Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Colonizer x F. Colonizer Reader

Humanity and the world as we knew it had advanced far past what people had ever anticipated. They had colonized different planets with masterfully crafted space gear to thrive no matter the conditions. Take, for instance, planets such as Venus. The red planet, filled with a sulfuric atmosphere and devastatingly hot, more than just volcanically so. The devastating wind speeds could tear apart a human in mere seconds, blowing random debris through their chest or other extremities.

It was a challenging planet to colonize, and because of its extreme weather patterns, only a few could withstand it. Obviously, the human race had their resource planets to acquire stronger elements, particularly of the metal variety. Resistant to erosion, heat, even sharp objects, the metal could be transformed into ships. The ships would then dock onto the surface of the planet with a small talented crew. Of course, with each difficulty level of the planet, the talent of the crew would need to be upgraded.

On each home planet - of which there were many compared to the number of experiential planets - children were each tested for their capabilities. The most talented were given the best treatment, soon to be sent off to different planets in which to provide both resources and information to the home planet. The colonizers were the most respected of all humankind, especially those with the most discoveries under their belts and the best heads on their shoulders. There were three kinds of colonizers.

The first was the helm. There was one in every group of colonizers. They were the supposed leader, the one that piloted the main ship towards their directed planet and the one that kept the sect together. The helm received almost all of the credit for the species, elements, and other discoveries made, being the one to report back to the leaders of home planets. Still, it prompted mutiny if a helm usurped another colonizer’s credit, meaning that they needed to be modest and put others before themself.

The second kind of colonizer was the researcher. They were responsible for all ship repairs from the main system’s malfunction to the construction of new appliances for the colonizers. In much the same way, if there was a need for more supplies accessible on the planet, it was their responsibility to harvest the resources. Should the supplies not be open to their planet, they would need to contact their home planet for more resources.

The last colonizer was the patrol. They were the ones that protected the ship from any threats, human or not. Disposing of unknown species that posed harm to the other colonizers or poisonous materials, they were the most physically fit of all humans. Most were trained to be loyal and obedient to their helm and to be able to administer first aid for countless harms. Also responsible for the emotional state of their colonizers, they were thought of as both soldiers and nurses alike.

In any case, the colonization of one of the most intense planets, named Quelta-7, was on the main home planet's agenda. They had sent a group of the most talented humans to colonize it as it was one of the most peculiar of all. The production of the ship had been completed with help of the best engineers from many different home planets. It had been sent to Queluta-7 along with its colonizers approximately one year prior to the current moment when word had just gotten back to the main home planet.

Supposedly, half the crew had perished by unknown means, leaving there to be a sizable chunk out of the capabilities the colonizers possessed. They were at risk for whatever species had killed them, and they only had two patrols remaining, meaning other colonizers needed to be sent immediately. The worldwide search for the best candidates began immediately, the best of the best brought to a resilient spaceship.

Among these was a (h/c) haired girl, a bright individual who had both the capacity for becoming a helm or a researcher. Thus, as she and others, mainly girls, were loaded onto the ship, they were put into hibernation so they wouldn’t need more resources than they were taking to the planet. Food was to be spared, after all. With the advanced near lightspeed technology, they arrived quickly, the ship steered on autopilot into the opening airlock. As it closed, the toxic atmosphere was sucked out and replaced with the oxygen in the rest of the base.

At the realization that their new colonizers had just arrived, the rest of the sect joined up to meet them. The helm of the base was a tall young man with pale blonde hair. He was thought of as the best leader on the home planet, making him the perfect person for the job. As he continued to gather everyone else together, they opened the doors to the newly landed spaceship. Most everyone was overly excited, especially as they were all men, and in desperate need of companionship from females.

While it wasn’t necessary for any of the colonizers to reproduce, it was strongly recommended by the home planet. Due to this, there was always an assurance that half of the sect was male while the rest were female. The home planet also wanted to preserve the best traits of the colonizers due to the fact they were the best in their world. They did their best to push them together to reproduce, but it did not end up as expected most of the time. Still, the times when they did prove phenomenal for everyone involved.

