Demon King

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Meet the parents

(WARNING: Mention of death and suicide.)

Venus POV

"Ready?" Damien asks me

Uggh of course not. Why did someone have call paparazzi. It was at a frickin hospital for crying out loud.

"Yeah" I respond with a faked smile

He gives a closed lip smile

We walk hand in hand to the entrance. I take a deep breath as the doorman opens the door for us.

"Thank you" I say and nod to the door man

He nods back with a small smile

We walk through the doors and into the lobby.

I look around. Wow this hotel is really nice, it's super warm in here and smell like cookies.

"This way" Damien says and pulls me in the direction by our intertwined hands.

He takes us through a set of double doors adjacent to the lobby into a conference room.

Woah this room is huge. The ceiling have to be at least 30 ft tall.

Damien keeps walking and dragging me along as I look at the room

Woah look at that huge window. Omg the view!!!!

Damien takes us through another door and into a backstage area.

He finally stops walking.

"We'll walk up those stairs in a few minutes onto a stage. The stage is where we will film the live broadcast. For the broadcast you'll just read off a teleprompter. The camera won't start until we are seated though. " Damien explains

"Ok, question. Will it be hard to read off of the teleprompter and what if I mess up or something."

"You'll do great and no it isn't hard. Plus I'll do most of the talking, it's just a section at the end you'll have to talk at. You'll be queued in."

"Ok" uggh I'm still nervous, but I have to get it over and done with. At least it's not in-front of a room of people I can see.

"Let's go" Hiro says leading me up the stairs

We finish walk up the short section of stairs and into the stage. On the stage is a bunch of camera equipment and a tv like thing, which I'm guessing is the teleprompter, in front of two expensive looking chairs.

Our hands break apart as we walk over to the two chairs.

I take the one on the right while Hiro takes the one on the left.

"Hello King Damien and Sir...... I'm sorry, please forgive me but I don't know your name" the camera man said with a scared look on his face.

"Oh, it's ok. It's Venus." I reply with trying to not seem harsh

"Hello Sir Venus." He said and bowed

Then the whole crew bowed and said hello. This feels wrong, people bowing when they meet me, I don't think could ever get used to this.

"Are your highnesses, ready to begin?"

I looked over at Damien and he gave me a reassuring look.

I turned back to the camera man and nodded.

The camera man clicked a button and I saw a green light on the camera turn on.

"In..... 3......2......1......on air."

Ok smile and look at the camera.

I hear Damiens voice sound from next to me. I look over at the teleprompter and see words moving on the screen.

Hmm, that actually seems easy now that I'm seeing it.

"Hello, beloved citizens of Ivamor. I, King Damien have something important to tell you all. As some of you may have seen, a couple weeks ago some paparazzi photos and videos of myself at a hospital on of our islands with someone were taken. Ever since then rumors have spread profusely.

So I'm here today to tell you the truth. The person sitting next to me, will go by the title of Sir Venus for the time being until further announced. He is the person that appeared in the unsolicited photos.

He is my partner, and has been so for almost a year now. He should be treated with respect both online and in-person. We were at the hospital for undisclosed medical reasons.

Now that truth is now public, I expect al rumors and speculations to stop immediately. Now a word from Sir Venus." Damien said and looked towards me

Omg what. No no no no..... but I guess now or never.

I look at the teleprompter and began reading.

"Hello, citizens of Ivamor. I am Sir Venus. I hope to receive a warm welcome from you all. I will try my best to be a good role model and possible future leader of this country. Thank you."

That's it? Really? That wasn't that hard, I though I would start panicking and mess up majorly on live things. But it was fine.

"And That's it. We are all done. Goodbye and have a great day your highnesses" The camera man says

I wave bye to him as I get up. I walk back down the stairs and wait for Damien.

A few moments later Damien walks down the steps and hugs me.

"You did great! See I told you." Damien says and pile away to face me

"Thanks. You did great too. It was honestly kinda hot seeing you be so serious." I say with a wink

Damien lifts an eyebrow

"Hmmm, is that so?" Damien said and placed a finger under my chin and kissed me.

I pulled way.

