Demon King

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Damien POV

I step of the elevator and head to Venus' room. As I get closer I noticed that a mystery but amazing smell, one that smelled like Venus but multiplied by 10, grew stronger.

It also happened to be causing a bit of a problem south. Uggh no is really not the time! I swear sometimes it has a mind of it's own.

I keep walking and try to adjust my pants to make it less obvious.

I get to the room and open the door. That's when the scent hits me in the face.

Like the wind when you stick your head out of a car window.

Damn so it was Venus.

But he smells good as hell, its making it kinda hard to hold myself back.

His bed faces the door so I see him immediately.

He's looking at me with list filled eyes, I know that look all to well. He looks back to normal and hot as hell.

What I would do to just-

The doctor steps in front of me and blocks my view of Venus breaking my train of thought.

That's annoying.

"Sir, his fever has broken. Although he does still have a high temperature of 103 but the medication seems to be working, so it should lower. No symptoms of nausea at all and the according to him the pain has subsided quiet a bit, not completely though." The doctor says

"Ok, thank you. Could you give us a moment alone please?"

He nodded and walked around me and out the door.

I walk over to Venus' side and he smiles at me.

"How are you?"

"Much better." He smiles up at me

"That's good."

Venus reaches his arm and cups my cheek, pulling my face closer to his.

He kisses me with such a passion and heat I have never seen before.

I pull away before this carry on further.

"I saw how you were looking at me earlier. I know what your thinking. But we can't, your sick." I say

"No I'm not I'm fine. See." He says springing out of bed

"No your not now lay back down. We can do those things later, mows not the time." I say grabbing his shoulders and sitting him on the bed.

"This doesn't say so. In fact it's telling me right now is good." He said grabbing the bulge in my pants

My eyes went wide and I had to keep my self from doing something. I took his hand off my crotch and into my hand.

"That..... that was not planned. It's just because you smell really really good and it has a mind of it's own."

"Same. You smell amazing. You usually smell good but now you smell amazing." He says trying to back me up onto a chair and get on my lap.

I stop him by grabbing his waist.

"Lay down." I say trying to guide him back to his bed

"Come on Damien. Let's have some fun. I'm ready."

I lift my eyebrow up. Does he actually mean ready for that?

He looks at me with a seductive look. My breathing deepens, I swear he going to be the death of me.

"Yes, I mean that ready." He runs hands up and down chest and lays hot kisses on my neck.

I let out a moan. Omg this feels amazing. We stand there for a bit, I get lost in his touch. I snap back to reality though.

"I've been thinking about it for a while and I'm finally ready." He says unbuttoning my shirt and laying me on the bed.

"Are you sure about this? I don't want you to feel like this is and obligation or have it be to taxing on you right now"

"Yes, I'm sure. This is all my decision and I feel fine." He gets on top of me and moves his hips back and forth across my hard on.

"Mmmmm." I moan out

"Are you sure." I ask again

"Fück me hard, Damien." He whispers in my ear.

At those words I lost control.

"Not here." I grab his hand and head out of the room.

I walk out of the wing and into the hallway/main room connecting the wings.

I walk over to my wing with Venus and unlock the security door.

Venus walks in and I do to. I turn around and close the door.

I barely get to do that before Venus pulls me into into a heated kiss.

We remain like that and stumble our way down the hallway to the bedroom.

When we arrive at the bedroom. We still don't break the kiss, I reach one off my hands out and open the bedroom door.

Just like the hallway we stumble our way to the bed.

I fall onto the bed and Venus on top of me.

He breaks the kiss and gets onto my lap and starts rocking his hips back and fourth.

We both let out a breathless moan.

I sit up and with his still on my lap. I pull his shirt over his head and discard it onto the floor.

I start from the top his neck and make my way down his body with hot kisses, licking and sucking. Leaving hickey's in my wake.

Venus let's out moans as I do so and I the same as his hips continue to move.

Venus POV

I feel my body arching a leaning into Damiens touch as he made his way down my chest.

Each movement of his lips on my body felt like heaven.

He flipped us so that I was now laying down with him hovering over me.

His hands go for my shorts and underwear, pulling them down to my feet in one Swift motion.

I kick them off.

I am now laying naked.

Damien kissed me again and one of his hands grabs my erection.

