My little omega

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Christmas, baby!

4:06 am

I woke up from my sleep when I felt a sudden pain and like I peeded myself.

I took a second to register. Then, it did. Holy crap, holy crap, okay this is happening. I'm going into labor.

"Alex get up" I said shaking him

"Mmm, what?" He said in a sleepy haze

"Bring me to the pack hospital. Now!" I said said the last past part with force because I

"What, why?" He said a little more alert no and getting up

"Omg you idiot. Umm maybe you know it's because I'm in labor. Now let's go!" I slightly yell

"Uhh.. woah...uhhh" Is all Alex can mutter while sliding on a pair of sweat pants as he only sleeps in underwear. I'm wearing one of his shirts and boxer so I'm good.

He picks me up and in minutes we reach the hospital. A nurse leads us to one of the rooms and here we are. Our families are in the waiting room because I hate crowding.

I hear a knock on the door. Then, the doctor enters.

"Well looks like your progressing really fast. So maybe In an hour or so we will start the c section." The doctor says

"Ok, no probl-" I stop mid sentence as I feel my lower regions being torn stretch and pulled. I let out a silent scream not wanting to be dramatic. It's probably nothing right?

"Are you okay Phoenix?" The doctor asks out of concern because of the recent scene

"Um, I'm not sure what just happened but can you check." I said pointing to my lower regions

"Umm ok" she says propping my legs up then lifting up the hospital gown.

"Babe are you okay, what's wrong?" Alex asks clinging to my hand and with a worried look

"I'm not sure something just feels off you know"

I almost forgot about what the doctor was doing when she speaks

" So, it seems that your body has formed a whole similar to a vaginal canal. So good news no c-section. Bad news, seems like they seem to think it's a slip and slide. So your kind of giving birth now or in the next five minutes at least." She says with a slight smile trying to break the tense environment.

"Well, you should feel our parents and Lily to come in the r-" I feel a sharp pain even worse than before

As one faded the other came ten times worse. I look at Alex with a look to kill while he looks deeply concerned.

"I'm going to kill you in your sleep. You won't know when but I will do it. I hate you so much for doing this to me, you inconsiderate asšhole." I says through pain ,and squeeze his hand as hard as I can so he can feel half the pain I am.

He doesn't say a word but his expression now has a mix of fear.

"Ok baby one is right here. Two big pushes should do it. Ready... 1...2...3...push. Ok good, your doing so great, ready one more. 1...2...3... big push." She says with an encouraging expression

With that the room fills with a cry. I don't see the baby as they move it onto a station for cleaning.

"Ready three more times, you got it you can do it" the doctor says

"Omg three! FUĆK!!! Your really gonna die now, Alex I will kill you." I say still in pain

6 more excruciating pushes later and room filled with cries. The pain finally fades, thank god. I feel extremely tired as I am on one hour of sleep.

I hear my mom cheer, I guess from seeing the newborn children. To think of it I don't even know when they came in the room.

A nurse approaches with two babies wrapped in blankets.

"Baby one, Baby two" is all the nurse said placing them into my arms.

I looked down at their sleeping faces and how cute they were. Tears started to form. Life is so precious

I couldn't really tell a difference between them. As their facial features were very similar except for the fact of the different colored blanket and hair.

I could see a small piece of of hair through the hat.

Number 1 the boy had black hair, while number 2 the girl had red, like me. The red hair lives on, vive les cheveux roux. I think to myself which cause a small chuckle to myself.

"Would you like to see the other two?" The nurse asks

"Yeah" I say in response

She takes the two from my arms and lays them in cots. Then, takes the other two from Alex and places them in my arms.she picks up the two from their cots and brings them to Alex.

"Number three and number four" the nurse says repeating what she had said earlier just in different words.

Number three the boy with black hair and number four the girl with black hair. No more red hair, I though to myself. It makes me a bit sad but at least we have one. 2 boys and two girls I thought to myself. It's a good balance.

I feel myself drifting to sleep, so I call for the nurse to take them. Then, I drift of into sleep.

Alex POV

I look at my mate and children with pure happiness. Wow children, I'm a dad. It's crazy to think how quickly things can change in a matter of minutes, hours, or months.

I removed being so anxious about finding my mate. But here we are months later. Me as Alpha, engaged to my loving and amazing mate, happy and now a father.

Merry Christmas to me. Best present ever!

