My little omega

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Phoenix POV

I put my last few pieces of clothing in the suitcases. I have a carry-on, a check in, and my backpack.

I'm already dressed in my cap and gown with regular clothes under. I'm just waiting for Alex to get over here. I keep thinking about last night, it was amazing.

"Hey" Max says sitting next to me. Breaking me from my thoughts


"What's with the bags?"

"Oh Alex told me to pack for some at least 2 weeks. Not sure where it is he won't tell me. All I know is that it's cold."

"Oh ok. You know cold weather equals more time inside. More inside time with just two people who are dating equals ...." he laughs

"Yeah, whatever." I say rolling my eyes

"I'm pulling your leg. It's just fun to mess with you. I know where your going though, Alex told me. Have fun" he says hugging me and then leaving.

He's acting so weird. He never hugs me. Before he can fully walk away I walk up to him.

"What has you so happy?"

"Oh looks who's nosy now. Anyway, I might have a guess at who my mate is since our birthday is on Wednesday." (N/A: I can't remover when I set there birthday. But, I decided to change it to this. 🙂)

"Oh yeah kinda forgot about our birthday. Who is it?" I say even more curious now.

"You'll find out when you come back" and with that he walks away.

The door bell rings and I answer it. It's Alex. He picks me up and hugs me tightly.

"Are you ready to be free of high school in less three hours! Wow your light.

"Yes and can you put me down. I know I'm light now don't point it out again."

He sets me down and I go he my bags and we leave the house. Max and my parents are already gone.

Alex grabs them and puts them in the trunk. I glare at him. I can do it myself I'm not a baby.

"Hey, go get a coat." He says

I unlock the house door and go get a coat from my closet. Then, the leave and lock the door again. I climb into the front seat.
Alex takes the jacket out of my hands and sets it in the back. I glance back and see Lily.

"Oh hi Lily" I say poking back and smiling at her. We pull out of the drive way and begin to drive.

"Hey, Phoenix. Are you ready to graduate?"

"Duh, I hate high school"

" I turn grab Alex's phone and start playing a song since it was connected to the blue tooth."

'We fell in love in October by girl in red starts playing

"Omg, I love her music" Lily squeals

"Me too" we sang along to the music together until we got to the building where our graduation was being held."

"Alright crazies lets go" Alex says climbing out of the car.

2hr time skip

We just took the last picture and said goodbye to everyone. We are now heading to Alex's car.

The ride to the airport was fairly silent. Alex just driving and me taking in the scenery through the window.

We go through TSA and baggage fairly quickly. Guess the airport doesn't have much people on a Friday at 1pm. The flight boards at 1:30 so we are just sitting here. I still don't know where we are going because Alex won't let me look at the tickets, the electronic boards or hear anything over the loud speaker. I'm forced to keep these headphones in.

We are now on the plane. Alex got us first class seats next to each other so I have my head on his shoulder. While I look out the window. We are on the runway about to take off.

Alex POV

The plane begins to roll and gain speed. Then we are in the air and climbing to the right altitude. I look over at Phe who has his head on my shoulder. His eyes slowly close and open as he falls asleep. Eventually he gives in and falls asleep.

I look through the little screen in front of me for a move to watch. I don't see anything that interests me so. I just go back to the home screen

I lean my head on Phe's. The next thing I know I open my eyes. And we are on the ground. Pulling into the airport. What am I laying on. I open my eyes more and look around. It's Phe's lap, he doesn't even notice I'm awake. He's so busy looking out the window. I reach up and stroke his face. He turns his attention to me and smiles.

" I woke qup half way through the flight. And thought my lap might be more comfortable than your head just hanging down."

"Aww, your so sweet and considerate" I say smiling up at him.

"Now will you tell me where we are"

"Mmm, no not yet." I say before getting up, I grab our carry-ons and jackets from the over head compartment.

"Here put this on". I say tossing his jacket to him.

We sit down for a few minutes until. The plane door opens.

"Come on lets go." I say getting up. I let Phoenix get information of me before I start walking off.

We walk all the way up the ramp thingy into the airport.

"Lets go to baggage claim." We arrived and waited the usually unworldly long time.

"The Uber is outside" I say to Phe

We walk out the door and the fresh cold air instantly hits us. Every where is snow covered. It's beautiful. We climb into the Uber and he begins driving.

"Hey, Phe" He turns his head to look at me


"Welcome to Switzerland"

"Omg really!" I nod. "This is so cool." He hugs me

" I knew you'd love it"

"I do. What time is it?"

"It's 5:22 am. Why did you ask?"

"Because I wanna know if it's gonna be an eventful day or not. It is we have the whole day."

"Don't jump the gun. I have stuff planned. Today we are going to go to go get the rental car. Then head to the lodge and meet a tour guide to take a look around. Sample local bakeries and look around at the different stores. Then later well pop some popcorn, light the fire place, turn on a movie, and snuggle up together."

"That sounds amazing. " He says smiling

The Uber dropped us off at the car rental place and now we are driving to the Cabin.

I get distracted by fruit ninja. I haven't played it in a while so I'm kinda rusty.

"Ok we're here."Alex says breaking my concentration.

I look up at where we are. It's pretty high up. But so pretty. This place is amazing. I look at the cabin and it's amazing.

Picture of cabin

"Okay lets go set these bags inside and go meet the tour guide."

We had spent the whole day trying different kinds of bread,pastries, jams, pudding etc... and sight seeing.

We just came home like 10 minutes ago. Im now filling up the tub. It has jets, I mean who doesn't love those.

I go to the kitchen and to find Alex pouring the pop corn into a bowl.

"Hey, Alex. Can I change your plans a bit?"

"Uggh, sure. What is it?"

"Instead of cuddling on the couch and watching a movie. How about you join me in a nice warm bubble bath and movie.....?"
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