My little omega

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Alex POV

I quickly change and head back to Phe. I see him talking to Lily. That's nice that they don't hate each other.

"Okay, are you guys ready to go?"


We walk to my car and get in. I drop Phoenix of first and kiss him goodbye. I watch as he went inside before driving off.

"So what have you guys done?" Have you done it yet? Have you marked him?" Lily suddenly asks out of no where.

"First off, I'm not answering any off those questions. Why would you even ask that's so weird. I don't ask about you and Amber."

"Here I'll tell you. Me and Amber have hot lesbian sëx everyday. I'm the top. The way she moans when I....

" la, la, la, la. Okay, stop stop stop. The farthest we have gone is just kissing."

"Stop lying, you guys are way to touchy for just kissing."

"Okay fine. Maybe when he was in heat and a full moon. I maybe snuck into his room. And maybe one thing lead to another. I maybe gave him a hj and we maybe got caught.

"Didn't know you had in you little bro. When I was in high school I would sneak girls all the time. I'm surprised I never got caught."

"Do mom and dad know your here?" I say pulling into the driveway

"Yeah. Obviously you idiot, who else would have picked me up from the airport."

"Your so mean, all I ever am is nice to you."I say joking around. She rolls her eyes.

We get out of my car and head inside.

"How long ago did you guys meet?"Lily asks as we are walking up the stairs

"Who meet?"

"You and Pheonix."

"Do you mean like first time in general or as mates. Cause if so about 16 or 17 years ago. But, if it's the other one 3 and a half weeks." She nods after I finishing talking

"He's cute, sweet, and small. I like him. I think we'll become great friends."

"Wait, your staying?" I say surprised

"For a couple months while we are on holiday/break. Then I'll head back. Amber is coming to the states in a couple days." She says as we reach the top of the stairs.

We say goodbye as our rooms are the opposite direction to each other.

Time skip to ( prom night)

I look in the mirror fixing the finest details. I am wearing a navy blue velvet suite. With some black pants and a cream under shirt. My shoes are black dress shoes.

I take shine gel and slick my hair back. Then hairspray it so it stays. Perfect! I step out of the bathroom and go to my room. I grab my phone, car keys, and white roses for Phoenix. I walk down stairs and there my mom, sister and dad are waiting for me.

"Aww look at that. My beautiful baby boy is all grown up." My mom says as she tries not to cry

My dad just nods and doesn't really say anything.

"Woah would you look at that. He knows how to look presentable and not like a rat." My sisters says laughing

"You could never look half as good as me if you tried." I fire back

"Yo..." Lily was about to say something but mom cut her off.

"Okay, let's take a few pictures then you can be on your way."

We take a couple pictures and then I leave. Now I'm getting out of the car to go knock on Phe's door.

I knock and wait a few minutes. Until Caroline opens the door.

" Pheonix, Alex is here." She yells

"Okay, I'll be down in a bit."

She signals for me to enter. I do so and take a seat on the couch. Max is sitting on the couch with some girl I have never seen.

Beta Liam and Caroline are just staring at me. I wonder what they are thinking.

Caroline POV
Alex cleans up nicely and looks pretty handsome. But, if he tries anything tonight I'll have his head. He's corrupting my innocent little angel. I lost Max years ago but I at least had Phoenix.

Liam POV
Alex looks good but it make me thing about how in a couple days. That's it no more high school and my kids are going to be starting there life as adults. Okay, enough sentimental's. I'm kinda hungry; I'll order a pizza after they leave.

Alex POV

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I stand up and turn around. Damn, he looks so good he's wearing a burgundy velvet suit. We decided that our theme would be velvet. With a black under shirt, shoes, and slacks. His hair in their usual curls.

The colors suit him. They complement his hair, skin tone, and eyes. I walk towards him with a smile on my face.

Phoenix POV

As I walked down the stairs I caught sight of Alex. He looks like he walked out of a magazine made for gods. Especially since he hasn't shaved in a while he has a little stubble. Which makes him even hotter.

