Demon King

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I got you

1week later
Friday, July 26(Venus birthday)

Venus POV

Omg I'm finally 19! And on the best place on earth! With the best person on earth!

I've only been here a week and I'm already so in love with this island.

Damien has taken me to the arcade, which was really fun. I hit the jack pot 4 times while I was there so I was rolling in tickets.

We ended up combining our tickets and we got this camera that I've been taking tons of pictures with.

I'll get them printed when we get back.

I've also gone to this amazing ice cream and custard shop. When I tell you it's so good, it's so good!

We also went on this private tour of the zoo and aquarium, gone snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, gone bungee jumping, tour through the jungle, private tour of a museum, and went swimming at this beautiful waterfall.

I made sure to get tons of pics on both my phone and the camera.

It's been a pretty fun and busy week.

I also got a tan! For the first time in my life.

I've never gotten this much sun before so I've never had any bit of color.

I like the way it looks on me and Hiro said he likes it too but just as my regular skin.

Now Damien and I are sitting in the hot tub section of the pool feeding each other cake.

It's crazy how much life can change in just one year. I would have never imagined this in my entire life.

I think I was apply to dark this time last year.

My phone rings from the side of the pool. Oh, it's my dad.

It must now be morning/ my birthday for him.

We are a whole day ahead of them according to Damien. So when it's night here it's day there

And when it's morning there it's night here.

Or something like that. I don't know the logistics.

I pick it up and answer the FaceTime call.

"Hey Dad." I say picking up

"Hey Robert." Damien says moving into frame

"Hi, V and Damien. I just called to wish Venus a happy birthday. So, Happy Birthday."

"Thank you. How was your day?" I ask my dad.

"Not much, I just woke up. How was yours?"

"It was great actually I went down to the beac-" I stopped mid sentence as Damien whispers in my ear

"I'll be right back." Damien whispered then got out the pool. Grabbing a towel then walking inside.

I continue telling my father about my day and the places we've been.

I sent a couple of the pictures and he told me it looked fun.

Then we said our food bye's and hung up.

Damien still wasn't back. So I got out of the pool and picked up the rest of the cake making sure to cover it and put into the fridge.

I walked back outside to pick the plates the ale was on along with my phone.

I put them in the sink and went back to lock the down stairs balcony door.

I locked the door then started heading upstairs to our room.

"Damien." I yelled. No answer

"Damien, where are you?" I yelled again. No answer

I'm starting to get worried.

"Damien, are you okay? I yelled. No answer

Maybe he's in our room and he fell asleep.

I opened the door and poked my head in

"Are you in here? Omg what's wrong?" I say rushing over to him as I saw his eyes were red like the day spilled wine on him.

"Why are angry? What happened?" I say trying to get him to look at me but he won't.

"I'm not angry." He said still faced away from me

"Then why are your eyes red? They did the same thing that day I spilled wine on you. You were angry that day."

"I wasn't angry that day. It was because I had found you, my mate. They turn red for a number of reasons when you find your mate, when I want them to for intimidation purposes, during the mating process, and....." he trailed of at the end


".......and...... and when I'm hungry." He finally forced out. He still hasn't looked at me.

"Well you could have just said that, come on I'll make you some food." I say getting up

"No, not in that way. There's something I haven't told you about me."

I sat back down.

"Ok, what is it? I'm listening." I say I'm a calm voice

I'm sure whatever he hasn't told me can't be that bad.

"So Demons don't actually need human food. I just prefer to cause I like the different flavors and tastes, so do lots of others." He explains

"Ok so what are you hungry for then? What are you trying to say?" I say trying to understand what he's trying to say.

"We drink blood, once a week. I'm such an idiot. Uggh, I just got so caught up in planning the trip making sure everything was perfect that I forgot the one thing that I needed. I never wanted you to see this part of me, the monster part." He said still turned around.

"Hey look at me..." I say and get no response

"Look at me...." I place my hands on his cheeks and move his head to face me.

"Ahhh there he is!" I say with a smile

"You are not an idiot nor a monster. You should never have to feel that way. You never have to hide apart of yourself with me. I love you for you. Not the title, not the looks, not the money, not anything else. I love you for your personality and the way you make me feel, how happy you make me. How to brighten up my day, how you are so patient and caring with me, everything about you I'm in love with. This relationship is 50/50. We both give and take. Do you understand me?" I look into his eyes as tears fall from mine and are beginning to fall from his.

This is the first time I've ever seen him cry.

He nods and I pull him into a hug.

We stay like that for a few minutes until I pull back.

I think about the fact that I might have let that I love him slip. Oh well, we'll talk about that later.

"Now where can I go get you some blood." I say smiling at him trying to lighten up the mood.

