Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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Child Maniac x F. Victim Reader

When (Y/n) woke up, her head swelled with pain, agony swirling around every time she made the simplest of actions. She understood why it was that way, the air she breathed far from clean or hygienic. There were others there, too. The girls were all gathered in a small metal room with no sign of exit or escape in sight. Some panicked, others remained calm. The (h/c) haired girl was among the latter group, keeping a level head to better understand the situation before her and how best to survive. It was then that a voice came on over an intercom.

“Good morning, lovelies!” a giggle echoed, the pitch screechy and static over the radios, “I’m so happy you could all be awake for my announcement! I’m sure you are all scared and confused...and I just want to let you should be.”

A few of the other girls began to cling to one another for support, their eyes frantically looking around for any danger. (Y/n) found that it gave little to no relief and provided barely any use or help. She, instead, looked at what she had in her possession. Everything from her phone to her belt had been taken, likely to deter her from gaining any sort of advantage in the situation presented before her.

“I’ve been told my games are a little bit too intense for normal people, but I get so lonely, ya know? I hope you guys will be able to help me out. You’ll see I’ve taken anything that can help you here, and you all have one bottle of water and one meal for you to use whenever you’d like. Just let me know. I wouldn’t want you starving before any of the fun begins, right? Anyway, I’ve made a bunch of fun obstacles and puzzles for you, and we’ll go ahead and start in 3, 2, 1, go!”

The girls were separated as the floor caved in beneath them. They were all sent spiraling down into a dark wooden room. The moment the (h/c) haired girl looked up from her fall, she noticed writing on the board. It was as if it were some old and dusty classroom underground. Or perhaps it was above ground. She didn’t know enough yet to make assumptions, but she kept it in mind if ever it was useful.

The younger girl surveyed what she could, turning over every little rock and studying everything she was able to collect. The most she received was a stick of chalk and the information that she wore a wiretap. She supposed it was to be able to contact the person behind the kidnapping for the food and water he mentioned. The girl also noticed the cameras all over the place, likely to survey any attempts to cheat or simply to amuse the mastermind.

The board was a simple set of equations, perhaps easy enough for kindergarteners. With the addition of the chalk stick, she assumed she was supposed to solve the questions on the board. Calculating simple addition and multiplication, she wrote down the numbers, a shiver running up her spine at the shriek it made. When she finished each one, a small ding resonated through the room, the intercom turning on.

“Wow, that took a while,” the voice chuckled, the tone and pitch more definitely childish than one of a mature adult, “but I guess I’ll give you props for actually doing something. Most everyone else is crying in a corner. It’s nice to meet ya!”


“Not too friendly, are we? That’s alright. My name’s Yuuto, but you can call me Yuu. Remember it, ’kay?”

The (h/c) haired girl’s head turned the moment she heard a clicking noise, signaling that the mechanical door was unlocked. Clearly, she had completed what he wanted her to do, and in some shape or form, she had been rewarded. It seemed he wanted to be the one to have control in that situation, but for what, she didn’t know. As she began walking through the newly opened door, the boy began speaking again.

“I’m sure you figured this out already, but I’ll be watching you. I’ve got a ton of cameras and spy devices to peek on you with.”

“That must have cost a fortune,” the (h/c) haired girl hummed, attempting to sneak some information out of him, “How could you afford it?”

“I like it when people ask about me,” the male giggled, the sound of a chair rolling around moving through the speakers, “You should do it more. Maybe I’ll give you a treat for that. Anyway, if I want something, I’ll get it, and that’s that. I told mom and dad I wanted a doll. They said I needed to catch one. So they bought me a big trap.”

(Y/n)’s eyebrow twitched at his statement. It was clear that she and the other girls were supposed to be in that trap of his, but he had only expressed his wish for a singular doll. She wasn’t entirely certain who that was supposed to be. Her curiosity must have been obvious to the boy watching as he quickly comments on it.

“See, I met this really nice girl when I was super little, but all of a sudden, she stopped coming over to play with me. So I want her. I’ve done a bit of research. One of you is her...probably. So these tests will help me find her again. The rest of you can die in agony, okay?”

A giggle resonated through the intercom before it shut off. She didn’t hear from him for quite some time, most likely because he was attempting to watch as many people as possible. His logic made little sense, but he was only a child, she supposed. After all, most, if not all of the girls were much older than him. Perhaps he was looking for an old babysitter or tutor, but it was worrying that she wasn’t who he was looking for. She never met a child that deranged, and she hardly had a habit of mingling with them.

Hours passed where the (h/c) haired girl spent solving the puzzles laid out for her. She had quickly learned the first one was to get her used to her environment. The others were practically death traps. If she wasn’t smart, fast, or tough enough, she would have been subject to all forms of harm. The little bastard was sadistic, and it baffled her to think he would go through all of that work to potentially lose the girl he’d been looking for relentlessly.