I let out a moan as he does so.

He lets go of my member and reaches over to the nightstand for the bottle of lube.

He opens the bottle and pours some on his hand before taking hold of my erection again.

He starts to stroke me and I become a moaning mess.

He connect out lips again and count yours his actions.

I reach for his belt and unbuckle it. Then in button his pants and start pulling them down a long with his underpants.

Hiro realizes what I'm doing. He breaks our kiss , which cause me to whine a bit, he gets up and pulls his pants along with his I swear all the way off. Then, gets back on the bed.

We are now both naked.

He kisses me again then rolls me over.

"Ass up, face down." Damien says

I obey and do so.

What is he.... Oop question answered.

I felt his tongue enter my hole. I let out a moan, god this feels good.

His worked it magic on my whole giving me a whole new experience.

He removed his mouth from my hole and I whined.

"A little impatient aren't we?" He leaned over to my ear and said with a husky voice.

"Mmmm" I moan in response

He flips me over, so that I know am laying on my back.

He grabs the lube and puts some on his hands.

He reached down and inserts a finger into my hole. I moan.

Damien is a big guy so everything on him is big, that includes his hands and fingers.

He inserts a second finger and I let out an even louder moan. I do being to feel a bit of pain, I'm sure it'll pass

He moves them back and fourth stretching me out as I let out whimpers from a mix of pain and pleasure.

He does that for a few more minutes before adding a third one.

My eyes go wide, omg that feels so good but the pain was still there a bit.

He moved those three fingers around inside me and eventually as the minutes passed so did the pain, finally.

He pulled his fingers out and I whined at the loss of them.

He grabs the lube bottle and lathers it on his hard and very large member.

He lines himself up between my legs and in front of my whole.

"Are you ready?" Damien asks with a questioning look

I nod.

I feel as the tip of his dïck begins to enter me, slowly.

As he pushes on I do feel a bit of pressure and slight pain. It's not to bad though.

After another minute or two he's finally in all the way.

"Tell me when to move." Damien stated from above me.

He leaned down and kissed me to pass the time. I kissed back but a minute or two later I broke the kiss.

"Move" I said to him

I felt him pull back then move back in.

The pace was slow at first but slowly sped up. The pain faded and turned to pleasure.

Sex felt unbelievable incredible. Why had I never done this before.

"Mmmm.... Damien....faster...harder" I said through moans and pants.

He picked up the pace and speed. Each thrust hitting my prostate With more power than the last, pushing me closer to climax.

Not to long after I felt familiar feeling.

"Damien I'm gonna cum." I say, breathless.

"Me too." He says

I look at his face and notice his eyes changed color and his teeth were elongated.

Like that night a couple days ago.

Damiens thrusts became sloppy and then he bit into my shoulder and coming inside me.

I felt our souls connect when he bite me, something changed. Definitely.

I was thrown into ecstasy and came too; onto my stomach.

Damiens still moved back and fourth inside me, both of us still riding out this high.

Eventually he came to a slow then stop and over breathing evened out.

"That was amazing. Are you sure your a virgin?" Damien said moving us further up the bed onto the pillows, still inside me.

"Well was." I smirked

He laughed.

"Okay let's get you cleaned up. I'll be right back." He said and I felt him pull out of me. I frowned at the loss of the feeling.

He got up and disappeared into the bathroom and re-emerged moments later with a was cloth.

He walked over to me in all his naked glory. Damn this man is fine and he's all mine.

I watched him as he used to the wash cloth to wipe off my cum from my body.

"Quit looking at me like that unless you want a round 2." Damien said looking at me

I smiled.

"Accepted." I pull him up to my face and kiss him.

He throws the wash cloth on the ground and takes hold on my waist.

Next morning.....

I roll over in Damien's embrace and wince at the pain. Omg I'm so sore.

"Damien.." I throw my arm on his to try and get him up.

"What?" He mumbles

"Get up."

"Why?" He mumbles again

"Cause I'm up"

"Then go back to sleep." He pulls me in closer and puts his hand over my eyes.

I grab his hand move it from my face.

"Plus I'm hungry."

"Then call the kitchen."

"They won't be able to get in though"

"I know, just go answer the door."

