Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Gambler x F. Election Observer Reader

*inspired by Kakegurui’s amazing insanity

There was a school known for its over-the-top system of excellence. Grades meant nothing to the establishment nor did any semblance of community work. The only talent recognizable was the ability to thrive in the pits of gambling. Students of all kinds attended said school, many from wealthy and prominent families all across the nation. If you weren’t careful, you would end up in a pool of debt, unable to pay your way out of being a housepet.

And what exactly was a housepet? Why it was a slave to the whims of the succeeding populace. The bottom one hundred students would be made one and forced into subjugation for their inability to gamble. However, after the decree of the student council president to engage in a free for all gamble election, things were not so simple. The sublime power of becoming the president of Hyakkao Private Academy sent everyone into a frenzy.

Everyone had one chip to gamble with. The election was as simple as casting a vote. No, whoever had the most election chips at the end of the thirty-day time limit would become the new student council president. As such, gambling was commencing at a rapid rate, and to cope with the thought of cheating, the election observers were supervisors to ensure it would not occur. Dressed in orange-colored animal sweaters, they stood by every match no matter how small or large and ensured absolute neutrality.

Member (Y/n) of the election committee watched over a match in progress. It was a small gamble, people with only one chip playing in an attempt to have some hold over others. If they acquired enough, they would be able to gamble with the higher candidates. Still, as shown by her orange kitten sweater, it assured no cheating would occur. It was a good thing that no one decided to try anything or she would have had to inflict punishment.

. . .

There was a male that was well off in both wealth and talent in gambling. He had silver hair and striking dark blue eyes, a self-made millionaire by his skill. Truth be told, the male had not really enjoyed the act of gambling. He had long since been bored by it even if there was a time he truly enjoyed the act. At that point in time, he preferred what he got out of gambling, especially if it had to do with his own special desires.

Sure, he had partaken in a few gambles for the presidential election, but he wasn’t particularly interested in it. It wasn’t as if he’d get something he wanted and couldn’t have. It was just a bit more power, and all for nothing, really. He wanted something more...substantial. And though everyone stared at him with curiosity for participating in only small matches despite his large number of election chips, he had the perfect reason for it.

In fact, the male had been invited to a gambling match. There were a couple of nobodies playing, hoping to score off some of his chips. He didn’t mind it either. As he walked into the classroom they were using, he surveyed the space. His eyes scanned everything from the tables to the chairs, the cards, the people, and the attending election observer. The male looked very closely at her but gave a sharp sigh when he found it was a girl in an orange puppy sweater with a cheerful grin. Unfortunately, he turned to leave.

“Wait, Azai!” one of the would-be gamblers called in a panic, “Weren’t you going to play with us?”

“I’m not so interested anymore. Try again next time.”

It had been like that for quite some time. It was about a week into the gambling tournament for the student council president’s position, and he refused almost all offers upon arrival at the scene. At that point, some people were beginning to put two and two together. In all of the matches that he played, it didn’t matter how many people were playing, the type of game, the stakes, even the room they were in. It was all about the presence of a certain election observer.

As he was invited to yet another gambling match, he arrived early, laying down on a sofa while he waited, his focus on his phone. He wouldn’t talk to anyone that would greet him, less fixated with them, and more on the game they would play. Of course, he found it unlikely he would want to play, but if he was going to gamble, he wouldn’t lose. Still, when he saw a (h/c) haired girl with an orange kitten sweater, he let a grin appear on his features, suddenly becoming friendly with the other players.

Azai took a seat at the table with the three other people that had wanted to play. Again, they were small fry, but it wasn’t about the chips he would earn or the challenge of the game. It was the excuse to be around (Y/n), herself, the cute little thing she was. She was poorly obsessed with the idea of remaining neutral at all costs. Truth be told, he despised the idea of her dependence on the election committee’s motto. He wanted to twist her against it and towards him instead. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

“As per the agreement to the original invitation, today’s game is a simple three draw poker,” the (h/c) haired girl stated, relatively bored with the unoriginal game, “I’ll shuffle the cards and deal them out as per usual. Please place your antes if you’d like to play.”

