Demon King

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The up and coming demon kind Damien Salem. Meets his mate. Things are smooth at first but then things begin to take a wild turn.

Romance / Drama
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New job

This is my book that i wrote on Wattpad and have re-uploaded here. So all the little notes at the bottom will relate to when I released it on Wattpad. Just a little blurb so you guys don’t get confused.

Venus POV

"Venus get up it's your first day. You don't wanna be late" my dad says trying to drag me out of my sleep, my very comfortable sleep might I add.

I groan and make a shooing motion trying to get him to leave me alone.

You have 3 seconds before this scolding hot water gets poured onto you. 3.....2..-

My eyes fly open and I sit up as soon as I hear hot water.

"I'm up, I'm up. No need to get third degree burns." I say looking over at my dad, still a bit sleepy.

"Wait where's the water?" I ask confused as I was just being threatened with it seconds ago.

"There is no water, you really think I would burn you?. When have I ever been abusive? You just need a little incentive that's all." He says the last part with a smug grin and evil chuckle

"Uggh, I hate you. Go take your medication crazy." I yell as he's walking out of the room

"You know you love me" he yelled back

"Yeah you wish you old kook" I yell back

"Get up and shower you have you're first day in 30 min, so hurry up. I already made breakfast" he breaks our joking and become serious.

"Okay, ok" I respond getting up and heading to the bathroom.

As much as I seem like I don't wanna go. I actually do and need to. I have been looking for a job for months since I graduated, and I finally got one. I was so happy to tell my dad last week when I got the call.

It's to help my dad and pull my weight. We aren't exactly the richest. My dad's a single parent, that is since my mom died when I was 2. Ever since then it's just been us.

We live in a small two bedroom house with one bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and small backyard. That's it, it's not much but we are grateful; some have less.

My dad's job pays pretty average but, most of it goes towards the hills and food. So as a kid I didn't always have the newest of things, but I understood our well being was more important than toys or trendy clothes.

When I became working age, my dad refused to let me work. He understood that I was only trying to do it to help. But, he worried that it might cause me stress between school and work.

I tired to reason with him that nothing would happen because I'm an A student but he wouldn't have it.

I still remember what he said when he ended the conversation ' No your education is more important than money. I'm not taking the chance, you need to be more than exceptional so you can have a bright future. So, one day you can live better than this. I'm sorry I have failed as a parent.'

When he had said the last few sentences it made me burst into tears and him too. Did he really think I thought of him as a failure and hate my life.

No, no I don't I loved my life. Even though he worked a lot so that we would be ok and I didn't have very many toys. I still liked it because no matter what he made sure I was happy and made sure to spend time with me.

That's why we are so close and can joke so easily with each other.

I remember what I said to him after that, through all the tears.
'No, dad you have not failed me. You are the best parent in the world, you made sure to make me feel loved even through how tired you were when I was younger. You worked to always make sure we were always ok. I promise when I turn 18 and finish school. I'll get a job and save up to go to go to college so I can get a job as a fancy CEO or something, and I can return how well you have treated me. Deal?'

'No, Sugar you don't have to do.."

"Ssh, deal? I'm not taking no for an answer" I say with a slight smile trying to lighten the mood

"Sure, deal" he responds with with a little chuckle and smile

"Alright now what movie do you wanna watch' I said after trying to not dwell on the moment that much

I remember it so vividly, like it's as yesterday, even though it's been three years. That's one of my favorite memories. It was kind of a bonding moment.

I turn of the shower and walk back to my room to get dressed in my uniform. I got a job at the King's restaurant, as a dishwasher.

It's a well sized restaurant called 'dark', close to the castle; maybe about a block or two away from the castle. It's where all the rich people and other higher ups from different kingdoms, go to eat. Sometimes locals eat there maybe for a special occasion, but not everyone. It's to expensive for most.

I remember looking at a menu when I went for my interview and I was waiting.

A small side of fries was 30 dollars. After I saw the price of the fries I didn't even bother to look at other items.

If some potatoes cost the same price as 2 pairs of jeans. I didn't even want to know how much a whole meal or drink cost.

I finish dressing and might I say I look pretty good for once. Nothing ever looks good on me and my odd features. I'm fairly skinny with some slight muscle but not much. Wearing clothes usually causes me to look like a child's drawing of a stick figure with clothes on. Yeah, it's that bad.

I actually like my eyes they are nice vibrant green they match my pitch black hair. But they don't match my awfully pale skin. Everyone is lighter here considering it's cold and snowing 9 months out of the year, but they at least have a bit more color. I could go against a blank white sheet of paper for which one has more color and the paper would win.

I assume I got my complexion and features from my mother since my father has deep olive toned skin and light brown hair with light brown eyes. He has the build of a swimmer, so yeah I guessing this mess was caused by my mother.

We do have our height in common though he's 6'0 and I'm just barely taller at 6'1. From what my father has said my mother was a very short woman so I dodged that bullet at least.

I walk down the stairs and two the dining table where I see a bowl of oatmeal waiting for me.

"Thanks dad" I say while shoveling it into my mouth

"Your welcome, but slow down it's not gonna run away" he says and takes a sip of coffee

" Yeah but if I wanna make a good impression and be there early I have to." I pause and respond with before resuming.

I take the last bite before getting up and heading out before my dad yells at me wait.

"Wait, don't forget your jacket and keys. I'm coming from work a couple hours after you so I won't be here to let you in." He says handing me both as I'm halfway out the door.

"Also don't forget to lock up when you get home." He yells as I'm walking away

"Ok" I responded with while throwing on my puffy jacket and putting the keys in my pocket.

I arrive at work 10 minutes later.

Great! I'm 5 minutes early. That will for sure make a good impression. I think to myself

I walk through the door and walk up to the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm the new dishwasher. This is my first day." I say to her politely

" Oh, yeah I was expecting you. Your early I see way to make an impression. I'll show you to your station." She says while motioning for me to follow her

I follow her to the back and she brings to a sink in a seclude area of the kitchen.

" So this will be your station, and here's your time card. Everyday when you arrive follow me.." She stops mid-sentence and says

I once again follow her, she brings me to a little machine in the break room.

" So, when you arrive every morning. You come here use your time card, like this." She demonstrates before beginning again

"After that you head to your station and begin. Your work schedule is 7 days a week from 9 to 8 with a day off on Sunday every two weeks. You get two 30 minute breaks, one at 11:30 to 12 and the other at 5:30 to 6. Your job is to have all the dishes washed and stored properly by closing time. Alright that everything, understood?" She asks after explaining everything

"Understood" I say nodding

"Ok, have a great first day"she says before walking off

" Thank you, have a good day as well I say." While walking to my station

Closing time...

Jeez that was more than I expected. How many people eat here and how much. Dish after dish came piling in. My arms are beat.

I thought this job would be much easier, but apparently not. I can handle it though.

I grab my coat and put it in before waving bye to Claire. That's he receptionist lady from earlier I learned her name, when we spoke on my brake.

We had a quick conversation and I learned that she is 27 and is married with a 1 year old daughter.

I arrive home soon after and unlock the door and lock it after me.

All I remember after that is laying down on the coach and everything fading to a comfortable black
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