Upon entering the new room she had unlocked, (Y/n) scanned it from head to toe. It was a bedroom, most likely a replica of some sorts, but she didn’t recognize it in the slightest. That being said, it did have some uses, giving her access to a plethora of seemingly harmless but useful objects. The toys were simply decoration, but she could perhaps come up with something. At the very least, the stuffed bunny was soft and could be used as a pillow. Up until then, she had attempted to put off sleeping, wanting to escape as soon as possible, but sooner or later, she would need to sleep.

“You don’t happen to recognize any of this, do you?” a voice cooed, a disappointed hum echoing through the speakers, the cameras zooming in on her form, “Everyone else has either denied it or dropped dead already.”

The (h/c) haired girl shook her head in denial, making an exasperated groan come from the male’s mouth. It sounded like he rolled around in his chair with boredom. He no doubt wanted to know why it was that his doll hadn’t shown up yet. Irritated with the prospect, he banged his head against his monitoring table, sighing over and over again. When he finally stopped, he watched as the girl began to piece together the puzzle before her.

Her hands were dextrous, able to skillfully help her scan for clues regarding the numerous buttons on the keypad to the door. She invoked curiosity in the male. Always remaining calm and possessing a level head reminded him of the girl he was trying to find. Of course, the girl he wanted would never have talked back to him or subtly rolled her eyes when he wasn’t looking. That being said, he was giddy whenever she solved the puzzle before her. He always liked a smart girl.

As she moved onto the next room, the male eagerly lit up the lights, watching her reaction closely. She gave a look of surprise, but carefully backed up the moment she saw electricity shooting out of wires. They sparked dangerously, numerous other threats in sight, and it was quite clear from the look of the clean rooms beforehand that it was perfectly intentional. The black and white tiles reminded her of a chessboard, and she assumed she was to be a pawn for him to use as he wished.

“You’re lagging behind just a bit behind some of the girls, but you can catch up, can’t you? I’m thinking about releasing the first one to complete the challenges. You haveta listen to me though! Can you do that? I like my dolls to be obedient. Otherwise, they’re not very fun, are they?”

The (h/c) haired girl remained silent about the male’s comment, choosing to ignore his words. After all, he made it quite clear she couldn’t escape without his help or her cooperation. However, she seemed to amuse him, the intercoms clearly displaying his childish giggle. It was like it got stuck in his chest before bursting out all at once. When he came down from his high, he began to explain.

“I really like you, (Y/n)! You’re annoying, but you’re so annoying it’s cute! I don’t know how to put it! Just follow my instructions so I can feel good about liking you, okay? Now twirl your hair real pretty-like, okay?”

“How does that help?”

“Okay?” the male repeated, the shocking and sudden shush sending shivers down the girl’s back.

She followed as he requested, shaking as she twisted around a small strand of her hair. As she did so, he requested she step forward once. Obediently, she did as he said only to receive painful electrocution. Crying as she stepped off of it, her body jolted around in an attempt to get it out of her system. It was then that the boy changed moods very quickly, clapping and pushing himself around in his rolling chair.

“Sorry ’bout that, but you really should know better, hm? I don’t like it when you talk back. It’s not pretty. Not cute at all! Now listen to every word I say, dolly, and go to the right three times then forward twice.”

Hesitant to step on the floor again, (Y/n) was greatly surprised the moment her foot made contact with the tile. It didn’t harm her, but it did scare her when a bright light came from it and the male started cheering. He proceeded to give her more instructions until she was halfway. At that point, she was rewarded with balloons being released, the male chuckling with glee. He had completely forgotten about her silence towards him, more focused on the joy of watching her do whatever he wanted.

Whether or not it had to do with her making her way across the room, she nonetheless did it, and he enjoyed it very deeply. It seemed she was capable of following his wishes even if she made that ugly face. He didn’t know whether it was cute or funny, but her scared expression seemed out of place to him. The boy hummed, resting in the palm of his hand, wondering what he should do with her. Was she really obedient or only out of convenience? The answer should have been obvious, but he never really was one to pick up on simple notions like that.

“Good job! Now I want you to step to your left three times.”

The older girl listened quickly, following as he said. However, as she put her foot down on the tile, she was immediately met with the largest shock her body could handle. She cried out in pain before landing back on where she came from. Met with a disapproving huff from the b0y, she found the entire room’s floor was electrified. She had to crawl her way to the tile he wanted her on before everything went back to normal. At that point, her lungs struggled greatly, preventing her from breathing just slightly, her nerves feeling as though they were severed.

