My little omega

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Alex POV

When Phe asked if I wanted to take a bath with him. I almost screamed. Hell yeah of course. I would love to do anything with him, especially naked. I just didn't want to force anything on him.

"Hello... earth to Alex is that a yes or no?" Phe says waving a hand in front of my face.

"Yes! *cough* hmmm mmmm I mean y...y...Yes"

"We then come on" He says with a seductive look in his. He grabs the bowl of popcorn and runs to the bathroom.

"Get back here with that" I say running after him.

He's sitting the rim of the hot tub like bath tub. I reach for the bowl but he moves it away and slaps my hand.

"Lets play a game" he said

"What kind of game?"

"A game to get some of this?" He says smirking

"You weren't clear as to some of this is?" I say lifting an eyebrow

"Anything and everything your think of dear. Anything" he licks his lips

"Okay, I'll play."

"Strip and give me a show" he says looking devious.

I never break eye contact with him. Slowly taking of the small pieces first. I can see the hunger in his eyes. As I take longer with every tiny piece. Then, I walk up to him and give him a lap dance. He starts laughing in delight

Then, I take off my shirt. When I do that I see him bite his lip. Next I take off my belt. Then I slowly unbutton my pants his eyes never leave. All I'm left in is my underwear now. I pull it down a bit to reveal the v line and trail of hair leading down.

I get so close to Phe's lips. That he closes my eyes for me to kiss him. But, then I pull away and go to his ear. And I seductively whisper " it's your turn. I'll take off your robe the same time you pull down this last piece of my clothing.

He doesn't even hesitate "Okay"

I position my hands over the pose knot and his at my waist "Ready...1...2...3..."
I undo the robe and pull it off oh him to reveal his beautiful body. He pulls down boxers to reveal my member. I climb into the tub and he does the same after me. He's laying on my chest, position to where he can see the tv.

We get about 10 minutes into the movie when. Phe grabs my member and starts to stroke it. I grab hold of his in my hand and do the same. His face is riddled with pleasure. It looks so hot. I let out a low groan as I feel myself getting closer.

I let out a low growl as I release. Phe cums right after me. He opens his eyes and climbs on top of me. Straddling my waist.

"I'm ready, are you?" I shake my head vigorously.

"Then, lets get out of this water." He says getting out and grabbing a towel wiping himself off. I quickly climb out and dry myself of quickly.

Phe drops the towel and is about to walk away. When I grab him and lift him over my shoulder. I walk into the bedroom and throw him onto the bed.


I look up at the Alex who looks like a descendant from the heavens. He looks even hotter with wet hair. Seriously why have never gone swimming with this guy.

I kinda liked it when he threw me down on the bed just now. The roughness of it flickered something inside me."

Hmm I have an idea.

"Hey, what are you waiting for....daddy?"

When I say that he his eyes turn bright yellow and something ticks in him. I feel the slick immediately pour of me. He throws his head back and breaths in. He smelled it. He's on top of me in seconds.

He spreads my legs and looks at me. I nod. He sticks on finger in my whole and I moan. He sticks another in. And I let out a louder moan. I shift a little from the slight pain. Alex notices and looks up at me for a signal to keep going or stop. I nod my head and he sticks a third in.

"Ahh mmmmm" I say when I feel the pain. We stay still for a few moments before the pain fades.

He starts to move his fingers. Back and forth inside me. There a slight pain but I push through it and it soon turns to pleasure.

I being to endlessly moan. Then, Alex removes his fingers. He positions himself and pushes in. My eyes fly open at his size. There's a slight pain put i push through it and it eventually turns to pleasure again.

This feels so good. But, I want more. Harder and tougher, I want him to make me scream his name.

"Harder, daddy." I moan out. As soon as I saw that he grabs my hips harder and slams into me. Wait, you mean that he was only half way in before. He slams into me rapidly and harder every time.

Mmm, so good daddy. I love when your rough.

He goes even harder now and has a death grip on my waist. We go at it like this for at least 15 minutes.

Alex's canines elongate. He's close and so am I.

"Claim me as yours and fill me up daddy." I whisper in his ear. With one final thrust we mark each other ;and our body shakes in pleasure as we both cum together. Him filling me and I all over him and I.

We both collapse onto the bed. I lay my head on his bare chest and he wraps his arm around me.

He whispers "I love you" to me.

"I love you too babe." I say and look up at him before we both fall asleep.

Hope this was everything you hoped for. Idk I'm not that good at writing these type of scenes.
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