Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Fury x F. Serial Killer Reader

A young male with charcoal black hair rested on a chair composed of the absence of light, a golden crown resembling the horns of demons resting on his ancient brow. A blood-wet red robe covered his pale form, a serpent coiled around his waist, surveying everything before it with beady golden eyes that cried blood. His bat-like wings were stagnant, remaining still as he sighed in boredom. It was dark and arid in Erebus, the flames of neighboring Tartarus licking at his boots.

His siblings were there as well, taking a break from their typical exhausting duties. Entrusted since the creation of the universe, older than the gods and goddesses of Olympus, they punished evildoers. For the most distant of the others from the black-haired male was Magae, the punisher of infidelity, oathbreakers, and theft, namely directing his efforts to crimes of jealousy. Then there was Alecto, the punisher of moral crimes such as anger, driving his victims to madness to punish them. However, Tilphys handled the more violent crimes of humanity; murder.

There had been nothing that they couldn’t handle, acting as haunting presences of those that did wrong. Clearly, human beings never ceased to be immoral creatures that wreaked havoc among the mortal world. As such, the brothers never were bored, always sent out to do something or other. Alecto was the most entertained by his victims, taking joy in their descents to madness, but Tilphys felt the most bored.

Killers rarely ever felt any sort of guilt for what they did, making his haunting of them relatively boring. Most didn’t respond to physical pain either. Even the opposite of the stone-cold killers were too empathetic and plagued with guilt to do much. They usually offed themselves before he could finish the job. Besides, his torture wasn’t much worse than what they were doing to themself. Thus, he was unsatisfied with the pick of killers he’d had to punish.

“I’m bored,” Tilphys finally sighed with a tinge of frustration, huffing as he rolled his eyes.

“Big surprise,” Maege spoke emotionlessly, directing his gaze to watch their strange brother giggling giddily, “I suggest you find something to do. Don’t you have people to punish?”

“I’ve been driving this beautiful woman mad,” Alecto chuckled, biting down on his fingernails, “She thought she had it bad when she had an affair. Now she’s the crazy village idiot.”

Tilphys gave his brother narrowed eyes for bragging. He found that Maege was staring at him curiously for his expression. Thus, the black-haired male relaxed and placed his head against his chair before his eyes lit up with a revelation. A woman! In all his years, there had only been a handful of female murderers. Most were reluctant to do such a thing, done in the spur of the moment. The others feared the retribution of the far more dominating species of men, knowing they would be tried as demons and tortured to death.

The male had a sudden smile on his face as he pulled up every mortal he had to punish. He saw the countless lists of names and crimes committed, a smirk tugging at his lips as he noted the most accomplished female. With a grin, he dismissed his brother, one of which wished him well while the other continued giggling like a maniac. Then, with a snap of his fingers, the black-haired male appeared in the mortal realm.

He took in a great breath of fresh air, appreciating the liveliness of the realm. Invisible to those he wasn’t punishing, the male made his way into the village in front of him. It was on the outskirts of the royal capital, making him wonder who exactly it was that the young woman had killed. Then again, he was fully aware it was not just one person that she had offed, meaning that torturing her would prove to be fun for him.

As he wandered around the town, his eyes set upon the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. She had fair (h/c) locks that hung to her (h/l), piercing (e/c) pupils that stared into his immortal soul. Her rosy cheeks paired well against her (s/c) flesh. He couldn’t wait to sully it with scarlet blood and paint a face of pain fit for a criminal. It was only fair. She’d taken more than her fair share of others’ lifeblood.

The male trailed behind the younger girl with a smirk on his face. He was beginning to get excited, trembling all over. The girl turned corners, perused vendors, made her way into an alley, and then, out of nowhere, pinned the ravenette into a house’s wall and stabbed him in the chest. A look of surprise crossed his face, then a purr escaped him as he realized what he was dealing with.

“Nice to meet you, filth,” the male chuckled, his eyebrow-raising in amusement.

