Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Cannibal x F. Reader

Human beings are such fine pieces of meat. No, really, it’s true. Their smooth and well-tended-to skin is constantly being prepped and kept perfectly tender. From those that worked out constantly to those that were sheer fat, a fine balance must have been met in order to have different grades of meat. They could be ranked the same as any other type of flesh. Cows, chickens, pigs, even ducks, they were all the same. Some taste better, some have more nutritious value, and others have more fat. Everyone has their preferences.

It just so helped that a certain male found human beings had the best flavor. When cooked to a certain extent, seasoned, and placed in a satisfying meal, it was far more preferable to other kinds of food. The only problem was finding ways that he could acquire the delicacy. There were certain markets he frequented, but it was so expensive. He could hardly afford one slab every one month. So, what else was he to do other than to hunt others himself? It was a way to select the type of grade he wanted, and he had much more of a supply than otherwise.

Perhaps it was the reason why others in the business of selling human flesh to others took an interest in him. He happened to be a decent hunter, that much was true. In fact, he was shockingly efficient in what he did. It wasn’t a shock that he was offered a job to find perfect specimens to sell on hidden markets. The pay was decent, and there was always the bonus of having the first pick of meat.

The copper-haired male meandered along down the hallways with a skip in his step. He’d managed to get a good find the other day and was praised for it. The male had managed to trap another, a lean but firm-built young man he had stranded in the forest. At the same time, he had chased him down. It was one of the first times that he had the fear of losing one of his prey, but in a way, it was a thrill. A good change-up from his normal life. In the end, the victory was sweeter.

He was only in the warehouse to collect his paycheck. His shabby apartment was in need of a few upgrades, after all. It would have been nice to have something nice to reward himself for a month’s perfect work at the same time. Maybe he would have enjoyed a nice movie while he had dinner. As the male thought about it, he was in the mood for some fresh flesh. As he was already there, he may as well have picked up some for his relaxing night.

“Takai~!” a screechy voice called.

A young boy around the age of ten or so rushed through the halls to tackle the much bigger copper-haired male with an adoring hug. His large amount of energy contrasted with his superior’s lack of it, one having an expression of delight while the other was as tired as possible, yawning at the contact. It wasn’t as if physical touch was something he enjoyed. Rather, he despised it in most ways, but the kid was somewhat of a promising mentee of his.

“I’m so glad you’re back!” he giggled, rubbing his cheek against the older male, “You know, I wanted to show you how much better I’ve gotten at the knots! A-And I want you to teach me how to use the butchering machine!”

“Another day,” Takai sighed, rubbing the back of his head before continuing to walk through the corridors, “I just wanna get home already.”

“Can I do your chores?! I won’t talk, I promise! I’ll be as quiet as a ninja and as fast as a cheetah! Please, please, please!”

The older male had figured it was pointless to deny the child’s requests. He was a bit of a nuisance on a good day, but when he was already exhausted, he was a downright fly. Swarming around him like a vulture on a carcass, the younger boy continued to follow after the male with a skip in his step. Even if he didn’t speak with him or acknowledge his presence, it seemed he idolized him nonetheless, his dull little eyes sparkling bright.

By the time the copper-haired male had passed by the office to pick up his paycheck, he heard his stomach growling. With irritation, he watched as the younger boy made a fuss about it, pulling him along to pick out some meat. It seemed he was far too excited about finding a living person to cut up and devour. That being said, it wasn’t as if Takai was against the idea of it. He was practically excited by the prospect of the horrors in the warehouse.

Around the large room, there were small cages, ones intended for dogs or small animals. They were filled with human beings. Treated like cows and other livestock, they were stripped of any human rights they may have enjoyed. There was no privacy, no comfort, and most possessed little to no clothes. Some were branded while others weren’t. It mainly depended on the class of meat that they had or their appearances. In order words, favoritism was how the soon-to-be flesh and bones were treated.

Blood stained the concrete floors from the sentient livestock being pulled out by their oily hair and grated against the rough concrete. From there, they were either sold to those that paid specially to have their prey alive before eating them, sometimes alive. Other times, they were stuffed with food to the point of death to become more flavorful. They could also have been dragged to the slaughterhouse to become smaller portions of meat, sold to those with like-minded individuals.

The male sighed as the child bounced along the walls, jumping on cages without any care to the human beings frightened by it. Usually, when there was noise, it meant there was death, and, in response, they made terrified expressions that only made the child giggle with a crazed passion. However, as he jumped down and scurried back over to the male he idolized, he craned his neck to look at a shivering (h/c) haired girl. With a curious look in his eyes, he rushed over to her cramped cage and chuckled, placing his hands on the bars and watching her shy from him.

“Ah!” he snickered, running in place, “Takai! Takai! Look at this one!”

The copper-haired male rolled his eyes, sticking his hands in his blood-stained pants pockets and meandering over to the boy. He hadn’t expected there to be anything he hadn’t already seen, but he was pleasantly surprised. Her tattered clothes barely covered her exposed chest and stomach let alone her thighs with cuts and scratches over her. She was dirty, as much of the others were. Until they were taken to be eaten, anyway. Sure, it was normal for the other prey to be treated in such a manner, but they typically didn’t move his stone heart.

