Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Yakuza Heir x F. Highschooler

“Thank you so very much for not smoking on school grounds, Mr. Hotshot.”

A (h/c) haired girl’s brow twitched with irritation as she ripped a lit cigarette from a student she had known to be quite the troublemaker. Throwing it to the ground, she stomped it out, all the while maintaining a forced smile. The male she had taken it from had an irritated scowl, curling his fingers into a fist, but whether he had it in him to actually hit the younger girl was anyone’s guess.

Certainly, the other was a pain in the other’s butt, but it rarely resulted in violence. In fact, most of the time, the ravenette begrudgingly accepted the annoying prick’s judgments. This was mainly due to the fact his father would have actually killed him for making another mockery out of their family name. Then again, he would have done so much more than getting kicked out of school to give his old man a taste of failure. His pissed expression would have been the prize he received. No, if he wanted to make their family a mockery, he would have gone out with a bang.

“You’re costin’ me a lot of money here,” the male huffed, pulling out another cigarette and lighting it, uncaring of the younger girl’s disapproving look, “Are you gonna pay me back or what?”

“Pretty sure you can afford it.”

The (h/c) haired girl stuck out her tongue at the male, her head tilting up as the school bell rang. It was unlikely that the ravenette would follow after her towards his classes. He did have a habit of skipping, more than simply proud of the skills and information he already had in his mind. It wasn’t as if she could deny his intelligence, but it was limited only to violence, tactical fighting, and “street smarts”. Then again, she did suppose it was all he had to know.

It was a well-known fact that the Gensai family - if you could even call it that - were in charge of a widely feared yakuza conglomeration. The Gensai Group ranged its activities from the slave trade and information dealing to smuggling drugs and blackmail. The police, no matter the country, would have loved to get their hands on them, but they were too large in number and firepower. Some found it all pointless to try and stand against them, others hoped their rival, the Hisaki Conglomerate would take them down. The two had it out for the other, but they typically kept their distance, much to the despair of the police and civilians alike.

Still, the ravenette was a black sheep of his family. While a bit misleading due to the fact that he and his father were the only remaining members, it seemed true enough. While his father, the head of the Gensai Group, was entirely sadistic and power-hungry, it seemed all Sora wanted was to spite him. Typical of a teenager, perhaps it was, but there was talk of him having killed his associates simply for conversing with his old man.

(Y/n) didn’t doubt that was true, but as the student vice president, she had a responsibility to stop any breaking of the school rules. Sora always seemed on her list of problem students, but his desire to stop was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, it was a battle of stubbornness, and in that, the younger girl had plenty. She wouldn’t abandon the responsibility of keeping other students in line regardless if he was the heir to a powerful group of murderers, criminals, and rogues.

“I’m tellin’ ya! She’s a real pain in the damn ass!” the ravenette huffed, kicking over a trash can with a growl as if pretending it was the student vice president, “Doesn’t she have any respect?! What kinda fucking freshman treats a senior that way, huh?!”

“Don’t know why you’re whining to me, playboy,” an orange-haired girl sighed, doodling on her notebook’s spare pages, “I’m on her side of the fence. You are a giant sack of shit.”

Along with the infuriated ravenette and the dismissive beauty by his side, there were a group of other students standing tensely by the side. Most were the children of Gensai Group members, forced into respect for Sora due to their parents’ role in the yakuza syndicate. Others were high school members that had no idea what they had gotten into, doing it purely out of rebellion.

Of course, just because they might have been new didn’t mean they weren’t aware of the ravenette’s violent nature. He tended to put people in their place when he was looked down upon, and that meant blood. So for those observing the way that the (h/c) haired girl had treated the male, they knew what would happen sooner or later. They only feared that in the meantime, the ravenette would take it out on them instead.

“Besides, I think your talk of respect is hypocritical. You don’t respect your elders either, do you?” the orange-haired girl chuckled.

“Fuck off! You’re only sayin’ that shit because girly over there looks like some damn video game character you’re horny for!”

