Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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Noble Demon x F. Maid Reader Part 2

A smack resonated through the air, sending shivers down any living being within earshot. It was violent and even drew blood, the slap sending a maid to the ground with tears pricking at the pain. The young man who stood over her gave an expression that would be best akin to discovering a betrayal. His furrowed eyebrows and clenched fists explained the situation quite clear to anyone that happened to look his way. He was not known for his impeccable ability to control his temper, after all.

“Slut!” he roared, twisting his boot down on her as if crushing a bug and not a human being, “This is the third time this week! How do you expect me to enjoy the small free time I have if you continue to serve me crap?!”

The woman shivered, unable to even defend herself. It would have only made him more furious, and by that point, he wouldn’t have considered mercy. Perhaps it wasn’t on his mind in the first place, considering his need for perfection, but it was the best chance she had. Cowering as he continued scolding her, gripping at her hair painfully, she hoped it would all be over soon. However, the male seemed to note her dismissal of his words, and he clenched his teeth, dropping her to the ground again.

Picking up the teacup she had served him with, he dropped the cup on her head, letting it shatter and spill the hot liquid over her. She flinched but did nothing to retaliate. He didn’t know what bothered him more about it. Snapping his fingers, the male was handed a new teacup by a shivering butler. The man didn’t dare look at his master or even dare to touch him to deliver it to him. Instead, he served it on a silver platter, backing away without turning his back on the young man.

With a wave of his hand, the male had summoned a pocket portal, the dark swirling nature of the hole making everyone pause. He stored many things there: torture devices, poisons, and whatever else he could think of. His mind was violent and untameable as anyone could see. The unstable state he had made everyone wince for the maid beneath his foot. Pulling out a vial of bubbling green liquid, he poured it into the teacup, letting the portal fade behind him. The male then shoved it in the maid’s hands, watching as she looked up at him with fear.

“I don’t assume you wish to disappoint me any more than you already have,” he scoffed, turning his back on her to sit down and cross one leg over the other, “And because I am ever generous to you scum, on the condition you drink that, I’ll forgive you.”

“W-What is it, master?”

Clenching his teeth once more, the young man kicked her harshly across the face. Even if she was unable to balance herself and fell violently on the floor, he took the slightest enjoyment in watching her protect the beverage over her body. She knew it would have signed her death warrant if even a drop of it had spilled due to her foolish question. In his eyes, the bitch should have known better.

“Organic acid. I’m told it’s excruciating for a human. It should give you some idea of the pain you’ve given me from daring to serve me root tea.”

The maid trembled at his words, looking down at the bubbling liquid she held in her hands. The cup was almost full, meaning it would provide far more pain than just a drop. That being said, there was something to be said about a simple drop. It likely would have eaten through her tongue, but with the entire teacup filled, her throat and vocal chords would be decimated. And that was if she lived.

“Survive and I won’t hear you bitching again or having me waste my breath on your patheticness. Get on with it already.”

Without mild hesitation, the maid tilted her head back in an attempt to swallow the glass all at once. However, getting only a single mouthful of the acid sent her into agonizing pain. It was as if thousands of tiny knives were stabbing every cell in her body, especially as it traveled down her throat. Unable to bear it, her hands let go of the teacup, sending it to shatter on the ground, the rest of the deteriorating liquid being spilled onto the ground where it killed the grass. Withering and fading into a hideous brown, the male before her once again kicked her harshly.

He then left his seat with an irritating taste left in his mouth. She didn’t even put on a good show for him. Huffing, he stalked through the corridors of the large castle, his steps wide and unnerving. Every tap his boots made any other living beings tense and flee from the area with great fear for their lives. More than likely he would be prone to lashing out. His sour moods were worse than little temper tantrums, after all. He wasn’t a child anymore.

That being said, ever since he was one, there was always something waiting for him. Instantly alleviating whatever rage resided within him without fail, it was probably his favorite thing in the world. He smiled at the thought though there was still rage boiling inside of him at the stressful day he had. Bursting through the doors to his room, the male placed most of his weight on one of his feet, giving an expectant grin.

It was rare to find good help, especially that of the human kind, but the (h/c) haired maid cleaning his room always did the job to perfection. His cheeks heated up at the sight of the sparkling room, everything where he wanted it. She was anything but useless, never disappointing him. As such, he couldn’t help but take several steps into the room in a light skip, holding his arms around her waist with delight.

“Good afternoon, Sotaro,” she sighed, patting the male’s head and ruffling his hair, “Has it been another stressful day?”

The male huffed, rolling his eyes as though a truer statement had never been said. He then took his hands off of her and flopped on his bed, messing up the perfect job the younger girl had done. Rolling over onto his stomach, he removed his shirt and threw it away, nuzzling his nose in the scent the sheets had. It was faint, buried under the lavender it was washed within the laundry, but it was there. No matter what mood the male had, he always craved the scent of (Y/n). It was simply incredible.

