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April Jackson a 24 years old painter's life took a worst turn, in just a day she lost everything, her job, her home and went totally bankrupt. But that was a blessing in disguise, in a blink of an eye her nightmare turned into a dream. She found herself living in a huge mansion with a handsome cocky billionaire, Brad Sebastian Smith, as a roomie, who has a secret agenda against her. April wasn't a ordinary girl she thought she was, there were secrets about her life, she is totally clueless about. She has something the vicious Brad Sebastian Smith wants, and he will stop at nothing to obtain it from her Can Brad carry on his ulterior motive when he realized he is falling so hard for her?

Debbie Asan
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Chapter one -My not so perfect life

I couldn't stop staring at the cute bartender who has been shooting glares at me.

I chuckled, ''This is the not so perfect life of April Jackson''

He is not to be blamed for his hostility. I look like a homeless person, with my frizzy hair, faded black baggy T-shirt and crazy jeans. It a relief he hasn't called the security on me. Looking at the place I was, one of the finest bar in the city.

Well so basically I'm homeless that why I'm here to find a solution. But the solution is not here yet. Where the hell is AJ.

Have been here for almost an hour, and no sign of AJ. The bartender hasn't been much of a help either, with the dirty glares he has been giving me.

''Excuse me'' I called out to him.

He raised his eyebrows staring down at me with a frown

"I need to see AJ, You know him right?'' of course he does, who doesn't know AJ.

"Why don't you give him a call, ring ring" he muttered a curse with a groan, shifting his attention back to preparing his cocktail.

"Yeah I did do that, but couldn't get to him that why I'm here"

He cringed at me .

''Sorry no client tonight'' I furrowed my eyebrows at him "Client?''

''Yep if that why you are here to see AJ, I don't think you will get what you are looking for" My frown deepens

"Excuse what do you mean by client?"

He shakes his head " Never mind"

What did he mean by that? hmm....client.

I close my eyes, my critical thinking mode is activated. I drift of for some seconds.

Oh my God, wait he didn't mean....

I covered my mouth trying to suppress the laughter threatening to escape my mouth, but it came out as a giggle

He narrowed his eyes at me giving me a puzzle look, like I have grown another head or something hahaha

"Excuse me are you alright?"

I beam at him with a grin

" Yeah I'm totally fine, I'm not one of AJ girls he pimps" AJ, my best friend aka the best pimp in the city.

"I mean I'm sure u scrutinized me, haha come on, I don't look like the girls AJ works with. Not nearly half pretty or curvy as his girls, I'm just a wallflower, if not how deranged I look at the moment you won't have noticed me. But Hey I don't look like this all the time, I'm in a life-threatening situation that why. On a normal day I look pretty ok''

I'm ranting, I need to stop.

I giggled nervously seeing his face flushed with embarrassment. God, I'm a babbling idiot!

"Sorry I'm kind of nervous"

He smiled warmly at me "Well you look pretty enough to be one of his girls" he laughed.

I felt me blush, no wonder he was giving me the dirty glares, he is warming up to me now.

And he called me pretty!

Oh April, what the hell I'm blushing like a school girl, snap out of it I need to get back into reality.
" I have to see him, I need to see him"

"Hmm give me a minute"

I nodded as I watch him scurried away to talk to a waitress....

I'm dying for a drink, I can't even afford even a glass of beer, I got no doe , I'm Penniless! How did I get here yesterday I had a job, a home, a life. And in just a blink of an eye I got nothing, life is really a bitch!

The cool music filling up the place made the atmosphere here really cozy on a normal day I could have jammed to it, but I couldn't get my mind of the throbbing pain in my heart and the dull ache in my tummy reminding me of how hopeless my situation is.

My fingers were tapping on the countertop seconds and minutes go by and I'm still here, no solution. Nothing, no AJ my last hope.

I sit here whilst my things are being thrown out, I can picture the satisfaction look on The landlord's niece face, She has gotten what she wanted.

Kudos to her not only is she the reason behind my jobless status now but also has rendered me homeless as well.

"Sorry looks like AJ won't be around for some time"

I paused

"Huh" I could feel the ache running through my head, the thumbing of my heart.

"This can't be happening" my tears threatens to spill out from my eyes.

"He is in Jail at the moment" he added, sealing my fate, I'm screwed.

I felt my knees go weak, my legs were wobbling. I can't breathe.....

I realized I was on the ground, and the pretty bartender had his arms around me helping me back on my feet.

" Are you ok Miss" He stared at me with concerned.

I peered around and noticed I was creating a scene. I just had a panic attack infront of all this people. I need to get the hell out of here.

'' I'm fine... Thanks" I scurried pass him heading straight towards the exit.


As I predicted my stuff were thrown outside, when I got to my apartment

This is unfair, I didn't even get a notice.
Hot tears run down my cheeks as I stared at how messy my stuff is.

I caught a glimpse of the painting I did earlier, and I went pale.

No No that was my ticket to paradise.

It was a painting I had to deliver to my first big client ever, and now it ruined!

I'm sure the snake Janice had something to do with this.

I'm so pissed off, hasn't she done enough, to what extent will she take this ridiculous revenge of hers.

All because of a guy I have no interest in, so cliche.

Janice and I work in a real estate company I was an assistant to the financial manager whilst she was a secretary to the CEO.

A month ago I got ask on a date by the CEO's nephew, even though I rejected his offer Janice was mad about that due to the fact that she was so interested in him, and she felt I was a threat she had to eliminate.

That how her stupid revenge started,from getting me fired on false allegations and getting her uncle to evict me from my apartment to this, my precious painting.

Where would I go from here, I got no money to even rent a motel room. I'm totally bankrupt.

Huge money got missing from the company's account and, I was falsely accused of being the culprit, so I had to pay for it, or I face jail time.

My world just ended tonight, AJ was my only hope for a place to lay my head for a while, and he is totally out of the picture.

I'm stranded .

I got no friends, no family nobody to turn to I'm just a lost puppy in this shitty world.

I run my fingers through my hair, as I sunk down on my knees. My world just shattered infront of me. I want to cry out but my voice is lost.

I just wish the ground could swallow me up, my worst fear is here, I can't go back to the street not after all these years, I can't go back to that nightmare .

I whimpered as I hug myself tightly assuring myself everything is going to be alright.

A car horn got me startled making me jerk up on my feet.

A beautiful middle age lady step out of the car heading towards me with a smile.

"Are you April Jackson?"


''Sweetheart I'm your guardian angel''
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