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McKenna Black

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No one knew about us, people just speculated we were a couple due to how close we were.Ethan and I were best friends, inseparable since birth. We were each other's first everything from first kiss to first time and I was absolutely in love with him the problem was to him I was just his best friend. I spent years waiting on him to finally ask me to be his girlfriend but instead what I got was countless times of seeing him have sex multiple girls. I eventually got tired of his games and I met another guy who completely showed me a side of love I didn't knew it existed, he quickly wrapped up in his finger but little did I know he was so perfect that it wasn't real and soon he turned my life a living hell. Could Ethan save me from him or was our childhood love just that, childhood love and nothing more.

Romance / Drama
Michelle Ramirez
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McKenna Black, probably one of the most beautiful girls actually no, the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful smile and perfect green eyes make my heart skip when she looks at me. Her long, black, curly hair that she loves to hate but that fits her so perfectly falling down the middle of her back. Tall for the average woman's height but short for me. She is the definition of perfect. She's everything and more you can ask in a woman, she's smart yet clumsy at times, she loves to laugh and finds the good in every situation yet she has wounds that are yet to be healed. She is an adventurous girl, she likes to take risks and lives each and every day to the fullest like if it's her last because she always says "It can be and what a lame way to leave a trace in the world without living life to the fullest until it's snatched from you". That's the thing I love most about her, her adventurous side and just the way she lives life.

We've known each other since we were born, literally. My mom and her mom have been friends since high school, and they basically raised us together. McKenna aside from my twin brother Easton is the person I trust the most in the world. Our friendship goes beyond a normal friendship, what McKenna and I have is a soul connection. I can always tell if something is wrong without her even telling me, I just have to look at her beautiful green eyes and they tell me everything, I understand her and she understands me like no other person can not even my twin. We've been there for each other through the good and bad times in our lives, we are each other's strength. I was with her when her dad left her and her family for a woman he met when he was working on a television show. That was a very dark, sad, and infuriating time for Kenna, something I know she hasn't fully gotten over since she and her dad were inseparable. She was always her dad's "little princess" she's the youngest one out of her 3 siblings. That day her dad left was the first day I saw McKenna truly sad and mad at the same time. I remember the look on her face and it still breaks my heart, her eyes red and puffy making the green pop out more, they were filled with sadness, anger, and confusion. Her whole world was falling apart and she knew she couldn't stop it or fix it, she knew her relationship with her dad was broken and over the moment he walked out the door. She was completely heartbroken but like always she hid it all and put on a brave face for her mom, although at night she'll cry in my arms. Seeing her so vulnerable and disconsolate was something I couldn't take, I did everything in my power to make her happy and make her forget at least for a little bit what was going on. Although she was going through a rough time in front of her family she always had a smile on her face and remained positive. She did so many things so that her sister, brothers, and mom would be happy and could get over the hard situation they were going through. She planned family and one on one therapy sessions, family vacations, became their number one support system, the list goes on but her number one goal was to make them happy and make the pain go away even though she had so much pain build up inside. I think that was the moment that made me completely realize what an amazing human she was and what a huge heart she had. At that moment I knew it wasn't only her beautiful face that made me be so attracted to her, it was her personality and heart. The way she laughed at my stupid jokes, the way she always had a smile on her face even when she was sad, the way she always put everyone's happiness before her own, how good of a friend, sister, daughter, and person she was no matter what. She is just so mind-free, when you're with her it's like you're able to fully breathe because she makes you feel safe, comfortable, and free.

A soul connection, a soulmate, real love, that is what people dream of and that is what I have with McKenna. I know what we have goes beyond a friendship, we definitely feel something more than that. We are attracted to each other but is not only physical it's emotional and it involves everything the mind and the heart. I know she feels the same way about me just by the way her body reacts to mine and the history we have. McKenna is my first everything and I mean everything, from first kiss to first time and honestly, I can also say first love because I can't deny and say I am not in love with that girl. The only problem is I can't tell her that I love her, whenever I try the words just don't come out no matter how hard I want them to. Although McKenna and I talk about everything when it comes to relationships we basically skip it because it's too complicated. The only thing I know about Kenna and her thoughts on relationships is the many times she's made fun of Easton when he talks about his girlfriend and how in love he is. I've heard her laugh, make fun of him, and love for years since Easton got his first girlfriend and told us about her. That is why I became extremely afraid and unable to express my feelings for her, I am scared of rejection.

