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New Years short

11:47pm, December 31


Me and Alex finally finish dressing the quads in their matching outfits. I tried to do it by myself, but ughh was that tough and tiring. I'm already running on 3hrs if sleep.

Every time I got one changed the best peed, pooped, threw up, or was crying.

So eventually I got Alex to take 2 while I took the other 2.

But it was worth it cause they are just the cutest things. Even though they aren't identical I'm still going to be that parent that dresses them the same.

"Alright let's head down to living room." I said picking up Hazel and Poppy. Alex picked up Nova and Ember.

We walked out our door, down the stairs, and to the living room.


We all sat in the living room gathered around the tv watching New York ball and getting ready for the countdown. I can't believe it the year and decade are almost over.

It's so exciting, I'm going to enter my 20's in the roaring 20's.

A lot has truly happened this year, I'm so excited to see what the future holds for us.







"Happy New year we all said at a semi volume because the quads were sleeping.

Alex and I shared a brief kiss, then we broke apart.

"You wanna celebrate the new year, Separately ." Alex whispered in my ear

"What about the quads?"

"They are sleeping, we'll just put them in the nursery." Alex said looking at me with lust filled eyes

"Alright." I said, as we got up with the kids.

"Happy New Year everyone. We are going to go put these pups in the nursery then head to bed." I said as we walked up the stairs

"Bye" everyone said in unison

-happy New Years, 2020 is gonna be great💖💖
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