Demon King

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Venus POV

"Vinnie get up?" Damien said poking me

"Mmm I don't wanna." I say still half asleep

"I know your not tired. You have slept like 12 hrs in total. So get up." He says grabbing my arms and sitting me up

"Uggh, fine." I finally open my eyes

I look ahead out the glass balcony door.

"Woah this view is so pretty!"

We are surrounded by a bunch of beautiful plants and trees, and we also over look the ocean maybe about a 5 min walk from here.

"Yeah I know. My parents have a thing for always wanting a nice view." Damien replies from the bathroom

"Wait, this is your parents house?" I question I didn't know that. I thought this was rental.

"Yes and no. It belongs to my family, as in any of us can stay here at anytime. My parents just picked the house." Damien explains

I just nod

"Where are your parents anyway? We have been together for 7 months and I still haven't met them." I really want met them see what they are like on real life.

"That's because they disappeared for those 7 months until last week. They just randomly showed up and demanded to meet you. I said no, they got mad and left." Damien just shrugged it off like it was nothing

"Damien! Stop being so mean. I would have loved to meet them, why didn't you just come get me." I said crossing my arms and glaring at him

"You were at work." He said spitting out the toothpaste in the sink.

"Oh, but I could have after."

"It's whatever, I don't even know where they went after that. Here's a deal how about I arrange for you to meet them after we get back." He says

"Ok, yeah sure." I say smiling.

I look out at the nature once more. Damien gets into the bed behind me and warps his arms around my bare torso, putting his face in the crook of neck.

Damien probably undressed me because I don't remember undressing. I'm fine with it, it's not the first time he's done it.

"I definitely wanna go on that beach later." I say

"Sure, this part of the beach is private and belongs to us. There's also a pool, if you wanna do that instead." Damien suggested

"I wanna do both." I love the water but I rarely get to go in it because of the weather in Ivamor. That's why I convinced Damien to have an indoor pool built. I took a lot of convincing and pleading though.

That reminds me. "When is the pool going to be done?"

"It don't know an exact time but by the time we get back." Damien says

I just nod.

I lean back in Damiens hold causing him to lean back against the head board.

We stay like that for a few more minutes just enjoying each other's presence and nature.

"Ok, go shower and get dressed. After that come down stairs and eat, I'll make you breakfast. Then we are going out." Damien said getting up and heading down stairs

I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth along with take a shower.

I like this bathroom it's beautiful and gives me a cozy feeling.

I get dressed then head down stairs, as I walk down the stairs I smell food. It actually smells like it's edible.

Why is every room in and thing in this house so pretty. Do royals ever have anything ugly?

"What are you making?" I step into the kitchen and take a seat at the island.

"Just regular breakfast foods. Pancakes, bacon and poached eggs." Damien responded

"You actually know how to cook?" I say. I didn't expect to know how to cook since he's always had food made for him.

He looked at me with an offended look.

"That's rude. Yes, I know how to cook. It's an important life skill." He said offended

"Sorry, just didn't expect it since you've been pampered your whole life." I say getting up.

I walk over to the fridge and open it. I'm thirsty and I wanna make dinner tonight, so I need to see what we have.

I look around the fridge. Perfect it's fully stocked with tons of meat and vegetables.

I pull out the orange juice and grab a cup from the cupboard. I pour out some juice for myself then put it back in the fridge.

I go back to my seat with my juice.

I just watch sit there sipping the juice and watching Damien.

I wish he wasn't wearing any clothes while doing this. Matter of fact I wish I was leaned over this counter while he..... okay.

Woah I don't know what wrong with me. But recently I've been beginning to think hmm a lot more Umm in sexually explicit ways.

Maybe this is just a sign that I'm ready to take the next step.

I don't know.

"I wanna cook tonight." I say to Damien trying take my mind off of my thoughts

"You can cook?" He says with a smirk and puts a plate of food in front of me.

I know what he's doing.


He chuckles at my response.

"Anyways sure." He says

He sets his plate down and sits next to me. We eat in silence for the next few minutes. After we both finish Hiro takes our plates and puts them in the sink.

I go and put on my sneakers that are next to the door.

I wait there until Damien comes and puts his shoes on.

"You ready?" He asks

I nod

He takes my hand and leads me throw a door and we walk down some stairs.

"Where are we going?"

"To the garage. Where else?"

"I don't know. I thought Greg was going to pick us up."

" No I have scar that I use when I'm on the island. Greg has a full time job. That's why I said earlier that he drives me to and from the airport."

"Oh ok." I say and nod

We get down to the garage.

The car is a black g-wagon with very dark tinted windows.

Hiro gets in on the drivers side and I get in on the front passengers side.

He clicks a button and the garage door opens.

He drives out of the garage and click the button again for the door to close.

He drives down the driveway and a bit down a road. We get to a gate, and he clicks another button.

I didn't know there was a gate. I guess being an important person you can never be to safe.

He drives through the gate and clicks the same button.

Then we are off.