I love you Phoenix you have made my life the best. I thought to myself looking at Phoenix sleeping. He always looks so peaceful when he's sleeping.

I love and can't wait to raise you babies to be named later.I say looking at the four cots side by side.


I wake up to the chatter of people. My mom and dad are gushing over one baby, Alex parents the next, Lily and her mate have one, and My bother and his mate. Alex is just watching them with a smile.

He is the first to notice me awake. He comes and lays down next to me.

"Look you did that, I mean I helped but I proud of you. Also are my death threats called off ?because I'm not gonna lie,I'm scared." He says his expression changing from a smile to a worried face.

"Yes" I say with a slight chuckle

"Boy does he have a mouth when he has a temper or is in pain. It's nothing new, it's been happening ever since he was young. My mom says as my family agrees with the statement

"I for one was shocked, but I guess I always learn something new about you." Lily says with a wink

"Alright enough about me, bring
Me and Alex the babies. Naming time,yay!"

They get up and hand us each 2 children. Then pull up a chair around us and watch with interest.

I know cliche but, first born named first. Umm who is first born?"

"Oh they have little brackets with the birthtimes."

"Oh ok thank you"

I look through the times and find which one was born first.

"Alright here we go" I look into the babies eyes as he stares right back at me

(Mind link)
"Look at his eyes, they are a mix of blue and green spots. It reminds me of when a star explodes, and there is a burst of colors. Like a supernova. Oh that's it, Nova. What do you think" I says to Alex through the mind, he only nods in response.

"What about a middle name?" I ask

"Star, it fits the theme" Alex suggests

"I like it. So decided?"


"Ladies and gentlemen, meet 'Nova Star Cole"I say to my invested small crowd.

I hear awww coming from them.

Okay next child, Aww my little red head.

"I've got it, Poppy. It's Latin for 'red flower' and she is our little red flower in a sea of black haired people."

Alex gives a slight chuckle

"I do take some offense to that jab, but I love it. And how she got your hair."

"Okay now middle name, you decided. Ooo it could be a little system, I'm on first and your on middle name. Anyways what do think it should be?"

He took a bit of a look at her and opened his mouth.

"Winter, because she has my eyes. And my eyes look good against snow and snow is associated with winter." Alex said

"Wow ok, big brain time. But, I like it."

"Meet 'Poppy Winter Cole". It was followed by more sees like before

I stare at baby number three. He smiles back at me and laughs. He's definitely a happy baby.

"Look at his eyes Alex. They are golden, I have never seen anything like it."

"It's a genetic mutation that runs in my family. It only happens ever 5th generation or so. There's a legend that those with the eyes posses powers and are the given protectors of the pack. I don't know if that's true though."

"Oh good to know, let's see what the future holds. You never know. But, right now we are naming. So far we have relied so heavily on color association so let's continue.

"When I look at his eyes I think hazel because it just rings that bell and gives a nice imagery of the color to me."

"Sounds good toe, I already thought of the middle name. It's 'Noel' I wanted a name that ties into the Christmas birthday, and he's such a smily, bubbly baby. So when I think Noel I think happy and Christmas."

"Let's do it" is all I say before announcing it

Meet 'Hazel Noel Cole'. Again more Aww's

I take last baby and look at her.

"Alright girly looks like your the last one. So let's figure it out."

"Her middle name is 'ash' because I want my last name in one of their names. You can decide the first name." I say before Alex can say something

"Ember although her eyes are green. They have a twinkle to them that looks like a spark or fire." Alex stated

"Ooo I like that, I'm going to add 'Raine' to it because it sounds cool together. And she seems like she's going to be powerful"

"Last but not least, Meet 'Ember Raine Ash Cole'.

"No offense but I like that the best. Also really Phoenix, you had to have your last band in there didn't you." Lily states

I give her a knowing smile.

"How did you guys come up with the names?" My mom asks, she always has to know the reasoning behind something.

I explain to them on what happened. They seemed to like the ideas.

"Alright now everyone out I'm going to go to sleep." I said motioning for them to leave

I heard a bunch of Merry Christmas as they left. I almost forgot it was Christmas.

Merry Christmas to me. I don't know what gifts I got from others but I love this present. 4 cute babies and a loving mate.

Is what I think before drifting to sleep

Merry Christmas guys I hope your have a wonderful Christmas or had depending on when your reading this
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