My little omega

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Surprise?! Pt. 2

(Was listening to that song while writing this chapter)


I throw on some sweatpants. Grab a towel, Alex's basketball shorts, and one of his shirts. Then, get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth.

I take a shower, dress, and brush my teeth. Then, I walk down the stairs and head to the kitchen. I hear the sound of my mother's voice.

The Luna and her are in here making breakfast.

"Good morning" I say walking in the kitchen.

"Good morning" the Luna says quickly glancing at me. Before she does a double take and stares at me. Specifically my stomach area.

She nudges my mother. My mother turns around to look at what it is. She looks around before her eyes land on me.

They look at each other and then begin to smile. I begin to walk to the table.

They soon set a plate down in front of me. And strat piling food onto it.

"Wait, stop! What are you doing?"

"Your eating for two now. So eat up." My mom says

"You guys are crazy people. I can't eat all of this."

"Then, I'll eat it." Alex says reaching over my head.

The Luna slaps his hand as he picks up a piece of bacon.

"Leave his food alone. You big oaf."the Luna says to Alex

Alex sits down in the chair next to me. The Luna sets down a plate of food in front of him and he digs in. I begin to eat too.

About 5 minutes later, Max and some guy walk in. It might be one of his friends that I don't know.

They take some food and sit down at the table with us.

"Hi, I'm Pheonix. Who are you?"I say directing it to the new person.

"Hi, I'm Sebastian. Max's mate. What are you to Max?

Oh yeah I forgot to call on our birthday. I really thought Max's mate would be a girl.

"I'm Max's twin. Fraternal obviously."

"Oh,I would have never guessed. You look so different. But, you do look like your mother. I thought you were a cousin." Sebastian says in surprise

"Yeah, I know right he got all the good genes. And I got stuck with theses." I say jokingly.

"Stop being mean, your perfect." Alex says pulling me into his lap, and wrapping his arms around me.

Max notices my stomach and Sebastian just stares for a moment and smiles.

"So, that happened" Max says. He's referring to my stomach.

"Yup" Alex answers before I can.

I get off Alex's lap and go back to eating so I can leave. This attention is kinda annoying and also makes me uncomfortable.

When I have had enough to eat. I get up and throw the left over last away. It was only a bit so I wasn't being that wasteful. It's not even my fault; it's those two crazy ladies.

I walk to the living room, and sit on the couch criss-cross applesauce.

Lily walks in and sits next to me.

" I didn't think you had it in you" she says

"Had what in me?" I ask confused as to what she's talking about.

"I didn't think you would have sëx. I mean I know you have down some other things. You dirty dog" she says jokingly.

I just roll my eyes.

"Says the worlds most sexual person" I answer back, she just shrugs her shoulder.

"Little angel Pheonix has been having se....." she shouts. But before she could finish her sentence. I cover her mouth.

"Shut the fück up." I whisper while blushing.

She removes my hand and just begin to laugh.

"What's all this laughing about?" Alex says walking in.

"Your sister is a butt that what." I respond with.

"Yeah, I know you'll get used to her. We are going to the pack doctor, so come on." Alex says

He helps me get up and we walk to the medical wing of the pack house.

When we walk in a nurse guides us to a room. Soon enough the pack doctor walks in.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Avery. I'll be your doctor for the next couple months. And your future child/children's pediatrician.

"Hi, I'm Pheonix." I respond with

"It's nice to meet you. I already know who Alex is so no formals." She says

"Can you lay back for me, please?" She asks.

I do as she asks and lay down. She lifts up my shirt and puts some cold gel on my stomach.

Then she get the ultra sound machine. And begins to look at the screen, while moving around the wand/handle thingy.

She lets out a couple hmmmm's. Before turning. To me and Alex. I have no idea how she understands what is on that screen. It looks like random black and white.

"So would you like to know the gender or how many."she says to us

"Gend.....wait did you say how many?" I say with wide eyes. She shakes her head signaling a yes.

I turn and look at Alex he's just as shocked as me.

"How many?" I ask

"4. Two sets of twins. I can't tell if they are identical or fraternal." she responds with

Oh perfect, I just turned 18 and I have four kids. It's going to be some stressful years.

Alex POV

I'm kinda shocked. Four kids! Damn my sperm must be working real good. I always knew I had that good dïck.

Me and Phe can do it though. It will be stressful and sleepless. But, we can do it.

Now that I think about it. It kinda was a possibility. Phe is a twin and both my parents are twins. So it kinda runs on both sides.


"Okay, can you tell us the gender?" I ask the doctor

"Yes. Two boys and two girls. The girls are right there and the boys are here." She says pointing at the screen

"At least it's a balanced amount of each gender." I say to Alex jokingly. He gives out a slight chuckle

We were in the doctors office for about 15 more minutes. She had to check vital and all the stuff. She said my due date was December 30 the day before NewYear's Eve .

I go up to the room, while Alex goes to a meeting about his ceremony. It's in 3days.

I should start packing my stuff and his stuff. I go down stairs, grab a sharpie, and some cardboard boxes. The pack house seems to have an abundance of them for some reason.

I bring them up stairs. I label the box's and begin to pack.

1.5hrs later...

I finished closing the last box, and plop down on the bed.

I take a look around the now barren room. Well... except for the heavy stuff like the tv, dresser, bed, etc.... you get the idea.

As I was thinking to my self Alex walked in.

"Dang, I'm shocked you packed everything in under 2hrs." He said sounding surprised.

"Yes! Don't sound so surprised. I am quite efficient and diligent, I will have you know." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"I see and very mature to" he said mockingly. I only rolled my eyes.

He sat down next to me. Put his arms around my waist and pulled us down, so that we were cuddling each other.

"On a serious note. You don't have to do anything else. I don't want you to hurt yourself." He said placing a hand on my stomach.

I know what he's getting at and it kind of annoys me, but I know he's only trying to protect us.

We laid there for a bit. Me staring at the victorious episode. I'm so happy they put it on Netflix. Alex looking at me and playing with my hair. He would glance at the tv occasionally.

Next morning...

The light of morning shining through the window woke me up.

I'm not sure when I fell asleep but I did, and apparently for a long time. I must have been more tired than I thought.

I was just laying down looking at Alex. He's so drool worthy, especially when he's sleeping. The way his hair falls in his face and....

I was broken out of thought when my mom came bursting in the room and yelling.

"Time to go shopping."


"What?" She said looking confused as to why I responded like that.

"I or we could have been naked. Don't just burst into the room like that."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's nothing I haven't seen before, if you remember correctly I'm your mother. Be down ready and down stairs in 10 minutes. Or I'm going to come up here and drag your ašs down stairs.

And with that she left.

Uggh, I got up and began to get ready.

(Sorry I haven't posted in a whole month. I have just been busy with school and band. But thanksgiving break is coming up soon. So more updates 🥳😃. )
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