Demon King

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A little south

Venus POV

I've got to be honest I didn't know I would miss dark that much. When my shift ended I had to hold back tears. I'm really going to miss that place.

I turn off the shower and step out. Taking my towel and wrapping it around my waist. I walk out of the bathroom and head over to the dresser then walk in closet.

I can feel Damien looking at me. So I turn around a wink at him.

"Like what you see?"


"Oh really." I say walking seductively towards him and getting onto his lap, thighs on either aside of him.

He just nods as a response.

I kiss him and he kisses back. My hips begin moving and his follow. His tongue slips into my mouth and explores it, intertwining with mine.

I moan and he moans back. I break our kiss and move down to his neck.

Leaving a trail of hickey's on my way down to his chest.

I pull on the bottom his shirt motioning for him to take it off.

He grabs the shirt pulling it over his head and discarding it somewhere on the floor.

I run my hands up and down his chest.

"God, you're so hot!" I say and kiss my way down his chest.

"So are you baby, so are you." He responds with through breaths

I slid down onto the ground and go to unbuckle his belt, then he grabs my hand and looks me dead in the eye.

"You don't have if you don't want to." He said with a serious but understanding look.

"I want to." I say shaking my head yes

"Are you sure?" He said still with a hold on my wrist.

I nod and he lets go of my wrist. I unbuckle his belt and undo the button on his pants.

I pull his pants down and off of his legs. The next thing that follows is his boxers.

Wow! Ok that's impressive. This is the first time I've seen it. Every time he's naked and/or dressing I look away.

I've never even seen one this big. I mean sure I've never even seen one in real life but the internet exists.

I wrap my hand around his shaft and he groans.

"Wait! Here." He said opening the drawer of the side table next to the couch. He grabs a bottle out of it and hands it to me.

I look at the bottle it's lube.

I give him a really look

"Were you expecting this?" I question

"No, just prepared." He said with a wink

I open the bottle and pour some on my hand.
Then put my hand on his shaft and stroke him.

He throws his head back and lets out throaty groans.

I stick my tongue out and lick down to the base of his cock as I count our stroking him

I go down even further and take one of his impressively large balls into my mouth.

I then move back up and let my hand plays with his balls. I take my tongue and swirl it around the tip.

By now he's a complete and utter moaning mess.

I take him into my mouth and his moaning increased tenfold this time moaning my name, breathless.

"Mmm... don't stop... Vinnie.... keep.... going.... mmmm...Venus...." he moans through breaths

I slowly keep going down his length and deep throating him.

I pull back up and move my head back and fourth. Repeating the motions from before in random order.

"Vinnie.... I'm.... gonna ......mmm..... I'm....gonna...mmm.... I'm gonna cum." Damien moans out.

I keep moving head back and fourth. Then I feel Damien grip my hair and my mouth fill with his cum.

I swallow it and lick his length clean.

"You didn't have to swallow." Hiro says

"I wanted to." I said giving him a seductive look

He brought me up to his face and kissed me.

He stood us up and we slowly made our way over to the bed. Where I was laid on my back.

He broke the kiss looking at me he said

"Your turn." Looking at me for permission and reassurance

I nod yes and he pulls the towel out from around my waist and throws it somewhere in the room.

"Beautiful." He says looking me up and down and I blush.

He grabs another bottle of lube from the dresser next to the bed. Seriously! How many bottles of lube does this guy have and where are they all hidden.

He pours the liquid then takes my hard member into his hand and I gasp.

He's not even done anything yet and it already feel this good.

He begins stroking me and the moans just fall out of my mouth. I can't help it, this feels amazing.

Definitely not just sticking to kissing now.

The longer he continues the more I feel my self getting closer.

Then he takes me into my mouth and I feel my back arch and let out a moan.

He continues that motion and has me writhing in absolute ecstasy.

"Hiro... I'm gonna cum." I moans out breathless

He counties his actions but picks up speed.

I feel myself getting closer and closer then I feel myself release into his mouth. Cumming with a moan.

I ride this wave of euphoria. I feel Damien suck on my neck, so territorial always has to leave some sort of mark.

I don't mind though it only makes this feeling last even longer.

He gets into bed next to me wrapping his arm around me and pulling us up from the bottom of the bed to the top, laying on our pillows.

Damien moves the comforter over our naked bodies. I turn around and face his chest.

I was about to fall asleep when I remembered what I was going to do earlier.

I go to get out of Damiens hold and get out of bed, so I can get dressed and see what my dad wants. But I don't even make it out of Daniels grip.

"Hey, where are you going?" Hiro questions

"I'm going to go see what my dad wanted." I respond with

"Why not deal with that tomorrow and just stay here with me, in my arms." He says pulling me back down

"No. I said that yesterday. If I keep pushing it off I'll never get around to it. It's still a little early." I say getting out of his hold and heading for my clothes from earlier that ended up on the floor.

Some shorts and a plain shirt.

"I'll be right back. It won't take that long. Promise. 10 minutes max." I say slipping on my house shoes.

"It is not early! It's almost 10 o clock. 10 minutes." Damien repeats.

