Demon King

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What’s so special about us?

Venus POV

After I left our bedroom I took the elevator down, and met Joey in the foyer downstairs.

And we have been in the game room for the past 2 hours.

"Ok, I'm bored now and enough stalling. Let's go somewhere where you can finally explain yourself." Joey said, saying the last part with a serious face.

Jeez I didn't expect her to be this mad.

"I wasn't stalling." I said in a light and slightly joking manner to try and lighten the manner.

"Yeah, sure you weren't. You took me straight here when you met me in the foyer" Joey responded but this reciprocating my tone.

Okay maybe she's not that mad.

"Whatever, let's go to one of the empty guest rooms."

We walked out of the game room and down the hall and opened the first door we saw.

It was empty, perfect.

We both entered and I closed the door behind us.

Joey took a seat on a small couch against a wall.

I followed suit and sat next to her.

"Ok, spill." Joey said looking at me

I proceeded to begin to explain.

"Ok, so as you saw on the tv I was at the hospital."

Joey nodded.

"That's because I had a fever, stomach pain, threw up, etc.... the hospital said nothing was wrong and maybe it was food poisoning. Anyways, they said they couldn't help. So we left the hospital and that's when paparazzi took the pictures.

We were at the house for a few more hours, but my condition didn't get better only worse.

Damien didn't like seeing me suffer or have the possibility of something being extremely wrong to where it would kill me. So we left came here and had his personal doctor treat me.

What they did only helped a little but not a whole lot.

Damien had left to go to his office since there was nothing else that could be done.

While in his office, my old high school librarian showed up claiming to know what was wrong with me. Damien didn't believe her at first, but she said some things that convinced him enough to listen.

She said there was only one solution. One thing led to another and her solution turned out to be true." I said finishing my explanation

The whole time I was telling her she looked so invested.

"What?! You can't do that?" Joey yelled

"Do what?" I asked confused as to what she was talking about.

"You can't just leave out details. Like how did your old high school librarian know what was wrong with you? What caused you to be sick in the first place? Most importantly, what was the solution? I wanna know what the solution was. TELL ME" Joey said shaking my shoulders and with a crazy look on Byers face.

"Wow, your really invested in this story aren't you?" I said with an amused laugh

She gave me a duh look

"Well duh, it's super interesting but if you leave plot holes it makes it frustrating cause I wanna know the answer. Also the fact that my best friend almost died. Why didn't you call or text me by the way?"

"I didn't call or text for two reasons. Reason numero uno, I was IN PAIN! I wasn't like oh yeah let me send a text to Joey real quick. Not even my dad knows what happened, so be grateful I told you.

Second of all, What would you have done? I was like 6,000 miles away."

"Ok, ok that does make sense. But why didn't you say anything after or at all these past weeks?"

"Why would I mention anything after the matter it's over and done with. Plus I've been busy."

"Busy, with what? I know you don't have anything do because before all this happened you used to text me non stop." Joey gave me a really face

"Well, for me to answer that I have to answer your other questions before."

"Then do it." Joey said with a straight face.

"Ok fine, but no teasing me after I tell you. Ok? Promise?"

"Promise." Joey said with a nod.

"Well Ms. Koa, my old high school librarian, said she was some sort of thingy, I don't remember the name, but she said that she was Damien and I'd protector/ guide. She said that what happened was apart of something that she can't tell us about until it happens. I know it's dumb.

But according to her it was triggered when Damien bit me. She-"

"Wait?!? Damien bit you. Are you okay? Where is he so I can beat his ašs. We don't tolerate abusive men around here." Joey said cutting me off

"Joey calm down. I let him bite me, it's a long story. He was hungry and demons drink blood, etc.." I say giving a short explanation so she doesn't think he's hurting me, which he would never do.

"Oh, I know demons drink blood. I've worked at 'dark' for a couple years so you find out things when you work around demons. That's why I was going to beat him up for trying to use you as blood bag. But since you let him, continue."

Uggh she's so crazy but I love her.

I started again.

"She said that him bitting me set the ball rolling into the unknown events, well unknown to us at least.

The bite caused my body to release some sort of special hormone that caused me to begin to change. Me getting sick was my changing body and becoming a suitable carrier.

But the only way that my sickness would stop is if we did her solution. Her solution was that Damien and I......" I trailed off hopping Joey would get the hint.

"If you and Damien what?" Joey questioned

Oh my god why couldn't she get the hint.

