was still filled with irrepressible hatred and anger. It seeped out of him, affecting the things around him without control. Even when he saw the (h/c) haired girl, it didn’t stop though it was drastically lowered. It was enough to stop the destruction of things around him, but there was still a bitter feeling in him. He pouted, hugging the younger girl quickly as if she was a teddy bear for his stress.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” he huffed, “One with more diamonds!”

The younger girl didn’t understand what he was talking about, but the very fact that he was angry made her hug him back. He blushed at the reciprocation of affection, appearing far less angry and far more like a hurt puppy. However, when she placed a kiss on his cheek, he forgot about anything that ever irritated him and gave another stupid smile, following the younger girl through the halls for another game of tag before bedtime.

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