He gave a hum, leaning down to take a good look at her. She shied away from him, and in some shape or form, he liked the fear he saw in her. The male’s hum turned from one of boredom to one amusement, a grin forming on his face. As he placed his hand on the bars, he watched as tears pricked at the corners of her eyes. Taking out a key he had to place his own captures in the cages, he unlocked the cage. She flinched when he gripped onto her, pulling her out almost cruelly, tossing her to the ground to further inspect her.

The young boy looked excited, observing the male he idolized taking interest in a human being. That meant there was going to be dinner, and Takai made the best dinners! He rocked back and forth on his heels as the copper-haired male lifted up her chin and examined her body. When he determined she had sufficient body fat, he pulled her to her feet and dragged her out of the warehouse by the arm. It wasn’t like he had to purchase her. He could have his pick of the prey every month, and that time, he wanted her.

By the time he had arrived back at his average apartment, the male shoved her in the bathroom, instructing her to bathe. Although terrified, she didn’t have it in her to refuse. Her shivering and sore body could barely move, but the warm water did her some good. With shaking arms, she gripped onto the soap, barely able to hold it in her trembling fingers. Although she had tried, it was incredibly difficult to maneuver her body, the poor state her body was in preventing strenuous use of her limbs.

A loud banging echoed through the room, and the soap from her cut fingers slipped into the water, prompting her face to go pale. No words came out of her mouth. She knew what was coming. The door was shoved open and she whimpered, tears escaping her eyes as she expected to be stabbed or shot in the chest. However, a simple hum came from her side and she was then greeted with a stinging sensation in her shoulder.

“You’re very stiff,” a dull voice sighed near her ear, “but I have more than enough time on my hands anyway.”

The male picked up the soap, staring at it curiously before beginning to lather it on her. The stinging sensations appeared all over her body as he cleaned her wounds. At first, she let out little whimpers at the pain, noticing the way he began to chuckle under his breath. Then it turned into a sigh when he finished cleaning her. He lathered her hair with shampoo and conditioner, treating her surprisingly softly for the reason he had taken her. Even so, she shivered in fear, closing her eyes tightly.

That being said, she heard the obscure chuckles of the male as he washed her. It seemed he derived enjoyment from her frightened state of mind, but the eerie smile he had on his face didn’t meet his eyes. They were blank and dull, not quite focused but not distracted either. At the same time, they possessed something that the younger girl couldn’t quite place her finger on. She flinched every time he touched her, only furthering his entertainment.

When he finished cleaning her, he pulled her out of the bathtub by her bicep, uncaring of her naked appearance. He didn’t bat an eye even yawning out of exhaustion when he threw her onto the couch. It had been a long day for him. Nonetheless, he stretched his arms behind his head, walking out of the living room before pausing and giving a grunt. He seemed to have remembered she could escape. Walking back into the room, the male lazily placed handcuffs on her, going back to his room to sleep. Takai was far too tired to make dinner.

That being said, the copper-haired male still tossed and turned in his bed, unable to get to sleep. It was perhaps not a rare occurrence, but he was still irritated by it. Having nothing better to do, the male groaned, exiting his bed to wander around his apartment. Surprised at the sight of the younger girl asleep, he sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Takai hummed, sneaking on the couch behind her and lying down.

It was oddly comfortable there, especially due to the fact that it was comfortable. He sighed, closing his eyes and drifting into sleep. The act was far simpler than he thought it would be. Insomnia typically got to him but he wasn’t complaining in the slightest. He enjoyed the feelings he experienced, letting himself use her warmth. The smallest smile appeared on his lips, a tiny chuckle in the making.

. . .

“Wake up. Don’t make me wait.”

(Y/n)’s eyelashes fluttered for a moment as she focused on the male in front of her. Surprised, she stumbled out of the couch onto the hardwood floor, groaning when the back of her head made contact with it. She rubbed it in a vain attempt to ease the pain but she was more cold than anything. The weather and lack of an air conditioner were not being kind to her, especially not with her bare physical state.

The younger girl’s cheeks flushed and she attempted to cover herself up, not that her arms could do much. Giving a disapproving and somewhat annoyed grunt, the male left the room for a moment before throwing a shirt at her face. The tiny whimper she made when it hit her made him grin for just a moment before he returned to his typical blank expression. Still, the pleasant feeling didn’t go unnoticed by him.

When she was sufficiently dressed, the shirt ending at the top of her thighs, the male made his way into the kitchen. The (h/c) haired girl couldn’t stop trembling, knowing what that meant. She had seen and heard the fates of many others in her position, especially with the warehouse she came from. Dreadfully aware that her role was to be eaten, the tears flowed from her eyes as she shivered, grabbing at the bottom of the shirt as though her life depended on it.

Then she heard a clink on the coffee table in front of her, prompting her eyes to squeeze painfully shut. As she didn’t look at the display before her, Takai took it upon himself to grip onto her cheeks and shake her, knowing no other way to make her do what he wanted. He was pleasantly surprised by the noises of fear she made, and when she opened her eyes, she only made more.