I just want him to take me already. I can see him undress me with his eyes but doesn't do anything. Uggh, god why does he have so much self control.

He walks up to me and hands me roses. Then, we take pictures with Max and his date, then mom, then dad, then all together, and a couple with just us two.

We get in Alex's car and head to the school. Where they were hosting prom.

Alex POV

We have been here for about an hour just dancing and talking.

But now we are dancing to a slow song. I like this intimacy. Being this close, getting lost in those beautiful green eyes.

Prom was so fun. I never knew Phoenix could dance. What else can he not do? He's so perfect. We are now in my car


Alex is about to start driving when I lean over and kiss him. He kisses back and grabs my waist. I waste not time in climb over onto his lap.

*Through kisses*
"So..... I...was...thinking...maybe... I could try something." I say blushing

"What is it?" He says with a smirk and mischievous look in his eye.

"Well, instead of telling you. Why don't I show you?" I say trailing my hand down to his belt. He lifts and eyebrow. And gives a small nod for me to continue.

I unbuckle his pants and unbutton them. I stick my hand down Alex's boxers. His head rolls back and his eyes close in pleasure. I grab his member and begin to slowly stroke up and down. Then slowly increase my speed. Alex lets out a low moan then growl.

I remove my hand. And push the seat back a bit. Then get on my knees and take him into my mouth. As soon as my mouth connects to his member his eyes fly open. They changed color, the familiar yellow.

He roughly grabs my hair and I let out a moan. It send vibrations through his body and caused him to moan. I swirl my tongue around his tip. Licking up and down his shaft. Then, I fully take him into my mouth deep throating him. I was quite hard I think he's at least 13 in.

I move my head up and down and he lets out a string of moans. Before, cumming in my mouth. I swallow it. He puts a finger under my chin and pulls me up. He connected out lips. It was hot and passionate. Our tongues searching every corner of each other's mouths.

He reaches down and takes out my dïck. Grabbing both of our and rubbing then against each other. I grab and run my hands through his hair. His does this for a couple moments while still kissing me. Before, I cum all over his hand a shirt, he goes right after me.

We lock eyes for a few moments before I climb off his lap and back into the front seat.

"That was hot." Alex says smiling.

His eyes are fading back blue.

"Yeah, sorry about your shirt." He looks down and his cum soaked shirt

"It's fine, same to you." I look down at my shirt and see that there a bit on my shirt. I take my finger and scoop it up and lick it. Alex growls in satisfaction.

He take of his shirt and reaches back to get two from the back seat. He hands me one and some cologne to hide the scent of arousal . We change and then get going.

He pulls up to my house and walks me to the front door. I kiss him bye then unlock the door and head up to my bathroom.

Alex POV

I lock my car door and walk in the pack house. I walk to up the stairs to go to my room, when I see Lily leaning on my door.

"What do you want?" I say annoyed

"For someone who just got some you seem pissed."

"All I did was go to prom and dance. I don't know what your talking about 'got some'. Now what do you want?"

"Sure, you just danced. Like all the signs aren't there. Your hair is a mess, your jackets missing, different shirt, heavy smell of cologne......Shall I go on? And what time is your graduation tomorrow?

"Yeah, some wild dancing. My jackets in my car cause it was hot and my shirt was ready by 10:00 it starts at 10:30. Yo could have asked mom or dad you know."

" I would but they seem to have the same idea as you but a bit farther. I don't feel like seeing hetero especially mom and dad."

"Okay, gross. Can you move now?"

"Bye." She says moving off my door and walking away.

I take a shower throw on some boxers get in bed. Then I remember to text Phe.

(Text is in italics)

Hey Phe, I forgot to tell you. Pack a bag of winter clothes for at least 2weeks. And have it ready by tomorrow. For when I pick you up by for graduation tomorrow.

The three dots appear

Why? Where are we going?

It's a surprise, just do it.

Ok, fine

Goodnight, 😘

Goodnight, 😘❤️
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