"That's the thing you can't. Since demons like to keep our affairs separate from humans there's not like a store or anything. You have to order it from this company that works with a blood bank."

"Okay then we'll order from the company. How long will it take to get here, a couple hours?"

"Nope. I wish, it's gonna take a few days. I already tried calling Greg while you were on the phone with your dad. He said he's out and his shipment doesn't come in until Monday."

"What happens if you don't drink till then?"

"Let's just say it gets ugly."

I think about what I'm going to say for a few moments then I finally decided.

"Drink from me." I say

"What!" Damien looks at me like I'm crazy

"You needs human blood right? Drink fro me." I way again trying to look at him in a convincing way

"No, I can't. What if I hurt you?"

"You won't. You've done so much for me already the least I can do is ease your suffering by doing this. It won't even hurt, people give blood all the time." I try to say convincingly

"No, I can't. I've never drunk from the vein before. What if I can't help myself and keep going?"

"I know you won't hurt me. I know you have self control. I mean I know your not a virgin and you've gone over half a year without sex, so that's got to count for something, right?" I say trying to add a joke at the end to make this situation less tense.

It worked though because I got a small laugh out of him.

"No, that's different." He argued

"Self-control is self control."

"No" he argued again







"I'm done arguing with you. I'm gonna go get a knife and pour it out in a glass so you can drink it." I say getting up, he grabs my hand.

"What no are you crazy?! That's dangerous!"

"Yeah, I know but I'm not gonna sit here and watch you suffer. When I can help. It's you or the knife." I say looking at him

"Fine, I'll do it. Your so stubborn." He said liking half angry and half annoyed

I sat down next to him again.

"Are you sure?" He questioned

I shook my head " I'm sure."

"Are you sure your sure your sure?"

"I'm sure, now go."

"Let me know if I'm hurting you and I'll stop immediately."

"Ok" I nodded

He opened his mouth all the way for the first time and I see his canines are now sharp and elongated.

That's hot. Omg I need help, now is not the time for that.

He angles his head towards my neck and approaches it.

I feel his breath on my neck and soon the contact on his teeth on my skin.

This won't be that bad, maybe like a shot. I'm sure it won't hurt that much.

Then it comes. I feel pressure begin to be applied and the skin on my neck is broken as his teeth pierce into my neck.

Omg that didn't even hurt it felt like someone just pinched me.

As he Began to drink from me it started to euphoric.

Omg this feels amazing, almost as good as oral.

Just as it began it was over.

"Are you okay?" Damien asked as he pulled away from my neck and looked at me.

I noticed that his eyes returned to their normal gorgeous deep brown and his teeth retracted. He did have a bit off blood on the side his mouth though

"Yeah, I'm fine. That actually felt amazing."

"So it's true." He says getting up

"What's true?" I go to get up but fell a bit light headed

"Don't get up." Damien snaps his head back at me. "I've heard from a couple other high ranks who enjoy going to human drinking and sex bars, that the people there actually get some sort of high of it and enjoy when you drink from them. I always thought they were lying though."


"I'll go get you a cookie and some juice to get your sure back up. I'll be right back." He goes kiss me but I pull away and he looks offended

"It's not you. You just have my blood around your mouth. Get it off then you can kiss me." I say with a smile

He leaves the room and soon comes back with a huge chocolate chip cookie and tall glass of orange juice.

I ear and drink half of both. I'm not eating all of that I already had cake. I'll get a sugar rush, I'm trying to go to sleep tonight.

Damien helped me up even though I protested and said I was fine on my own.

We took a quick shower and got into bed.

As always I'm cuddled into Damien

"Is it to late to say that I also have powers?" Damien says from behind me

"You have what now!" I turn around in his hold

"Yeah every high rank demon does. It's usually only one element though but I control all 4. It's rare the last person to be able to do this is my 9x great grandmother on my moms side."

"Wow, ok. Is there anything else you have to tell me? Your showing me those later btw"

" mmmm no, I don't think so. Wait! Did you say you loved me earlier?"

"Maybe." I say turning back around so he doesn't we blush

"Then yes I do have something else to tell you. It's I love you."

I turn back around and smile at him


"Yes, really. I've been wanting to say that for months. I just didn't want to scare you off."

"Scaredy-cat." I say jokingly

"Yeah whatever. I love you. I love you. I love you." He says kissing me all over my face.

"Yeah,ok. I love you too." I put my hands over my face so he'll stop.

"You know sometimes your a act like an over grown toddler."

"I am not." He said sounding offended. Which I know is fake.

"Are too. Now go to bed"

"Your just saying that so you can think you win."

"Goodnight, Damien."

"Uggh, goodnight Venus." Damien said giving up
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