Call Me Yours (Yandere x Reader Oneshots)

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M. Demon Lord x F. Harem Girl

In a world blessed with magic, it was no surprise there was great danger. At first, it was simple monsters such as dire wolves and golems; however, they only grew stronger and stronger, demons beginning to emerge. The kingdoms fought back valiantly, pushing them back and eliminating any dangers with help of guides and wizards. For a time, there was peace, but it all went downhill when the most dangerous individual revealed himself.

The first time any human being laid eyes on him was when he conquered the Kingdom of Acredia. He stood over the body of the royal family, a smirk spreading from one side of his face to the others, sharp teeth present. His wings rested behind him like a dragon’s, numerous ancient marks were tattooed on his body as if they were natural. The people of the kingdom cowered before him, hearing the terrifying tone of his deep voice. Right then and there, he declared war on the world, taking Acredia for himself.

However, it didn’t stop there. He kept pushing and pushing, dominating more of the world as he saw fit. The male was on the front lines of his own army of demons and monsters, wiping out the fools that stood against him. He reveled in the blood, the gore, the fear in his victim’s eyes. It was all so tempting to him, and he didn’t have to bat an eye to get what he wanted. No one could challenge him and live to tell the tale.

The world fell at his feet within only half a year. A demon among demons, he wiped out all who stood in his path with his strength, taking the victor’s spoils. In the middle of the largest continent, there was a large castle that was the size of a city. That was where he had his base, enjoying everything that the world had to offer. All around the world, there were rumors of him, but the most prevalent, due to the terror he inspired in all races, was that he had no heart. But that was far from true.

Those that resided in the Demon City of Sayant saw the truth of the matter. The male had his own interests and disinterests, even his own sexual desires. Surrounded by luxury, it wasn’t a shock that he had his own harem. It consisted of over one thousand women, growing by the day. Some would have expected more, but he was incredibly picky about them, and more often than not, when one failed to please him, he would eat them, feed them to his subordinates, or throw them to the dire wolves.

To compensate for the rapid loss of his harem members, he had kingdoms offer up their best ladies every month as a sacrifice. If they did so, he would limit the amount his subordinates could kill. If they did not, he would take them by force and kill those responsible for delaying his stimulants. Such a thing was expected of a Demon Lord, especially the brutality to which he dominated others for denying things he truly desired.

“Demon Lord Alcaros!” a woman screamed, reaching her climax.

It appeared the male wasn’t satisfied with the harem girl he was using for his relief. Although he slammed her down on his member and other women touched all over his body, he wasn’t stimulated enough. He was practically slamming her hips down on him, and while it was somewhat pleasurable, he wanted more. With the amount of force he pulled her down with, the pain she suffered was immeasurable. Blood flowed, and though she was in pain, she forced herself to continue making sounds of pleasure because she knew if she bored him, she would be disposed of.

As the Demon Lord was about to give up on the prospect of soothing his sexual tension, the thought of one of his harem girls entered his mind. He felt his member tighten at her image, letting out a low moan. His breath escalated and he closed his eyes, imagining the woman on top of him was her. Of course, her voice, body, and mannerisms were completely different, so the amount of pleasure was far from what he truly wanted, but it was more than any normal woman could offer him.

As he finished, his back arching just slightly, he murmured the (h/c) haired girl’s name under his breath. The naked women on his bed all gasped and gossiped with one another. It wasn’t often he came without mauling his “partner” in the process. Sure, the woman he had pushed off of him was bleeding, but it wasn’t near the amount he typically did to others. A low growl originated at the back of his throat, the animalistic sound filled with desire.

Quickly having the women dress him in his elaborate overlord attire, he marched quickly through the hallways of the castle. The expression he wore prompted anyone or anything he encountered to bow and quickly rush away. It wasn’t unusual, and to be frank, he liked the power, but he preferred to be beside the woman he held above all others. That was exactly why he was so intent and focused.

Typically, when he did not ask for her presence, she was grooming the drakes down by the stables. He didn’t understand exactly why she had chosen them out of any other mounts, but it was clear she was enamored with magical creatures. He supposed that included him. The thought resonated well with him. Even if it did, however, he did not show any physical signs of it, appearing far more frustrated than pleased when he happened to be split between the two emotions.

