My little omega

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Dinner pt. 2

Pheonix POV

The Alpha began " Ok, now that you have had your little scene. The luna shot him a glare and then pinched him."We came here today to get to know you, and discuss the formalities of you and Alex being mates." He said signaling towards me.

The luna shook her head in agreement before she began. " We only want to get to know you, since we already know Liam, Max, and Caroline."

I don't take offense in them saying that because I mainly just stayed home. Or in the background.

"So, the spotlight is on you. What do you do in your free time? "

" In my free my time I usually play my ukulele, guitar, or the piano. And when I bored of that I usually read a book."

" Oh, that's nice. Alex, you should be more like him. All Alex ever does is play video games and talk about football. "

Alex just rolled his eyes and his mom stuck her tongue out at him. The getting to know you questions/conversation went on for about 15 minutes. Then, the waitress brought the food.

" Hey you should give me a piece of chicken" Alex said eyeing my food.

"Only if you give me some of your steak. "

He nodded and cut a piece of and I did the same. And we feed it to each other wedding style.

We all finished eating. It was actually quite delicious. The waitress came and took our plates after we were finished.
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