He drives for the next 20 min or so, while I look out the window and look at the scenery.

This island is so beautiful and so are the houses.

The locals also look so happy and pleasant.

I turn back to Damien and watch him drive.

"You look hot when you drive. Not that you aren't already hot, which you are by far are. There's just something about it" I said breaking the silence

"Hmmm, maybe I should drive more then." He said and didn't take his eyes of the road

"Maybe." I agreed and turned back to my window.

We began to slow as Damien pulled into the parking lot of a place.

I look ahead out the windshield at the sign.

"We are going zip lining?!?"

"Yeah, It's a private session though so no one will be here." Damiens said and parked

He unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. I did the same.

He walks around the car to me and we start walking to the entrance.

"I don't know about this. I haven't ever left the ground." I say as we walk in the door

"Yes, you have. You were on a plane yesterday."

"That's the first I was ever on a plane or flying aircraft and I was unconscious." I said

"You'll be fine. It will be fun."

"Hi, how-" the receptionist said looking up from her desk but stopped mid sentence. "Hello, King Damien. Follow me right this way."

She said and moved toward a corridor.

I guess she was already prompted on what was happening today.

We walk down the corridor and take an elevator up. Then we walked through some a pair of glass doors out to an outside area.

Where the lines were.

"Hi, I'm Amy. I'll be your the one helping you today along with Eliza down there at the end of the line.

She says pointing to an area we couldn't see.

At least it just through the trees and jungle. Not over some ravine.

"Okay so I'm going to attach these harness to you guys and I get you hooked onto the lines. Do you mind if I touch you?"

I shook my head no and Damien shook his head no.

Within a matter we were on the harnessed and on the lines.

"Ok you guys are set. When your ready just walk down the walk way and take off." The attendant said

Damien nodded at me signaling it was ok.

We both have walked down and Damien went first.

Ok here we go.

I step off the walk way and start going.

Omg this amazing. It feels like I'm flying and I can see everything.

As I make my way down the long path. I see all kinds of animals, trees, and flowers.

I even saw a small river.

Nature is so pretty.

I look up at the sky and close my eyes. I just take in the sounds of nature and the fresh air.

I feel so free.

I open my eyes and look back ahead of me. I see the end coming up.

I slow begin to slow down and events I come to a stop on the next walk way.

I walk down it and Eliza unhooks me.

Damien is already here and waiting for me.

"How was that? Do you want try other lines?" Hiro asks

"It was great! Yeah I wanna try other lines." I respond

"Take that path to return to the main building and that path for other lines, where other attendants are waiting." Eliza says pointing at the two paths on either side.

Obviously we picked the one with more lines.

A couple more lines and a amazing experience later we are walking out of the building back to the car.

To get lunch

We get in the car and Damien starts driving.

"See I told you it would be fun." Damien said

"Yeah it really was. I loved it, thanks."

"Anything for you,"

That phrase that Damien said maid my heart stop, speed up, then melt.

We drive for a couple more minutes then stop at some fancy restaurant which I don't care what it's called.

We order food and it doesn't take that long to come.

It was really good actually. I ordered some lobster and asparagus.

We finished eating and Damien asked me if I wanted to go the beach now. I said yes, so we went back the house and changed into more beach appropriate attire.

We walked down the path to the beach.

When we got there I was in awe.

This was the first time I had ever been on a beach and it was amazing.

Sand! It felt so nice. It got everywhere but it was great.

I built a sand castle for the first time, sure it wasn't pretty but I was fun to make.

Damien just sat there watching me with a smile .

The sun was starting to go down, so I decided to finally get into the water.

Omg this is surprisingly warm.

I continued making my way into the water until I was submerged to my shoulders.

Damien had walked in with me.

I turned around and looked at him of course the water only came to about right under his chest.

I swam to him and pulled him in deeper.

Eventually when we got a place where he was submerged to his collar bone,, I could not touch the floor so I just kept myself afloat.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms behind his neck, his arms around my waist.

"Why do you have to be so tall?"

"I don't know ask my parents?"

"I will." I said with a smile

I peck him on the lips then when he was least expecting it I splashed him with water and quickly sawn away.

He obviously caught up and splashed me back. We played around some more for a bit.

Then eventually as the sun set and the stars light the sky.

We ended up in the same position in the water, in each other's arms.

"We should get out it's getting late." Damien said

"Ok." I complied

We got up to the shore when I took off.

"Last one to the house is a rotten egg." I said grabbing my slippers from the sand while I kept running.

I got the house first. Damien was actually pretty fast but he wasn't fast enough.

"I didn't know you were that fast." Damien said arriving at the door.

"Yup, now unlock the door so I can take a shower."

When we got inside and in the bathroom we ended up taking a nice hot bath together.

Then heading to bed, I'm tired.

As I laid in bed cuddled up next and about to fall asleep. I thought about today.

This is the first time since I was a kid that I've had so much fun and felt so free.

Honestly just being with Damien makes me feel free.
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