"I can't. I'm to sore, I'm pretty sure if I try to walk it won't be pretty. Do you really want me to be in pain?" I try to guilt trip him.

"Fineeee, I'm up. Go ahead and call them I'll bring it to you." He says

"Turn on a light it's to dark. I can't see the phone."

A light turns on and the room lights up.

"Much better." I say and smile at Damien.

He looks at me and his eyes go wide.

"What? Do I really look that bad this morning?" I say slightly offended at his reaction to my face.

"No, it's not that. It's just..." he pulls out his phone a epulls up the camera. "Look" he puts the camera in front of my face.

I look at the camera.

My eyes! They are red like Damiens. I open my mouth and it's the same case with my teeth.

"What happened? What's wrong with me?" I turn and ask Hiro.

"I don't know. Maybe that lady will know."

"What lady?" I ask confused he never mentioned a lady.

"It's a long story. There was a lady here yesterday that showed up here claiming to know what was wrong with you. She said that she was some sort of guide or whatever, that she had been protecting me since I was born. That she knew information I couldn't be told yet, etc.... she told me I had to mate with to make you better. I didn't believe her and though sh was crazy but then she somehow seemed to know when your temperature dropped. So I kind of believed her, I had my assistant take her to a guest room. While I went to check on you and we'll here we are. Uggh that was a lot." Damien finally finished

Ok a lot happened while I was in that room.

I thought about it. I mean I did feel better than ever minus the lower area pain caused by Damien, and my fever had gone so did the slight bit of sharp lingering pain.

So is she right. Did mating fix it?

"Uhhh yeah. I think we should go see her just to hear what she says. " I say agreeing with Hiro

"What time is it" he takes his phone from my hands and looks at the time.

"It's almost 1 pm, so she should be up. Let's get ready to go talk to her" Damien says

"Wait, I wanna eat first."I say picking up the land line and dial the kitchens number.

I order what I want and Damiens regular.

"They said it will be up in 15 minutes. I think that's enough time to get ready or semi ready. Now we can go."

Damien stands up and I reach my arms up and make a grabbing motion like a toddler.

Damien picks me up bridal style.

"You know this is all your fault." I say to Damien while he walks with me to the bathroom.

"Last time I checked you were the one who started or said yes to all five rounds." Damien argued

"Last time I checked you didn't complain and/or try to stop me. Plus you were the one who inflicted it. Therefore your fault." I argue and cross my arms with a smile

He shook his head with a smile and rolled his eyes.

"Give me attitude again and you won't be getting a day 2." I stated as he placed me in the tub and turned the water on.

He got in behind me.

"I wasn't planning on a day 2. You look like you need a break."

"I am fine." I protested

"Ok then let me see you walk."

I was silent

"That's what I thought."

The conversation ended and we took a bath, taking turns washing each other.

I brushed my teeth in the tub while Damien brushed his at the sink.

We finish. Damien picks me up and we head to the room to get dressed.

Right as Damien sets me down our phones ding.

"I'll go get it." Damien grabs his robe and ties it.

He walks out the door. I look down at my naked body and notice some new bruises.

The lie on my hips.

Maybe I should try to see if I can walk enough to dress.

I get up and try to walk over to get some clothes.

Oh no that wasn't a good idea. I think as a pain arises in my lower end and my legs give out.

Owwww that hurt.

I take a moment for the pain to subside then attempt to get back on the bed.

I hear Damien walk in with a cart.

"Venus where are you?" Damien says sounding concerned and bit worried

"Down here." I stick my hand up in the air.

He walks over to where I am and lifts me back onto the bed.

"What happened? Why were you on the floor?"

"I tired to get dressed.As you can see it didn't work."

"Duh, it was obvious it wasn't going to work." He laughed

I glared at him.

We got dressed, well Damien dressed himself and I, then ate breakfast.

"Ready to go?" Damien asks

"Yeah, but how am I gonna move around?"

"I'll go get a wheelchair."

"No! I'm not getting in a wheelchair, people are going to think I'm Ill. Let me get on your back ."

Damien sighs


"You know your so mean to me for no reason."

"Whatever, you know you love me.

I roll my eyes

"Yeah I do."

"As do I." He lays a quick kiss on my lips before o get on his back.

(Ahhh so that happened. Looks like Vinnie isn't that innocent anymore.)
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