" if him and I ya know.... put the plane in the hanger..." God I hate this. I could feel my face getting red.

"Put the....plane... in the... hanger.....what?..." she said confusedly as she thought about it. Then it hit her and her grave changed to one of surprise then shock then a huge smile."

"You didn't" she said

I shook my head

"Oh, but I did."

"And you didn't tell me?" She said being fake offended

"That's kinda weird to just tell someone out of the blue."

"I tell you about every hook up I have. So it's only fair. Now tell me details. How was it? Was he big?" Joey said wiggling her eyebrows

"Woah, woah, woah I'm not having that convo with you."

"Ahhh come on."

"Also why do you assume I'm the bottom?"

"Have you met you and have you met Damien? I mean come on, it's obvious. Who's doing the giving and who's doing the taking."

I felt my face get red

"See and there's my answer." She said laughing

"Anyways back to the story.

That took place. The next morning I woke up feeling perfectly fine. But......... turns out I had turned into a Demon. Surprise!" I said with jazz hands and a half smile

"Your a what now?"

"A demon. It happened cause I was apart of the whole process/ change."

"Ok then... Damn you could have to me to get some pop corn cause this story is juicy. Feel like I'm watching a movie, continue."

"So I've been busy with learning the basics of how to be a demon and control. I've also been trying to see what my power is, which I didn't find out was until today."

"Woah no way you have powers? What is it?" She said with a look of amazement.

"Yeah, all demons have powers. How did you know about the blood thing but not the power thing?"

"I know some secrets about demons not every one. Now tell me what yours is, pleeeaaassseee."


"Woah, that's so cool. Show me." She said grabbing my hand.

"Well that's the thing I don't know how to control it. I just found out today and it just kinda happened."

"Oh ok."

I thought about it for a few moments and just decided to say it.

"Well since I'm at it. I might just tell you everything. So as I mentioned before about the carrier thing, which I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say that word, it means that I can have/carry children. So, surprise shawty, I'm pregnant."

Her hands went over her mouth.

"Omg, what?!"

"Yeah, I know it crazy to believe; but supernaturals exist so like anything is possible, I guess."

" How far?" Joey questioned with watery eyes

"Hmmm, I just found out yesterday. So maybe a week or two. We won't know for sure until we see the doctor." I said

"Awww, I'm so happy for you guys." Joey said with tears tuning down her cheeks

"Thank you. Don't think you'll be left out, Aunt Joey."

"You really want me in his or hers life?"

"Yes of course. Why not?"

"I don't know, but anyways enough of that. Wanna watch a movie?" Joey said wiping her face

"Sure" I said and we got up from the couch to leave the room.

I never in a million years expected her to cry over that.

2hrs later....

"I'm taking the day off of work and coming over tomorrow, so that we can look at and order baby stuff."

"Ok, slow your roll and keep it down. The whole world doesn't need to know and we'll do all of that once we actually know the gender."

"Aww come on, it will be fun though." Joey said pouting

"Bye, Joey." I said shutting the car door.

John usually takes her home after we hang out just so that I know she got home safely.

She rolled the window.

"You're no fun. It's like your 40 now."

"Whatever, bye."

"Bye." Joey said rolling up the window and John began to drive off.

I turn around and walk back inside.

Hmmm I'm bored now. I think I'm gonna go bother Damien he's been asleep for long enough.

I walk through the foyer and to our elevator. I unlock it and get in.

I soon arrive in our bedroom.

I look over and see a sleeping Damien under our comforter.

Hmmm... I should get revenge for all the times he's rudely waken me up.

I walk over to him and attack his face with kisses.

"Wake up Damien." I say after I'm finished

He doesn't respond, not even moving a muscle.

Uggh looks like this gonna bd harder than I thought.

"Wake up Damien." I say poking his face

Okay, nothing. Since when is he such a heavy sleeper.

I then put my hands on his arm and shake him back and forth.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up."


Okayyyyyy then......

What if I picked his arm up and dropped it on him?


I don't know what's going on with him, he usually wakes up when I make even the slightest movement.

Ok, I know what will work, if I scream in his ear.

I lean over to his ear and at full volume, I yell


Still nothing

Ahhh come on that had to work.

Wait, omg is he dead! No, no, no please don't be.

I put my head on his chest and listen for a heart beat. I take a breathe of relief when I hear the rather strong heart beat.

Maybe he's just really tired so he fell into a deep sleep. I let him sleep for a bit more then.

