My little omega

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(I added the song cause I listen to it while writing this chapter.)


After waiting the 2 minutes that felt like 10 years. I walk over to the counter. I grab hold of it and close my eyes. As I slowly flip it over. I peak on of my eyes open and look.

Then, I open both eyes to make sure I'm seeing right. Omg, I can't believe it. I think to myself. While looking down at a plus sign and a word that says positive.

Tears begin to flow down my face. I sit on the floor crying tears of happiness for a good 5 minutes.

My wolf is jumping around is prancing around in happiness.

'Okay, okay get it together Pheonix. We have to go tell Alex.' My wolf says to me

'Ok' i say getting up. I look in the mirror and wipe of my face. I then open the door and walk to the kitchen.

Alex is putting away the groceries. He just closed the fridge door when I walk in.

"There you are, I thought you went missing." He says jokingly. I roll my eyes and let out a little laugh

I have the test hidden behind my back.

"Ok, so I have something to show you." I say half nervous half excited.

"Sure, what is it" Alex says getting closer.

"Well..." I say slowly bringing my hand from behind my back. And I show him. It take a minute to register what it is and it says.

Then, I am swept of the ground in a tight embrace. He spins us around and has a huge smile on his face.

He sets me down, the places a giant and drawn out kiss on my lips.

"I love you." He says pulling me into a hug

" I love you, too." I say hugging back

Alex POV

This is one of the best days in my life. This news make me so happy. Honestly, I was getting worried for Phe with all the vomiting. But, now we know the reason.


We are now cuddling under a blacker. We are watching 'In the tall grass' on Netflix. It's a good movie if you like syfy and a bit of horror. Which are my favs.

Alex is laying behind me. He has been rubbing my stomach the whole time. He also hasn't stopped looking at me the whole time. I find it kinda sweet.

He's gonna be a great dad. I have already started thinking of names both male and female because I don't know the gender.

I can't wait until we get back so I can find out. I wonder when we are going back.

" Hey babe, when are we going back?"

"Going back where?"he says in confusing not knowing exactly where I'm talking about

"To Florida"

"Oh, In like 2 weeks. I know I said 2 weeks but I decided on an extra week. Why did you ask?"

"I wanted to know when we would get back, so I could go to the pack doctor and find out the gender." I say

"We won't know yet, your like a week and a half pregnant." Alex says

"Yeah, and that translates to about a month and a half for werewolves. So by the time we get back it will be equal to about 3 months. So we only have to wait like a week or 2 when we get back. Stupid." I say that last part joking.


"Oh also, don't say anything to anyone they will find out. When we get back. I want it to be a surprise."


And with that we return to the movie.

2 weeks later


These past two weeks have been amazing. We haven't done anything but watch movies and relax. My kind of vacation.

My stomach is now about the size of two full watermelons. At the beginning it wasn't that noticeable and then it just started gaining size quickly.

I watch Alex zip up my suitcase. While sitting on the bed. He won't let me do anything. I understand it's him being overprotective. But, it's kinda of annoying. I'm not a baby I can do stuff for myself.

"That's the last of it, let's go." Alex says

"Order the Uber" I say to Alex

"I did, it says they will be here in a minute."he says looking down at his phone.

"Okay then, let's get going." I say reaching for my backpack and Alex's. But, Alex stops me.

"Come on, Alex. I'm fine I can hold two backpacks. You can get the suitcases, I'm just trying to help." I say glaring at him

"I just don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I won't, I promise." I say walking up to him and placing a kiss on his lips.

I grab the backpacks and hold one in each hand. Alex opens the front door and I head out after him. He locks the door and we head to the Uber.

Alex puts everything in the trunk. Then, we get in the car and head to the airport.

We arrive at the airport about an hour later.

I had to take off my jacket going through TSA and I surprisingly did not get stares. I guess I might have been mistaken for a very top heavy man or a woman. My hair has grown out quite a bit. Either way as long as I'm not getting stares.

We are now about to take off. I have my head on Alex's shoulder. I'm watching 'lion king' on the mini tv thing.

Alex is watching the movie with me.

I mind link Alex

"How do you think our families and the pack are going to react." I say through the mind link.

"I think the pack will be really happy. Our parents could have a variety of emotions. And our siblings. My sister is gonna tease us about doing it. And Max he'll probably just say ok then leave. But, I could be wrong."

"I though the same thing. But we'll see when we get home; I guess."

"Actually they won't find out for a while cause when we arrive it will be late at night. They will probably be asleep."

"I forgot about the time difference." I say

The plane begins to roll and soon enough we are in the air.

1 plane ride later

Alex fell asleep halfway through the flight. But I stayed awake the whole time. I got some good pic's.

I also watched a couple movies.

I wake Alex up because we are pulling into the gate.

We got our stuff fairly quickly and then left. We are now pulling up to pack house. All I want to do is take a shower and go to sleep. I'm so tired, I should have slept on the plane.

Alex parks his car and we get out. He grabs the bags from the trunk. I unlock the front door. And walk in. Alex walks in right after me.

Then, lights switch on and people jump out yelling welcome back!

I look around to see who all it is. It's the alpha, Luna, mom, dad, lily, and Max.

"I don't think the pack will be very with you yelling in the middle of the night."

"They'll be fine." The alpha says

"We just wanted to give you a very friendly welcome back." Says the Luna

I shake my head in response.

"Okay, hello it's nice to see you guys after about a month. But, I'm going to go to sleep now. I'm tired from traveling." I say waving them bye and walking away.

I hear a joint bye as I walk away. Alex follows behind me with the bags. We get inside his room. I strip of my jacket and warm clothes. The , I change into one of his shirts. And climb into bed.

I'll take a shower in the morning. I think as I drift to sleep.
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