Everyone chipped in one coin to play a round, Azai’s eyes pinned on the younger girl as she shuffled. His smile didn’t waver, continuing to gaze upon her as she dealt out the cards. He paused before picking up his cards, his breath hitching in his throat as he touched them, bolting up his gaze to the younger girl. Biting down on his lip, he picked up his cards and looked over them with satisfaction.

As everyone shed their cards, grabbing new ones from the younger girl, the male found his jealousy biting away at his heart. Her eyes trailed to the others as she gave them new cards. He would rather have her stare only at him, but as he was able to have more cards, he stumbled as she asked if he wanted to trade them out. The silver-haired male had a straight with the high card of a queen. It was a lovely hand, and he didn’t have to throw it out to win.

However, the male found himself unable to resist being given more cards by her darling hands. As such, he didn’t care if he won or lost the game, more concerned with being given something directly by her with her attention solely on him. Thus, he fumbled and gave up two random cards, being given two cards. He even got the opportunity to touch her hand, accidentally pulling back in surprise before hastily taking the cards.

His cheeks flared red though he tried to keep it under control under her gaze. Still, he had been attempting to find her to deal for him specifically for so long. He had been relatively unlucky in acquiring her as one, many of the others on the election committee taking her place. It was a relief to finally have her dealing to him again, and as if to add sugar onto a sweet sundae, she had just dealt him back his cards in different suits. She really was a good luck charm for him, and he gave a shaky sigh at it, his smile unwavering.

The game went on and inevitably, Azai won. He was talented as his reputation told of him, and he had acquired a handful more election chips. However, he found that the game was quicker than he anticipated. In a last-minute attempt to get the younger girl to stay, he finally spoke up to her. He hadn’t announced his presence to her before, preferring to wait until the right time. It seemed that time had come.

“(Y/n),” he said quietly, clearing his throat and raising an eyebrow, “Care for a small game?”

“With me?” she hummed, “I’m afraid I can’t, as part of the election committee. If you would like to gamble for my election chip, it’s essential that we maintain absolute neutrality.”

“I don’t want your vote. I want to gamble for something better. Just a small game of chance for a small prize. An equal chance of winning for both parties.”

The onlookers from the previous gamble stared on with amazement, wondering who would be the victor if both were to gamble. It would most likely result in the (h/c) haired girl losing, considering the other opponent’s skill. Azai was talented, that was for sure, requiring no cheating in order to come out on top. That being said, the younger girl was no one to scoff at. She had her fair share of victories.

“What do you suggest?” she asked, tilting her head, the ears on her kitty sweater leaning just slightly to the right.

“If I were to win a simple game of chess, you will have dinner with me this evening, following all of my house rules. If you were to win, what would you like?”

“I don’t have anything I would like, personally, but we are short on staff right now. Perhaps it would be useful if you gave half a day towards helping fill out some paperwork for the student council. It is getting a little difficult to keep up with the number of gambles taking place, after all.”

“Perfect,” the male smirked, resting his cheek in his palm, “it’s a date either way then.”

“If you would like to think of it as such.”

The male would. Yes, the idea of a date with the (h/c) haired girl sat well with him, and he found that the bet was skewed in his favor, not that he would clue her in on that. Besides, the game of chess was just a simple and low-stakes way of assessing her abilities. Tactically, she was very intelligent, calculating her movements swiftly and enacting them like a natural-born leader. That being said, her failing point fell within her inability to calculate for the future. Of course, it wasn’t a problem. After he followed through with his larger plan, he would do it for her.

The onlookers were quite annoying to Azai, but they didn’t interfere or get too close to the younger girl for him to see them as a problem. Thus, he allowed them to do as they wished as the game continued, one move being made after the other. The game of chess wasn’t a normal one. There was a slight twist in the way that things were done. He had insisted that he would play as normal, but that she would need to swap both the king and queen’s location and their abilities. For her, the king was able to be the defender and vice versa for him. How fitting it all was.

In the end, with little surprise, the silver-haired male had come out victorious, winning the game and the prize he received. Of course, it was little more than a small cherry on the top, and he was more excited about the new reward he would receive. It was just the tip of the iceberg, and over time, he found himself raking in more and more from the younger girl. It was a miracle she never turned down his offers to gamble, most likely because it was a small price for her to pay. She ended up benefitting from it many times, as well, the male being opt to spoiling and coercing her to play with him again.