“No!” the younger girl shouted childishly, slapping the male across the face, “She’s not just a character! Miyuki is a princess! A princess, you hear me! It’s a pure love, asshole! Say it again, I’ll stab you!”

The ravenette rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked out of the corridor he stood in. The hallways of the school were filled with sunlight, and frankly, he hated it. He had intended to look for the vice president to give her a piece of his mind, but she was nowhere to be seen, attending her classes like a good little girl. Scoffing, he turned his attention back to the orange-haired beauty, tsking his tongue in irritation.

“Why the fuck do I keep you around?” he muttered, watching as a sickeningly sweet smile appeared on her face.

“Because you love me, dipshit.”

. . .

It seemed like another day in public school torture for the ravenette. He’d been to all kinds of schools from boarding schools, jails, homeschool, even private, but that rich crap got on his nerves far too quickly. Thus, though it was hardly preferable to not going to school at all, it was better than the other schooling options he had. At least there he could do whatever he wanted. The teachers were too scared of him to even try and scold him. The only problem he experienced was (Y/n) herself.

A rare sight to see, the ravenette had actually joined in a class. Purely doing it to exercise a little and sate his urge to compete with others, he had been one of the few seniors to take physical education. It was only out of pure luck - or lack of it - that he had been in the same period as the (h/c) haired girl. Occasionally, his eyes would dart over to her, but he always gave an irritated expression before focusing back on the miniature self-defense lesson their deadbeat teacher was giving.

For some reason or another, no one dared pair with the ravenette, knowing of his prowess in hand-to-hand combat. Sora smirked, placing his hands on his hips and looking down on everyone else. However, as (Y/n) approached him, he felt a sense of unease. He was uncertain if she was challenging him or simply glaring at him for feeling pride in himself. Either way, he was discontent with the look she gave him. Then she stuck out her hand.

“I suppose I’ll be your partner. Try not to cry,” she stated, prompting the ravenette to give a huff of disbelief.

“Lookin’ to get killed are ya, girly?”

The younger girl bowed politely before engaging in the fight. Clearly, Sora was not refined enough to know what the gesture meant and didn’t do it back. His self-taught hand-to-hand combat didn’t include the traditional sense of culture that she had learned from judo. That being said, he did give a curt nod to acknowledge her as his opponent, not that he expected her to match up to him.

Still, she didn’t back down, so she had earned some respect from him, but as she threw a punch, he gave a little snicker. It was adorable how weak it seemed, easy to dodge, and easier to counter. However, she surprised him at the purposefully feeble portrayal of her skill, knocking him off of his feet. With a shocked look, the male’s grin returned, and he stood up. She was tougher than he gave her credit for.

After some more sparring with her, he had been pleasantly surprised by her skill and stubbornness. A goofy-looking grin was on his face the rest of the day. He looked dazed and far more happy than he typically was. An orange-haired beauty recognized his stupid expressions, snickering at him while looking the other way. It would be quite some time before he recognized he adored the (h/c) haired girl, but that wasn’t her problem. She was just content with watching the ravenette make a fool of himself.

Then again, it wasn’t as if he would change himself to impress her. He already thought he was perfect as he was, his pride making him somewhat narcissistic from time to time. Thus, the ravenette refused to change despite the younger girl’s incessant scolding to stop smoking, drinking, and engaging in violent activities. That being said, he knew that he had been acting uncharacteristically soft, and had wanted to enjoy his vices again.

There were all sorts of debauchery surrounding the male. From alcohol to drugs and promiscuity, the party at his manor had it all. Really, it was an excuse to wreck the place so his father would be infuriated, but the ravenette didn’t mind the fun that came along with it. In fact, he felt free, taking in the not-so-fresh air and getting into as many fights as he possibly could. By the time he was half drunk, almost collapsed on the floor, however, an unexpected guest had made her way into the party, accompanied by the orange-haired beauty Sora often had by his side.