The maid put down her feather duster, picking up the teapot she had put on to simmer. Pouring it in a small ceramic cup, the younger girl handed the male the beverage, sitting down beside him and petting his hair. He seemed to enjoy the touch she gave him, leaning towards her hand and giving a relaxed smile as he drank her tea. The male hadn’t given her the slightest of indication that he would be dropping in, yet she knew him so well she already had his favorite tea brewing. He blushed again, his aura consisting of bright flowers as pink as his cheeks.

As always, the (h/c) haired girl lathered her hands in lotion, giving the bluenette a much-needed massage. Groaning as she hit a particularly tense spot, Sotaro cracked the bones in his neck, resting his head on one of his pillows. It was perfection, all of it. She never made a wrong move. Even before he asked for a massage, she knew what he wanted - no, needed. Humming at her hands tearing apart his stress and replacing it with pleasure.

“Mm, I oughta give you a raise,” he chuckled, taking another sip of her tea, “Everyone else in this castle is utterly useless. It’s nice to know I can always count on you.”

(Y/n) let herself smile, admiring the way the male enjoyed her every little action. Ever since they were children and he was still overcome with adoration for the way she treated him with care. In any circumstance, she gave him the quality of life he so desired. No one else provided him with what he wanted. Perhaps she had messed up every now and then as any human was bound to do, but her flustered expressions when she did so made him lighten up anyway.

“There’s little use for money in cases like mine,” the younger girl sighed, “and besides, even if money would afford me something, I just want to be here with you.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Sotaro smiled quite wide, turning over and holding her hands in his. There was a certain pride in hearing her desire to stay with him despite the benefits it came with. While he had already assumed she thought as much, it was nonetheless a boost to his overall mood. Letting a relieved sigh slip past his lips, he pulled her into his bed with him, tucking her into his arms. He let his gaze linger on the necklace hanging just above her (s/c) flesh. His thumb ran over the diamonds engraved into it, giving a love-stricken smile.

The piece of jewelry had originally been given to her by a young him. He enjoyed the sight of precious metals and gems on her body, especially when she had adored the gift. There were some bumps in the way of her wearing it. Maids liked to be grubby when cleaning it, and he couldn’t count the numbers of them trying it on themselves. However, they were not given the mercy of drinking acid and being magically forgiven.

“You are awfully touchy today,” the younger girl giggled as the male nuzzled in between her neck.

The bluenette chuckled, continuing to smother his childhood playmate with all of his affection. It wasn’t as if he had the desire to share it with anyone else. She was the only one that made his heart race, and he refused to be the only one affected. Even if she was denser than he would have liked, at the very least, it allowed him to do as he liked without resistance. She was so adorable when she only thought of his affection for her as childish.

“Come on, let’s play a game or two in the tearoom before I get too absorbed in hugging you,” Sotaro hummed, pulling the younger girl out of the bed and leading her through the hallways.

. . .

It was only natural that the bluenette was called in by the Demon Lord. After all, he was one of the major generals of the army and possessed a great reputation. While he had primarily inherited it from his father, he proved himself to be a valuable asset nonetheless. It made perfect sense he would be the first to hear of any new heroes or other concerning matters. When that happened, the (h/c) haired girl tended to the duties she was given.

While Sotaro rather despised putting her to work, wanting her to do very little in order to have more time for him, she found it was a good way to pass the time when he wasn’t around. As such, he had granted her some things to do if she was ever feeling particularly bored or restless. In the time he was away, she had been working on the male’s laundry, knowing he preferred particular levels of softness, scents, and strict standards on never mixing particular colors.

He was certainly a stickler for his own rules, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. In his own words, she was an exceptionally astounding worker as much as she was a personal teddy bear. Others seemed to recognize her talent as well, giving her greetings and offering to spend time with her. Of course, most everybody in the castle knew of the bluenette’s attachment to her, and while he was rather harsh on any males he found loitering around her, he often let the women off more easily.

Soon enough, (Y/n) found herself without anything on her hands. Wanting to find a sense of purpose for the day, she wandered around before finding herself in the kitchen, waving at a familiar figure. The male she found smiling at her was a well-known companion of hers. He was an especially wonderful cook, delighting her with anything he managed to create. And whether it was for the better or worse, he had avoided the eye of his master. Sotaro had little to no idea of his closeness to the younger girl, but if he did, it would not end with a clean floor.

“It’s a joy to see you, (Y/n),” the male smiled, chopping some parsley finely, “Usually you’re with the master at this time.”

“I would be, but he’s been taken today. Actually, would you like to entertain me for a while? I miss spending time with you, Matsu!”

The male chuckled, watching as the younger girl leaped forward to hug him tightly. He grabbed her hand tightly, putting aside his apron to follow her. She tugged mischievously as she led him to the servants’ quarters. Although Sotaro had placed her in the room just beside his, she did enjoy going to the other maids and conversing with them. It was also due to the fact that Matsu’s room was there.

When they arrived, the male in question appeared antsy. While it was true that the two had been acquainted for quite some time and felt strongly for one another, wasn’t it always nervewracking to pose the big question? He stared every now and then at the box on his nightstand then back at the younger girl that rested playfully on his thighs. They talked for as long as he could manage before the nerves ate away at him.