Later that night ...11pm

I turn my head away from the tv and look at Damien, who has been asleep all day in the exact same position.

I'm beginning to worry.

I think I should call that doctor.

I pick up my phone and unlock it, going to the contacts.

Fück, I don't have the doctors number neither do I know it.

I can't take Damien to the hospital that will be a press nightmare and pose a national weakness.

What am I supposed to do?

Ms. Koa, How could I forget about her, that's the only reason we are having her stay here.

I scroll down to her contact: her, Damien, and I exchanged numbers last week or so, for emergency's.

I click on the call button under her name.

The phone rings twice before a voice sounds.

"Hello?" Ms. Koa asks

"Hi, sorry to bother you, I know it's late but I think there's something wrong with Damien. Could you come up here?" I reply

"Yeah sure thing, be right up." She said then hung up the phone.

A few minutes later the familiar ding on my phone goes off.

I get up, exit the bedroom, walk down the hallway to the door, and unlock it.

"Hey" I said as I opened the door, and I motioned for her to enter.

"Hola." She said walking in and I closed the door behind her.

I gave her a half smile and said "Follow me."

We walk back down the hallway and into the bedroom.

I open the door for her and after she steps inside I close the door.

"He's been like this all day, he won't wake up no matter what I try. I checked to see if he was dead but he is very much alive." I say as we look at Damien

Ms. Koa turns around and smiles at me.

Ok, that's unexpected. What's happening? Why is she smiling?

"This means everything is going according to plan. I can tell you everything now." She said jumping up and down

"Okay, woah woah. What exactly is happening? Why are you smiling?"

"Because everything is finally happening, duh."

I looked at her with a confused face. She looked at me with a really face.

"Uggh. Okay so you know the whole thing that I can't tell you about, well I can tell you know.

"So basically long story short, to skip a very long and confusing bloodline, Damien is a direct descendant of the Demon King, and is the Next King of Demons, and is currently going through that change.Yay, jazz hands." She said with actual jazz hand and a smile

"Uhhhhh, why him? From what I've heard the Demon King, Reihal, has been dead for thousands of years. So why have none of his relatives gone through the same thing, what makes him so special?"

"Oh that's because of the prophecy." She said nonchalantly

"Excuse me prophecy?!?

"Yeah, your whole entire existence and everything that has happened was prophesied. Every single major event that took place in your life has lead you up to here and will continue to lead you until you die." She said in a cheery voice

"So technically I've had no free will from the moment I was born?" I say trying not the freak out

I mean I was just told my whole life was chosen for me.

"Technically yes but also no. Not every single thing you've done was chosen for you. That was out of your own free will, that's why I said every major event.

But don't feel bad the same thing happened to your ancestors, in order for you to be alive.

Ok, woah I need time to process this.

"Is the same thing that's happening to Damien going to happen to me?"

"No, because Damien's body is going through tremendous physical and mental changes, so he need to be in a constant state of rest. You'll get a bit stronger, taller, and some more powers or stronger powers but not to the full extent of Damien. It'll happen suddenly and soon though.

You'll become powerful enough to the point where your stronger than all supernatural races but not the rulers of the races. "

"Ok, one last question. When will Damien wake up?"

"By tomorrow morning or noon-ish." She said turning on her heels and started heading for the e war door.

"Wait, you never explained what the prophecy was." I said just before she walked out the door.

"Oh, the prophecy is about 6,000 years old. It happened just after all the original race leaders died. Anyways it said that for thousands of years the races would have no supreme, then finally when the new generation of supremes and their soulmates are born that is the signal that the Indigo war is approaching, and when the final Supreme and soulmate are born the war will take place in five years time.

The War that you will be fighting will be against an Evil that with reek havoc in and destabilizes every single dimension."

"Are we the last born?" I ask worriedly

What? I'm not ready to fight a war and I won't be in the Next 5 years.

"Oh no sweetly, you're actually the second or third. I think, not sure. But I do know for sure that's not happening for at least another couple hundred years?"

"Couple hundred?!? So you're telling me that I'm going to live for hundreds of years?"

"Yeah, duh that's part of the reason your not human anymore. Demons age slower than humans, and your case you age slower than even demons."

All of this make my head hurt.

"This is a lot to process and it makes my head hurt. I'm going to bed, you can let yourself out. Just remover to close all doors behind you."

I say climbing into my side of the bed. It's way to late for all of this.
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