His games became more complicated, each one having a more prominent twist and turning far more difficult. (Y/n) kept up with some, but fell behind in others, amusing Azai greatly. She aspired and sought to defeat him, and sometimes, he let her, his pink cheeks showing his approval for her adorable expressions. Surprised, humbled, even concentrated, he cherished it all, wanting to see more and more.

It wasn’t long before others began to see the attachment that the male had to her, even if he had tried to hide it. Most were fully aware he had a claim on her, staying as far away as possible for fear of being bankrupt. He did have a habit of challenging those that he thought were too close for comfort, draining them of every last penny. Sometimes he was merciful and slowly gave their money back when they kept their distance from the younger girl, but it was not often he let someone slide off the hook. Male or female, he wanted everyone away from her, especially if they were gambling.

And for as much time and money he expended to make it thus, he found he could never control the small percentage of the populace that didn’t fear him. It was irritating putting them in their place, but it was a chore he had to do in order to secure what he desired. The (h/c) haired girl would have been worth it in the end, he knew that, but the filth that was in his way made him want to simply kill everyone. It seemed a better alternative than wasting his resources “reasoning” with them.

It was not long before he opted for killing instead. He had a private force he had hired to do expressly that. They took care of those that got too close to the younger girl, either harming them severely enough to make them turn away from her, or killing them altogether. As long as he had a significant amount of power in the academy, it would be overlooked anyway, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t warned anyone. It was their own fault for trying to take what he clearly sought after.

Another boring and tedious day of putting people in their place, Azai ran into the younger girl, immediately improving his foul mood. A smile appeared on his lips and he placed his bloody hands behind his back, greeting her politely. In response, she gave a small smile, sending his heart to flutter and gracing him with a surplus of joy and satisfaction. Such a simple action, and yet, it was so powerful to him.

“What are you up to?” he inquired, feeling his nerves stand on end in her presence.

“I’ll be supervising another match. It seems like my work never ends, huh?”

“Poor thing. Perhaps you should just quit and relax. Enjoy your youth. You look flush.”

The silver-haired male placed his clean hand on the younger girl’s chin, stroking her cheek adoringly. Truth be told, she had been overlooked, and he didn’t appreciate the distracted state she had been in during their last few games. He would rather have her be filled with the energy she used to be before she had joined the election committee. The (h/c) haired girl smiled far more often, her exuberance inspiring him.

“Do I?” she asked, a contemplative look appearing on her face, “I guess I should take a break.”

Azai grinned further. She had rarely ever taken him up on any suggestions he made for her well-being. Often too stubborn to take care of herself, he worried for her, wondering if she would collapse from stress. How much he would give to take her away from such an unsuited lifestyle. She deserved so much. He didn’t understand why people would ever try and take her away from it. From him.

“But I’m afraid I need to supervise a game. It’s my responsibility as an election committee member to maintain absolute neutrality.”

The silver-haired male gritted his teeth. Of course, things wouldn’t go his way. She always had acted so unexpectedly, making the male think one thing and doing the complete opposite. And yet, he loved her all the same. She was simply sublime, only making him more concerned for her and the things she did. Without any thinking on his part, he followed her to the game she was going to supervise. It was a boring affair, and one of the more promising - yet still terrible - participants kept getting far too close for the younger girl.

Sooner or later, the game had concluded, and he all but shoved the other male away and sat down at the table with a scowl. He was finished watching other people get close to (Y/n), and was prepared for the final gamble that he would indulge in for the younger girl. After that, he would ensure that no one else would get close to stealing her or causing her stress. His eyes were sharpened, and he tapped impatiently on the table with his fingers, almost snarling.

“(Y/n),” he growled, “a game.”

“Of course. I’m always up for a gamble. What would you like this time?”

“A high stakes game of prior memorization. We’ll bet everything we have and more. Physically or not, it’ll be put on the table.”

There was obvious hesitation in the younger girl, but it wasn’t as if Azai would have let her slide off the hook. He had measures in store for her if she refused to play. Thankfully, however, she had agreed, wanting the thrill the gamble had to bring to her. She had also known the male enough to know he would not harm her or leave her for dead. It was most likely he had another agenda in store, and she had come to trust him. Thus, against the shock of the observers, the younger girl sat down for the game, listening carefully to the rules.