The helm gave a soft small smile as he used his master card to unlock the spaceship and take everyone out of hibernation. It would have been approximately a week before they woke up fully, but the other colonizers took them to the medical room to let them rest. However, it didn’t stop the males from gazing at the girls they would be working with. Some were more enthusiastic than most, particularly the helm and a patrol.

“Look at this one,” the patrol hummed, an unimpressed look on his face, “She looks so boring.”

“Don’t be cruel. She’s supposed to be a perfect patrol. If all goes well, she’ll be working alongside you.”

“Well, she’s boring. Ah - what about this one? Mm, I like her.”

The patrol was gazing upon (Y/n) who was fast asleep, giving a little snicker at the way she turned her head. She was a light sleeper, something that helped when there was an emergency repair needed. At the same time, the little facial expressions she made when her body wanted her to wake up made him chuckle. She clearly wasn’t so docile as the other ones that simply slept peacefully. What exactly was she thinking in those little dreams of hers? Did they make her scared? He wanted to know.

“She’s a real treat,” the other male smiled, “Very talented. She’ll be working under me as a helm in training. I look forward to seeing how she does.”

The patrol gave a huff. He had found himself jealous at his helm for getting the pleasure of spending his time with the girl. It probably wouldn’t have mattered, considering there were plenty of others that he would get to meet. Yet, still, it didn’t seem fair that he was being given a disadvantage in learning about one of them. He found himself pouting childishly at the unpleasant thought.

It was not long before the younger girl opened her eyes to the new world she was going to help colonize. She was excited about the prospect of learning about her position and the others she would work with. In addition, she was the first of the newly arrived sect to wake up, giving her ample opportunity to get used to everything, including the scenery. She had been told it was a harsh planet and its weather patterns could pose a great risk to them, but she wanted a close-up and personal look at it.

As she arrived at the observation deck, she watched the toxic fumes pouring outside of the protected base. It was not a beautiful sight, but one filled with unknown answers, and for that reason, the (h/c) haired girl was on the edge of her seat. Her excitement was limitless, a smile spreading from one rosy cheek to the other as she attempted to navigate the large area. She had found herself lost, knowing where the farming area was, water supply system, electricity converter, and countless of its labs, but had yet to run into anyone. It was a large base, that much was obvious, but she wasn’t quite worried yet.

“Lost, lovely?” a voice asked.

The younger girl turned around with little surprise, a smile on her face from finding someone. She took note of the patrol before her, observing his cinnamon-colored hair and eyes as well as the red band around his right arm and gun on his back. It must have been sheer luck that she had found someone capable, and she clapped her hands together, tilting her head ever so slightly to the side in cheer.

“You’re new,” he chuckled, reaching out his hand to the trainee, “You can call me Kojima. I’m the head patrol around here, so I’ll be protecting you.”

“That’s a relief. For a while there, I thought the base might have already been overrun by vicious foreign creatures.”

“Well,” the male paused, giving a teasing grin, “they did try.”

The younger girl clapped her hands together repeatedly, congratulating the male’s skill. She would have thought it would have been a scarring event, but he seemed so confident. (Y/n) was very clearly in good hands. He was even kind enough to show her to the pilot room, sparking some intellectual conversation about the discoveries the sect had already made. It didn’t go without notice how excited she was to be on another planet. Of course, she had her training, but it was nothing like the real deal.

“You guys weren’t supposed to wake up for another week,” the helm - that the (h/c) haired girl had recently learned was named Sawao - commented, “but let’s get going on your training, hm? Nothing like an early start.”

From then on out, the younger girl was given one on one learning by both the helm and the other researchers. It was a very insightful process for her, and while she was a bit overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities she had, she was adapting much faster than was expected of her. Becoming a dependable teammate, she was useful both as a junior helm and a talented scientist and engineer, though namely the latter. A jack of all trades, her only downfall was her gullible nature.

Now, most of the sect found it very cute of her, and simply left it at that. However, one member, in particular, had a habit of tricking her and chuckling at her reactions. She believed the most far-out things and for the better or the worst, she provided entertainment to a certain patrol. Funny enough, she never seemed to learn her lesson, wholeheartedly putting her faith in the brunette, expecting a different result than being conned. One day, it came back to bite him in the butt.

