My little omega

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I tried to get out of bed but something held me down. I turned to see it was my mate; damn this man has an iron grip. I struggled to get out of his hold but gave up after a couple of tries. Then, I just stared at the sex god. His facial structure was so amazing and his body. Oh, his body just made you want to-. No, Phoenix thinks clean thoughts not dirty. 'Oh, but you know you want to' my wolf snickered. 'Shut up, Landon'. I said and mildly blushed. ' Whatever Phoenix you know I'm right.'

He went silent after that last comment. I started to trace patterns on Alex's chest.

Alex POV

I woke up with my mate in my arms and him tracing patterns on my chest. I started playing with his hair causing him to look up at me in with those beautiful eyes.

" Good morning beautiful," I said with a smile

" Why good morning, can you let me go now. I have been stuck in this position for the past 15 minutes"

"Um no". I said rolling over and fully hugging him even tighter. " And I'm loving you wearing my shirt and having my scent on you," I said nuzzling my nose in the crook of his neck.

We spent the next couple of minutes in bed then went downstairs and ate breakfast. Then we watched tik toks together all day then Phe went home.

3-day skip.....

Phoenix POV

I get into Alex's car and we drive to school. The past three days we have spent about an hour together after school. Either playing board games or watching: Hulu or Netflix. And he picks me up in the morning. The first day we went to school together all the girls looked at me with envy. And a couple of guys walked up to Alex and said ' I didn't know you were gay' He then responded with ' I'm not........i'm bi all you had to do was ask. It wasn't a secret.'

We arrived at school and hung out with Alex's friend group for a bit talking about the most random stuff. I don't have any friends because no one notices me and I don't bother to be noticed.

Then, the bell rang and we went to class

Alex POV

Today has been terrible so far and its only 3 rd period. With the full moon tonight, it's causing me to have to wear contacts because my eyes have a slight yellow glow to them. And I go to a school with humans so yeah... Also, Phe smells so good, better than usual and my wolf Luka keeps telling me to jump his bone. Damn, horny wolf. ' You know you want to' ' Uggh, shut up Luka' And with that I blocked him.

Thank god the full moon only lasts one day

Phoenix POV

It was now lunchtime and I was putting my stuff in my locker and waiting for Alex. Just as I closed my locker; I saw Alex standing there and I jumped a bit.

I punched him in the arm playfully " Don't do that you scared m-" That's when the familiar sharp pain hit me. No, not now, not here.

Within seconds Alex had me pinned against the lockers. His nose in the crook of my neck and his hands roaming my body.

" You smell so f*cking good." Alex said with a husky voice. Sending shivers through me and causing me to moan a bit. He let a low growl

"Don't do that again unless you want me to take you right here. Go home now, Phe" He said letting me go and handing me his car keys.

I quickly left school and got in his car driving away. I got to my house 7 minutes later. Opened the door locked, it and went upstairs to my room. Made sure all the doors and windows were locked. Then got in the shower and changed into an oversized tee. Then climbed into bed. And tried to sleep because my heat hurts like hell. Its never been this bad everything in my body is lusting for Alex and it feels like only his touch can sooth it.

Alex POV

After Phe left I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I took out a contact and my eye was bright yellow. Then I opened my mouth and I saw my elongated canines. My wolf was trying to get out and go after Phe.

I put the contact back in and left the bathroom. Then, walked into the lunchroom and sat down with my friend group.

" Hey Alex, wheres Phoenix? Asked Max. I gave him a quick smile showing my canines and he understood.

I took out my phone and texted max to ask if he could give me a ride home since I can open my mouth until my teeth change back. He texted back with a sure.

For the rest of the day I couldn't pay attention to anything else but Phe and the thing I wanted to do to him. And now I'm home in my room trying to distract my self with my favorite TV show.

Pheonix POV

I was woken up with someone knocking on my door.

"Yes?" I asked wiping the sleep out of my eyes.

"Dinners ready and Max told me what happened today." My mom said

"Oh ok, I'll be down in a bit," I said closing the door.

The next couple days are going to be terrible
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