"No, not here, later." I say

"You did that on purpose."

"So what if I did?" I smirk

"I swear your such a tease sometimes."

I grab Damiens hand

"Come on let's go. Lead the way." I said

He just shook his head at me before walking back the way we came. When we arrived back at the lobby he directed us towards the elevator. We got on.

When the Elevator doors opened again, it was to a glass room.

Literally glass even the ceiling. I wasn't complaining thought cause it felt and looked like I was in the clouds.

The thing that worried me though is how many people are in this room. It has to be at least a good 200!

All eyes were on us from the moment we stepped out.

I have the greatest feeling to run away, but it's like my feet are glued to the floor.

Everyone just stares at us from a few moments while we stand in the same spot staring back.

Until a couple, at least I'm assuming, a woman and a man approach us.

The woman has is wearing a red dress that goes well with her pale skin, dark eyes and matching dark hair. The man next to her also is wearing red but a suit.

Matching, I see. He has contrasting features from her's though he has hair and a skin tone like Damiens.... but his skin is a couple shades darker than Damiens. His hair is also a golden blonde were the woman's is black. His eyes are also a piercing blue. He was tall maybe around 6'3 were the woman was fairly short maybe around 5'6.

Total opposites.

"Evelyn, Micheal! How are you guys?" Damien said and gave the lady a quick hug.

I wonder who she is, cause Damien doesn't do touching other than a handshake.

"Damien, it's been so long and we are well, well as we can be with little Emerson keeping us up." She responded with a smile.

Oh a no title basis, now I really wanna know who she is.

"I miss that wild child, you should visit sometime and bring him along."

"Sure thing, now enough about us. Who is this?" She said turning her gaze to me.

I felt my face getting hot, I hate attention.

"Sorry, I should have introduced you guys. Evelyn and Micheal, Venus my mate. Venus, Evelyn my cousin and her husband. They rule over Zara, the nation west and across the Kaos ocean from us." Damien said

Ohhhhh they're cousins.

I stuck out my hand and shook theirs.

I have a quick closed lip smile followed by a "nice to meet, you."

"Nice to meet you too. I hope Damien has been behaving himself and hasn't been to unbearable." She said with a smile and a wink

I could tell she was trying to make me feel welcomed, I appreciated that.

"Yeah, I guess he's been ok." I said joking back with a small laugh.

"Hey hey hey, why are you ganging up on me!?" Damien said

Evelyn laughed

"I like you, so I think I will take Damien up on his offer to visit sometime, to get to know you better." She said

Honestly I wouldn't mind that so I said "Sure, just let me know when."

"I will. It was nice catching up but we better get going, long flight. And we are probably holding you up from meeting other people."

"Oh, ok. Bye." I said

Evelyn said bye as Micheal waved and then they walked towards the elevator.

"What did you think of them?" Damien asks

"I like them. Especially your cousin she seems great but Micheal was so quite, I don't really know what to think of him."

"It's just cause your new, once he's comfortable and used to you. He's a ball of energy and won't shut up."

"Oh, so kinda like you?" I ask teasing

"Wha- I am not." He argues

"Yes, you are it's always. Venus this, Vinnie that..."

"Fine if you feel that way then I just won't talk." He says with a slight hint that he's joking

"Calm down you big baby, I was joking."

"I am not a big ba-"

"SSsh look someone is coming." I cut him off and redirect my gaze to the person approaching.

"This is for future reference and now, but when he walks up wait for me to address him first, then you do so. You can repeat just the title or their fully name. Your choice." Hiro quickly whispers in my ear as the man approached

And that's how it went the way whole time. Person after person approaching us, I've never met so many higher ups in my entire life.

I think I met everyone that was here.

I'm ready to go home. It's about 3pm now so that means we've been here for about 5 hrs or more. I haven't really been keep track of time.

But we had to wait until everyone left to leave. There's just some people standing around. I wish I could just yell at them To leave already.

Might as well just text Joey since I have no idea where Damien went so I'm standing here by myself.

I unlock my phone and open messages, then click on Joey's name.

I look at the last time I texted her it's from 3 weeks ago, July 26, my birthday.

