My little omega

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5 years later...


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ember, Poppy, Nova and Hazel. Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu." I dang dragging out the ending.

"Who's ready for some cake?" I said grabbing a knife to cut the cake

A gather of 'me's' were shouted.

"Okay then line up with your plates." I stated while cutting the cake

"Move out of the way, Ember!" Nova yelled pushing her out of the way, so he could be first.

"Nova no, we don't push or hurt others especially to get our way. Go to the back of the line and wait your turn."

"But-" he tried pleading

"Now! And say sorry to to your sister" I said sternly

"Sorry Ember" he said

He dropped his head and unwillingly walked to the back of the line.

Through the past years our kids have been great, with the occasional behavior issues like any regular child. But, recently Nova has become very aggressive in getting his way. So we try to punish him when does these things in hopes of showing him the error of his ways.

We don't want this to continue into his later years, as that would cause so many problems.

Other than that they all get along nicely. I really happy to have such great kids.

I serve them a slice and they each walk over to the table and take a seat.

"When do we get presents?" Poppy asked with a mouth full of cake

"Later when we go to the Christmas party and don't talk when your mouth is full, you might choke." I respond to her

"You might choke on something later" Alex whispers in my ear and hugging me from behind.

When did he get here? I didn't hear or smell him come in. I might have been to distracted.

"Daddy" the quads scream and run to him

"Hello my little munchkins. Why don't you go sit back down, and you can tell me about your day."

"Ok" they all said at the same time and began walking back to their chairs.

"We were just talking about the Christmas party" I say as Alex takes a seat next to me

"Ooo fun, are you guys excited?"

"Yeah, we get to see Astra, Leo, and Iris.

Astra is Lily and Amber's kid. Amber got pregnante a couple months after the quads were born. So our kids have grown up together.

(A/n: not sure how the amber lily kid situation works, so don't try to question it to much.)

Astra ended up looking exactly like Lily, I guess the Cole's must have some dominant genes; because the quads all look like Alex only with slight resemblance to me.

Iris and Leo are Max and Sebastian's twins. They were born about 2 years ago, they look like a mix of them.

"And we get presents" Poppy adds

I let out a little chuckle and smile

"Is that all you can think about Poppy, presents?" I ask her amused at her infatuation

She smiles and shakes her head yes.

"Daddy and Papa do you wanna see what I learned in gymnastics yesterday ?" Hazel asks

"Sure" Alex and I answer

We enrolled them in swim and gymnastics when they were around 2 and 1/2.

He got of his chair and walked to side of the table where we were.

"Look" he said slowly bending back and doing a back bend.

We smiled and clapped for him, it's really nice to see them do cool tricks and be excited about they are doing.

"That's so nice we are so proud of you." I added

"Wait, look..." he says slowly standing back up straight "I can get up to"

"Now we are extra proud of you" Alex says with a smile

"Wait... look I can do it too" Poppy says

"So can I" Nova says

"Me too" Ember says

Here we go again, the competition for praise. It's a thing they have developed, trying to out do each other. We don't put it down because it's only friendly and childish competition

10 years later...

"Can you guys stop growing up, it makes me sad. I remember when you were little babies or toddlers. It feels like yesterday. I miss it, you guys used to be so cute. Now your smelly teens"

"Used to. I don't know about them but...I'm still cute, I don't know what you mean." Hazel says

"Are you blind or crazy or both? Cause have you seen you." Poppy says

"Umm rude! We all know I'm the best liking of the bunch" Hazel responds with

"Woah, woah wait a minute. We all know I'm the best looking." Nova butts in

"All of your are delusional end of discussion." Ember adds

I enjoy their playful teasing, it's amusing to listen to.

"Maybe I should have another baby. You know less fighting and someone who is actually cute to look at." I say

"Aren't you like 65? Hasn't the well dried up." Poppy says

"I'm only 33 and very youthful, thank you very much. Anyways changing the subject are you guys excited to see what your wolves are and look like?"

"Yeah, pretty sure I'm going to be alpha, being first born and all." Nova says

"In your dreams nova, your the runt."

"I am not."

"Yes, you are Mr. 5 '10'." Hazel says

They all got Alex's height all of them surpassed me by the time they were 12. It's kinda sad but I don't really mind.

"Whatever, at least I can swim faster than you, your so slow a turtle could out swim you"

They quit gymnastics a couple years ago, as they became to tall for it, so they turned their focus on swimming. Then about a year ago Hazel picked up dance and ballet, Poppy volleyball and soccer, Ember Cheer, and Nova tennis.

They also picked up orchestra or band. With additional instruments that they play on the side. They all also are in choir who knew we had good singers in the family.

We liked that our kids are well rounded being athletic, academic, and musical.

It's a lot but our schedule's are carefully planned for no collisions and plenty of rest days.

I think it helps them to not slack and get into trouble.

I break myself from my train of thought.

"Alright get out my car and go inside. I have been sitting here for the past 10 min and no one has noticed."

"Oh we are, I didn't notice." Hazel says

We all got out of the car and walked inside.

Later that day...

11:55 pm

"Are you guys ready to find out what your wolves are and shirt for the first time?"

"I feel regular about it, I don't have any sort of emotion that comes when I think about it." Ember says

"I'm a little nervous to be honest." Hazel says

"All your emotions are perfectly normal, everyone reacts in different ways. I remember my first shift, I was a mix of nervousness and excitement. But you guys are going to be fine no matter your rank we will still love you." I try to say with encouragement

I check the countdown I had on my phone, less than 30 seconds.

"There's less than 30 seconds anything anyone wants to say?"

They all shook their heads, I check the timer again 10 seconds.

"Ok ten seconds, oh almost 5 now" I watch as the clock ticks down






I watch as their bones slowly move under their clothing, soon enough their teeth begin to elongate and more bone movement happens.

"You didn't say it would hurt this much, dad" I hear one of them say through heavy breaths

Alex walks over and puts his arms around, as he can feel my discomfort with seeing them in pain.

Not to long after they are fully shifted and I can sense their ranks.

All of their wolfs are black except poppy with a red one.

I look over at each of them and try to get a clear sense of their rank.

Nova is warrior and so is Poppy, Ember a healer, and Hazel the alpha.

I had my guesses about Hazel and I was right, not to be stereotypical but depending on growth patterns he's always been bigger.

He'll make a great alpha he is caring and someone you have fun and joke around with. While he shows great leadership and maturity. All that is needed for a good alpha.

I think they all fit their positions.

Even though Hazel is caring, Ember is even more. She has always showed nurturing and mothering qualities. She also remains calm in stressing situations, I think that would be great for her future patients.

Nova and Poppy, my to fiery ones. They have always had a bit of a bite to them. Nova the more challenging one and Poppy never taking a simple answer, always pushing for more. They have the most self-motivation and drive.

They will do well in these positions.

"What do you think, about their rankings? Do you think it suits?" I mind link Alex

"Yes, the personalities match well with the positions." He responds

We let them run around and play a bit in their wolf form before tossing them their clothes so they can change, since their others ripped during the shift.

After they came out from behind their trees, we headed inside.

They are all pretty happy with their positions, even Nova who wanted to be alpha so bad.

I'm so happy I have this life, I couldn't wish for anything else.

I want it to stay like this forever but in 3 years I'll lose them to their mates.

I'm not ready for that, but I'm excited to meet my future daughters/son in laws or non binary in laws.

(Ahhh, 1,651 words minus these. Hope you guys enjoyed it was fun to write.)
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