"In the meantime while I'm gone. Pick your clothes up and take a shower."

"Yeah, yeah. 10 minutes!"

"10" I say and walk out of the bedroom. I head to the priv. elevator and take it down.

When I get down to the first floor I walk across the main area,that connects all the wings, to the east wing.

I walk down the wing and look for my dads door. I find it and knock on it.

I hear a muffled coming sound from the other side of the door.

My dad opened the door.

"Oh, V your here."

"Yeah, sorry I didn't come earlier. I was busy, ya know with work." I responded with

"Looks like you were busy with other things too." My dad says jokingly and points at my neck to the newly forming hickey.

I can feel my face turning red. I move my hair to block that area on my neck.

My hair has gotten quite long over the past couple months. It's about mid back now.

I like it though so I don't plan on cutting it anytime soon.

"*cough* Damien said you lost something."

"Uhh yeah. It's your mother's ashes, I thought I had it packed and labeled with my stuff. But I unpacked all my boxes and nothing. Have you by chance not unpacked your boxes?"

To hear that dad lost moms ashes makes me sad. It's the only thing we have left of her. I feel like this and I only knew her for a short time, I can only imagine how dad feels. He really loved her.

"Yeah, I have. The last of the boxes that haven't been unpacked though are in the trunk, they are going to a storage unit. Maybe it got mixed up in there." I suggest

"Maybe..." my dad says through a saddened voice

"I'll check first thing in the morning since it's already pretty dark outside."

"Ok, goodnight." He says giving me a hug

"Goodnight, Dad." I say and hug back

He closes the door and I walk back the same direction I came.

Poor dad. He sounds crushed hopefully it's in the trunk.

I get back on the elevator and head back to our room.

"See I told you I wouldn't be long" I say walking into the room.

And... there's no one here. I here the shower running so I walk into the bathroom.

"See I told you I wouldn't take that long." I yelled over the noise

Damien turned his head towards me, I guess he didn't realize I walked in.

He just shakes his head.

I leave the room and change into my usual sleepwear.

Then climb into bed and wait for Damien to finish in the shower. He opens the door. The steam and light coming from the bathroom that surround him, make him look like a god.

I mean he always does but now even more. Can I even say that he looks like a god cause like isn't he technically the opposite. Hmmm, I don't know, but all I know if that he is one very fine fine fine fineeeeee man.

He walks into the room and grabs a pair of underwear from the dresser.

Drying himself off, returning the towel to the bathroom, putting on his underwear, then getting in next to me and cuddling me.

"Someone's getting brave" Hiro said

"That's because I hadn't seen everything before. Now I have so I'll admire. Time for bed so sssh, no more comments." I said laying my head on his chest. I like to hear his hearts beat.

Yeah you heard me hearts. Turns out demons have two.

The first time I heard them both it freaked me out. I though there was something wrong with him.

We both soon fell asleep.

Next morning....

My eyes slowly open to the dark room. Those curtains really do work, I learned my lesson last time though so I'm not going to open them.

I've just had to learn to move around in the dark until I can get to a light switch. It's really not that hard, well unless Damien leaves stuff in the ground then it hard.

Today is odd though I still feel Damien next to me. He's usually gone by now.

"Hey, hey get up." I whisper and poke him in the arm

"Huh, what? What's wrong? Are you hurt?"he said half asleep and confused.

"No. But it's like way late. Don't you have to get to work?"

"Oh no, I'm off for the next month. Let's go back to sleep." He said snuggling closer to me

I guess a few more hours couldn't hurt. So I close my eyes again and drift.

My eyes open again. I don't know how long it's been but I say a couple of hours.

The lamp is on though.

I roll over and see Damien reading like always.

"What time is it?" I ask with a sleepy voice.

He picks up his phone of off the night stand.


"Get dressed we have to go down to the car." I say getting up and heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth


"My dad lost my moms ashes and I think it got misplaced with the boxes on the trunk. Plus we have to go bring the boxes to the storage unit today."

I walk to the sink and brush my teeth and was my face. I walked out of the bathroom.

I see Damien putting on some pants.

I walk over to the closet and pick out blue shorts and a white shirt.

I love the summer months. It's so refreshing to go outside and not freeze your ass off.

I put them on and turn around to see Damien dressed and wait for me.

"No shorts?" I ask Hiro

"A short sleeve is enough." He says and sticks his hand out for me to grab

I just shake my head and grab his hand.

We walk out of the room and to the elevator.

We get on the first floor and walk outside to the car.

Damien grabbed the keys on the way out so he clicks the button that opens the trunk.

I begin looking through the boxes.

I open the second to last box. Found it! I was beginning to lose hope.

"Got it." I say to Damien pulling the urn of the box.

Damien closes the box then the trunk.

We walk back inside and head to my dad's room.

I knock on the door and a few seconds later my dad answers.

"Oh you found it." My dad says perking up and looking at my hands

"Yeah I did. I was right. It was misplaced." I say handing it over to him

"Thanks." He says taking the urn with a smile

"Ok, so we are just gonna go to the storage place now. Call me if you need anything."

"Ok, bye." My dad responds with and closes the door.
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