Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Yandere x F. Stripper

There was a place in the city where you could go to forget about your worries. There was alcohol, music, and best of all, beautiful women. The Thorn Club was a high-class bar that men of all ages frequented. If not for the booze, for the chicks. This was especially true as there was a particular woman that men couldn’t get enough of. She was alluring, confident, and a total tease. One look from her stunning (e/c) pupils or a swish of her (h/c) locks made any man drop to his knees and drool.

She didn’t do it because she was forced into it or had no choice. In fact, she had been able to choose from a few different jobs, having another as her part-time job in the day. However, she enjoyed the eyes of men on her and seducing them into giving up their hard-earned money. It was a kind of power she didn’t get to feel anywhere else in the world, and she was drunk on it. Yes, the feeling of sexual confidence allowed her to experience great bliss.

The younger girl chuckled as she swayed into the cafe she worked at. Even there, men were awed at her beauty. Some came in and bought a coffee just to have a moment to speak to her. Highly desirable, she found it amusing how they tripped over their own feet to talk to her. Perhaps she had a bit more confidence than was healthy, but she didn’t demean others. She preferred to lift her friends’ self-confidence, not that she had many.

“How may I help you today, sir?” she asked a customer, giving the smile that knocked so many men out.

The younger girl continued about her shift with a skip in her step. Why? Because she was on the schedule that night at The Thorn Club and she simply couldn’t wait to start. She had just gotten a special lingerie outfit from one of her frequent customers, and couldn’t wait to show it off. It was comfortable, form-fitting, and (f/c) the color that looked the most stunning on her. She could imagine how it would be. The men would be staring at her, begging for her sole attention and waving massive amounts of cash her way, and who didn’t want an absurd amount of money?

“I don’t understand why you don’t just get a sugar daddy,” one of the girl’s coworkers hummed, pouring a cup of decaf coffee for a customer, “There’s more benefits in it, and you’d be able to snag a nice one.”

“I’m not going to be tied down to one man. Don’t you know the power in having them fight for the privilege of touching me? You’ll never see me entitling another man to touch me. I’ll decide that, thank you very much.”

(Y/n) chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she handed an order to another customer. She found it amusing how wary other women were of her self-confidence. Sometimes they would call her names to make themselves feel like they were better than her, but it wasn’t as if she’d ever let it get to her. Sometimes, it even made her feel better than she had before running into jealous or spiteful people.

The (h/c) haired girl was particularly needy for attention, especially that of men, and most everyone she met thought as much. It wasn’t a defining feature of hers, but it was certainly something she enjoyed. More people acknowledged her as an uplifting and cheerful person who was always there when they needed her. Attention was something she loved, whether she was receiving it from others or giving it to those she cherished. It was why she had so many friends and why so many others were grateful to her.

“I wish I had your confidence,” her coworker sighed; a shy girl that was often silent, “Imagine all the things I could do with it.”

“Goodie! It’s time for work!”

(Y/n) checked the clock on the wall, punching out for her day job and rushing to the employee lounge. She grabbed her bag, getting together everything before she said a quick farewell to her coworkers and regulars. Rushing out of the cafe, she gave a giggle before driving back to her apartment. She threw her bags on the couch, scampering into her room as she took out the lingerie she was gifted.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she smirked, placing her arms behind her head as she stuck her chest out. She would definitely be getting attention that night. Placing on a pearl necklace, she grinned at the sight, placing up her hair loosely but attractively. With joy, she skipped out of her home and rode towards The Thorn Club. As she liked to think of it, it was named that way as every beautiful woman there had thorns. This was why she was nicknamed the rose of The Thorn Club. She was stunning, head-turning, and above all, dauntless.

When she arrived at her typical parking spot, the (h/c) haired girl chuckled as her regular customers were already lining up to see her in action. Some trampled the others to get a better glimpse of her. It was flattering, but she wanted the money as well. Thus, entering through the backdoor, she placed her bag in her locker and joyfully made sure she looked her best in the mirror.

When at last she arrived at the catwalk, the men whistled and pushed one another aside to get a better glimpse of her. Of course, at that point in time, she was still fully clothed, but that was about to change. Giving a seductive grin, the younger girl bit down on her lip, lowering her eyes as the room went silent. Most everyone there was passed out drunk and on the verge of being thrown out or staring at her with anticipation. And so she began, taking her coat off and dropping it to the floor as she revealed the lace lingerie that made the men go wild.

. . .

“I’m so done with this damn line, I swear!” a man groaned, throwing his head back with a huff, “What’s with this damn place, Teruya?!”

“You love strip clubs,” the other male scowled, shoving his hands in his pants pockets.

“Yeah, I love damn fine women who dance for me and don’t make me wait for-fucking-ever! Look at this fucking thing! Velvet carpet and stupid queues! What? Is the booze that damn good or do you get a free blowjob with every entry?!”

The other male glared at the friend he had chosen to bring along. He hadn’t expected he would be so entitled, but that was the case with rich kids. It was only a shame that Teruya couldn’t experience the same lifestyle. Nonetheless, he held up the hope that he would be able to enjoy himself sufficiently. It wasn’t often he could afford to go out to a strip club, and even less when he got to have a personal experience with one of the girls. That being said, there was only one for him.