When he had arrived at the stables, his eyes gazed at the figure tending to a calm drake. She was washing his scales, something that was often soothing to a dragonoid. Truth be told, it would have been equally refreshing to the Demon Lord, himself. However, he had no time for such thoughts, continuing his wide steps until he reached the smaller form. At that point, his hands became grabby, greedy to feel her, and impatient to wait until properly greeting her.

He grabbed onto her right shoulder, pulling the sleeve and the bra along with it and exposing her sensitive flesh to the nipping air. As if to replace it himself, his lips attached to the spot where her neck and shoulder met, biting down and sucking on it to form his claim on her. It was then that he sighed, releasing his pent-up energy as he parted her legs with his foot, bending her over in a submissive position.

“A-Alcaros,” she whimpered, sending pleasurable shivers up the male’s spine.

He growled in approval, a bestial sound that would shake any creature that heard it to its core. His dragon-like wings shivered as he feasted on her sweet taste, running his tongue up her neck, narrowing his eyes when she squirmed against him. It only festered his overwhelming desire for her, especially when her behind made contact with his member. He pressed it against her, raising an eyebrow to test her reaction.

His eyebrows furrowed, and to anyone not aware of what he truly felt, it would have appeared as though he was full of hatred as he ravaged his mistress. The truth of the matter was that he desired her so much he couldn’t bear it. His love for her ran deeper than even he could fathom, the thirst to claim her in all ways overbearing. Physically, he did enjoy the feel of her body against his, and it wasn’t as if she was poor company. Rather, she was the most stimulating he could ask for. She had been quite the find. Her village had fought hard to keep her.

The male snapped out of his reminiscing as he pinned the younger girl under his strong body, her own form bent at the waist for him to grind his desire onto her. His animalistic groans escalated the more she whimpered at his touch. It only made it better when he used his almost infinite mana to increase her sensitivity. She melted into his hands, doing anything he desired whatsoever. The male growled, using his hand to deliver a needy slap to her behind. She knew what that meant.

“A-Alcaros,” she panted, receiving a pleased grunt from him.

Unable to control himself, the male took her right then and there on the stable floors. Teleporting would have only taken an instant, but he didn’t have it in him to wait. His thrusts were unlike how he was with the other members of his harem. After all, (Y/n) was special. He did everything he could to give her the same pleasure he felt, taking it slow. His patience was truly thin, however, and while he was slow, his thrusts were needy and harsh as if he was desperate.

It really was something else to be with her. He had no desire to harm her to arrive at his climax, drawing that sadism away from him to be more than content with her lewd expressions. It must have been pride that he caused such responses from her that made his member twitch. Grunting, he grabbed tightly onto her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers as he became more demanding of her smaller body.

He fell into pleasure, his body convulsing as he roared in an ancient language, finishing with sudden intakes for air, his smirk telling of how satisfied he was. The male wiped away the drool from his lips, taking the opportunity to take the younger girl’s hand and lick at it. After much time with the Demon Lord, she had come to know that he didn’t act as human as he looked. In fact, more times than not, he was more animal in behavior. He didn’t kiss, licking as a form of affection or desire. From time to time, he nipped gently at her, but at that moment, he only let his tongue glide across her flesh.

“(Y/n),” he purred with a playful chuckle, his eyes looking down at her, the blue pupils filled with devotion and fondness, “My favorite little human.”

“Good afternoon...Alcaros. Are you alright?”

“I can’t leave your side being anything but sublime. And while I wouldn’t typically engage you at first sight, I couldn’t help myself. You do understand, don’t you?”

The younger girl nodded her head, the male giving a grin in return, the sharp canine teeth he possessed being shown off to her. They were as sharp as a knife and often as bloody as one. It was only a relief he was perfectly clean. She didn’t know if she could act normal knowing he had once again killed someone. For a Demon Lord, it wasn’t at all strange, but for her lover? Well, that wasn’t entirely the right word.