What he had explained to her is that it would be a game of knowing the other person. They would take turns, stating or guessing things about the other person that was correct. In the event one person stated something incorrectly, they would be in danger of losing should the other person say something correctly. Of course, if they answered incorrectly, the person would be spared and the game would continue until someone was wrong and the other was correct. There was also a time limit of thirty seconds to make the statement. Essentially a game of jeopardy, the game was skewed in Azai’s favor, at least in his mind.

He had taken note of everything that the younger girl did, liked, or had a fondness for while he tended to be shrouded in mystery. It wasn’t as if he had wanted to use the upper hand he had against her, but losing was not something he could risk. In any case, if she were to win, it would still be a small win in his book. It would mean she knew about him, and it would touch his heart, but still, he valued what he had in mind for her far more. Thus, the game began, and he tapped his foot with anxiousness.

“I’ll be generous and go first, starting with the obvious,” he exhaled, taking in a deep breath afterward, “You are a member of the student election committee.”

“I see. You are very wealthy.”

The statements became more complex, running from easily noticeable things to the more obscure facts. Among these were favorite hobbies, pets, where the other lives, even what the things they despised. Azai may have held the upper hand, but the (h/c) haired girl was not doing too bad herself. In fact, she was doing much better than the silver-haired male had ever anticipated. It would have been a dream come true if it wasn’t so nerve-wracking.

“You are very bad at thinking about things in advance.”

“Y-You are very stressed right now,” the younger girl stated, on her last legs.

“You are oblivious to matters of the heart.”

(Y/n) shook, her mind filled with things she had already said. There was no telling what he was capable of, and she knew that he still had many more things to say about her. Even if she managed to come up with something that was correct, he had another thing to say. She took more and more time before nearing the thirty-second mark, somehow managing to get it. Until the last statement she made, followed up by a quick remark about her favorite animals by the male.

He stared at his watch, biting down on his lip as the time went second by second. In the twenty-second mark, he hissed, letting out a strained groan as his eyebrows furrowed, wondering if she would come up with something. It had been a very long, very stressful game, and he wanted to win already. The suspense was killing him as it was everyone else, the male unable to control his signs of discomfort and fear.

Then, when it reached the thirty-second mark, he let out the giant breath he had been holding in, a smile gracing his features once more. He had won. He had won! She was his! He chuckled like a maniac, gripping at the edges of the table, uncaring of the fact he exhibited his bloody hand to everyone present. They would all die anyway, and the (h/c) haired girl couldn’t escape him! She lost!

As the silver-haired male clapped his hands, his bodyguards came into the room. He pointed at the onlookers, instructing them to do away with the students. If they didn’t want to die, perhaps they shouldn’t have remained in the same room with him. The younger girl looked on in horror as her fellow students were killed brutally, coating the marble floor with shining, glossy blood.

“I’ve finally done it!” Azai laughed, grabbing onto the younger girl’s hips, pulling her into him for a sloppy kiss, “You’re all mine! All of you! Every single little fucking cell!”


“No, no, no, no more waiting, no more! I’ve been waiting patiently for way too long! No, now it’s time to have you for myself! My reward, yes!”

The male let out a long and deranged sigh, indulging in the younger girl’s sweet lips, his hands tightening on her whenever she flinched from the blood-curdling screams. He didn’t want her to pay attention to anyone anymore. All that he required from her was to view him as the light of her life and give in to his affection. It wasn’t as if she had a choice in the matter. He had won the jackpot.

The silver-haired male broke away from the younger girl and stepped forward to take a white and black book from one of his men. Twisting a stray strand of (Y/n)’s hair around his finger, he began to read off a quick summary of what was written on the pages of the book. Everything he’d aspired to was his and it wasn’t up for debate. At last.

“(Y/n) Tatsuzo will marry Azai Hisayuki. She will deliver him at least one child during their everlasting marriage. She will not talk to another man, she will not look at another man, and she will not touch another man. She will not lie, cheat on, stray from, ignore, push away, or deny Azai under any circumstances. She will love him for all time. Are we clear here, precious?”

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