He had never been one to partake in alcohol or sex, but he had found himself wrong when he was in a truly devastating place in his life. Thinking that a change in scenery was necessary, he’d adventured out to The Thorn Club, a place recommended by his employer. He indulged in maybe one or two drinks, but nothing had changed. Nonetheless, he was still completely dejected, wanting to give up on ordinary life. That was when he saw her.

Damn, he’d never felt so aroused in his life. She was confident and attractive, able to bring a sparkle back to his eyes. Without thinking, he had immediately made an offer to sleep with her. It didn’t matter he was near broke, he knew he needed it. The (h/c) haired girl gave the most precious smile he’d ever seen and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, palming him through his pants. She’d taken his breath away, and he was hooked.

The male had spent more than he could afford. In fact, he couldn’t afford food for the next week, starving, but he wholeheartedly believed it was worth it. An addiction, truly, he found himself wanting more or more, but after the one time he enjoyed her tempting body, he could never bring himself to request her services again. That being said, he did attend as many strip shows of hers as she possibly could. It was shameful, but he could never stop, addicted to that confidence of hers.

“It’ll be worth it,” Teruya sighed, blushing hectically as he fantasized about the (h/c) haired girl.

“It better be,” the other male huffed.

As the two walked into the club, the poorer of the two stood up straight, taking his hands out of his pockets. His eyes sparkled as he gazed at (Y/n)’s almost naked body danced on a pole so seductively. Her chest pressed against it, bouncing in such a way that Teruya almost felt his spirit separate from his body. The male could already tell that the night was going to be one of the best yet.

. . .

Over the course of the night, the (h/c) haired girl felt many eyes on her, especially those that wanted to fuck her, and that was pretty much everyone in the club. However, there was a set of eyes on her that were stronger than most everyone else. They were piercing and beautiful, but something inside of them was dangerous. As she attempted to focus on the person with such a focused gaze, she noticed a young man that had visited quite often.

He was not skinny, but not overweight either, possessing little to no muscle. Most would say he was a bit above being average-looking, but his timid and yet dangerous gaze made him all the more attractive to her. His dark grey hair swung over his piercing cyan eyes, and even though he was dressed in plain clothes, it didn’t deter from his alluring charm. Yes, she definitely liked what she saw, but she preferred to see him make the first move. What kind of man was he? Shy and submissive, or misleading and dominating?

She had already made a perfect amount of compensation for her job well done. Taking her first break of the evening, she sat down on top of the bar counter, showing off her legs. A swarm of men had already started crowding around her, making offers to take her to bed. Some were even there for a permanent arrangement, but she turned them down. As she said, she wasn’t in the market for something she couldn’t control.

However, she was quite surprised when she was greeted by the grey-haired male she had been wondering about. He was biting down on his lip, a clear sign of his arousal at her alluring outfit. Nonetheless, he didn’t step forward, staying in the background while his friend neared her. Clearly, he was a self-confident young man, having not so stunning an appearance as the grey-haired one, but he was wealthy, and she was just slightly intrigued.

“Damn, you’re good-looking,” he chuckled, placing his hand on her leg and sliding it up with a seductive gaze, “and here I was not thinking this place wasn’t worth my time. I think I’ll become a regular. much, babe?”

“Really think you could afford me, tough guy?” the girl scoffed, standing up and pressing her chest against him.

“Nah, not really,” he snickered, leaning in closer to her, his eyes darting to the side, “You’re more than I can take, but my friend wants to fuck you into the morning, so help me out here.”

The (h/c) haired girl was pleasantly surprised by the attitude the male had. It wasn’t often that someone didn’t try to take a shot at her, but it appeared to be working. The supposed grey-haired male became progressively angry, tapping his foot and furrowing his eyebrows in discontent. As she continued to speak with his friend, she took delight in watching his reactions. Sooner or later, he had enough, storming over to yank his friend to the side, arguing not so quietly.

And what fun would it have been if (Y/n) just let them have their moment? Giggling, she made her way through the crowd of people trying to get her attention and approached the isolated pair. As she stood in front of the grey-haired one, she smirked, placing her hand on his shoulder before moving it slowly down his chest. She could feel the shivers go down his spine, a gasp escaping him. It was so satisfying she had to hold back a grin.

“W-What did I do?” he panicked, jumping back and placing his hand on his quickly beating chest, “I...I…”

“Is your tongue all twisted?” she asked, faking a teasing concern before speaking huskily in his ear as she palmed him, “because I was planning on doing that to you later.”

The grey-haired male practically melted in her touch, gasping for air as his cheeks became bright red. He wanted her so badly. His words got lost in his mind as she dragged him to the private rooms, unable to speak a single word without panting or begging for release. Why she was treating him specially, he had little idea, but he was in paradise as she pushed him on the bed, providing a personal strip show for him. He was hardly able to get rid of his clothes, his fingers fumbling with the buttons.

