My little omega

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Morning after

Alex POV

Last night was amazing and perfect. I look over at a sleeping Phoenix. He's even more perfect and adorable when he's sleeping.


My eyes slowly flutter open. I look out at snow covered mountains in the distance. Our room has a large sliding door to a porch. The sliding door acts as a huge window revealing the most beautiful view.

"Good morning, beautiful" Alex says moving my hair out of my face. I my head to see him smiling at me.

"Good morning" he leans down and kisses me.

"Are you hungry?" He asks me. And I nod my head yes.

"Okay, I'll go make so breakfast" He says getting up. He slides on some boxers. Wait He was just naked? Oh yeah. I quickly remember last night.

"Wait for me"

"No, don't get up"

"Why?" I say throwing the covers off me and standing up. Then, I feel it. I immediately crawl back into bed.

"Oww, my ass."

" I told you not to get up." He says shaking his head and chuckling. Then, leaving the room.

I can't stay like this. I'm sweaty, sticking and have dried jizz on me. I'm going to go take a shower.

I push through the pain. After a series of mixed limping and half crawling I make it to the bathroom.

It's a mess in here. Turns out the bowl of popcorn fell down and popcorn is everywhere now. There's puddles of water all over the Towels and clothes are all over the floor. Uggh screw if I'm in way to much pain to deal with any of this. I drain the tub and set new water. Then climb in the tub. Not without a struggle though. Every single move I make hurts.

How I'm going to get out of and dressed. I don't know, that's for future Phoenix to deal with.

I close my eyes and just enjoy the warm water.

"Phe, where are you?" Alex calls from the bedroom.

"In the bathroom."

He walks in and has the same look. I did.

"Brings me da foods nows. While I eat you should clean up the bathroom."

"Okay, cripple."

"Heyyyy, I didn't do this to myself you know."

"You know you loved it though." Alex says winking

I watch as Alex cleans up the bathroom. It's sexy. But, I'm sad cause it only took him 5 minutes. We should have created more of a mess last night.

"Hey. Alex I need you to do one more thing for me?"

"What is it?" He says lifting an eyebrow and half smirking.

" Get your mind out of the gutter. I need you to lift me out of this bath."

"But, your still eat-.......what happened to the food."

"I inhaled it. Now grab that towel and help me."

He grabs the towel and walks over to me. I stand up; agonizingly. I take the towel from him and wrap it around myself.

"This is the one and only time of okay with you lifting me. Now lift me,please."
I say pouting

He picks me up bridal style and brings me over to the bed; before laying me down.

"Thank your so sweet. Toss me one of your shirts"


"Because I can't stay naked. You idiot"

"I don't mind but okayyyyyy..."He says while walking over to his suite case. Pulling out a shirt and tossing it over to me

"Thank you."

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