My little omega

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Love you

June 11...


I turn around as I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I respond

I look at the door to see who it is. My mom pokes her head in and walks over to me.

"Aww, look at my little boy all grown up. Can you just go back to being little and this time don't ever grow up. I'm not ready to lose my baby." She says placing her hands on the side of my face. Her eyes are beginning to water.

"Mom don't cry, you'll ruin your makeup. I'm still your baby, just a little bigger. Also, if I didn't grow up you wouldn't have those 4 terrors." I say grabbing her a tissue

I still remember that day in the hospital, it was only a couple months ago. But, felt like yesterday.

They made me miss opening Christmas gifts, but it's okay they are quite the gift themselves.

All the emotions and memories made that day are so unforgettable.

They have grown so much since then.

"Speaking of them, where are they?" I question breaking myself from thoughts

"Oh I left them with Lily and hunters mom. I wanted to see you before you walk down the isle." She said wiping her eyes

"Aww mom that's so sweet." I say giving her a hug

"Okay that's enough of that now, we have a wedding to get to. Are you ready?"

"In what way mentally or physically? Mentally, yes. Physically no, I still have to tie my tie." I say picking up the tie from the chair arm.

"No let me" my mom says grabbing the tie from my hands

I watch as she ties it, when she finishes she looks up and gives me a gentle smiles. I smile back.

"Ok now I ready. Shall we go?" I say sticking my arm out for her to grab

"We shall" she said grabbing my arm

Alex POV

I stand at the the alter watching and waiting for my handsome groom to walk through those doors.

It still shocks me at to how your whole world can change in a matter of months.

Just a year ago I had so many nerves as to what would happen with my mate.

Never did I imagine I would be getting married a year later.

I'm nervous but I'm ready to spend the rest of my life Phoenix he's the love of my life after all.

I watch as the doors slowly open. They revealed a smiling Phoenix.

I can't believe it this is actually real.

This is the first time I'm seeing him in his suit,he looks so good. I push back the tears that are trying to fight there say out.


I begin walking down the isle to my amazing groom. My dad is walking me down the isle.

As I try not to cry as I don't want to look gross because boy am I an ugly crier.

I walk up the steps to the alter.

I look at Alex and I see his eyes look glazed over.

"Aww are you crying?" I say through the mind link

"Well obviously, you look amazing and this is one of the best days of my life" he says back

I didn't expect that answer, I expected a denial.

My dad let's go of my arm and moves to the side. The pastor begins

"We are gathered here today for the union of Alex Cole and Phoenix Ashes( A/N: not asšes, lol). This is a relationship that is boned and made out of love. It will last for many years to come. A they tie the knot today they are only strengthening it. Are groom Alex would like to say some words now.

I watched as Alex opened his mouth and began

"Phoenix I have loved you since they day I found out we were mates. You have changed and brought so many wonderful things to my life. I could imagine what it would be like without you and I don't want to. You have also given me 4 beautiful and wonderful little babies, that I will forever be grateful for. So after today I'm proud to call you my husband. I love you" he said with tears falling from his eyes.

I began crying also

"I love you too, even though your a little devious. I couldn't imagine my life without either, your a light in my life. Also, don't forget they are are kids, you also gave them to me."

We were both a crying mess, by the time I finished talking I heard a few awww from the crowd probably our mothers.

The priest then began again

"The rings, please." He motioned for the rings to be brought up

Our ring bearer was Lily's mate, over the past few months I have gotten so close to her and I wanted to include her in the wedding.

She gladly brought the rings up, I grabbed a ring from the pillow and Alex did the other.

"Do you Alex take Phoenix to be your lawfully wedded husband, till death do you part?

"Yes" Alex said with a smile

"Do you Phoenix take Alex to be your lawfully wedded husband till death do you part?"


"You may now kiss the groom" the priest said

And with that we slid the rings on each other fingers, then met with a kiss.

Claps and awww's filled the room, as people showed happy smiles.

I broke from the kiss and said to Alex

"That's it your stuck with me now. And I'm never letting you go."

"There's no one else I would rather be stuck with, and trust me I'm holding on even tighter." He replies to me

We connected our hands and walked down the alter.

Time for pictures, the after party, food, and most of all CAKE! I'm so excited


The party was great the music was fire and so was the food, ooo the cake too.

And pictures were great they look so great, the photographer is going to make them look even better, then a digital and physical copies.

"Today is the best day in my life right next to meeting Alex and the quads birth."

I'm going to sleep laying next to my husband, wow sounds so weird to say but I like it.

(Hope you guys liked this chapter. I loved writing it, I'm sorry that my writing kinda sucks though.)
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