There, in front of her, on a ceramic plate was a thin slab of meat covered in some kind of sauce. However, it wasn’t the dressing she was frightened of. Rather, it was the ominous meat of which she knew was human and the knife that the male held in his hands, almost playing with it like a child would a doll. His hand slipped just once, cutting himself lightly. In response to it, he gave a mildly surprised hum, proceeding to lick up the blood that leaked from the incision.

“Eat,” he demanded, his tone and expression the epitome of boredom.

The younger girl couldn’t shake her head denyingly fast enough but flinched when the male brought down the knife, stabbing the wooden coffee table. She had taken it to mean that if she refused, he would eat her. It wouldn’t have been without warning; however, it still frightened her greatly, and she hesitantly picked up the fork laying on the timber surface. Her hands shook violently as she gazed at the sickening display and even more so when she dared to look away from it and towards the copper-haired male.

She looked back and forth the two, wondering which option she was presented with was worse; eating human flesh or being eaten herself. Her lips cowered as her fork neared the food only for her to sudden regress. With the fear she began to exude, sweat came along with it, her grip on the silverware slipping. It fell to the floor, emitting a dull jingle-like sound that prompted her muscles to tense.

The (h/c) haired girl heard a growl from the older male as she dropped the fork, tears continuing to prick at her eyes. She felt her jaw being gripped tightly, Takai using his knife saw a small piece off of the slab. He stabbed the portion, bringing it to her mouth and squeezing his grip on her in order to pry her mouth open. Abundant tears cascaded down her cheeks as the guilt that flooded her very being took over.

The male forcibly made her chew, taking joy in the remorseful expression the younger girl possessed. He couldn’t hold back his grin any longer, the sadistic smirk spreading from one cheek to the other, a small chuckle escaping his twisted lips. Unable to hold back the strange desire he possessed for the sight, he crashed his lips onto hers, letting out a masculine sigh at the euphoric feeling.

He kept his eyes open, peering at the way her eyebrows furrowed in fear and how she sobbed. There was a glint of great satisfaction in his eyes, his need to press his own desires onto her. The older male wanted to make her just like him. The small submissive being she was, he could easily mold her into an obedient little pet, an enticing thought. He could bring her the joy of tasting human flesh.

As the idea of it ran through his mind, he made another sigh, one more full of desire. His tongue ran between the younger girl’s blood-coated lips, tasting the delicacy that was forbidden. The male’s hands tightened on the younger girl, and as he felt her choke, his breath hitched in his throat. His tongue wandered her mouth until he tasted the piece of flesh, his eyebrows furrowing in pleasure. He had never known such pleasure in sharing the taboo, but he wasn’t going to give it up for the world.

Taking the piece of meat in her mouth, he parted from her, drool running down the sides of his mouth. He shivered in utter pleasure, his eyes wide and a massive grin on his face. Using the side of his hand, he wiped off the drool coating his skin, licking it seductively as he kept his gaze on the younger girl. He then moved forward to lick the drool off of her skin, placing somewhat of a thankful kiss on her clean skin.

A knock erupted on the door, breaking the male’s blissful state of mind. His smirk turned to a scowl, and he released his grip on the younger girl with a snarl. Eyes darting to the door, his aggression knew no limits, the male stomping forward to kick it down. A small child stood on the other side with a bucket on his head and a mop in his hands accompanied with a joyful expression. He clapped his hands together, leaning to the side to peer inside at the still very alive younger girl. At that, he frowned, wondering why she wasn’t dead yet. However, he was still over the moon to see the person he idolized.

“Takai!” he cheered, “I came to do your chores! You promised we’d have a yummy meal, remember?”

The copper-haired male’s brow twitched, unable to control his intense frustration at the interruption he experienced. Reaching forward, he grabbed the younger boy’s throat and squeezed it violently, a look of apathy appearing on his features. The boy trembled as his windpipe was crushed, the blood flooding his lungs and suffocating him with the crimson liquid. He attempted to pry at the older male’s calloused hands, struggling to hold onto his life, but it was to no avail. He didn’t stand a chance.

Blood spurted from his mouth drenching the older male’s face, courtesy of his crushed trachea and lungs filled to the brim of that substance. It was only a matter of time before the boy was thrown onto the ground. His eyes were lifeless, the boy dead where he lay. Takai rolled his eyes and dragged his body inside the house, shoving it in the far corner of the kitchen for a future meal. He wouldn’t let it go to waste.

Strangely enough, there were no sounds coming from the younger girl. As the male turned around he gave a smirk at the way she cowered, holding her arms above her head as if it would protect her. He trudged his blood-soaked feet over to her, gripping her cheeks tightly as he kissed her harshly yet again. His lips were covered in the boy’s blood and as he parted her lips, he forced her to taste the abundant iron delicacy.

She didn’t have it in her to resist, letting him do whatever he wanted. He enjoyed the obedience she exhibited to him. It was a refreshing change of pace from always having to capture different people. Just once, he relished in the fact that she didn’t run from him. No, she was his obedient little pet, and she would be until the day she died. She would enjoy the same food he ate, participate in the same killings he made, and share the same intimacy.

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