He insisted she call him by his actual name without any titles, even encouraging pet nicknames for him as he had made for her. Her official rank in the castle was that of the favorite of his harem, the mistress, but she might as well have been his queen. In fact, he had been thinking about it. It would have been optimal for his pleasure to possess her fully, but there were some drawbacks that prohibited him from rushing into it hastily. The main issue was the fact that demons didn’t believe in marriage, including him.

“Demon Lord Alcaros,” a grunt called, “There have been sightings of a so-called hero in Cirises Village.”

“A hero?” the male grinned, licking his lips, “Let’s see how long he lasts.”

After nibbling on the younger girl’s fingers with narrowed eyes of desire, he ran his tongue up her neck once more, taking a deep breath to memorize her scent. With a snicker, he gripped onto her chin and tilted her head up possessively, raising an eyebrow at her eyes with a pleased grin. Finding that she appeared to be in good health, he left her to the supervision of his trusted underlings while he journeyed off to enjoy a good fight.

(Y/n) didn’t know how long the Demon Lord would be gone, but it was certain he would demolish any “hero” that crossed his path. Truthfully, the younger girl was frightened of him as any human - and even demon - would be. It wasn’t because of the way he treated her, always placing her on a pedestal above any other individual from any race, but because of the way he treated other humans. He always discarded them, throwing them away without any care in the world. In fact, he enjoyed it.

She kept debating over the true cost of associating with him. It wasn’t as if he was there to keep her sane. Even if she was with him, he would have killed whomever he saw fit. Sighing, she walked in the corridors of the castle, not truly knowing where she was headed. The (h/c) haired girl wasn’t all that surprised when she ended up by the drakes. She was beyond fascinated by their regal personalities and majestic bodies although one could have said the same about her feelings towards the Demon Lord.

In the middle of washing the small dragonoids, they became restless, stomping and flapping their wings, huffing and growling. The younger girl attempted to calm down, but they wouldn’t listen to her, some even beginning to breathe fire. The heat frightened her, prompting her to trip over her own feet and come colliding into someone’s arms. Surprised, she bolted away from the unknown individual, wincing as she cut her bicep on a loose nail on one of the pen’s doors.

“I’m entirely sorry, miss,” the male panicked, reaching into his bag and pulling out some kind of glowing salve, “Please, use this. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Staring apprehensively at the vial, the younger girl shied away closer to the drakes. The creatures were still in an uproar at the intruder’s presence in the Demon Lord’s castle, attempting to call other underlings. It wasn’t as if they could harm the male when the (h/c) haired girl was so close, and they had grown too fond of her to put her at risk. Thus, in response, the unknown male winced and picked up the younger girl against her will, rushing out of the stables and hiding behind one of the castle’s spires a decent ways away.

The younger girl squirmed against the male, attempting to free herself or call for help, but he held tightly against her mouth. It wasn’t as if he was trying to hurt or frighten her. He had only wanted to avoid being discovered by the demons and other monsters that lurked amongst the giant base.

“Listen, listen, listen. We have to be quiet or someone will find us.”

“That’s exactly the point,” she frowned, preparing herself to scream at the top of her lungs for help.

“No! C’mon, I’m human!” he blurted out, prompting silence from the younger girl, “Yes, thank you. This is so stressful. Alright...I’m a friend of Dekkus. He’s the hero, and right now, he’s leading the Demon Lord away from here. We...we have put together that it’s almost useless to fight against him, so we need help to defeat him. Well, we need your help.”

The younger girl was well aware of Alcaros’s power. He was strong, very strong, and he possessed so much magic power he didn’t need to use his fists. She had seen him obliterate countless upstarts. He brought her along to show her his power and typically was so overcome with thrill, he made love to her on the battlefield. His pride at being able to demolish any threats often resulted in either a violent or an impassioned outcome.

“I can’t fight. I-I won’t fight.”

“I’m not asking you to,” the male sighed, rummaging through his bag to pull out a glowing purple liquid in a glass bottle and a small dagger, “This blocks mana. It’s highly potent. And this is an enchanted dagger. It’ll cut through the strongest materials in the world. All you have to do is pour the poison on the blade and stab him the day he comes back. After, we’ll jump him and get rid of him. The human race will be free. You’ll be free.”

