My little omega

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Heat pt. 2

Alex POV

6 pm
I was able to distract myself for about 30 minutes with tv. But, my I couldn't stop thinking about Phe. My wolf was also pushing to get out.

Now I'm trying to distract myself with bacon and a bubble bath . I mean bacon and bubble baths fix everything...right? I climb into my nice warm bath with my plate of bacon.

I get on my phone and go to the camera app. Dang... my eyes are bright yellow. But, I mean I look hot with them. So I take a few pics. If someone ever finds these i'll just say it's contacts.

I close my eyes and lean back in the bathtub. I try to think of anything else but Phoenix keeps creeping into my mind. I can imagine, seeing his perfect little body naked in front of me. All mine for the taking. Doing all sorts of things to that little asš of his. I feel myself get hard just thing about it.

I am about to reach down to sooth myself. When the door opens

I let out an irritated growl "Not, again mom. What's with you and opening the door; when I'm in the bathroom." I open my eyes and look to see that it isn't my mom.

"Hey Alex" says Alec

"Close the door, and what do you want"

Alec sits on the toilet and begins. " I came in here to see if you wanted to go the arcade but looks like it's a bad time" he says.

He's talking about my eyes.

"Yeah, no shït. Can you like stop staring at me that's kinda gay.

" So I will take that as a no. I wasn't staring at you. And your gay so...."

"First off I'm not gay; I'm only half. Second, byeeeee"

"Okay, okay I'm leaving. You know you should really lock the door when your in here."

"Whatever, bye." I grab my towel and stand up wrapping it around me. I drain the tub and then head to my room.

I lock the door and return to what I was going to do earlier. I start stroking but the more I do it the more I think about Phoenix. And that just makes it worse.

Screw it. I throw on some black shorts and a white t-shirt. Then unlock my room door, head down stairs, and leave the pack house.

5 minutes later

I arrive at Phe's house and quickly follow his scent. Trying to find which window belongs to him. I find it and throw pebbles at the window since it's closed.


I woke up about 10 minutes ago and have just been laying here. This sucks, everything hurts to move and the tent in my pants just won't leave.

I turn to face my wall. When I hear something hit my window. I turn to see what it but don't see anything. So I turn back around. Then, I hear it again. I Ignore it maybe it's my imagination. Then I hear it again and again and again and again. You guys get the idea

I get up to go see what is doing this. I open the window and poke my head out. There's a tall muscular silhouette that's oddly familiar. I am about to close my window when I hear a whisper


"Alex? Is that you?" The thought of him of him here makes my pants even tighter. I didn't think that was possible.

"Yeah, let me up"

"Okay, hang on let me throw down something." Before I can even move he starts scaling the house. And before I know it we are face to face.

"Hi" Alex says smiling

"Okay, woah. Hi Mr. I climb a two story house like it's nothing. Talk about buff. I say rubbing his bicep. The contact sending tingles through me. I can see it affects him to as his eyes get even brighter.

So are you going to help me inside. Or am I going to stay here the whole time. He says jokingly

"Oh, yeah sorry." I say laughing and sticking out my hand so he can grab it.

He grabs my hand and I help him inside. Once he's inside he closes the window. I see him breath in my scent. He gets a predatory look in his eye and starts stalking towards me. It's kinda hot honestly.

I walk towards him and we connect with a hot kiss. Our tongues dancing together. His hands on my waist and mine in his neck.

Some how we ended up on my bed with me startling him. We start grinding on reach other and I feel him. Damn, he's huge. R.I. P me.

Alex flips is so he's on top and I'm under him. He slips off my shirt and my pants. So I'm left in my boxers. His eyes trail up and down my body taking in every inch. I start blushing.

" Your so hot." He leans down and whispered in my ear. With a list filled voice.

He brings to kiss down my neck and immediately I'm a moaning mess. He then makes his way to my collarbone, then abdomen. skipping over the area that I wanted him and instead moving to my thighs.

He takes of his shirt and pants, revealing his muscular and toned body. Those shoulders are just so delicious. And those thighs, mmm...He moves back up and starts to kiss me.

He positions his hand near my boxers and looks up at me. I nod. He slides his hand into my boxers and grabs my member. An begins to move his hand up and down. He the twists my nipple between his fingers and sucks on the other on. I become even more of a moaning mess and before I know it.

"I'm gonna I saying cumming in my underwear and all over his hand. He takes his hand out; not once breaking eye contact with me. He brings his hand up to his mouth. And licks my cum off his hands slowly and seductively.

He reaches leans down and whispers in my ear "mmm, you taste so good baby." I shiver from the lust in his deep voice.

The door bursts open " hey, what do you want for dinner swee.......tie" my mom says with wide eyes.

I struggle to get under the covers. And internally scold myself for forgetting to lock it. Alex hurries to get his shorts from the ground.

I look at my mom with a nervous smile and she looks like she is going to kill me.

" First of all, damn boy you packing." She says looking over at Alex. I who now has his pants on and hands over his member.

"Second off all, what happened here?" She says lifting an eyebrow and crossing he arms over her chest

Uggh we are going to be in so much trouble.

" I'm going to give you 5 minutes to get down stairs and explain yourself's. Both of you.
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