Demon King

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Settling in

Venus POV

6 1/2 months later

The last few months with Damien have been so amazing.

The wining, the dining, the sex... just kidding we haven't gone that far yet, but I'm getting more comfortable with the idea.

The farthest and most we've done over the past couple months is heated making out and hickey's.

On both of us. I wanted to leave my mark too. They all had to be on his lower neck and down though, a place where they could easily be covered with clothes. Just so that there wasn't some big scandal.

The media and press had been becoming more prying and suspicious of Damien.

Don't get me wrong, we don't hide our relationship. But obviously Damien can't go to public places with out being mobbed so we aren't seen in public.

He was going to announce it to the public last month but I told no. If he had told them then I would no longer be able to be in public and a bunch of people would be prying into our relati we onship/ private life. I don't like the thought of that.

So if they find out they find out but we aren't saying anything as of now.

"Is that the last of it?" Damien says while wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yeah" I say looking at my empty room.

I'm gonna miss this place.

Damien made it a monthly thing to ask to move in with him and last week I finally said yes.

His initial reaction was shock the he was really happy for the rest of the day.

This is my last week at 'dark'. I'm really sad to go but I don't need it anymore. Damien pays for everything and buys anything pertaining to me. Over the months I have just been saving the money I make so that I can buy him stuff too.

I don't want this to be a one sided relationship. Anyways, my savings is more than enough so I thought I would open the job up to someone else who needs it.

I'm really going to miss this place.

I don't know if we are selling the house yet that's up to my dad though.

Speaking of my dad.

"Dad are you done?!" I yell

He's moving into the castle too. The east wing down stairs.

I've seen the room it's basically an apartment. It has its own bathroom, living room, dining room, a huge bedroom, and kitchen.

The kitchen is just if he wants to make something himself, of course he's allowed to order from the castle kitchen.

"Yeah." He yelled back

"Ok, the movers should be up soon to load these boxes then we can lock the door and leave." Damien said

I turn around in his arms to now face him and give him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Ow, you need to shave." I said

"Why? I thought you liked it."

"No, I don't. Your face is to prickly."

"Mmm I think I'll keep it." He responds with a smirk

"That's on you. Just know no more kisses until it's gone."

His eyes go wide.

"Ok, ok fine. I'll do it when we get home."

"Good boy." I say tapping his chest then walking away.

We pass the movers heading up the stairs as we walk down.

Looks like we should be out of here soon.

"We should take a walk through down here and make sure they didn't miss anything." I suggested.

"Yeah sure"

We walk through the now empty kitchen, laundry room, then living room.

I see something on the floor so I walk over to it.
I pick it up in confusion as to what it is.

"Omg, it's the tiny stuff animal I used to have as a kid. I lost this years ago. I thought I would never find it." I say looking at Damien

"What's its name?"

"I used to call him baby bear."

"Wow so original." Damien says in a sarcastic voice

"Stop being mean and help me out this in one of the storage boxes."

We walk outside to Damiens SUV and open the trunk.

These are the boxes that we are gonna put into a storage unit.

I open one of the boxes, place it inside, then close the box again, and close the trunk.

"Looks like they are done." Damien says pointing to the moving truck that is now being closed.

"Ok let's go lock the door."

We walk up to the front door.

"Dad come on." I yelled and he emerged from wherever he was and walked out the front door.

I took the keys outside of my pocket and lock it.

We walk towards the car to get in.

"Dad you can sit in the front if you want."

"Don't have to tell me twice."

"Hi, John." I say getting into the back

"Hello, Sir Venus."

I just nodded. Every one else got in and said hello. Then we started driving to the castle.

"Ok this place is wow!" My dad says suddenly from the front seat.

I look ahead to see we are driving down the drive way of the castle.

I forgot that my dad hasn't been here yet.

I've been here a lot more over the past couple months basically living half at my house half here. I do have to admit though the first couple time I still couldn't get over how amazing this place was.

Now I'm just used to it.

I also now know my way around. Before I had to have Damien come everywhere with me.

We got out of the car and walk in.

We left after the truck so they are already here. Damien doesn't like non-castle workers roaming the castle. So they are just placing them off to the side in the entrance.

"Dad I'll show you to your room." I say snapping him out of his awed looking.

He follows me to the hallway and down. I stop and his door and open it.

"Do you like it? I hired an interior designer to help me but I chose most of everything and the colors. I even remembered your favorite chair."

"Yeah, I love it V. Thanks." He said giving me a hug and I hug back.

"You're welcome. I'm gonna go get your stuff sorted and sent here." I say leaving and walking back the same way I came.

I walk up next to Damien who is standing there watching them place the boxes.

"Are they almost done?"

"Yeah. I think about 5 more." Damien responded

I wrap my arms around his arm and rest my head on it.

We stand there and wait until they finish, which is not to long after.

"Ok, all box's labeled 'dad' are for my dad and everything else labeled 'v' is for me." I tell Damien

"Ok, I'll have a couple of the security guards bring them to the right places. Let's head up, I won't be long till they arrive." He said

I grabbed his hand and walked to the elevator.