“You gotta do what I tell you even if it hurts, you know. You’re no fun if all you ever do is for yourself. I’m the first one that comes to your mind, m’kay?”

The (h/c) haired girl struggled to breathe as the male began to enthuse about how well she had done compared to some of the other girls. From what she’d been told, at least a dozen of them had perished in the last group he brought there. She assumed from the context there were no survivors. Not a single one. It all seemed hopeless, and yet he assured her that it was perfectly fair as long as she used her head.

She had made it across the room thanks to what little help the male had given her. It seemed he purposefully made her step on the wrong tiles in order to watch her suffer. He was just the slightest bit of a sadist, but she found it was more along the lines that he wanted her to become obedient no matter what. As it was the only thing she could do, she went along with it, but it didn’t mean it was with a smile, much to his discontent.

As she completed the room, she was met with another door. Opening it, she found that it was a bedroom for her complete with juice, a meal, and a comfortable bed. The male had informed her it was a resting room and meant she was halfway done. Seeming as he wouldn’t let her progress further until the next day, she collapsed into sleep, ignoring the cameras that were zooming in on her form.

. . .

“Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead!” the intercoms buzzed, the boy on the other side gleaming with joy, “Let’s have some more fun, (Y/n)!”

The older girl slowly opened her eyes, abhorring the feeling of being under the boy’s control. He seemed to have everything figured out on how to best handle her. It was infuriating, but she couldn’t defy him without risking her life. Giving a huff, she lifted herself from the bed only to find a dress laying on the floor. It was frilly and doll-like, possessing lolita qualities, and from what was inferred, it was meant for her.

“Isn’t it cute?” the boy giggled, “I thought it would look perfect on you!”

“Lucky me...Do all the ladies have the pleasure of being quite literally dolled up?”

“No, no, just you. I really do like you, so don’t die, ’kay? If you do, I think I’ll be pretty bored.”

The (h/c) haired girl groaned as she picked up the dress, almost hearing the boy’s satisfied smile. She didn’t know how much more of it she could take. Truth be told, escaping the area likely wouldn’t have been as great as she thought it would be. There wasn’t much she would be returning to, but she supposed having the hope was better than despairing over her hopeless situation. The only thing she could do was keep surviving.

Glaring up at the camera watching her, she heard a sigh from the other side and watched as the blinking light turned off. She supposed it was so she could change in peace. That being said, she hardly felt at peace in that environment nor in the fact she would be playing along with him. However, she pulled her shirt over her head and began to change, ignoring the male’s whines for her to hurry up.

When she tugged on the door to the next room, she was pleasantly surprised that it was open, the cameras turning back on. She pushed through before discovering three small podiums each with a light shining on them. Stepping forward carefully to inspect them, her shock over the loud laugh that came from the intercom made her spine stand straight, her cheeks flushing red from shock and embarrassment.

“You look so precious! I knew it was the right color for you. Ah! You’re the cutest thing ever! I just want to lock you up and keep you on display!”

The older girl doubted he wouldn’t have followed through with that. His excitement was prominent, the sound of his chair rolling around as if he was jumping up and down. However, she ignored him and his ranting while she surveyed the podiums. They were the only thing lit up, the rest of the room being pitch black. She couldn’t even see her hands until she reached out to the light.

The leftmost one said:

This is sometimes sparkling

And sometimes it is still

As it is a liquid

It’s something you can spill

The middle one said:

There are many types of this food

Wild, brown, and white to name a few

Before it ever reached your plate

A paddy field is where it grew

And the final one on the right asked what the boy’s name was.

The (h/c) haired girl figured out the riddles easily enough. However, it was clear the podium didn’t want an answer. It wanted a material. Humming, she strained her mind for any sign of water or rice since she had arrived. However, there was no sign of anything like that. That being said, the girl snapped her fingers together and waved at the camera that focused on her form. It most likely had night vision, but to be on the safe side, she shouted to get his attention.

“Give me my meal and drink!”

There was a chuckle from the intercom and immediately, a door opened. To be specific, it appeared to be a dumbwaiter so he wouldn’t have to go down there to give it to her. She made her way to the fainty-lit shaft, moving slowly so as not to trip over anything. Still, it seems her cautious state of mind worked against her. Her foot bumped into something, prompting her to stop completely.

Another chuckle was made through the intercom but it was muffled. It sounded like he was trying to hold back his amusement, but she didn’t understand why until she thought about it. Reaching down to the floor, she moved her hand around to find what it was that she had made contact with. Immediately, she jolted back, falling on the floor. Her face contorted into one of horror and she shivered with fear.

“Turn the lights on!” she cried, her voice cracking with sorrow.

“Can’t do that,” the boy whistled, “You’ll have to clear the room first.”