McKenna and I hook up sometimes, but we are not exclusive... well more like we've never talked about it. I can't say I'm an angel because I am not, although I love Kenna I still have some fun with other girls, and even though she doesn't tell me how mad that makes her I know it does. I know it does because I get jealous and mad even when she's just talking to a guy so I can only imagine what she feels when she sees me with another girl. I won't deny also that I've been petty in the past and purposely fucked up one of her hookups or relationships, I have no excuse for that I know but I just can't see her with someone else. I've dated a lot of girls and she's dated a few guys, our relationships always end up fucked up though because either her boyfriend or my girlfriend at the time get jealous of me or her. They just don't understand we love spending time with each other, at this point we've kinda given up on love. We understood that no one will accept us being friends and well we can't stay away from each other so why even try to be in a relationship?.

*Buzz Buzz*

I rolled to the side of my bed and grabbed my phone from my nightstand. It was McKenna who had just texted me.


I smiled at her text, our secret spot is somewhere we go when we just want it to be us and the world to disappear and yes sometimes we kinda just take each other's stress away if you know what I mean. No one knows about this place except her and me, we've spent so many weekends there, there's a lot of memories in that place, memories that are close to my heart and I know they're to hers. My favorite part about our secret spot is that there's almost absolutely no wifi there, so when we go it's our escape from reality, a place where it's just her and I and no one else can bother us.

I put on some black ripped jeans with a white shirt and black boots. I sprayed some perfume and I was ready to go and hear the "exciting" news Kenna had for me. I have two nicknames for McKenna one is basic and everyone calls her "McK" but rarely anyone calls her "Kenna" well except for me of course. I like to be original even if it's not super original I like the fact that only I call her "Kenna", everyone knows I am the only one who can call her Kenna that's our thing. That's why when anyone tries to copy my nickname I stop them real quick.

I drove to the back of the woods and pulled up at our secret cabin. Her car was already parked there. I made my way in, and there she was sitting on the couch. Her hair was down, her green beautiful eyes were focused on me as I walked in. She was wearing very short shorts and a little purple crop top, she looked so good I instantly got a boner just looking at her.

"Hey Daddy," she said seductively making me bite my lip as I admired her body.

She got up from the couch and made her way towards me, she smiled as she put her arms around my neck. I pulled her by the waist and kissed her sweet cherry lips. She always teases me by calling me that, I love it and she uses it against me. Unfortunately, she actually hates calling me daddy because it makes her cringe that's why she only calls me that when she's trying to put me in the mood deep down knowing she's not actually going to get me off that night. She's never called me that when we actually have sex and I've begged so trust me hearing those words coming out her pretty mouth just means this is a bunch of bullshit teasing and torture for me.

"Hey beautiful," I said through the kiss "What's the special news you have for me?" I was very intrigued by what she had planned. She always has crazy ideas, some that are life-threatening. I love going on adventures and that is how Kenna and I bond the most but this girl has no limits at all trust me thanks to her we've both been with multiple broken bones but honestly, I wouldn't change it for anything.

"Mmm special news? " she asked confused but laughed, she loved to tease me and keep me in the dark when it came to her crazy ideas.

"Yeah, you said you had something to tell me " I picked her up and started kissing her earning a smile from her. Somehow she did a whole WWE move on me and she ended up on top of me. Thankfully we landed on the couch and not the floor, I swear I can never keep up with her. She smirked at me and kissed me slowly knowing perfectly I love it when she kisses me like that, she loves being in control. She then got up and a whimper left my lips for the sudden loss of touch. I sat back up on the couch trying to hide the huge boner I had, my eyes followed her as she pulled out an envelope from her purse, her beautiful green eyes glowed like a little kid with a brand new toy and a smile immediately appeared on my face.