His grey eyes with hints of magenta focused on her, his eyes narrowing, but whether it was in disappointment or thrill, he had no idea. As if it were all the same, a scowl wormed its way onto his lips, and he refused to look at her. Well, until his gaze found its way back to her, anyway. At that point, he cursed himself and growled to himself, mumbling this or that about the so-called annoying brat. That being said, sooner or later he found himself right next to her.

She peered down at him with an almost amazed expression, his cheeks becoming reluctantly pink as he averted his head from her gaze. Nonetheless, she continued to look down at him with curiosity and astonishment both. It both annoyed him and filled him with the pride he’d come to love over his years. This only progressed his anger at the way she looked at him. Was she judging him?

“What the fuck do you want?!” he finally roared, “Did you come here just to leer at me, huh?!”

“I was invited,” the younger girl stated quietly, pointing over to the snickering orange-haired beauty, “but I thought you’d be know, scary in your natural habitat. It just looks like you’re sleepy.”

For the first time, the ravenette watched as she burst into a childish smile, holding her hand to her mouth as if to hide it from him. It annoyed him that she thought he didn’t know she was grinning like a lunatic as if he was some kind of idiot. Still, for one reason or another, he found himself smirking along with her. It didn’t seem as if she was quite so irritating as he took her for. In fact, when he looked a bit closer, she was rather adorable. It was, at least, a change of pace from the kind of people he associated with.

“I’m feelin’ generous tonight, girly,” he chuckled, standing up and placing his hands on his hips, “I’ll treat ya to a nice little tour. Just don’t expect any formal crap or whatever.”

The male waved his hands dismissively as he explained the different rooms and their purposes. The curious expressions she made prompted his heart to swell with more pride. He found himself easily addicted to it, attempting to impress her more and more in whatever way was possible. Ranging from showing off his strength or showing off his black tiger, Toma, the ravenette took subtle delight in her reactions. The uplifting feelings he felt around her weren’t bad either, he concluded. In fact, he maybe even liked them.

He sat the younger girl down in his bed, watching her fascination at the luxury it possessed. Sure, others had admired his money and affluence, but he largely preferred her response to it. Handing her a glass of wine, he was surprised when she refused it, stating she was underage. It irked him deeply and at the same time, she was so law-abiding, it was cute. Chuckling, he ruffled her hair, drinking the wine himself at a leisurely rate.

“Aren’t you adorable, doll,” he teased, watching as her face flushed red in both embarrassment and surprise, “Oh, you don’t like that, hm?”

The younger girl had a frustrated pout, refusing to acknowledge the male’s mocking tone of voice. That being said, he didn’t stop. His face lit up in pleasant joy and he leaned closer to her with a smug grin on his lips. It seemed he had found something that could put her stubbornness away and replace it with reactions he rather liked. Oh yes, he was planning on taking full advantage of that expression of hers.

In fact, the next time the male went to school, he made sure to follow after (Y/n). She was very clearly irritated by it, but speaking against his actions would have only made him trail after her even further. The younger girl had learned that already. At the very least he was going to his classes again even at the expense of her blushing constantly. Whatever he found, he used in order to see her pink cheeks, chuckling with great amusement.

Even if he didn’t have the classes she did, he joined her anyway, and no one was brave enough to stop him. He could do whatever he wanted, so he did with an overconfident smirk on his face. Of course, the other students had taken note of the ravenette’s attachment to her, watching as he trailed behind their student vice president from class to class. It was then that she noticed that most others would avoid her. That being said, she didn’t mind it all too much. There weren’t so many distractions.

To Sora’s delight, he found he had almost a monopoly on the stubborn (h/c) haired girl. He ate lunch with her, joined her in the after-school student council meetings, even helped carry her bag despite her protests. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it in his eyes, but he enjoyed the act of being with her, so much so that when another person took her time away from him, he became livid. Unused to having to compete with a female’s attention, he resorted to the only thing he knew; violence.

The first time he had done it, she refused to spend the day with him, locking him out of rooms she was in until he admitted he did something wrong and apologized. Reluctantly, he had done it, but it took him over a week to cave in due to his pride. She may have won the battle, but definitely not the war. In fact, he only learned that he could get away with beating others into submission if she didn’t see him do it. She couldn’t erase his violent nature with a few cute expressions, after all.