Forcing herself to stand up, her legs wobbled like a newly born deer, unable to carry her effectively across the room. She picked up the water as well as the meal she was granted and opened it to find curry with a side of rice. Attempting to navigate her way back without making contact with anything, she placed the bottle of water onto the first podium, a few grains of rice on the second, and turned back to face the cameras, backing up into the wall.

“Yuuto, turn the lights on.”

The boy chuckled again before uttering an “as you wish”, the lights forcing the (h/c) haired girl to squeeze her eyes shut to adjust to it. The moment she recovered, her eyes darted to the floor, the amount of blood making her drop to the floor. All that tranquility she had possessed in that hopeless situation was for nothing. Even as the door unlocked and she heard footsteps nearing her, her eyes shivered with fear.

The tremendous loss of life, the blank eyes, the cold corpses all dotted the floor and she didn’t know. Closing her arms around herself, she wept for the girls, knowing their deaths were not painless. They had been subjected to a fate they never asked for it, thrown into some sick game devised by a bored and sadistic little boy, and in the end, they paid for his cruelty. Left to the dust, they were no more. What was left for her?

“What was going through your head?” she cried, refusing to listen to the silent area’s whispers, “You wanted to find someone. What if you killed her?”

“Well, I decided I didn’t want her anymore. It’s have this doll that you’ve had forever, right? But then you see one you really want and you have to have it. So...the doll you had before doesn’t really matter anymore.”

“We’re not dolls! We’re living, breathing things!”

“Uhm…” the boy snickered, “well, not anymore, right?”

The footsteps became closer to (Y/n), becoming painfully loud. She didn’t look up, she didn’t dare to. The older girl didn’t want to know who or what it was. She didn’t want to see anything else that could have died or suffered. Instead, she blocked out everything, even when a man stood directly in front of her, offering his hand to her.

“Please follow me, miss. Yuuto would like to see you upstairs.”

The (h/c) haired girl’s eyes shrank, shaking her head wildly. The man attempted to calm her down in order to take her where she was intended to go, but she simply didn’t listen. Refusing to be touched or talked to, she walked away, her eyes wide and her mind empty, echoing wordless thoughts all around her once whole mind. And when she heard the boy yawn over the intercom as if the situation was boring to him, her eyebrow twitched. Grabbing the silver fork from the meal, she looked down with breathless wonder, not knowing if she had it in her. Everything was in the air.

“Oh? You’re not going to use that, are you?” the boy growled menacingly, “Don’t think it’ll change anything. If you live, I’ll make sure you’re never able to move again, and if you die, it won’t be like you’re really escaping. You’ll be stuck with me either way. Just ask yourself how much you really want to suffer today.”

Despite the intimidating words that he spoke, (Y/n) was more resigned to ending everything. Even if she was stuck with him, she didn’t have to have her mind ruined. He could have her body and display it like the little doll he wanted but he wouldn’t have her mind, and certainly not her soul. Resigning herself to losing her physical form, she plunged the fork into her neck.

The pain was searing, stinging as if a thousand knives pricked up at her skin, but it was still better than being a toy to an uncaring sociopath. As such, while the boy screamed at the man to get her upstairs and get a doctor, she attempted to do as much damage as possible. Stabbing herself in her chest then her stomach, she hoped to hit a vital point so her death would be swifter. She refused to live long enough to see him.

“Stop it! Stop it right now! I’ll forgive you if you put the fork down! Put it down, (Y/n)! I mean it! No, no, no, no, no!”

The last energy left in the older girl had her drop to her knees. She couldn’t inflict any more on herself, feeling herself slipping away. As she did, she stared at the camera the boy was watching through and used the last of her strength to give him a knowing grin. Her eyes then went blank, her body limp, and just like the others, she perished, but only because she did it herself. No one was going to take the one thing she was born into the world with.

. . .

Yuuto glared at the display before him. He never imagined someone else would get to kill his playthings. His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the (h/c) haired girl’s corpse. He had placed it in his room as if she were a life-sized doll, her body preserved so it looked as she did when she lived. However, the nasty scars on her body were ugly. They weren’t cute. He clenched his fists and kicked at the glass, but not near hard enough to break it.

He couldn’t find it in him to let her go after what she did. Just like he wanted, he had the new doll perfectly to himself, but it wasn’t complete. That being said, he wouldn’t forgive her for daring to be so selfish. She wanted to be free, but he wouldn’t let her. She was supposed to be his to play with, but he couldn’t very well play games or eat with a corpse. The only thing he could do was look at her, and every time, it filled him with more disgust.

She was so perfect and utterly wasted, and for once, Yuuto regretted subjecting someone to the clearly powerful emotion of hopelessness.

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