Demon King

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2 days later.....

Damien POV

I wake to a blistering heat on my arm. Uggh did Venus leave the curtains open again.

I hate when that happens cause the I wake up and I'm being cooked alive by the sun.

I open my eyes and look around the room. All the curtains are closed.

I look down and my arm and quickly realize it Venus.

Why is he so hot, in the literal sense?

I take my other hand and feel his forehead. Yup that's definitely not a normal temperature for a human not even a demon.

I get up and quickly get dressed.

"Venus get up."

I try to wake him but he doesn't budge so I try again

"Wake up." Nothing

"Wake up." Nothing

"Wake up." He finally budges

"Hmm, what do want,"

"Get up I'm taking you to the hospital."

"Hospital? Why I'm not sic-" he gets up and pushes past me to the bathroom.

Moments later I here him throwing up.

I go the bathroom and get down next to him rubbing my hand on his back soothingly.

"Do you think your going to throw up anymore?" I ask

He shakes his head more. I feel his skin still burning up and seems to be getting hotter.

"Come on we are going to the hospital."

"I'm fine it's probably just food poisoning or sum." He says from the bathroom floor

"I'm not taking chances."

I help him off the floor and sit him on the bed.

He needs as little and light clothes as possible.

I put one of his wife nesters on him and some of his lightest and shortest shorts.

I pick him up and start carrying him along the way I grab a bucket that was on the floor.

"Put me down I'm fine."

"No, your not fine. We are going. Here" I set him down in the car and hand him the bucket.

Just in case he has to throw up again.

I get into the other side of the car and start heading to the hospital as fast as I can.

I arrive about ten terrifying minutes later.

I get out of my side and get him from the other side.

I honestly don't care about the public at this point.

I walk up to the front desk.

"Doctor please. Can you get him a doctor."

"I'm sorry sir but- .... right away." She says realizing who I am.

There's at least one thing I love about being me.

The nurse makes a quick call then another nurse comes and directs us to a room.

We get in and the doctor arrives within minutes.

"Hello, your highness. I'm doctor Smith. May I ask what's wrong?"

"I woke up this morning and his temperature was through the roof. I woke up him up to come here and he threw up. Then we came here.

He hasn't thrown up after again though" I explained

"How long ago did he throw up?"

"15 maybe 20 minutes ago." I guessed

"Mmm ok. So we are going to take his temperature and do a couple tests to see if anything is internally wrong."

Venus and I nodded

She took his blood and brought him for some sort of scan. I don't know or remember what it's called, I'm not a doctor.

She took his temperature and it was 109.

That freaked me out that higher than my regular body temp which is around 103 or 104.

So that definitely wasn't normal for a human who's temp is usually way lower.

The doctor gave him some fever medicine while we wait for the results.

I'm sitting in the room in silence for about an hour and half because Venus fell asleep a while ago.

The doctor walks in.

I stand up to meet her.

"Umm he's fine. All blood work and and scans are clean, nothings wrong. Maybe he just has food positing or something. I'm not sure what's wrong with him and there nothing we can do to treat him for nausea and fever other than some medication. Just take him home and I'll sure he'll be fine in a couple hours." The doctor explains

I just nod and wake Venus up.

He gets up pretty quickly and we walk out of the room and towards the exit.

We get close to the doors and I see them.

Omg, who the fućk calls paparazzi to a hospital.

"Don't say anything to any of them." I say to Venus as we get even closer to the door

He just nods and put his hand over his face in a blocking motion.

I brace myself and walk throw the automatic doors and out to the car as fast as possible with Vinnie.

The camera flashing begins

"Sir, might I ask who this is?" One paparazzi says shoving a mic in my face.

I move head and pick up pace to the car.

They flow and questions keep coming?

Why are you here, who's this, where are you going, blah blah. Ignore all of them.

I get close to the car and unlock it, Venus gets in on his side and I on mine.

They go to the front of the car to try and get a picture , I guess. But that's what the extra dark tint is for.

All that's gonna come out in those photos is a flash on dark glass.

I make sure there no one behind the car before pulling out. If I ran someone over that would be a whole a huge mess.

I made it back to the house in about 10 min the same amount time it took to get there.

3 hrs later...

Vinnie's fever still hasn't broken and he's gotten worse. He started having really bad stomach pains.

(A/n: any uterus owners the pain Venus feels is equivalent to a period cramp.)

I decided I've had enough just sitting here watch him suffer with no help, so we are flying back to Ivamor.

Where I can get him help from the best doctor in the country.

I already packed everything up. I'm just waiting on Greg, he should be here any minute.

I here a car pulling into the drive way..... and there he is.

I open the front door then grab the bags and take them down to the car.

Greg gets out and puts them in the trunk while I go back to get Venus.

I walk back inside and up the stairs to our room. He laying on the bed in a fetal position.

I feel so bad for him, it hurts me to see him in pain.

I walk over to him and pick him up. He wraps his arms around my neck and legs around my waist and lays his head on my shoulder.

I walk down the stairs and out the door with him, bringing him down to the car and putting him inside.

I close the door and go back to lock the front door.

When I'm finished with that I finally get into the car.