Oh no, she's going to be mad at me for not telling her I'm back, and her having to find out through tv today.

Now I'm contemplating texting her.

But I'm Also really bored and wanna hang out with my best friend. As I said I haven't talked to her in weeks and seen her in much longer.

Also if I don't and wait a day or two then she'll get mad about that.

Ok maybe she didn't see it. Maybe she's sleeping.

I hesitate for a few more seconds then decided to text her


Venus: Hey, wanna come over and hang out in about an hour or so?

Joey: hang out? Hang out! So now you have the mind to tell me your back?!?? After I found out on TV. TV!!

Sorry, don't be mad. It's just a lot has happened and texting was just not something that was heavy on my mind.

I'll explain if you agree to come over, I'm bored.

And how do you think I felt all these weeks by myself?

But fine, I'll see you in an hour.

"Are you ready to go" Damien said pulling my attention away from my phone and scaring me.

"Ahh, don't just pop up out of nowhere, you scared me." I said hitting his chest "but yeah."

"Ok, then let's go." He said taking my hand and walking towards the elevator.

"Where did you even disappear to?" We stopped at the elevator doors and I clicked the button.

"Bathroom." Damien answered quickly

"For 20 minutes?!?"

"What's so outrageous about that. You used to be human you know the consequences of eating food. It has to leave you eventually."

I hear the ding of the elevator meaning the doors are about to open, that was fast.

"Yeah, but-" I pause mid sentence as the doors opened and revealed two people who were on the elevator.

The king well ex king and ex queen. If they are here for the party they are really late.

I heard Damien let out a frustrated sigh when he saw them.

What's wrong? Why is he mad at them? I mean it doesn't take a lot to get Damien mad but he still has a longer fuse for people he cares for.

"Damien darling how are you." The Ex Queen says steeping off the elevator.

"What are you guys doing here, mother?" Damien said with an annoyed tone

"Oh we came here to meet your mate of course. It obviously took us a bit since you didn't tell us where the party would be held."

"Yeah, I know I did that on purpose. Who told you?" Damien said

"That's not important. What's important is him." She said turning towards me.

Her eyes looked me up and down but the look behind them wasn't nice. It was more one of judgment.

Jeez what did I do to her?

To make a kind gesture and break the tension.

I reach my hand out and greet them.

"Hi, I'm Venus. It's so nice finally meet you."

They both didn't move a muscle and just looked at my hand in disgust.

I draw my hand back after seeing their faces.

Ok, this is not what I expected. This is kind of upsetting too because to figures I've looked up to my whole life are such rude people.

"Son, why have you accepted him as your mate? He looks weak and Human, and he can't even bear you an heir. Not to add that he looks average, not even beautiful." The ex king said with a stern voice.

Wow ok, ouch.

"Because I love him , and you of all people should know he's who was chosen for me since birth, also he's not weak in any shape or form. I happen to think that he is the most handsome man I've laid eyes on." Damien said clearly angry at his parents

Don't blame him, I am too. I barely know them and they are already insulting me.

"Why don't you reject him and get someone who can be everything he's not, especially since you need an heir." The ex king said

"How would you feel if someone had told you to find a replacement for mother?" Damien said growing even angrier

"Your mother is the replacement. My first mate was human and male. I rejected him because he couldn't offer me anything." The ex king said

What is wrong with him? That is so messed up.

"What happened to mom's original mate, if it's not you."

"He died within the first month of when we met. So I married your father because I was lonely and mostly for political ties." The ex queen said

"What happened to Dads rejected mate?"

"Oh he couldn't handle the pain from my rejection so he killed himself. Happy he did cause I didn't want him to turn into a later problem." The ex king said with no even a single emotion.

Something is seriously wrong with him to say that with such a neutral face.

Like he was just talking about baking a cake or something.

"Something is utterly wrong with the both of you. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to leave and get as far away as I can from you psychopaths. Stay away from me don't come by the castle ever again. I don't care where you stay but don't satay here." Damien said grabbing my hand and pushing past them.

Just as I was stepping into the elevator I felt someone grab my wrist.

I turned around and looked it was the Ex Queen.

