When Bad Boy Wears Suit

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When Janet Johnson was in high school, she dreamt about becoming a writer. She had been writing a story for three years. One day, she accidentally saw one of her classmates bullied, and painfully found that her story, was burnt to ashes. "It was Matt...Matt Turing." She gave up her dream. Years later, she became a teacher because she wanted to stop bullying among students. Then Matt appeared again. Would a bad boy change when he wears suits? Janet had no idea. But in his suits, he looked really…… charming. Disclaimer: The boy is not really a badass. Read it at your own risk. Cover by myself.

Romance / Humor
Wang Jinqiu
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She had that bad dream about high school again.

Janet Johnson could never understand why she was still stuck in the trauma from high school. 8 years had passed since then. She thought she had moved on. She didn’t.

Everything has passed. They……he can’t hurt anybody now.

When brushing her teeth in the morning, she felt ashamed for the exhausted, horrible face in the mirror. She took a deep breath, then slapped herself in the cheeks.

Cheer up you! Up his Matt the devil king Turing.

Janet was a history teacher in Summerville Public School. It took 15 minutes on bus to the school Janet was working for. Profiling was always her best choice to kill time on the bus. Her ex-cop father was to teach her the tactics to figure out bad guys among her male classmates. Now it became her biggest hobby.

Janet’s ocean eyes were secretly examining the passengers through the glasses.

The bold man sitting on the left was an alcoholic and recently divorced; no children. The girl in front of him dressed up well, maybe too well for a regular morning. She’s going to date a new guy. The young man standing beside the door was looking outside the window with curiosity. Maybe new to this town. He was slender with blonde hair. He wore a suit with briefcase in the left hand……He was, pretty. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but his silhouette alone was art.

Janet found her observation was already derailed from the principles of profiling. And more importantly, she almost missed the timing to get off.

“Oh my god, wait or I’ll jump……safe landing! Ooh!”

Too hasty to land steadily, she was at the near point to sprain her ankle. Never jump off a bus when it’s going to start. Never.

Janet acted like nothing had happened. But some voice stopped her, making her freeze.

“You stared at me like a stalker, Janet.”

The suit guy was smiling at her. She was familiar with that face. But the atmosphere around him was totally different from the past.

She was not happy with the reunion.

- Bad dream comes true……

Matt Turing was standing here in real.


“Let’s welcome our new colleague at Summerville Public School, Mr. Matt Turing!”

Janet felt dizzy when Matt entered the office with the headmaster, Mr. Davis. She was too shocked once realizing that they had to be work in the same school, maybe for years. And when Matt seated himself beside Janet, it took her several minutes to believe that she was in the real world.

5 minutes alarm. She picked up the map of 16th century Europe. All she wanted to do at present was to escape from this office as soon as possible.

“Oops I’m sorry are you……”

When she was going to dash from the office, she accidentally ran into someone’s chest. And accidentally, that was Matt.

“I’m very fine if you are concerned.” He smirked, “Am I terrifying? Even your hair is shaking.”

What did he expect her to answer? “No you made me feel spring breeze”? Janet rolled her eyes in her mind.

Everything is different now. Bullying at the workplace is illegal. She told herself.

Who is terrified? No, I’m not. Not anymore.

“Mr. Turing!” Janet almost screamed out his name and straightened up her spine, unaware that she hit his jaw with her forehead heavily.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m going to the classroom now. Good day.”

She swore that she had never walked so fast in her whole life before, nearly as fast as a race-walking player. Embarrassment is the best incentive for generating adrenaline.

“Oh my god what did Miss Johnson do to the new colleague……” Other teachers surrounded Matt to check if his jaw was fine.

A senior teacher said: “Miss Johnson is a really nice person. There must be some misunderstandings. Shall I talk to her about this?”

“I’m…… good. The pain will go in seconds.” Matt rubbed his jaw and gave a bitter smile. ”I would talk to her after work. We were – me and Miss Johnson were friends in high school, almost.”

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