"This is the surprise," she said waving the envelope in front of my face. Her smile was now huge and excitement invaded her green eyes.

I looked at her confused and took it from her small, soft hand.

"You're going to love me for this," she clapped and bit her lip so she wouldn't "squee" in excitement as I opened the envelope.

I looked at the plane tickets inside the envelope and then looked at her and smiled. Thank goodness it wasn't a crazy place that would conclude with us sleeping out in the wild like the last trip she planned where we had to leave on the third day due to a snake biting Easton.

"We're going to Bora Bora baby!" She screamed excitedly, she jumped and wrapped her legs around my torso and her arms around my neck

"Perfect !" I kissed her and started spinning us around making her laugh and a small snort come out which I knew she was embarrassed by. She hated that every time she laughed a small snort would come out but I always found it cute. I kissed her cheeks and told her how cute it was making that gorgeous smile appear on her face again.

I was so excited. This was exactly what I needed, this could finally be my chance to tell her how I feel about her. We've been on many trips together more than I can count but they have always been with Easton, we've never gone on an adventure alone and I really wanted to. I always wanted it to be just her and I, I love my brother, and having him come on every trip and explore the world with us is amazing trust me but I can never have some alone time with Kenna when he is there. We're a trio, and Kenna's number one rule is to not leave Easton out or make him feel like a third wheel. Seeing the two tickets brought me hope and peace knowing maybe this could be the perfect time to tell her how I feel about her since it's only going to be her and me in paradise there's nothing that could go wrong. Or so I thought because thanks to all my excitement I didn't realize there was a third plane ticket inside.

I furrowed my eyebrows and grabbed the third ticket "Who's this for ?" I asked

"Easton duh," she said scrunching her eyebrows and smiling

Disappointment. That's all I could feel. I put her down and put back the plane tickets on the counter, her confused eyes looked for mine to see what was wrong but I didn't want to make her feel bad so I tried to hide my disappointment.

"Fun," I said sarcastically and forced a smile. I refused to look at her because I knew the moment I did she would know that I was disappointed maybe even mad so I just turned around and walked to the kitchen pretending to get a glass of water. She followed me and grabbed my arm turning me around.

"You don't sound too excited about it " she crossed her arms and gave me the look. The look she always gave me when she knew I was lying to her and she wanted nothing but the truth.

"I am, I just -" I paused and rolled my eyes "It's nothing " I wish I could tell her why I was so disappointed but I couldn't because that would mean telling her the truth about how I feel about her and this was not the time.

"There's a lot of people going with us, Nick, Becky, Julian, Diana, Melissa, Harold, Aaron, Kelly, and Franco."

Oh! Perfect. The whole crew is going. Yeah, I totally lost my chances of telling her. And now that I know Harold is going all the leftover excitement I had completely disappeared. Harold and McKenna have something going on, I fucking know it. Of course, she invited him, he's not even part of our friend group.

"That sounds amazing," I said with excitement, well-fake excitement. At this point, I was pretty bummed about this whole trip and I honestly did not feel like going at all.

"Of course it is !" she said with a huge smile on her face. Annoyed. I was so annoyed with her, she knows I don't like Harold, she knows it would piss me off if he even stepped close to her. Why on earth would she invite him? What's the point? Making me mad? Jealous? There was absolutely no way I was going to let Harold go on the trip. No way.

"Why is Harold going though?" I rolled my eyes, "He's not even part of our friend group. Easton, Nick, Aaron, Franco, and I don't like that guy at all the only one who slightly talks to him is Julian but not even " I made the annoyance in my voice be present, so she'll know how much it bothered me.

"So?" She rolled her eyes back at me " I talk to him, so do the girls and he's a really nice guy so I want him there " she put her hands on her hips and she said that with such a serious tone that it was time for me to mess with her. All this was part of our game, this is what Kenna and I love to do the most. We love making each other jealous to the point we explode, get mad at each other but then have the most incredible makeup sex, that's our thing. It helps to make things fun and adds spice, I knew what she was doing and if she wants to play that game then game on.