"Wait, how are they supposed to bring this up if only you and I have access to the elevator." I questioned

Damien took out the public elevator leading to his wing because once when I was here Veronica. Yeah he told me everything about her and what happened. Anyways, she tried to get into his room again to try and stab me.

She knew he was in his offfice and I was in his room alone. So I guess she tried to get rid of her problem.

But when she was about to open the door Damien was heading to his room. So she was caught.

I had never seen him get so angry and aggressive towards someone. I don't feel bad though it's what she deserved. She tried to kill me.

Damien was going to send her to jail. But I convinced Damien to just fire her, poor girl seems crazy and delusional.

That's the day he decided to build this private elevator that only he and I have access to; through biometrics off, and wall of the wing. Where the only access is a dead bolted and security locked door, that again only he and I can get into.

If someone wants to get into, which they never do, or get into the wing. They ring a doorbell and it sends an alert to either mine or his phone. There's also a camera to see who it is.

Yeah a lot has happened and security has been upped a lot.

I understand why he did what he did but I think he's overreacting a bit.

"They can just take the elevator for the south wing and walk it over. It's not that far." He says unlocking the elevator and we step in.


We soon arrive.

I can't lie as much as I think it was an overreaction. It brings me comfort and a feeling of real safety knowing no one can get in.

We walk in and wait. There's no point in showering or getting cozy if I'm just going to get up again.

Not to long after our phones go off and Damien goes to get it and bring them back.

It's not that much I only have 3 or 4 boxes. It's mainly clothes and the rest is just gifts from Damien. He loves giving them to me.

"Shall we get started?" I ask and Damien just nods

We finish an hour and a half later.

"I'm tired I want to go take a nice bath and go to sleep now." I say

"Me too." Damien says

That's when an idea hits me.

" Damien, you should join me. No funny business though. Take it or leave it."

A smirk spreads across his lips.

"I'll take it." He says grabbing my hand and walking towards the bathroom.

I pull back.

"Wait. I go in first and get the water started then when I call you can come in. I'll turn around and close my eyes so I don't see anything as you get in." I say and Damien rolls his eyes

"We are gonna see each other naked eventually. So why not now?"

"As you said eventually. That eventually is not now. Now quit giving me attitude or I'll bathe by myself today."

"Ok, ok."

I let go off his hand and walk into the bathroom. I start the water and bubbles.

Not to long after the tub is filled and I strip and get in.

"Ok, you can come in now." I yell

As Damien walks in I turn around and close my eyes.

"Let me know when you're done." I say

I hear the rustling of fabric, then I hear and feel the water move.

Next thing that's happening is I'm being pulled into his chest.

"Done" he whispers

I open my eyes and look up at him.

"As I said nothing is happening. Just bathing. I wash you, you wash me. I thought it would be something fun and intimate." I say to him

"It is. I love the idea, Vinnie." Damien said

That's his nickname for me, Vinnie. He started calling me it about a month in and I just went with it. He's the only one to ever call me that. I like it.

My nickname for him is Hiro. Since that's his other name and no one really knows that name. I wanted a name that no one has ever call him, like mine.

It makes it more intimate.

I turn around and sit in between his legs making sure to keep away from his lap.

"Have I told you how much I love your hair?"

"Yes a million times."

"Well here's it again. I love your hair. It's just so soft, fluffy, long, pretty..... perfect. Just like you, the perfect that is . You should wear it down more." I say with a soft smile

"And you're even more perfect. You know I try to when I can but there's been a lot of public appearances and meetings" He said back to me.

I grabbed the wash cloths and we bathed each other, sharing sweet nothings and compliments the whole time.

I loved it. It was such a perfect moment that no one could stop.

Or maybe I spoke to soon as I heard our phones ding.

"Do you wanna answer or ignore it?" I ask Hiro

(A/N: from now on I'll be interchanging the nicknames and names.)

"Let's ignore it." He said and we got back to each other.

Then another ding came after a few minutes and another and another and another. One after the other not stopping.

"We should go see who it is." I say annoyed and starting to get up.

"No, I'll go." Damien says and gets up.

Well someone's getting fired.

I make sure to turn my head as he gets up so that I don't see anything.

"Put your red robe on. I like seeing you in red. Compliments your skin." I say from the tub, eyes trained on the suddenly interesting bubbles.

"Ok, I will." He responds with as I hear him pick it up.

I hear the rooms door close not to long after.

There's no use in staying in here. He's going to be dry by the time he gets back.

I get out grabbing my towel and draining the tub.

I dry myself off and put some boxer shorts on with one of Hiro's old plain shirts."

They are so comfortable plus I love being surrounded by his smell.

I get into bed and immediately feel relief.

I love the feeling of showering then lagging in bed on some fresh sheets. Especially these they are so soft!

I hear the door open. I turn and see Damien walk in.

"Who was it and hat did they want?" I ask

"It was your father. Something about him missing something. I'm sure you can deal with it tomorrow."

"Oh ok."

Damien just throws on some boxer shorts then gets into bed and cuddles me.

We fall a sleep like that.
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