Never Let You Go

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" I know that I messed up in the past; hell I fucked up real bad, but if she thinks I'm going to sit by and allow some other boy to come around and steal her from me then she's made a sad mistake. Don't worry baby, I'm coming to get you real soon. I'll treat you like the queen you are. I just hope you'll listen to me and give me a chance to explain everything to you and when you do I still won't let you go." Reece Jayson Zeyhner is a man on a mission. He was raised to be the man he is today- A very successful 26 year old businessman. Without his loving parents, he wouldn't be the man he has become. Even though he has the cars, mansions, the money and even women throwing themselves at him; there is just this one thing he has always wanted since he was a young teen. To find the right person to share all his earnings with; to experience to kind of love he sees through his parents and who better to experience this with other than his long time crush Nina Williams. Did I mention that he was her bully throughout their high school years? Simply because he had always liked her and like the cliche boys, he only knew how to express his feelings by being her personal bully.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"I know that I messed up in the past; hell I fúcked up real bad, but if she thinks I'm going to sit by and allow some other boy to come around and steal her from me then she's made a sad mistake. Don't worry baby, I'm coming to get you real soon. I'll treat you like the queen you are. I just hope you'll listen to me and give me a chance to explain everything to you and when you do I still won't let you go"

Reece's P.O.V

Sitting in my office chair, I'm reading through my documents trying to come to a conclusion on if I really want to consider agreeing to this deal with Mr. Royce. The thing is, this man was so annoyingly persistent and very arrogant that honestly, I wanted nothing to do with him. Along with the fact that he had been trying to win a deal with my company for about 3 years now. You would actually think for those three years he would give up, apparently not.

Honestly I don't know why this man thinks that I would even consider; I mean I can totally understand why he wants a deal with my company, hell, my other business colleagues wanted to profit but there was a difference between him and the other colleagues. They were worth the time and effort and I benefited whereas with Royce there isn't much of any benefit and he is very lazy. The man basically has his head up his ass and thinks that he can swim with the big fish by walking around basically screaming "I am better than you and you are all beneath me!" You see, my employees are from different backgrounds. They range from race, ethnicity or even their social background. The only persons I do not employ all those persons that are criminals, fucking lazy( I tolerate no laziness), have serious mental or psychological issues that are needed to be monitored and so on.

But wait, let me pause a bit and apologise for being very disrespectful and please allow me introduce myself.......

My name is Reece Jayson Zeyhner. I'm 26 years old and an only child and from what you have already guessed yes I am a business owner as well as the owner of many other different type of business industries. Both my parents are still alive; very kind people( just don't get on their wrong side and you'll be fine). They had me when they were in their early twenties but when mama was pregnant with another baby, a tragic incident occurred where my mama was accidentally shot and the bullet lodged itself in her womb. Long story short she lost the baby, which was a girl, and was no longer able to conceive a child. Even with the loss of their unborn child both my parents ensured that I was loved, cherished, well taken care of and that I had necessities I needed in my life. They made me the person I am today and I am very grateful to them.

I would like to think that I am not a spoiled person since if I ever wanted something, I know I had to work for it. Papa allowed me to have what I wanted unless I worked for it and worked for it well.

Not to brag (even though it may seem that I am) I have different places of abode in different parts of America as well as other parts of the world. The reason I have these many houses or mansions, even penthouses was simply because, as I said earlier I have other companies that are located all over the world least one main branch on each continent. Also whenever I feel like getting away from work I have my own selections of places that I would like to go. Additionally, if my future kids want them, they can have them. My companies vary from Law Firms to Solid Waste Management Industries, Trade Industries and my family's very own Telecommunication and Finance Industry( All of which are under the family name). Now I know you are wondering why in the world would I have so many companies and how do I keep track of all of them? Well, even though I own them and everything I have my family dealing with them so basically I labour out my cousins. It's not bad since they all seem to enjoy it.

Looking towards my clock that was held above the bookshelves to my right I see that I have an hour till my work hours are finished. So deciding to call Royce and to get this deal over with I pick up the company phone and contact him (hell no am I using my personal contact. The next thing you know is that he's calling my ear off!)

Deciding that I was going to give him a chance ended the call with the promise to have a lunch meeting three weeks from the time I called him and that I will inform him of the date and place. After hanging up the phone I decided to close my eyes and lean back in my chair to get rid of the headache that is coming along. Not even five minutes later and I am hearing one of the most annoying voices I've ever had to hear since childhood and said voice just happened to belong to my dumbass best friend, Jaxon.

"Jaaaaaaaaaaysooonn!!!" the annoyingly obnoxious voice said; and yes, he addresses me by my middle name. He's the only one allowed to though.

Readying my hand with the tennis ball from my drawer Jaxon barged into my office.

" Yo- Oh shit!" I threw the ball at him socking him in the face.

"Really dude??" he said as he threw the ball back at me which I caught with ease placing it back in the drawer. I picked up my keys and other belongings to head out.

" Shut the fuck up man." I grumbled as I exited the office. "Hmmmm someone is grumpy......." the idiot grumbles behind me.

We passed the receptionist who was packing up and decided to wait for her so we could help her to her ride which was her husband that was to pick her up any minute now . Mrs. Rossenson was like another mother figure at work. Honestly, she's the only person besides the idiot best friend and my parents that wasn't afraid of me or easily intimidated by me. That's perfectly fine by me though.

"Hello Mrs. Rossenson" we said in unison.

"Oh hello dears. Here to see me off?" she asks with a kind smile. "You know we always do ma'am" the idiot beside me said back at her with a disgusting looking grin. I can't stand him sometimes but it's fine; also he's my best friend and owns some of my shares and I his. Basically best friends for life. "Well I'm all set honey, so let's go." As we approach the doors of the building we see her husband, Mr. Rossenson pull up. "Is my lovely wife ready to head off?" said Mr Rossenson. "No I like these lovely men more so I'll stay with them a little longer" she replied smirking. I couldn't help but chuckle softly and place my arm around her shoulders for good measure "She's ours for tonight old man sorry" laughed Jaxon. "Get your disgusting hands off my woman, mate" glared the old man . He seemed very serious. So with a sigh I removed my hand and instantly she was in her husband's arm for a warm embrace. Old man winked at us and we bid our farewells and took off to my parents home.

Home cooked food here I come!
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