The younger girl gave an almost silent gasp as she saw her dagger didn’t draw any blood. It simply fazed through him, and she was astonished how unmatched the situation seemed. Knowing she was no chance for something clearly not human, she immediately fled, running through the crowded streets of Athens. As she looked back to see how much distance she put between her and the strange being, she let out a sigh of relief, continuing to completely lose him.

Through alleys, streets, vendors, she hopped over everything in her path, sprinting along flatted rooftops. Her talent in athleticism allowed her to do this, avoiding obstacles and hiding when she found herself out of breath. She peeked around one of the pillars in the temple she was in, noting that nothing was there. Still, she didn’t let herself rest, unable to know what was coming for her.

“How cute,” a voice cooed, arms wrapping around the younger girl and pulling her flush against his defined chest, “It doesn’t matter how fast or skilled you are. Murderers don’t get to run free on my watch.”

“What do you want?” the girl spoke harshly, knowing that struggling would be pointless.

“Punishment has come for you. Ah, what kind of torture should you have?”

The younger girl grabbed her dagger once more and attempted to stab the male. She was well aware that it wouldn’t harm him, but her curiosity pushed her to do it, wondering what he was. Her first thought was a ghost of someone she had killed, but the male didn’t seem to know who she was, only that she was a murderer. In all her thinking, the ravenette only chuckled, finding her to be an interesting specimen.

. . .

How long had it been since the male began haunting the (h/c) haired girl? He didn’t know, but he was ecstatic. She was a stone-cold killer, unmoved by trauma, pain, or even being reminded of her memories. When he brought up her family and how she had killed them, she simply shrugged and continued to go about her day as normal. Thus, the male was involved in trying to figure out how to best punish her when she cared little for his attempts.

“Come now, just give up,” Tilphys sighed, holding his hands behind his head as he floated alongside the younger girl in the marketplace, “You don’t need to hold in your suffering. I enjoy it.”

“I will not aid in my own downfall.”

“You know what,” the ravenette chuckled, eyeing a lit lantern in one of the booths, “Perhaps I should burn you continually. Yes, trash should be burned, after all.”

The younger girl rolled her eyes. She had found the male minimally annoying as much as the other people she had to endure. Frankly, his mere presence was a small form of torture to her daily life, but not the type he sought after. It wasn’t as if she would clue him in on that, however. It would have only made him cocky, and she was already sick of his overconfident attitude. He could figure it out himself.

“You are the most sickening human being I have ever encountered,” the ravenette smirked, biting down on his bottom lip, “No guilt, no empathy, barely any feelings at all, and all in a lovely little body, too. Tell me, do you have any remorses in this life of yours?”

Again, she rolled her eyes, prompting the male to scoff slightly with a grin. Truth be told, he was far more amused than he should have been with such a cruel human being. (Y/n) not only killed her victims in families, but dismembered them while they were alive, tore out their internals and shoved them down their mouths, and etcetera. It was a wonder she hadn’t been caught, but then again, at that time in history, women were sorely underestimated. Even if she had been considered a suspect, her angelic appearance caused others to dismiss her as the culprit.

“Yes,” she finally answered, prompting the male to curiously turn his head, “but I will not tell you.”

“Such a tease,” he hummed, watching as the younger girl’s face heated up just slightly.

His sadistic mind then came up with an ingenious idea. Setting his feet gently down on the ground, he walked alongside her before pulling her to him and smiling. His fingers graced her skin, tilting her up almost domineeringly. The ravenette then watched in amusement as she averted her gaze and her heartbeat began to stir. The poor little murderer, Tilphys had found his torture strategy.

For the next couple of weeks, he had been attempting to seduce her with great enjoyment. She hardly responded to normal gestures, but, when it came down to it, she was moved by some small forms of affection. It was a small challenge for him; one he simply adored. (Y/n) was a puzzle he attempted to crack slowly. Each day, he saw just a small percentage of progress, but the tease for him was well worth the hard work he put in. No doubt it would be his best haunting yet.

