My little omega

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Theme park

Alex POV

I pulled up and parked in the parking lot. Then, looked over at Phe to wake him up. Omg, he's so perfect. The way his tanned clear skin looked against his thick auburn curls. His hair was so long that it fell to about his eyebrows. And he had huge full lips that I could kiss all day.

I reached over and grabbed him out of his seat; bringing him into my lap. Then, I angled my head down and brought my lips to his.

Phe pov

I woke up in Alex's lap with a loving kiss. It took me a while to register what he was doing. But, then I soon returned the kiss back

Alex POV

After our amazing kiss. I pulled away to look at his beautiful green eyes. The blushed at me looking at him, and let out a little smile showing those beautiful straight pearly whites.

"Where are you taking me?" Phe asked

"It's a surprise," I said with a smirk"Now put this blindfold on"

"Fine," he said rolling his eyes. I put the blindfold on him. Then, opened the car door and set him down. Then I locked my doors.

"Here get on my back"

"Okay," he said reaching up and getting on my back "Ooo, my man ahs such muscular shoulders.

I only walked a couple of feet to the entrance

"Okay, you can take off the blindfold now" I felt on of his hands leave my shoulder and then I heard a gasp.

"Woah, first of all, is this what being tall feels like." I chuckled " No I'm serious like you can see everything. Anyway, two I love theme parks how did you know.

" I remember you told me a couple of days ago"

"Aww that's so sweet that you remember," he said while kissing my cheek

"Of course I would remember your my mate."

I walked up to the ticket clerk and asked for two unlimited wrist bands. And paid for them

"Sad to say my little birdy but this is your stop. Your gonna have to get up so I can put the wrist band on you. And so we can get on some rides

2hr time skip.......


We went on every ride at least 3 times, I love the adrenaline rush they give you. I'm so happy.

Now we are playing booth games, I haven't one anything yet. Alex has won a couple of teddy bears but I have my eye on that huge one. And right now that sex god is winning it for me.

"Ding, ding, ding..... we have a winner" announced the man at the booth.

I walked up to Alex and kissed him." Good job babe" He pulled away and grabbed my hand leading me away from the booth.

"Where are we going ?"

He didn't respond and just continued to lead me where ever we were going. We soon arrived at the Ferris wheel and got on. It went around a couple of times, then we stopped at the top. And Alex turned to talk to me

" Will you Pheonix Ashes be my boyfriend ?" And he had nervous look on his face.

"Omg, Yes!!" and embraced him in a hug.

I spent the rest of the time in Alex's embrace and taking pictures. Then went back to his ar and made out the drove home. And now I'm walking up to my front door with him.

I rang the doorbell and a few moments later, Max opened the door.

" Oh, hey guys," Max said with a smile.

"Hi," I said walking past him

"Hey, what's up bro," Alex said and then did some kind of handshake and then bro hugged Max. And then walked inside behind me. Grabbing my waist and hugging me from behind. We walked to the living room where mom and dad were watching top chef.

" Ladies and Gentle I give you Pheonix Ashes my boyfriend," Alex announced breaking mom and dads attention from the tv.

My mom started smiling" Wait are you serious?"

"Yup," Alex said nodding with a smile.

She ran up and hugged Alex breaking us apart " ahh one more step closer to becoming my son-in-law"

"Okay, mom don't scare him away."

Alex chuckled.

" You should get going it's late," I said as I walked him to the door. Then, I got on my tippy toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Or you know you could come with me," Alex whispered in my ear with a smirk

A slight blush grew on my face " Hey m-. MOM! Were you standing the whole time? You're so creepy sometimes I swear."

I am not creepy; I just think it's cute. I kinda always hoped for a gay kid."

" Well looks like you got your wish. Anyway, can I spend the night Alex's, please?"

" Ummmmmmm........"


" Fine okay, only because tomorrow is Sunday. But call me creepy one more time and I will smother you in your sleep."

" And, she gets scary. If I were you, Alex, I would watch my back she kills. I said laughing a bit.

Alex only chuckled and mom rolled her eyes.

" Okay, bye guys see ya." I closed the door behind me and got in Alex's car and we drove to the packhouse.

We then went up to the Alpha wing and then to Alex's room. I searched through his drawers and grabbed one of his shirts. Then, I went to the bathroom and changed; his shirt fit like a dress because of the height and size difference. I then took off my pants and was only left in my boxers and his shirt. I put my clothes in his hamper and then climbed into bed next to him. Laying my head on his bare muscular chest. He turned us so that I was the little spoon. And we fell asleep like that.

Today has been amazing
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