My little omega

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Alex POV

I'm so happy I found my mate. And he's so cute, beautiful, and loving. He's just so perfectly perfect. I can't believe that I never paid attention to him before.

I finished putting on my shoes. I was wearing a black polo, white shorts, and some black/white Adidas. I sprayed some cologne on me and headed downstairs. To where parents were waiting, so we could leave and head to the restaurant.

My mom looked me up and down " Damn, boy you actually look good for once"

In a sarcastic voice " Omg thanks mom your so nice"

My mom, laughing "I'm just joking, but you actually do clean up nice for your mate."


Phoenix POV

I am sitting on the couch waiting for my parents and Max. I look down at my outfit. I decided to wear a dark blue button-up, some light beige Khaki shorts, and my light blue and dark blue checkered vans. As I'm about to get on my phone my parents and Max walk down stairs.

"Come on let's go" my mom said

" Ok" I responded with a smile and got up.

We locked the front door and headed to my parents red 2017 Hyundai.

We pulled up to a restaurant that was called Rogue.

"It was kind of ironic" I said out loud.

"How?" Max asked with a confused look on his face.

"Cause you know we are werewolf's and rogue's are real...... nothing......okay, I'll stop now."

We walked into the restaurant and walked up to the waitress.

" Reservation for Ashes and Cole. The others will be here in a bit." Mom said

"Okay, follow me "the waitress responded

We followed her to a room, it turns out they booked a privacy room made for intimate yet semi- formal events at the restaurant. We walked in and took our seats.

" Would you like to order a drink or food while you wait?" The waitress asked

My mom responded quickly "um, yes drinks please"

The waitress shook her head in understanding. While taking out her note pad and pen. "okay what can, I get you guys."

Mom said she wanted red wine, dad said a beer, Max said a rootbeer and I said Apple juice.

"Okay, I will be right back with those" the waitress said before leaving.

No one was talking so I decied to get on fruit ninja.

Alex POV

I decided to take my car and just follow my parents. Thats ironic; I thought to myself as I pulled up and looked at the name. My parents got out of their car the same time as I did. So we walked in the restaurant together.

My mom walked up to the waitress and told her the reservation. And she lead us to a room and we walked in.

My eyes immediately shot to Phoenix. He was seated to were his back faced the door. And he was looking down with such a focus that he didn't even know we were there.
I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. Then, nuzzling my nose in his neck. He jumped a bit from surprise and dropped his phone.

Turning around "What the fu-. Oh hi Alex" he said while his cheeks turned pink.

I sat down in the seat next to him. He bent down to grab his phone and I smacked his butt. Earning a quiet moan from him. He picked up his phone and then sat back down and punched me.

"That's for making me lose at fruit ninja and doing that just now."

We looked up and the now full table. Phe's( pronounced fee) dad looked like he wanted to kill me again. Ooo I like that nickname, I should ask Phe is I can call him that. His mom was smiling again and so was my mom. Fangirls I'm guessing. Max wasn't paying attention and my dad had a blank expression.

The waitress came back and brought the Ashes' drinks. Then took our orders. Once she set Pheonix's drink down I reached over and grabbed it.

"Thanks, I love apple juice." I said playfully grinning

" Hey, umm I don't think so"

I took a sip then set it down " why not?"

"Touch my food again and I will kill you. Food is life." He said pinching me

I whispered in his ear "ooo, your so hot when you're mad"

He shivered and smelt a small bit of arousal off of him. He looked at me and I smirked. He then blushed again.
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