“Osaki!” the younger girl exclaimed, calling a researcher’s name as she rushed into the research room with sparkling eyes, “Is it true that you guys had to fight off sentient plants? They must have been strong in order to live in this kind of an environment! How did you survive?!”

The researcher’s eyes darted over to the snickering patrol leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the (h/c) haired girl buy everything he said. Who could really blame him for seeking a little fun? The most that ever happened on the base was if two people got into an argument, and it always ended in headaches. Besides, she was like a puppy, always listening to everyone without the faintest bit of skepticism. He adored her, always making it up to her for tricking her.

There wasn’t much to do in a secluded base other than sleep, eat, and study the surrounding environment, but she always found a way to make it enjoyable. Yes, her excitement and enthusiasm were contagious, especially to the head patrol, himself. She was utterly precious, a breath of fresh air as opposed to the recycled atmosphere that they typically inhaled. He couldn’t come up with any reason why not to adore her presence. But while she filled him with life, everyone else was a bore, especially the women.

“S-Sorry, (Y/n), but no such thing ever happened,” the researcher chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

The younger girl’s excited smile faded, replaced with one of disappointment. She gave a frown as she hugged herself, feeling shy and embarrassed. After acting like a child for so long, she had finally given up attempting to believe the patrol. It should have been much earlier when she stopped being so gullible, but she was so hopeful. As she turned around to face the mischievous patrol, she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

She felt herself tense as his eyes gazed on her. It wasn’t as he had wanted to make her upset. He had wholeheartedly believed she was enjoying herself as well. The brunette found he didn’t enjoy the guilty way he felt when she refused to look at him. He furrowed his eyebrows in concern, stepping forward and reaching his hands out to apologize. Imagine his surprise when she pulled away from him.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” he winced, putting on a nervous smile as he slung his arm over her shoulder, “I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I just wanted a bit of fun.”

(Y/n) didn’t reply, only left in tears. She might have been childish, but it was part of her charm. It was why Kojima wanted to hug her so badly. He would imagine she would snuggle into him and smile purely, her reactions stunningly adorable like a kitten swatting at yarn. That must have been why it hurt him so much. To see that he had broken her heart killed him inside, his chest compressing painfully.

He brought his hand up to clutch at his shirt, his eyebrows furrowing in fear. The male had no idea if she would have ever talked to him or bought what he said again, and the thought pained him. If he had been thought of as less for such a thing in her eyes, he would have been filled with sorrow. How could he make it better? The male panicked, stumbling over his own feet and hearing his gun fumble to the floor. Then he had an idea.

It wasn’t his fault, was it? No, of course, it wasn’t. He had filled her precious face with hope and joy. She had been running around with a cheerful smile and a spring in her step, dragging him along with her. It was so cute of her to have her head in the clouds, but someone had to ruin it. Yes, it was all Osaki’s fault! If he had just played along, she would have still been happy and wouldn’t have run away from him.

The brunette narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the researcher. He wasn’t alone in the room, another two researchers there as well, but they wouldn’t tell. They were already afraid of what he had done in the first place. It would be the perfect crime regardless if they were there or not. The male gazed at the thick glass that separated the ship from the devastating conditions outside. An idea came to mind and picking up his gun, he scowled at the researcher for daring to come between his and (Y/n)’s relationship.

The male pinned the researcher to the wall, muffling his gun so as to not alert the rest of the sect. Still, the other researchers watched in fear before fleeing altogether. His enemy had been shot in the leg, ensuring he both couldn’t run nor could he survive in the wasteland outside the safety of the base. The male screamed in agony, but it wasn’t like anyone was going to save him. As Kojima dragged him to the airlock, he made sure to twist his heel into the other male’s kneecap, shattering it with the force he applied on it.

At the same time, he opened the door, placing on a protective mask to shield himself from the harsh climate. And without any mercy, he threw him out to die and wither in a pressure and acid-filled environment. He wouldn’t last five minutes. In fact, that would have been impressive. The brunette watched with satisfaction as the researcher struggled to breathe, rolling around on the ground in complete agony. The acid seeped into his skin, dissolving it in a painful manner while he choked and suffocated to death, greeted by Kojima’s sadistic smirk.

