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Mafia Puppy

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Kade Hunter is a semi-introverted 17 year old boy. He is the son of one of the most powerful Mafia bosses. Hes gay. his sister and almost everyone he knows in his family is in a gang. All except him he stays out of the gangs. and like every rebellious teenager he has a bad attitude and doesn't like being told what to do.

Alexander King, he is the half brother to Jona Rocho, he is 25 years old and he is a cold and brutal man who is also the current leader of the Blue Moon Mafia. He is kind to no one and kills whoever crosses his path. He makes deals with gang leaders, he has anger issues and doesn't like being talked back to. Oh and he's also gay but no one knows that yet.

Donovan Valkerez. He is a vampire from the late 1900s, he owns a few shops in the same town as Kaden. He is the current leader of one Blood Moon gang; A gang of vampires, half bloods, warlocks, hunters, demon's; Sworn enemies of the Blue Moon Mafia. He's also a pansexual.

What happens when Kade gets kidnapped and it's up to Donovan and Alec to rescue him. Will Kade save himself? Or will Donovan work with Alec to aid in the rescue of their lover.


• Anorexia

• Depression

• Mentions of suicide

• Suicidal thoughts and or actions

• Voices

• Bipolar/Mood swings

• Abuse

• Mentions of sexual assault

• Anxiety


• Slight DDLB/DDLG

• Smut

• Controlling ex

• Manipulating

• Gore

• Violence

• Possible abuse

• Murder/Death

• Drugs
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