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My little omega

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17 year old Alexander( Alex for short), is the next alpha in line. He turns 18 soon and will be able to find his mate...... but he is worried that he won't find one Will he find one?and who will it be * simple love story*

Romance / Fantasy
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The day before

This is my book that i wrote on Wattpad and have re-uploaded here. So all the little notes at the bottom will relate to when I released it on Wattpad. Just a little blurb so you guys don’t get confused.

Also this was my first book I ever wrote(released almost a year and a half ago). I have become a better writer since then, so I will be revising and editing the chapters.

Alexander POV

I woke from my sleep when my mom yelled at me to get up. I groaned as I rolled out of bed onto the floor. I was having the best dreams, and then my mom woke me up. I hate when that happens.

After laying around on the floor moping around for a few minutes. I got up because I didn't feel like getting yelled at again. I grabbed my iPhone XS Max off my bedside table where it was charging. I checked my notifications and then the weather. It was the usual Florida weather. HOT! The lowest the tempt ever got was 50 which only made you feel a bit chilly. But, today it was 105. I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of black khaki shorts and a black Hawaiian shirt with: pink, red, orange, white flowers, and green tropical leaves.

I grabbed my clothes and towel and walked across the hall to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and undressed quickly. I then got in and got lost in thought about my mate. You see I turn 18 tomorrow and that's when I can sense my mate. I'm a bit worried that I won't find them or that I might not even have one. I just hope I have one; I don't care what gender they are because I'm bi. So that causes me to have mixed feeling about tomorrow worry and excitement. I snap myself out of it trying to think so negatively.

I turn the shower off and get out. I was about to grab my towel when my mom opened the door. I froze for a second before quickly covering myself up.

"MOM!!!!!" I yelled.

"Oh sorry. But it's nothing I haven't seen before" She said leaving and laughing her head off. " But get your asš downstairs. School starts in 30 minutes and it's a 10 minute drive there. So hurry the fück up. "

"Okay, Okay"I responded.

I made sure to lock the door, then dried my self off. I quickly dressed, then step in front of the mirror to see how I looked. I looked my 6'5 muscular stature up and down in the mirror my black hair was wet. But I like it like that I think it complements my blue eyes. My chiseled jaw was stubbly against my tanned skin. But I found that I looked good and left the bathroom.

I walked down the stairs of the packhouse and followed the smell of food. As I sat down my mom set a plate of bacon, eggs, and waffles in front of me.

As I was eating my dad sat down next to me. "So son, you find your mate tomorrow. How are you feeling."

Ummm... I'm a bit nervous but also excited." My dad shook his head "I understand before I met your mom, I felt the same way."

"Well dad I have to go" I said getting up and waving goodbye.

" Bye." Both mom an dad responded.

I got into my black dodge challenger and drove to school. When I pulled up, girls surrounded my car as usual both from the pack and human. I said hello to them and then walked over to one of my best friend and our group of friends: Max, Alec, Tyler, Jason, and Jack. They were all wolfs. Max was my beta and Alec was my gamma. Max is 6'3with brown hair and brown eyes, and alec is a 6'1 blonde with brown eyes.

" Hey what's up Alex" Max said.

I walked up to him and gave him a bro hug.

" Nothing much, are you excited for the game tonight" He nodded

" Yeah, well I see you guys at lunch. Class is starting." And with that, the day went by quickly.

The game was great we won as usual. Now, I was at home taking a cold bath so I would get sore. I'm so happy tomorrow is Saturday so, I don't have to move because I'm going to be so tired.
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