He began to stray away from reminding her he was there to torture her, insinuating he was developing feelings for her. The male made sly and affectionate touches on her, made excuses to get close to her, even pointed out the most attractive things about her. Every day, she became more attached to him, her cheeks flushing red or showing signs of great embarrassment. It was almost the perfect form of torture, and Tilphys kept patting himself on the back for thinking of it.

The ravenette sat on his chair in Erebus, humming softly to himself with a wide grin. The snake that was typically coiled around his waist was slithering along on the floor beneath him, doing whatever it desired though it never strayed too far from him. Still, when the ravenette felt his brothers’ eyes on him, he held his tongue, stopping his cheerful little tune and gazing back at them with his eyebrow raised.

“Staring is rude,” he commented, licking off some blood from another of his victims from his finger.

Alecto giggled hysterically, putting his hand over his mouth while nudging Maege. The two of them seemed thoroughly interested in their brother’s state of mind. He had never been so pleased with himself or his work, prompting questions to pop up in their mind. They were mainly about whether or not he would wind up seduced, himself, and let the younger girl off the hook for her worldly and immoral crimes.

“He’s gonna mess up,” Alecto giggled to his brother so the ravenette wouldn’t hear, holding his stomach with great amusement, “I can’t wait.”

Frustrated with his brothers, Tilphys finished cleaning himself of blood and made his way back to the human world. He found it amusing every time he popped up behind the younger girl, she would attempt to stab him, only to phase through him. However, that time, she didn’t do it. His presence was just expected in her eyes, and she was more surprised when she turned around and didn’t find him there.

As the male arrived on the mortal plane, she gave him a small wave in which he returned with an amused chuckle. She typically walked around the town markets, surveying her potential victims or picking up some food for herself. Being as poor as everyone else, she was unable to buy gold or jewels, but she was more content without it than with it. The ravenette had long since found that she was unmotivated by material things. It would have been admirable if she wasn’t a serial killer.

“I missed you,” Tilphys cooed, taking a lock of her hair and observing it carefully before he looked up with deadly serious eyes, “Did you miss me?”

“Not particularly. You happen to be a nuisance that won’t leave.”

The female’s lack of empathy surprised the male at first. He didn’t appreciate being called a nuisance nor did he enjoy the lack of enthusiasm at having him near her. Still, when he finally understood her answer, he let out a sigh of relief. Although he may not have thought it, he was more attached to the criminal than he would have liked to believe. In fact, her opinion even went so far as to influence his emotions.

Nonetheless, he knew that when she insulted him, it was her way of displaying her awkward attachment to him. When thinking of it that way, the ravenette once again placed a smirk on his face. He didn’t know anyone that was closer to her. Any other person would have been dead at that point, so he had her to himself. It was a strangely pleasing thought to him, especially when he imagined anyone else getting close to her.

“You worried me,” he sighed, pulling her against him in an affectionate and possessive hug, “I thought you hated me.”

“Perhaps I do, perhaps I don’t.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’d be lost without me, wouldn’t you?”

The (h/c) haired girl pouted, a light blush on her features. She did her best to avoid the widening grin on his features at her embarrassed state. His pride was too much for her. It drove her insane the way he received thrill from her reactions towards his words. Its own form of torture, really, but he found himself far more excited by the prospect of the victim he got to deliver comeupance to. He found himself glad she was a bloodthirsty killer. Otherwise, one of his brothers would have gotten the pleasure.

He frowned at the thought. Tilphys would have been so envious if either one of them had been responsible for her punishment. One would have driven her insane and the other would have likely tried to inflict as much physical pain as he could have. Both were sadistic, that much was true, but one was more so than the other, and the ravenette didn’t know which one would have been worse.

“I find myself wanting to kill you more than I do with other people,” the younger girl commented suddenly, tilting her head just slightly to the side.