. . .

(Y/n) was a prodigy intellectually, that much was true. She was widely regarded for the things she had accomplished both in school and in extracurriculars. A highlight of her home planet, she had much to be proud of. However, she had never imagined she was entirely too gullible. It was embarrassing to be oh-so-smart and yet oh-so-dumb at the same time. It was a slap to the face.

She sat alone in her quarters, her knees curled into her chest as she let the embarrassment wash over her. There had been countless amounts of times when the brunette had tricked her into doing or believing something. It had all been harmless fun, and Kojima had always made up for whatever he had done. Still, she felt as if he had pushed too far and it wasn’t fun any longer. It was just...insulting.

“Hey there,” a nervous voice mumbled, clearing their throat before entering, “I came looking for our new patrols, but...I can put it off.”

The helm came into the room, rubbing the back of his head with a concerned look. Sitting down on the bed, he rubbed the back of the younger girl’s back, uncertain if he was able to help her or not. At the same time, as (Y/n) gave a subtle smile, he gave one in return, letting out a relieved sigh. After some more time with her, he found that she was a sweet girl. She was perhaps unused to the idea of failing or being outsmarted but she was a precious girl nonetheless, able to soothe someone’s nerves.

Sooner or later, the door was knocked on again, revealing a surprised and discontent Kojima. The brunette let his eyes trail from the intruder to the younger girl, crossing his arms over his chest with a scowl. The helm got the hint, the patrol all but sending him death glares before he left. He gave a goodbye to the younger girl, smiling as he left, almost running into the wall as she smiled at him. All the while, the brunette glared at the entire thing. It seemed there was another problem in the making.

“(Y/n),” the male blushed, sitting down next to the trainee, “I wanted to apologize. You were just...way too cute. Let me make it up to you, okay?”

The younger girl had her doubts about trusting the male, but in the end, she followed after him. She was surprised to find he took her to a room used expressly by patrols. It was a practice range to keep their aim perfect. There was also their sparring ring to keep up their hand-to-hand combat and sharp reflexes, but helms and researchers rarely ever used such things. They preferred to keep their minds sharp instead.

Kojima stood up to hand the younger girl a gun. Although she was surprised, the brunette held her tight from behind, positioning her hands to hold the weapon. He had always had fun shooting a gun or participating in tactical schemes, so he would assume she would enjoy it in some shape or form. The male was very pleased when she had a smile on her face, and while her aim was terrible, it still amused him. At least giving her some more practice would give him an excuse to see her again.

“Ah, no, no, no, no!” she squealed, shaking her head.

“Live a little, lovely,” the brunette chuckled, slyly nuzzling the top of her head before helping her pull the trigger, “It’s got a kick, but I’m here, so you don’t need to worry.”

The (h/c) haired girl yelped as the gun threw her back into the male’s arms, giggling afterward as she set the gun down. At the same time, the brunette blushed, rubbing the back of his head and thinking of how else to get her into his arms. When they’d had enough fun, the two of them went to the cafeteria to get themselves some dinner. Sitting down to eat, they found that the helm had received a transmission from their home planet.

“Glad to see you two made up,” one of the researchers commented shyly.

“Me too,” the brunette mumbled with a grin.

The helm began to print out the message he had received. It was an important one in the eyes of the home planet, and while the sect might not have been forced to follow through, it was still somewhat pressured. Colonizers were encouraged to have relationships with one another as well as children.

After all, children were thought of as highly valued resources in a colonized planet such as the one they inhabited. They were another workforce that could be utilized and develop new perspectives and information that would be better than educating new colonizers on home planets. Thus, tests were conducted in order to see who was most compatible in terms of both physical and mental capabilities. Helms could be paired with any of the categories, but typically others stayed within their categories.

Sawao passed out the papers with their biannual test results, including their mental capacity, discoveries, and relationship approvals. They were typically largely ignored but that test result included the newly arrived female colonizers, many of which were very attractive to the men that had been without viable women for quite some time. They all wanted to know their chances, especially Kojima. However, as he peeked over at the younger girl’s test papers, he saw something he didn’t like. It seemed (Y/n) and their helm had been paired. Clearly, something needed to be done.

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