The male handed the younger girl the two things, giving her a desperate and pleading look before he rushed away. He attempted to sneak back out of the territory in order to return to his post, but (Y/n) was wary of the opportunity she had been presented. She had never hurt another being, and she wasn’t inclined to, but the fact of the matter was that it would do more good than harm.

Sighing, she took the items back to her room, tucking them away where they would never be found. Nonetheless, she was faced with choosing the moment the male returned with a frustrated huff. Clearly, he had not been able to kill the hero, something he truly enjoyed doing. However, the moment he saw the younger girl, his mood improved drastically, the male beginning to lick her when he saw her on his bed.

The other harem girls were gone, presumably so that the Demon Lord could have alone time with his mistress. Although he enjoyed watching them play with her body, he was determined to have her to himself that time. The more he licked her, the more love he felt for her, and he became somewhat disappointed she didn’t lick back. It wasn’t as if she had done so before, being human and unused to the act, but he would live for the day when she did. Even kissing him would be acceptable however human the action was.

“You must have missed me,” Alcaros hummed lowly, a confident grin on his face, “I haven’t been away from you for quite some time. I dislike it.”

“How was your...hunt?

A surprised expression was placed on the male’s face. The (h/c) haired girl had attempted to stray away from the subject of hurting others. She tended to be queasy at the sight of blood, a rather peaceful little thing. Therefore, the Demon Lord gave a pleased grunt, proceeding to lick the younger girl on her neck. He enjoyed her taking an interest in the things he savored, and he could very easily get used to it.

“Pointless,” he chuckled, nibbling just slightly at her skin, “The hero was a coward and kept running from me. I decided he was no threat to me so I came here for another dose of your presence. Are you delighted to see me back so soon?”

“I was worried,” she sighed, placing her hand on his cheek in an affectionate manner.

“What a truly adorable little human you are. I am pleased to see you so attached to me.”

The male chuckled, nuzzling her neck. It was a rare sight of human behavior that he exhibited just then, prompting the younger girl’s heart to beat quickly. At the sound of it, he gave a purr, snickering quietly. Astonishingly, he did not attempt to make love to her, resigned towards simply laying down and holding her in his arms. He must have been tired from traveling for so long.

Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the warmth that her small form provided as well as the comfort in laying with his mistress. He rarely needed to sleep but consuming energy gave him the need to relax to rebuild his strength. Guilt built up in the younger girl’s chest, her heart pounding in fear, but ultimately, it was her need to save other human beings that made her pull the poisoned knife from underneath the pillow. Resigning herself to great loneliness, she gave a sob before plunging it through his back.

The Demon Lord took in a great breath, his eyes narrowing in absolute rage. Blood seeped from his chest as he pulled the knife out of him, throwing it to the ground. He looked hurt, but not physically. The wound healed in only a matter of time as if it was never there and he quickly clenched his hand around the younger girl’s throat, crushing it slowly. He threw her to the ground, refusing to look at her and the door was burst down, revealing the hero and his companions there to finish the job.

But it was pointless. Alcaros killed them all within a mere ten minutes. Although the hero was difficult to vanquish and annoyingly resilient, the male nonetheless fell like all the others before him. What surprised the younger girl was that the Demon Lord hadn’t lost his magical powers, his mana appearing full. She shivered as he approached her, covered in blood, and yelped when he gripped onto her wrist, squeezing it painfully.

“How dare you take advantage of my affection!” he roared, prompting the younger girl to weep and sob, knowing she was about to die, “I gave you everything I had and you try to kill me?! I never thought you would use it!”

“Y-You knew?”

“Of course I did! You don’t think I have routine checks on your chambers?! It was merely to keep you safe from any harm coming to you, but I never imagined the harm in your room was meant for me! Humans are such fools! I could smell the poison and just for safety’s sake, I replaced it with juice. I had merely thought a human tried to sway you over, but it appears you feel nothing for me.”

“N-No, I do! I hurt so many - ”

“Silence! I don’t care what you try and say! The fact of the matter is that you tried to harm me! I’ll have to fix this! What would you prefer?! Due to my still crippling affection for you, I shall let you choose. Either you kill yourself for my pleasure with the very knife you stabbed me with or become a slave to my magic and never have the mind to betray me again. What will it be?!”

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