The male gave a strained smile, looking away suddenly as he held his hand to his mouth. It wasn’t as if it would have been seen as a compliment, per se, but, for one reason or another, he seemed to view it as a confession of love. And perhaps it was. (Y/n) wasn’t one to understand her own feelings or common feelings of others. She had started exhibiting signs of affection for the male. That was most likely the reason he found it so effective on his heart. It must have been love. There wasn’t anything else it could have been, right?

“Your face is red,” she pointed out.

“I can’t help it!” he snapped, shaking his head to think straight, “I-I mean…”

It was at that moment that the ravenette had figured out what it was that he had been feeling. The bundle of nerves and joy gathering together in his heart and prompting him to give the younger girl preferential treatment had been affection. He felt like an idiot, but it wasn’t an unwelcome feeling. After punishing so many people and being surrounded with regret, guilt, and despair, it was refreshing to feel joy and affection.

The ravenette didn’t opt for thinking. Instead, he found himself leaning forward in an attempt to kiss the younger girl. He became immediately tense when he found that he phased through her. Placing his hand over his mouth to cope with his embarrassment, he groaned, closing his eyes tightly and smacking himself for being an idiot. Of course he wouldn’t be able to touch her! What was he thinking, trying to kiss her out of nowhere?

“Fuck!” he growled, throwing his head back in discontent, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

The (h/c) haired girl tilted her head curiously at the male. She didn’t understand what he was attempting to do nor why he was cursing like a sailor. Still, as he began to mutter to himself violently, she suspected something was wrong. The male then disappeared, vanishing from sight, and the younger girl sighed. She carried about her business as usual, walking down the market to pick up some more food.

In the time that the male was gone, she had killed another person simply out of convenience. She had washed off in the ocean, coming back to her home to make a simple meal. It wasn’t like she had the money to afford anything luxurious, so a simple fruit and cooked meat were all she had. Then, when the night came, she found her eyes forcibly closed and she didn’t wake up for a week.

As her (e/c) pupils opened, she didn’t see much light. It was dim and dark, the absence of light causing her to sit up abruptly and assess her surroundings. She noted that a snake was slithering on her leg, curling around it and her arms were restrained. There were chains on her wrists, the iron links binding her to some chair. As she began to struggle against them, she found a hand around her throat, squeezing just slightly.

“You should have killed me a while ago,” the younger girl stated, feeling the grip on her tightening, “You put in so much work for nothing.”

The male holding her tightly gave a growl, lowering himself on the floor to throw his arms around her waist. She was tugged to be pushed against his chest, her chin tilted up as his grip tightened once more. The girl found it to be a sign of dominance, Tilphys demanding she be subject to his whims, controlling her in more ways than she would have expected. Her life was truly in his hands.

“It wasn’t for nothing,” he scoffed, lowering himself to nibble almost painfully on her neck, feeling satisfaction when she gasped in surprise, “I made you love me, didn’t I? I just didn’t expect I’d love you too.”

The younger girl felt the chains restricting her movement, pulled by the ravenette to restrict her movement away from himself. He gripped tightly onto her cheeks, his sharp eyes piercing into hers. It was then that she realized he could touch her. There was something different that allowed him to do so, but she couldn’t think of the answer. This was especially true as, within mere moments, he harshly pressed his lips to hers.

He was demanding and forceful, his grip tightening to restrict her airflow then letting her gasp for air when he was done with her. She felt a sense of dread boiling up inside of her, the (e/c) pupils of hers shaking in almost fear. It was one of the first times she had ever experienced fear for her life. The look on his face wasn’t the one he typically wore. It was terrifying, and he knew he had won.

“You’re mine now,” he chuckled, his voice containing a tinge of insanity, “I killed you peacefully in your sleep and took you from the underworld. Now I get to torture you until the end of time. It’s only fair, right?! Murderers shouldn’t go free.”

He got exactly what he wanted. She was never allowed to stray from his side, restrained to his chair if he had to punish evildoers or taken along with him. And when he relaxed in Erebus, he had her on his lap, kissing her and holding her tightly to him. There was no chance of escape. Tilphys had found a way to make her suffer in a way he thoroughly enjoyed. Such was the fate of (Y/n).

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