My little omega

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Getting to know you

Phoenix POV

We had just finished a pretty hot make-out session where Alex ended up shirtless. Now we are on my bed and my head laying on his bare muscular chest. Breaking the silence asked" I want to get to know you better. I mean like all I have know you as is my best friends little brother" I pinched him

"HEY! I'm only younger by 2 minutes. He only chuckled "

" Anyway as I was saying before. Now that we are mates I want to know everything"

"umm okay. What's your favorite color, food, subject, and book? "

Alex responded with " Black, steak, English, and the red queen series. What about you? "

"Blue, chicken tenders, math, and the divergent series." We went on like this for about 30 minutes before we decided to go downstairs."

Alex grabbed my hand while we were walking down the stairs. I didn't mind because I liked it. We walked into the living room, and there my parents and brother were. Like they were for us. As soon as we walked in their heads turned to look at us, and then at our hands. We took a seat on the couch across from them.

My mom began grinning " ahhhhhhhhh, I'm so happy" and before I knew it she was hugging Alex. He was a bit stunted but hugged her back and had a smile on his face.

My dad said laughing" Okay Caroline, no need to scare the poor boy" Mom shot a glare at dad and then sat down.

My father began" Okay, we were waiting here to tell you that while whatever it was that you were doing. We called Alex's parents and we have made plans for dinner with them at 6 p.m. To discuss the formalities of you being mates.

And with that, they got up and left. Except for Max, he walked towards us and stuck out his hand. Alex stood up and instead of taking it. Bro hugged Max

Max said with a smile on his face. "I'm happy for you bro".

Alex said with a smile " Thanks"

Then max left and Alex laid down behind me. And soon pulled me down onto him.

"What movie or tv show do you want to watch?" I asked Alex

"Do you mind horror movies?" Alex asked


He shook his head in understanding "Okay then let's watch 'US' "

"Okay" I responded with a smile

We stayed like the next 2 hours, and then Alex stayed for about an hour and a half before leaving to get ready for dinner at 6.

( Sorry, I know this is kinda short)
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