“I’ll get it for you, sweetheart,” she purred, stripping him while she let her hands wander all over his chest.

The (h/c) haired girl took note of the shy way he let her do whatever she wanted. It was quite adorable for him, twitching under every little move she made. His face was bright red as she pulled his underwear from his hips, mumbling under his breath. He even squeaked when her soft lips closed around his member. As she went further and further down his length, he became progressively louder and louder.

In much the same way, he became more dominant. With each stroke of his member, he became more aggressive. At first, he sat there and took it like a good boy, his innocent expressions leading her to believe he would be brought to his climax easily. However, it turned into sudden passion, the male placing his hand on the back of her head and guiding her to a speed more suited to him. His eyes piercing down at her were narrowed, a certain desire lingering in them while intermixed with poisonous and yet delectable hatred that made it all the more pleasurable.

Even when he finished, he threw her on the bed, hovering over her and grabbing at one of her breasts while he sucked on the other. It was extremely gratifying for both parties, (Y/n) being able to experience what it was like to be dominated to a style that suited her while Teruya finally received the drug he’d been craving for so long. It didn’t matter if she didn’t know why he wanted - no, needed her. He would show her that he was much better than the bastard of a friend he had.

The grey-haired male felt a dangerous combination of booze, hatred, and sheer lust building up within him. Seeing the other male he had called a companion attempt to steal the stunning beauty away from him sparked his rage. He wouldn’t ever let another man touch her supple flesh. No, he was going to invoke her with the same amount of appetite he had for her. She would be starving for him when he was done with her, and they could bask in an utter compulsion for the other’s mere presence.

His thrusts became dangerously sharp, prompting the (h/c) haired girl beneath him to writhe in pleasure. Teruya wanted dearly to slow down and enjoy the act of making love to her, caressing her body and placing kisses, leaving love marks on her skin to remind her of him even when they were apart. Yet he couldn’t. It was painfully alluring to feel her claw at his back, her thighs pulling her down to him to go deeper. He was so enthralled with everything she was he felt himself bite down on his lip to where it drew blood, even more so when she kissed him recklessly, licking it all away.

When he felt as if he couldn’t take it any longer, his member suffocated by her walls, he suppressed his groans, leaning down to ravish her neck. He bit down on her, dragging his tongue up her flesh as he pushed himself into her at rapid speeds. She cried out in pure euphoria, tossing and turning her head as he pinned her hand on the pillow, his grip tightening the closer he drew to his limit.

There was only one thing preventing him from reaching it, but it was soon to be granted to him. The (h/c) haired girl was dangerously close to finishing herself, squirming with an almost torment in the care he provided her needy body. He just needed to draw her out. His energy was draining yet it remarkably replenished with every glance he stole from her. But as her eyes lit up, he knew what was coming. Her.

“Teruya,” he groaned, biting down on her neck, “Say it!”

As (Y/n) reached the height of her own pleasure, she cried out the male’s name, squeezing around his length to take him for all he was worth. He sucked in a deep breath and let himself go accordingly, thrusting a few times more for good measure, feeling a pride he’d never experienced before. He had claimed her, marked his being within her, and it would never be undone. Not as long as he kept her for himself.

“Not bad, sweetheart,” she chuckled, panting with her out-of-breath state, “I didn’t think you had it in you. Color me impressed.”

The grey-haired male let a smirk grace his features, collapsing down on the bed beside the stunning beauty. He had finally had another taste of sheer ecstasy and there was no way he was letting it go. As he threw his arms over the (h/c) haired girl’s waist, he was surprised to find that she chuckled nervously and stood back up, dressing herself back in her new lingerie. Concerned, he reached out to her, only to take it back when she spoke.

“Sorry, but I’m not looking for a man. Don’t get me wrong, that was some amazing sex, and you should come back for more some time, but I like to be the one in charge.”

“Y-You can be in charge! Dominate me all you like! I-I just want to be with you.”

“Ah, sorry. I don’ that.”

(Y/n) left the male’s view, leaving him in utter confusion and internal conflict. He was unable to process the idea of being undesirable to the woman he wanted so dearly. As she left, he couldn’t not follow her. After she left the room, she went directly to the male’s friend, a real stab in the gut for him. Was that why she didn’t want a relationship with him? She preferred him, instead, didn’t she?

He gripped the doorway with sheer hatred. After all he had done to try to impress her, it was the wealth that secured her. At least, in his eyes, it was. Even if it wasn’t the truth, the suppressed rage, desire, and the addition of booze pushed him to violence. If he couldn’t have the (h/c) haired girl, he would just need to make it so no one else can until he figured the situation out.

Thus, as he and his friend left The Thorn Club, the grey-haired male took a small detour. There were countless others that needed to be done away with in order to secure (Y/n) as his own, but he had to start somewhere. As they entered an alleyway, Teruya took out the knife he’d been concealing, and without an ounce of hesitation, he plunged it into his drunk companion’s chest. The blood spilled over the brick walls and plain clothing of the grey-haired male. It was a pleasing feeling as if he’d ridden the (h/c) haired girl of a heavyweight on her lovely shoulders. He could get used to that.

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