My little omega

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Alpha Now


5hrs later...

"Never, Never!! again am I going shopping with that crazy woman." I said setting down the 15 bags filled with baby clothes.

My mom walked in with the rest and set them with the others. In total we had 40 bags.

I hate shopping, and that woman just drug me around for 5 hours. Going from store to store. When I though we were finished, she just took me to another one. They just kept coming.

"I'll put them with the boxes. A few of the pack members are going to move everything later today. Alex said picking them up and walking up stairs.

I would help him but I'm to tired. So instead I'm going to sit on this couch and watch a movie.

Not even 2 minutes later Alex was at my side. Laid next to me and watching the movie with me.

We stayed there until the movie was over. We had started another one, we were halfway through it. When Alex got a text saying everything was moved into the Alpha Wing (not sure what I said about the housing situation before but..... This is what I'm going with.)

Ooo I'm so excited but at the same time I'm not because of unpacking. Uggh!

"Come on let's go start unpacking" Alex said getting up and dragging me with him.

We soon arrived at the door to access the wing. Alex unlocked the door and we walked in.

Omg, I love it. There's so many rooms that I can't wait to explore. And peace and quiet. No one can get in except for Alex and I, because the door has a pin lock.

While Alex began to put away stuff I just wondered. I know he said let's unpack but I know that he won't let me do anything. If I tried.

The first door that I opened lead to a mini personal theater. That will be of later use, since I love tv.

I walked into the room to take a look around.

There were 8 reclining chairs, 2 rows of 4; A popcorn machine in the corner, and obviously the huge white screen at the front.

I spent the next couple minutes like that. So far there's been a laundry room, 5 extra rooms, 3 bathrooms, game room, a dinning room, a music room, arts and crafts room, library, and an office

When I opened the last door. It was the master bedroom. Finally, I found it. What are the odds that this the room I wanted to see the most and it's the last one.

I stepped in the room and started the looking around.

There's a massive king sized bed, a balcony, a massive walk in closet, a night stand on either side of the bed, oh a huge flat screen hanging from the wall.

I walk into the bathroom connected to the room. Omg there's a shower and a tub. Yes! The tub is huge, it looks like a jacuzzi.

There's not really anything else in the bathroom. Except for need essentials like a toilet and 2 sinks.

Alex was hanging clothes as that's all that was left to do. We need to order furniture and decorations for this place because it's kinda bare at the moment.

I walk into and begin to fill up the tub, making a bubble bath. When it's finished I walk over to Alex.

"Hey, how about you finish that later and come take a bath with me" I say

He doesn't even protest and just follows.

We strip and climb into the water. He has his arms around me while I lean pack on his chest. He lays soft kisses on my forehead.

This is nice, I could get used to this.

2 days later...

Alex POV

Omg I can't believe it. I'm only minutes away from becoming Alpha. It's kind of everything I been wishing for since I was young. My mate by my side carrying my pups. While I become alpha and take over the pack.

"Aww my little boy is growing up. He has his mate, is a soon to be father, and is becoming Alpha in only a few moments. You don't need us anymore, do you?" My mom days through tears

"Mom, I will always need you just not as much anymore." I said hugging her

Lily and my dad are just standing there with smiles on there faces.

"Alright time to get on that stage." My dad says

I grab Phe's hand and we walk on stage. My family follows behind us.

In surprise sister walks up to the mic. I wonder what she's going to say. I didn't think she would say anything.

"Alex, I have loved you since the moment you were born. Even though, when we were kids I would boss you around and pick on you.

I'm so proud of you. To see you have grown from this awkward little kid into who you are now. I love you Alex. Your going to be great Alpha." And with that she walked away from the mic. Wow I was actually tearing up. Who knew Lily could be so sincere.

Next, my dad stepped up to the mic and gave the traditional. Then ended it with I'm proud of you soon.

Even though he didn't give a whole speech like Lily. I know what he means. He's not a man of many words when it comes to emotions.

Next the elder walked up onto the stage and did the ritual.

I instantly felt stronger and my senses heightened.

"Pups, she wolfs, and wolfs. I give your new alpha." The elder said raising my hand in the air.


I don't know but something about it. Something about the double of dominance coming off of Alex. It turned me on a bit.

Alex turned back to look at me and his eyes were had a slight yellow tint. It was barley noticeable, but I noticed it.

"I can smell you. Just wait 10 minutes, then I'll have you screaming my name. Alex said gripping onto my waist ,and whispering in ear. As we walked of the stage and into the living room.

It sent shivers through me, and caused me to be turned on even more.

But, I couldn't let him win just yet. I had to get him back.

"Oh is that so, daddy." I said whispering to him.

His eyes became even more yellow, his grip on my waist grew, and his crotch grew.

"Oh, so I see you want me to fück you senselessly." He said whispering back

"I would like to see you try."I whisper

"I can do-" Alex was responding, when cut himself off because his relatives that come to see the ceremony were walking over to us.

"Omg, is ATC." A guy with dark brown hair and the same blue eyes that Alex has. Wow the blue eyes must run in the family.

"Yeah it is but, is that dense dom."

"Whatever, dude. It's nice to see after like a year and a half." The guy that I think is named dom said

"Not my fault that you went to college. Im surprised you got in or did you break in" Alex said

"Wow your so nice. I actually persuaded them with these good look, and charming personality." Dom said jokingly

"In your dreams." Alex responded with

"It's true. Anyways, you. Who are you?" He said turning to me

"I'm Pheonix nice to meet you, and who are you?" I said sticking my hand out for a handshake

"Oh, I'm Dominick or dom. Alex's cousin. How do you know Alex? " he says shaking my hand

"This is my mate and Max's brother" Alex says before I can

"Oh ok, never thought you were Max's brother you look nothing alike."

"Yeah, I know. Were the weirdest twins you have ever seen, huh? He looks like dad. I look like mom.

"Yup..... so, looks like you have been getting busy, Alex." Dom says to Alex. I know what he means. It what everyone notices now.

"I mean I sure don't waste time." Alex responds with jokingly

I punch him on the arm and bring his head down so I can whisper in his ear.

" I know your joking, but make another idiotic comment about me, and we'll see what happens when we get upstairs. "I whisper to him"

"Ok anyways so... have you found your mate yet?"

"Yeah, but....he's human. So he doesn't know about the whole mates thing. I'm taking it slow." Dom says

The rest of the conversation was about random stuff then he left. Other relatives approached us and had similar convos like work, pack stuff, etc....

Finally everyone was gone. Now we can go upstairs and have some fun.
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