Standing up nervously, the male grabbed the box and fiddled with it, moving his feet from left to right. He simply couldn’t take the nerves, and without thinking, he moved down to his knee, extending the ring box to her. She gave a confused look before the male began speaking.

“I-I want to marry you,” he stuttered before realizing he hadn’t led to it with a preamble, “No, wait, I mean - ”


. . .

Exhausted with the amount of strategy he had strained his mind for, Sotaro marched back to his room for some much-needed company of his beloved maid. Rather, it was a craving, and he licked his lips at the thought of enjoying the tea she made. Perhaps it was no different than tea made by any other maid, but there was love in it. She gave him enough by her standards. In fact, she thought she rather smothered him. However, he wanted as much as he could get.

The bluenette almost ran through the halls as he anticipated seeing the (h/c) haired girl. Spending time with her was the highlight of his day, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world. A smile was plastered on his face as he burst through the doors of his room. It immediately disappeared. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorframe, a scowl on his face. Why was it that she was spending time with another male in his absence? He twitched with irritation.

Noticing Sotaro’s presence in the room, the male next to (Y/n) stood straight in tenseness. Although it made the bluenette smirk at his fear, his frustration persevered, and his grin soon fell from his lips. His eyes trailed to the younger girl as the unknown servant shook fearfully with his bowing. The bluenette found it hard to stay with a frown on his face when his childhood playmate smiled like a lunatic. She even rushed forward and leaped into his arms with great excitement.

He opened his arms to her, giving a bright smile, but as soon as she hopped onto him, squeezing him tightly, his breath hitched in his throat. The bluenette caught the smallest of glimpses of a sparkling ring on her hand. He didn’t put it there. Before she was able to hold onto him or his mind was even able to think properly, his hand moved and gripped her wrist. His eyes turned sharp and his gaze rested on the ring she possessed, his teeth gritting against each other and creating a grating rasping.

“What is this?” he growled, his voice so low it seemed predatory.

“Matsu proposed! Isn’t this exciting?!”

The (h/c) haired girl gave a beaming smile, fluttering about with the utmost of excited energy. Her cheeks were a faint pink, her eyes sparkling with delight. Sotaro didn’t like it at all. His grip on her tightened and he lost restraint on his ability for magic. Fire roared at his feet before he stomped it out, twisting into it as if it were a bug underneath his feet. He then pulled the younger girl into his chest and tucked her head into it before snapping his eyes to the male across the room.

“(Y/n),” he spoke in a sweet voice, petting her head reassuringly, “do me a favor and deliver this to General Teiljo. I thought I would send it off later, but I see now that it’s...urgent.”

The younger girl nodded her head enthusiastically, giving the male before her a smile and the one behind her a cheerful wave. Rushing out of the room to do what she was asked of, the bluenette watched her go, giving a love-stricken gaze. Sotaro then closed the door, giving the air an unnerving feeling as the only noise made was the creaking in the hinges. He then sharply turned to the remaining nuisance in the room and gave him a glare that shook him to his bones. It was clear how livid he was that someone had attempted to steal the (h/c) haired girl away.

Never taking his eyes off of him, the bluenette sat down on the table in front of his study desk. He then noted the already brewed tea. While it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, the two cups on the table were. His brow twitched and he couldn’t help but stand up abruptly, the chair being knocked over onto the floor. Uncontrollably, he then grabbed the leftmost one - which lacked the younger girl’s scent - and threw it at the male.

It shattered over his head, splintering into the opened wound. When he flinched, he was pinned to the wall, the bluenette gripping onto his collar. Sotaro was livid. So livid, in fact, that his eyes were as narrow as a cat’s. Every ounce of him shook with pure rage, and he had the absolute desire to kill the male before him. It would be so much easier never to see his face again.

“Who do you think you are?!” the bluenette roared, slamming the male’s head into the wall, “Are you blind? Ha, you must be!”

“Even if you two are close, it doesn’t - ”

“Are you talking back to me?! After all this shit you’ve pulled and you think speaking in my presence will get you out of this?! I own her! I’ve owned her since she was fucking born! She’s mine!”

Sotaro only continued becoming more enraged. Everything was wrong, messed up by one little pest’s corruption of the crop. If he hadn’t opened his damn mouth or gotten close to what was clearly his, everything would have been exactly where it ought to have been. (Y/n) would be devoted to only him, she would be waiting in his room for only him, she would marry him like they fucking promised!

There would be no more interruptions in his perfectly concocted life. No more, no more, no more. The bluenette saw no more use in thinking. As such, he grabbed at the pathetic male’s throat, squeezing it until blood coated Sotaro completely. He then moved his hand over the corpse, removing it from the plane of existence. The bluenette then growled as he reluctantly formed an identical copy. It was more of a golem really, but it would fool the (h/c) haired girl enough to remove that damned ring from her finger.

“Mine will be bigger,” the male growled, storming away and destroying everything in his path, “Just you wait, (Y/n).”

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