My little omega

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Sexy time


As soon as we closed the door to the wing; Alex pushed me up against the wall. But, in a general way, being careful to not hurt me.

His eyes were a bright yellow and filled with lust.

He leaned down and started to kiss down my neck leaving a trail of hickeys. Which caused whimpers to escape from my mouth.

I reached down and grabbed his dïck. He grunted as soon as I did that. His eyes also grew even brighter in color.

"What? Does daddy like me grabbing his dïck." I said.

He connected our lips, with a long drawn out passionate kiss.

We slowly made our way to our bedroom. Where he threw me on the bed.

He got above me and began to slowly undress me. Then pulled down my boxers with his teeth.

I was now lying there naked.

"Your so beautiful, I never get tired of seeing your amazing body" he says with a deeper and huskier tone. It made me shiver with pleasure.

I could feel the slick beginning to pour out of me. And for the way Alex reacted I could tell he could smell it.

He undressed himself, god he's such a sex god. I don't think I will ever stop drooling over him.

He leaned down and begin to kiss down my body. Starting with my neck, then he made his way to my nipples; and lingered there for a bit. Then, he began moving again. Down my stomach and finally stopping at my dïck. Taking it into his mouth.

I let out a moan as he sucked on me. Moving me in and out of his mouth, licking up and down. Then he deep throated me, that caused me to moan even louder and more.

He stopped then moved up to my face. He put his fingers in mouth and sucked on them.

Then inserted them.

"I love when your moaning under me. I love to see how your little face twists in pleasure." He says in a list full tone, while thrusting his fingers in and out of me.

"Oh... yeah.. is .. that .. so.....then about... you.. make ..moan ..even ... more........daddy. I responded with between moans

He grunts and removes his fingers from me. Then, lines himself up and pushes in.

"Mmmm... harder" I say

"Harder who?"

"Harder, daddy please!!" I moan out

He increases his speed ten fold.

"Mmmm, so good. Yes, daddy." I moan

Our bodies quickly slammed into each other for a while. Then, Alex's thrusts grew faster and harder.

"I'm about to go cum." He pants out

"So am I. Fill me up with your cum, daddy. Let me drip with your seed." I say

He bites down on my mark and cums inside of me. I moan out loudly in pleasure and cum all over us.

"I love you" Alex says while kissing my forehead

"I love you too." I manage to mutter out before entering sub space.

I briefly remember Alex placing us in a bath before drifting of to sleep.

Next morning...

I woke up to the chirping of birds, and small rays of sunlight coming in though the curtain.

My head is on Alex's chest, and Alex has his arms around me.

I look up at his sleeping face. It soothes me to see him so peaceful. He's also looks like a literally model. Perfectly square jaw, fine cut features, and they way his perfectly frames and falls in his eyes.

After drooling over him for a bit I decided to get up.

I slipped out of his arms, and went to the bathroom. To tidy up; then I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

I decided on eggs, toast, and bacon with a side of strawberries.

I got out two pans, two plates,bread, bacon, strawberries ,and a tray of eggs.

I wash the strawberries, cut them, and place them on the plates. Then, I place the bread in the toaster.

I put the two pans on the stove and oil them.

I place strips of bacon in one of the pots. Then, crack half a dozen eggs; then begin to scramble them.

"Mmm smells so good, like you" Alex says wrapping his arms around me, and sticking his nose in the crook of my neck. I jump a bit because he scared me.

"Oh, you scared me, don't do that." I say punching his arm. He just chuckles

I finish making breakfast for us. Then, we ate and talked about random things.

Then we heard a knock on the door. Alex got up and answered it. I didn't hear any talking, I just heard the door closing.

A few moments later I saw Alex coming back, and Lily was following.

"Oh, hey Lily" I say to her as she sits

"Hey"she responds with

"Did you need something?" I ask her, curious as why she's her

"No, I was just bored. I thought I would come here and hang with you."

"Oh, ok. Wanna go watch a movie?" I ask her


"Alright follow me. Bye Alex enjoy your first day of being alpha" I say taking her to the theater room

"Umm, I'm kinda jealous now. I want the alpha gene if it means I get a whole private theatre." She says with a look of shock

I only chuckle

"Alright, I'm gonna go change. Then, I'll be right back." I say leaving and heading to our room.

I only had on one of Alex's shirts and nothing else. Not even underwear. Although the shirt went down to my knees, I do not feel comfortable having absolutely no pants on around Lily.

I throw some underwear and some of Alex's basketball shorts on. Then, head back to Lily.

I sit down next to her and I'm about to ask what movie she wants to watch but then she says something.

"So, sounded like you guys had an eventful night last night."

"Yeah, I met some of Alex's family. They are actually quite nice people." I say remembering all the conversations from last night

"Omg for someone so innocent you are quite freak" Lily says with a little laugh

"What do you mean? How is talking to someone freaky and what does that even mean?"

"I mean you and your daddy kink. good, yes daddy." She says repeating what I had hours ago

"You could hear us?"My face grew red with embarrassment

"Yes, this house has thin walls and werewolves with superheating. Also, you haven't gotten much furniture yet, so the reverb made it even louder. Next time I recommend doing it in here. It has good sound absorption."

I take note to what Lily said about the room.

"So how many times have y'all done it?" Lily asks

"So, what movie do you want to watch." I saw trying to changed the subject

"What? I'm open about sëx. Me and mate have done it like over 100 times and we met like a year and a half ago."

"Wow, joe has he not gotten you pregnant yet?" I say surprised

"Correction she not he.That should answer your question. Also, I'm a top not bottom."

"I didn't know you were gay." I say in a bit of surprise

"Yup, I'm full les. I'm all about pušsy. Unlike you dičks aren't my thing."

"Oh ok. Now to the movie, what do you wanna watch?"

"Let's watch 'joker' I heard it's good. She suggested

"Alright, sounds good." I searched for the movie online then found it and started playing it.

Later, at night...

The movie was good but it was also really sad. After the movie me and Lily played monopoly. Then, she left, and I just read a book until Alex came back. Now I'm in bed about to go to sleep

Alex told me we were going on a date tomorrow at 6. I don't know to where though. I'm excited for it.

"How was your first day as Alpha?" I ask turning to face him

"It was pretty boring, mainly just paperwork. How was hanging out with Lily?"

"It was pretty fun, we watched a movie then played a board game."

"Oh, that's nice. Alright I'm gonna go to sleep. Goodnight." He said kissing my forehead, then shutting his eyes.

"Ok. Goodnight" I said before drifting to sleep
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