I hand the keys to Greg because his wife, my maid, had to go clean the house tomorrow.

Greg drives out and about half an hour later we arrive at the airport, where my plane is waiting.

I get out of the car and pick Vinnie up.

I walk up the plane steps with him. When I get into the plane I walk to the back and lay him on the bed .

"I know your in pain right now but try to get some sleep." I go to close the door but he says something

"Wait! No. Hold me ." He pleas

I get into bed next to him and do as he asked, hold him.

Eventually he fell asleep but I wasn't able to. So I turned on the tv at a low volume and watched a show.

Finally we arrived the many long hours later. I didn't want to wake Vinnie so I carefully picked him up and started walking to the waiting car.

I put him inside and get in. I wait for John to put the luggage in the trunk then get in.

"Hey John." I say in a low voice greeting him from the backseat.

"Hello, King Damien." He says with a nod then begins driving

We arrive at the castle however minutes later.

I immediately get out, when we finally come to a stop, and bring Venus inside.

Kira is waiting next to the door like I told her to, when I texted her earlier and told her to call the doctor and prompt me when I arrive.

"Sir, the doctor is here waiting in a room in the south wing upstairs. The room has already been prepped and brought to standards for Sir Venus' care.

"What's the name of the room?" I say as I get on the main elevator


The elevator doors close and I soon arrive in the wing.

I look for the door labeled blue.

I found it. I opened the door and was told to place him on the bed, I did so. The doctor and his two nurses got to work on hooking Vinnie up to the machines.

I took a seat in one of the chairs and just watched.

"According to what I was told. He has nausea, fever, and stomach pains, so we hooked him up the some medications that should ease the pain and lower the fever. Anything else I need to know?"

"Umm no. But he only threw up once and that was this morning. It hasn't continued since then."

"Good to know?" The doctor said with a nod

"We are just monitoring him as off now, so if you have other things you can go. We will notify you if there are any changes to his state."

I nod and get up. I guess I could go to my office and see what's been sent to me, to try and take my mind off the situation.

I get back on the elevator and head to my office.

I'm in there for a while before I get a knock on the door.

"Come in." I look ahead at the door

"Sir, there's a Lady at the front gate claiming to know what's wrong with your partner. What should we do with her" Kira says

I don't know why but something told me to let her in.

"Let her in and send her up." I respond and Kira leaves.

It's not like it's a secret anymore. I'm sure the news of us at the hospital is everywhere by now. But how would she know there was something wrong and we didn't get it fixed at the hospital.

So I'll hear her out. An

About 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

I again said come in and Kira and an old woman stepped into the room.

"This is the woman." Kira said

"Okay you may leave now, Kira." I say and she leaves athe room

gI motion for the woman to take a seat and she does.

"Since you have such claims. Identify yourself and prove it." I say to her

"Hi, my name is Rowan. I'm your guide and protector. I-" I cut her off

"Wait your my what?" I lift an eyebrow. Is this old last crazy, I've never met her in my entire life.

"Your guide and protector" she repeats

"And what makes you say these things?"

"Because it's the truth. Let me explain. I'm not actually how I appear. I'm an actually a Halli, we come from the underworld and serve the royals from there. I have to mask myself as an old woman so I don't draw attention to myself because I don't look in any slight way human.

I've been protecting you since you were born. Now it's time for the guide part of my job, unfortunately though I can only tell you about certain things as they happen and not before, sorry not my rules."

Ok, that's a lot to take in anyways I'll deal with it later. I need her to tell me how to make Vinnie better.

"How do I make Venus better?" I asked intently

"Did you bite him?" She questioned

"Yeah a couple days ago. Why?"

Omg did I do this. I knew I shouldn't have.

"Ok, yeah that's what I thought. Any symptoms of pain, fever, nausea?" She questioned again

"Yes, all of the above."

"Just mate with him and problem solved." She said

Is this lady ok. I don't think my dick will solve the problem.

"Are you serious?" I say with a ,are you crazy?, tone

"Yes." She said with a serious face

Ok maybe she has a really good poker face.

"Do you mind telling me how this will solve the problem?"

"See when you bit him you triggered a change him causing his body chemistry to change, and it started the mating process."

"This wasn't in any of the book I read on mating?"

"Well see your a special case. Now go get your man." She added a wink at the end of her statement.

Ok that was weird

"Yeah I'm not gonna do that while he's literally in pain." I argued

"Actually....."she pauses for a moment and looked around.

What is she doing?

"Yup about now his fever should go away and so should the pain."

"How would you know tha-"

Just then there's a knock at the door. I say they can open the door and one of the nurses is at the door breathing a little heavy.

"His fever has broken and pain has subsided."

How did she.

I get up and head for the door.

"Ok maybe I believe you a little bit now. But this isn't over" I turn and say to the lady

"Have fun" she replies

Whatever that means

"Could you please take my guest to Kira, the woman you met earlier, and tell her to bring her to a guest room. Thank you" I say as I walk past the nurse and head out the door

(A/N: ahhhhh guys! Are you excited for the next chapter? Are they finally going to do it or not? Am I just messing with You? Hmmm only I know. Keep reading to find out more 😈🤗)
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