Safe Words

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She loved him like no other, until that night. He changed for the worst, one thing led to another. It wasn’t suppose to happen! It wasn’t suppose to end this way! Will she tell detectives everything?

Romance / Erotica
Harley Ortiz
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Chapter one

“If only all these people weren’t here,” he brushed his lips over my earlobe sending shivers all throughout my body. I have been craving him all night, for his touch, for his heat.

“Oh yea and what would you do?” I turned around to admired him. His jaw peered over me as he toddled his head as if searching for something.

His arms pulled me in from my waist as he hunched down to get on my level, his spine let out a murmur “ I would have you all to myself princess, every inch of you for me to explore. I’d strip you down and press you against these doors, and let the people in the box car next to us know who owns you;” His hands hiking their way over every curve and every crevice.

“Is my princess drooling?” His free hand slid under my chin as he tilted it up, his thumb dancing with my lower lip. He held my chin up leaning in to seal it with a kiss.

“NEXT STOP DOWNTOWN!” The lady over the intercom screeched in the box car.

“This is our stop babe,” he pushed away from her as he knelt down to grab his backpack.

I've always hated subways, the smell, the noise, all the people, but mostly the interruptions. If it hadn’t been but a few years ago I don’t think I would be standing in the subway in a black sequin cocktail dress if it hadn’t had been for him.

This place smells of old coffee and burnt cigarettes. The waiting room is suffocating with all the emotions of every single person sitting in a shitty plastic chair.

Some people looking for loved ones who don't want to be found, while others are here for on going investigations. Just like I am. The knot in my stomach began to tighten.

I wish this whole situation could go away, the feeling of betrayal, lost. The walls in the sitting room were covered in papers of missing people, posters with stupid phrases on them, and builtin boards.

The soft yellow overhead lights lit up the faces of the worried, and the broken.

"Ms. Miller, Detective Robert is ready for you." the police officer was always ready with a outward smile.

"Yes ma'am," I stood up slowly and started toward an investigation room. I could feel a tear falling from my face onto my winter coat.

I didn't know this was going to go this far. We only said It was pretend, He said it was going to be funny. Now I'm in a fucking investigation. I'm sorry Clare please forgive me.

"Hello Ms. Miller, my name is Detective Robert, you were called in to elaborate on the situation at hand. This meeting is going to be recorded both audio and visual. So please tell me everything that happened that night. How do you know Mrs. Olivarez?" The detective sat stiff, alert of every sound around him. He's eyes were soft and broken. The bags under his eyes told stories of late nights delegating cases.

"Yes sir, my name is June Elizabeth Miller, I was born October 31, 1995, I didn't know this was going to happen. He said It was going to be a game. No one would get hurt. No one was suppose to die." The sound of my voice grew in the silence, slicing it like a hot knife.
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