As the ravenette sat in the student council room in the late evening after school, he kicked his feet up on the table, uncaring if the (h/c) haired girl protested against it. He had few manners and even less refinery, but that was part of his strange charm. Either way, she had found herself warming up to him, finding him a part of everyday life. In fact, on the rare occasions, he didn’t come to school, she was almost lonely, so she could put up with a little hassling here and there.

“You about done there, girly?” the male sighed, curling and uncurling his fist, “I’m gettin’ all antsy over here.”

“Mm,” she responded, fighting back the urge to yawn, “Soon. Could you please get me some coffee?”

The ravenette nodded his head, seeing as he needed a good stretching. It wasn’t often that (Y/n) had to stay late to finish up some student council work, but when it happened, she was almost always worn out. Her stubbornness typically faded away and she was much more understanding of him than when she was tired. The male had figured her tenacious state of mind interfered with her going soft on him, and in a weird twist of fate, he loved both kinds of her. He needed a good smacking from time to time but at other times, it would have been nice to relax and unload his stress. She was good for both.

Sora stretched on his way to a vending machine just outside school grounds. He hadn’t the faintest clue about the type of coffee she preferred, but he figured it was simply about the issue of caffeine. Thus, finding the best for staying up, he purchased it and tossed it up and down on his way back to the student council room. There was a different kind of pride he felt when helping her out with something. Perhaps it was his protective nature, but he wanted anything and everything to go right for the younger girl.

Giving a little stretch, he nudged the door open gently, knowing if he did it too harshly, she would have scolded him. As he opened his eyes from loosening his muscles, he almost froze in place, staring curiously at the sight before him. There, standing above the (h/c) haired girl was a pest. The unknown male’s hands were too close for comfort, and the ravenette’s carefree grin turned into a frightening smirk.

Kicking the intruder to the ground harshly, Sora turned to the younger girl and set down her coffee along with his jacket. He ruffled her head softly, ensuring she wouldn’t wake up, and turned his attention back to the creep that had been eyeballing her. Cracking his knuckles, the ravenette pieced together what he wanted to do with him or rather, what kind of punishment would have been best.

“You picked the wrong girly to stare at, bastard. Then again, that stretchin’ did nothin’ for me, so I’ll use your body as a personal punchin’ bag,” Sora chuckled darkly, grabbing onto his collar and dragging him out of the room, “Oh, and stop with the damn screamin’. You’ll wake her up.”

As (Y/n) woke up, she blinked slowly, feeling the warm fabric of the ravenette’s jacket and staring at the coffee placed on the desk. Worriedly with tired eyes, she surveyed the room for any sign of the male, surprised he was nowhere to be found. In truth, she felt slightly betrayed. The door leading to the outside the student council room was open, meaning that any number of creeps could have entered and done whatever to her. She missed the ravenette but she, too, was far too stubborn to admit it.

The (h/c) haired girl opened the coffee, drinking it slowly as she filled out whatever paperwork was left on the desk. She yawned from time to time, but she had managed to fill it out in the nick of time. At that point, out of either fortune or not, Sora mumbled under his breath, reentering the student council room. Upon seeing she was awake, he gave a proud grin and ruffled her hair, watching her give a shy expression and smile subtly.

“Did I give you a little scare?” the male chuckled proudly, picking the younger girl up in his arms, “Sorry ’bout that. Just wanted a little walk by the river, but I’ll take you home like a gentleman or whatever the fuck, yeah?”

He watched as she nodded, leaning into his chest and letting him carry her to the limousine waiting for him. Tired, she laid down on his lap as the driver took her back to her home. There were certainly some perks about being filthy rich, and one of them included the ability to see a rare sight of her. After all, if he was the one driving, she would have simply fallen asleep on the chair. (Y/n) was asleep on his lap, mumbling things about him and all he had to do was get rid of a few pests from time to time. No biggie.

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