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Odd: different from what is usual or expected; strange.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

I was staring at myself in the mirror wondering what
type of person I became. Everything that I believed in was taken away from me and now I have to be this person. I leave the house not looking back, too many bad memories attached. I still have to return but the night is still long.

I walk down the dark alleyway taking deep breaths, I see the fog form because of the cold air. I put my hood on and look down. I used to pray while doing this but now I just hope to find a reason, I don’t know which type of reason just a reason.

And that’s when I bump into this person, a hood on, black clothes. This person looks back for a split second and I see blonde hair. It’s a she I thought. It happened so quickly I had no idea if I should talk to her or just walk past as if this never happened. It did happen though and this is the most real thing that had happened to me in the past couple of months.

I look back and see she already had walked away.. I couldn’t let her get away so I ran to her but she started speed walking away when she saw me. I was so confused. She started running, her hood fell off, her blonde hair in the open. I saw a shortcut to the side so I took it and caught her. As I turned her towards me, she had a bandana on and her blue eyes looked directly into mine. I pull her banada down and her lips are cherry red because of the cold. I felt something with her, all of a sudden I didn’t know how to speak. I was so lost in her eyes. I didn’t realize that my grip got looser until I saw her run away but before she did, she said “Get off of me” I didn’t react and she ran away. I was frozen in place until I slowly got myself to check the time and it was 3:00 am. I walked back home, thinking about her. Was she my reason? I thought to myself.

Authors Note :- i honestly wrote this because i was bored but if it was good then lmk n i will continue this.
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