My little omega

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So....Guess who's back. Sorry for not posting for three weeks. But, that when I went back to school and then I had finals so... anyways it's Christmas break now so yeah....

5:10 the next day...


I answer the door because I heard a knock. I open it to find it's Lily

"Oh hey Lily, what do you need?" I ask.

"Nothing, I got bored and wanted to hang again like yesterday." She said entering while I closed the door behind her

"Sorry can't, I have a date with Alex in an hour. I was about to get ready, when you knocked. But, you can wait here until I'm finished; I won't take long. You can come and sit on our bed since we don't have furniture yet.

She nodded and followed me.

I grabbed some boxers and entered the en suite.

10 minutes later...

I step out of the shower, dry myself off, pull on my boxers, then exit the bathroom to go get fully dressed.

I open the bathroom door and step out. Lily turns to look at me and her eyes grew wide.

"What? Is something wrong?" I say in confusion

"Damn boy, Alex really knocked you up." Lily said jokingly with a smile and little chuckle.

"Ahh yes there it is. Thank for my daily helping and programming of lewd Lily." I say in response as a joke

"You know you love me." She said with a smile

I rolled my eyes and began walking to the dresser. Lily got up and walked towards me. I turned to face her and see what she wanted.

"Can I?" She says motioning towards my stomach m

"Sure" I responded with. I don't mind people touching my stomach, but people don't do it that often.

I feel her cool hands touch my bare skin. Then, I feel little kicks. I smile and look at Lily.

"They started kicking as soon as touched my stomach." I say looking at Lily with a smile

"Aww, they must know what an amazing person I am." She said jokingly

"Have you thought of names for them yet?" Lily asks

" Ummm, no. I do have a few in mind, but I want to see if it suits when they are born. So no we have but haven't."

"Oh, ok I get what you are saying. Well, hello to be named laters. I gonna be your aunt Lily. When your born we are gonna have so much fun together." She says shifting her focus from me to my stomach

"Aww Lily that's so nice. I have never seen you be affectionate before. It's sweet."

"You should see her with her mate." I turn my head to the door frame where the voice came from. I see Alex leaning against it.

I walk over to him and hug him before laying a short but sweet kiss on his lips.

"Hey babe, I thought you were coming at 6."

"I decided to come home early" he says placing his hands on my hips and looking me over a little to much. His eyes grew a little darker with lust.

Omg this horn dog. I think to myself

"Not now. Your sister is here!" I say through the mind link

"So, just tell her to leave." He answered back through the link.

"What about our date? We will be late"

"Not if we hurry."

"Your such a horndog, we had sëx 2 days ago."

"Yeah that such a long time. It's 48 whole hours. 48 hours of not kissing down your body, or hearing you moan my name as you climax, or.... mmmm ahh there it is. I can smell your arousal darling. You know you want to." He said in husky and lust filled way through the mind link

"Mmmmm" is all I could respond with.

"Seeing you in only your boxers, isn't helping. I just want to make you feel good, baby. So is that a yes?"


"Hey Lily, we are about to leave so. Would you mind going?" Alex says to Lily

"Sure, I know the real reason you want me to go though. I'm not dumb, as you remember Alex I'm the older sister. I have a experience, I know all the looks, gestures, anything. Have fun!" She says getting up and heading for the front door.

Alex goes with her to make sure the front door closes. Then he returns back to me and looks at me like a predator. Well I'm screwed.

25 minutes later ...

"See I told you, we could be fast. It's only 5:40, twenty minutes to spare."

"Well, I'm going to go take a shower and no your not invited. Don't want a part two then we will actually be late." I say getting up with a sheet wrapped around me

"Not until tonight at least" he says with a smirk

I turn and look at him with a glare

I begin moving to the dresser to get my clothing. But, I soon realize there is a slight pain. Uggh great I have a limp. I grab my clothes and head to the bathroom.


We both didn't take long to get ready and now we are heading out the door.

Alex turns and closes the door behind us it's automatic self locking so no need for a key.

We walk down the stairs past a Lily with a look of knowing. Then, head to Alex's car, get in, and pull out of the drive way.

We have been on the road for about 10 min later

"Where are we going?" I ask out of curiosity

"You'll have to wait and see." Alex said with a small smirk

The rest of the car ride was spent in silence

When we pulled up to the place is when I finally knew where we were. 'semper viridi caeruleo' it's latin for 'blue evergreen'. It's one of the best restaurants in the world.

I've never been here before but I have dreamt of coming here some day.

Alex stopped the car, got out and walked over to my door, then opened it.

"Your hand Monsieur" he said sticking out his hand

I placed my hand in his and got out of the car. He stepped behind me and closed the door.

We walked up to the doors and entered the building. Alex walked up to the reception lady and told her the reservation.

She lead us to a table on the patio.

2hrs later...

I chose to have salmon with a side of broccoli, while Alex order a stake.

We were about finished eating and just having small talk about random things.

I accidentally hit one of the utensils of the table, I bent down to pick it up and placed it on the table. But, when I looked up from what I was doing, Alex was on one knee and holding out a ring.

I smile grew across my face and I could feel the tears forming.

"Will you Phoenix Ashes, marry me?" Alex asked with a smile and loving eyes

"Yes! A thousand times yes!" I say sticking my hand out so he can put the ring on. He slides it on with ease and we embrace in a kiss.

I hear an eruption of clapping and cheers. I break the kiss and look through tear filled eyes at the people on the patio with us cheered.

Alex paid they check and we left. I could not stop smiling from ear to ear. When Alex got in the car, I placed another kiss on his lips for good measure.

"Now do I deserve a round 2?" Alex pulled away and said with a smile

I got him on his arm and roll my eyes.

"What?" He whines

"This is supposed to be a romantic moment not sexual."

He only looked at me with a slight smile. The car ride back well I don't know how it was. I fell asleep 5 min even though it was a 20 min drive

I was half asleep when I felt myself being picked up. Moments later I met our bed.

Today has felt like a dream
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