My little omega

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December 24


"Hey, babe did we get everyone's presents. Let me see the list." I yell from the bathroom

"I'm pretty sure we did, but here." Alex says walking into the bathroom and handing me the list.

I take the list and look over it. There is on name with out a check next to it.

"We almost forgot your mom, she would have killed us." I said to Alex

"Actually I got it this morning, wrapped it and put it under the tree already. I must have forgotten to check it off."

"Oh ok, look at you being on top of things."I say mocking him because he usual is a mess

"That isn't the only thing I'm on top of" he said hugging me from behind

"Omg your worse than your sister." I say rolling my eyes

"Must run in the family." He says with a laugh

"Also when is she supposed to come back? I kind of miss her."I ask Alex

Lily left about 2 weeks ago. As the few weeks before her departure we grew fairly close as she would keep me company while Alex was gone.

"Ummm, today actually, with her mate. Want to go the airport with me and pick them up?"

"Sure, what time are you supposed to go?"

"Now, their plane lands in 30 min and it's 20 min drive there, so let's go." He says grabbing my hand

35min later...

"They said they are in terminal b." Alex says getting off the phone to Lily

We drive around until we see a sign that says terminal b. We park the car in the parking lot and walk over to the doors and enter.

"They should be hard to spot right? Lily is a giant satan." Alex jokes

I only chuckle. I look around at the crowd and I spot Lily's long black hair, never thought it would be so signature.

"Oh, over there" I say pointing Alex in their direction

We begin walking in their direction. As I walk past people I can feel their eyes in me. I have grown used to it when I go out in public. People usually think I just have a massive beer belly for quite a young person. It doesn't really bother me. Not much does

We soon arrive to where they are but their backs are facing us. So they don't realize we are there.

Alex lets go of my hand and sneaks up behind Lily attempting to scare Lily.

Lily jumps but turns around a punches him in the face. All I can do is laugh.

"Ow, what was that for?" Alex whines

"I'm sorry that we are in an airport filled with people, and you just come up behind me." Lily says in defense

Alex send Lily and I glares.

"Anyways, Lily I'm so happy to see you and finally meet your mate." I say hugging lily and turning to her mate

I take in her appearance. She not short but not nearly as y'all as Lily. Maybe 5 or 6 inches shorter.she has shoulder length golden blonde hair, pale skin with slightly pink cheeks, and deep brown eyes.

The complete opposite to Lily

She reaches her hand out towards me.

"Hi, I'm Amber. You must be Phoenix, I have heard so much about you." She says shaking my hand

"Yes I am, and it's so nice to meet you."

She turned to Alex

"It's so nice to meet you in person and not over FaceTime. Also, geez your y'all. I thought Lily was tall but you some how manage to be taller. Good genes I guess." She says with a slight smile and laugh.

With that our little meet and greet ended. We loaded, well I mean them because I'm kinda occupied at the moment, into the car. Then, drove home.

I have never seen Alex's mom get so excited to meet Amber well apart from meeting me, maybe it's a thing she does. I thought to myself.

The rest of the day was spent preparing food for tomorrow. Then, when Alex came home we went upstairs and watch some Christmas movies. We ended up taking a quick power nap.

Now we are here, downstairs at 11:56 waiting to wish merry Christmas to the pack. Then, we will go upstairs to the wing and have a family Christmas party.

It's crazy how the minutes drag their feet when you want something to come.

Every one left the party around 2. After cleaning up me and Alex went to bed at 3. I only managed to get an hour of sleep when...

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4:06 am

I woke up from my sleep when I felt a sudden pain and like I peeded myself.

I took a second to register. Then, it did. Holy crap, holy crap, okay this is happening. I'm going into labor.

"Alex get up" I said shaking him

"Mmm, what?" He said in a sleepy haze

So..... that's happening, finally! Anyways one more day till Christmas, yay!

(A/N: I didn't want to make a whole scene for furniture ,so I'm just going add some images of the what it looks like)

(You guys get the idea of the theme.)
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