"Let go off me." I said trying to get my wrist out of her hold.

"Or what? You're so weak you can't even break a simple hold on your wrist." She said

That was the tipping point, that made me unexplainably angry.

I don't know how I did or what happened but suddenly fire came out of my hand and spread to the hold she had on me.

As the fire reached her she yelped and jumped back in pain.

I quickly got on the elevator as the doors closed.

"Well looks like we know what your power is now." Damien said with a laugh.

"Ha yeah" I said with a nervous laugh

A few moments of silence went by before I said something.

"I feel bad about that." I said to Damien

"Don't, it's the least of what she deserved." Damien said with a straight face.

I didn't respond. Sure maybe he's right but I don't like hurting others.

Oh yeah I forgot to text Joey back with all that has just happened. How and why does my life keep getting crazier?

I take my phone out, unlock it and open messages. I go to Joey's contact and text back 'K'

The elevator doors open, we get off, and head back to car.

Within a few minutes we are outside and in the Car.

"Hey John." I say

"Hi, John." Damien says

"Hello, King Damien and Sir Venus. I saw the broadcast you both did great." John said

"Thank you." I said

The car starts and we are on our way.

About the first 10 minutes of the drive we sat in silence.

"Why did your parents act like that?" I turned to Damien and asked.

"John can you roll up the window (A/N: one of those limo windows.)"

Damien waits until the window rolls up all the way to begin talking.

"Don't pay attention to them. They have always been assholes. I know I haven't told you much about my childhood, but they were absent parents by choice. Even when they would visit me it was always to tell me what I was doing wrong.

They had me out of necessity and made sure it was known. The second I turned 18 my dad pushed his duties on me.

That's why I hate them, even more after everything that happened. I just put up with them when they come around.

But I've had enough since they decided to be so vile, rude, and disrespectful to you. That's why I told them to not come back." Damien finish and looking slightly annoyed

"What happens if they come back?"

"I'll exile them. There's no law that protects them or states I have to put up with their bullshit. It's just a curtesy to treat ex leaders well to not bring shame to the royal family."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that as a child." I could never imagine how it feels to be neglected as a child.

"It's fine, Mira acted as my mother that's why I was so close to her."

Mira was so sweet. I'm kinda sad I don't get more time with her.

"That's good." I say with a smile

I look out the window and see that we are pulling into the gates of the castle.

That was fast, didn't seem like Damien and I were talking god that long.

"When you disappeared on me earlier I texted Joey and asked her to hang out. I'm going to go upstairs and change once we stop cause she should be here soon." I said turning back to Damien

"I thought you said you were going to go back to sleep?" Damien said lifting an eyebrow with a slight smile

"I changed my mind , I'm already up, and if I sleep it's going to mess up my sleep schedule."

"Your non existent sleep schedule, that is?"

"I do too have a schedule."

"Oh really, so me waking up at 2am because of you playing the tv to loud is apart of your schedule?"

"Ok, I only do that when I can't sleep."

"So you haven't been able to sleep almost every night for the past 2weeks?"

"Ok fine I'll work on it. It would be better for the baby anyway. Speaking of baby, should we make a doctors appointment or would that be hard to explain?"

"Yeah I'll schedule for my usual doctor to come in and let you know. Anyways, unlike you I'm going to go to sleep, so have fun with Joey. Damien said as the car came to a stop.

We got out and walked into the castle.

Soon enough we were in our room.

"Do you want me to shower first or together?" I ask Damien

"You know already know what I'm gonna say." He said with a wink

I couldn't help but blush.

About 20 min later we were all showered and dressed.

"I'm going to sleep now, so see you in a couple hours."Hiro says climbing under the covers

I walk over to where he just go in and kissed him on the forehead.

"What are you doing?" He questioned with a look of amusement

"Tucking you in." My phone dinged it was a text from Joey saying she was here."Now see you when you wake up"

And with that I walked out of the room.

(Happy late Valentine's Day. Guys I did not realize it's been two weeks since I've given an update. I thought it has only been a week. Wow, time really flew past me on this one. But I hope you enjoyed this chapter.😁)
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