"Fine" I smiled " then I'll invite Ari "

Her eyes widen as "Ari" came out of my mouth. They've never liked each other, it's funny because I really like Ari. Ari aka Ariana and I have been hitting it for a few months now, we just have fun together I guess that is why Kenna doesn't like her. Kenna claims that is because Ari talks about her but deep down both of us know that is not true and the only reason she doesn't like her is because I'm fucking her.

"You know damn well I don't like that bitch!" She pushed me and I laughed provoking her because she was just so hot when she got angry.

"I just told you I don't like Harold and you didn't care so why should I?" I said challenging her

"Okay!" She screamed "that's different though, I invited Harold already "

"So?" I shrugged " Harold is going and so is Ari "

I could see the anger running through her body as she looked at me with her green beautiful eyes "Get the fuck out Ethan," she said opening the door

"What? No. Why are you even mad ?" I asked innocently, putting my hands up in the air

"Because you know I don't like her! You know damn well I hate when you two are together" she argued

"And I hate when you are around Harold yet you clearly didn't give a fuck and invited him so now I'm inviting Ari, deal with it" I argued back

"I'm not going to uninviting him, that's just rude. But you are inviting her just to be fucking petty like always"

"That's your last word?" I asked with a serious tone in my voice " Are you seriously not uninviting him?"

"No I'm not uninviting him, I am not an asshole like you"

I rolled my eyes and smiled. I took my phone out of my back pocket and called Ari. McKenna's eyes were directly on me, if those beautiful green eyes were bullets I'll be dead by now.

"Hey, Ari!" I said with a big smile on my face as I made straight eye contact with McKenna, she looks so hot when she's mad, she was really turning me on

"Hi, Ethan! How are you?"Ari said through the phone

"Good, hey McKenna planned a trip, we're going to Bora Bora with a bunch of friends. Will you like to come with me?" I asked, "be my date for the trip?"

I could see how angry McKenna was just by the way she was looking at me and standing. Her arms were crossed, she was biting her lip and her eyebrows were furrowed, she looked at me giving me her crazy eyes.

"I would love to! Thanks for inviting me E!" Ari said with excitement.

"Perfect I'll tell you the details about it tomorrow, how about breakfast at your favorite place at 10:00?" I winked at McKenna

McKenna rolled her eyes and threw her shoe at me making me laugh. I knew I was getting under her skin and honestly, I was enjoying it, I love making her mad. She looks so fucking sexy, plus like I said our make-up sex is the best. I can not count how many times we have made each other mad just so we can have makeup sex.

"Perfect " Ari said

"Okay then see you tomorrow, I gotta take care of my angry kitty," I said smirking at McKenna who just flipped me off

"Okay," Ari said confused "bye"

I hung up the phone and walked over to McKenna.

"Get the fuck away from me Hastings," she said rolling her eyes as she pushed me away. She walked away and I followed her with a smile on my face.

"Why are you mad? " I was walking closer to her and she was backing up until her back hit the wall and I trapped her.

"Ethan move!" She looked at me straight in the eyes "You're such a fucking asshole, this was supposed to be a trip with people we liked not with-"

I kissed her making her shut up, she tried to resist it. She tried to push me but then she gave in. The kiss got heated making me put my hands on her waist pulling her close to me as she ran her fingers through my hair. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, I obviously won. Our breathing started to get heavy as the desire grew. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. I felt McKenna's hand move and placed it under my boxers stroking my d*ck. She kissed me so passionately that I completely lost control and she took advantage of my vulnerability. She removed her hand and ran to the door.

"What the fuck are you doing ?" I asked annoyed

"See it's easy to make guys lose control, hope you have fun with Ari, tomorrow baby!" She said with her bitch smile plastered on her face.

With that, she laughed and closed the door. I tried to run after her but it was too late. I looked down and I had a major boner, I guess p*rn and lotion will have to do it tonight.
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